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like flying, like falling

I got the loveliest @edendaphne as a part of a little gift exchange! I wanted to do something for sidekick!Adrien au, especially based off a few of her wonderful drawings! Thank you @powerdragonmoon for your help, and thank you @baneismydragon for pulling this together! 

“It’s just like flying, I swear.”

Ladybug eyes the motorcycle purring quietly away beneath Chat’s hands with doubt.

“When you said I was going to be entertained, this isn’t what I imagined,” she says, hands on her hips. Her eyes follow the blades of silver light running along the polished, black metal of the motorcycle’s solid frame, up to the point where Chat’s leather-clad leg bisects the view as he braces his feet against the ground. Her gaze travels up, instead, to the sleek leather of his tight pants, to the tailored, fitted cut of his bulletproof jacket.

The thing about leather is that it leaves little to the imagination- little, but just enough…

“Want to ride me?” Chat offers.

Ladybug can see the way her jaw drops open at the suggestion, reflected in the mirror-clean visor of Chat’s helmet. The visor slides up with a sharp click in the next second, revealing his green eyes, acid-bright in the night and comically wide in panic.

“Ride with me, with me,” he squeaks, voice cracking in his haste to correct himself. He coughs, and hurriedly adds, “It’s super safe, I promise.”

Except that Chat’s definition of safe is often way off base from her own. Ladybug still vividly remembers the one time he leaped off a building and landed on his moving motorcycle with a wild, exhilarated whoop that did not match the rush of sheer terror that jammed her heart up her throat at the time. She’s pretty sure he knocked off at least five years off her lifespan in that single moment.

Still, when his hand unfolds out toward her, she takes it without a second thought.

“Like flying, you said?”

“Hey, you’ve got your magical supersuit,” he laughs. “These are my wings.”

Ladybug can feel the moment she gives in as his eyes sparkle at her. She swings a leg over the motorcycle and settles in snugly behind Chat, wriggling until her front is pressed to his back. Her hands take their time ghosting up his hips and around his lean waist; even through the leather, she can feel his pulse quicken, can see when his breath hitches in his throat even as he slides his visor back down.

“Alright handsome boy,” she purrs into his ear, underscoring the heavy beat of his thundering heart. “Show me what you’ve got.”

The motorcycle stirs beneath them before awakening with a roar. Chat kicks off, and then only the wind catches Ladybug’s delighted shrieks as they race down the empty city streets.  

Riding his motorcycle always fills Chat’s veins with adrenaline, but Ladybug’s exhilarated laughter and warm, possessive hold around him makes him feel positively electric. The city passes by them in flashes as they travel along the lightning of the moment.

“Enjoying yourself?” Chat yells back at her.

Her grip around him tightens, and the way her hands splay over his chest is not entirely necessary for her safety, but is utterly capable of producing a flush that shudders over his whole body.

“Definitely!” she yells against the wind, the teasing grin audible in her voice. “But if you wanted flying, then I can do one better.”

- - - 

“This is falling,” Adrien argues. His helmet and motorcycle rest in a tucked away alleyway, safe from any curious passerby and woefully far from the high rooftop he and Ladybug stand on.

“You coming, chaton?” Her yoyo swings in lazy circles as she beckons him over to her with her free hand. He comes, irresistibly drawn to her like a magnet.

“My turn to show you how it’s done,” Ladybug laughs. Her yoyo snaps back to her hip before she turns around and offers her back, gesturing clearly for him to hop on.

He slowly steps right up behind her, savouring the way her muscles tense at his proximity. His breath ghosts along her neck, raising goosebumps, before he murmurs, “Ready?”

Before she can answer, he jumps up and wraps himself around her back, hooking his legs over her hips and slinging his arms over her shoulders. He laughs, a shit-eating grin on his face, as Ladybug curses and stumbles at the sudden weight. She quickly finds her balance again and straightens up, turning her head to the side so he can see the unimpressed look on her face. Mischief glitters bright in her the sky of her eyes though, betraying her amusement.

“Dirty trick,” Ladybug comments.

“Nothing dirty about it,” Adrien assures her with a wink. He chuckles against her neck as she turns to face the front again with a huff, a blush rising from the high collar of her suit. His hold around her tightens as she braces a hand under one of his legs and unhooks her yoyo from her hip with the other.

“Don’t scream,” she reminds him.

“Not a problem.” Then, as her yoyo begins spinning before them, he asks, “Do I even weigh anything to you?”

“Nah, it’s like holding a couple of grapes,” Ladybug laughs. Despite the levity of her answer, heat pools at the bottom of Adrien’s stomach as he marvels at her strength, at the way she effortlessly, easily holds him up. Before he can worry about the unexpected turn of his thoughts, her yoyo whips out, hooks onto a nearby rooftop, and launches them into the air, saving him from himself.

He’s watched her fly over the cityscape dozens, hundreds of times, through camera feeds he’s hacked into from his computer, and through the dark visor of his helmet when he rides out into the streets to help her. Ladybug is nothing but purposeful and sure in her every move, her every step. He’s seen it, over, and over, and over again.

But feeling it is something else entirely. Even with his added weight, she lands and leaps with total control, with an ease and confidence to be envied. They soar up into the clear night air, high enough until they seem like the only two people in the world with all the city laid before them.

The wind flying by on the long drop down claims Adrien’s wild, ecstatic whoop. When his eyes begin to water from the speed, he buries his head into the crook of Ladybug’s neck, laughter still spilling over in his giddiness.

“I still don’t know if I’d call this flying,” he says, his lips tracing her skin. He can feel her swallow as his words press on her neck, can feel the way she falters ever so slightly as she swings them both down to land on the solid ground of a rooftop. Emboldened, he gives a little nip, smiling at her quiet gasp, before humming, “It’s falling.”

Ladybug stills, her muscles tense, her breaths coming in quick and hot. That can be blamed on adrenaline and exertion- but not entirely.

Adrien murmurs, “I’m still falling.”

His steel-toed boots hit the ground and Ladybug turns on him like fire unleashed, grabbing his collar and pulling him down into a deep kiss that has him not flying, not falling, but floating and seeing stars. He wastes no time in winding his hands around her slim waist, his fingers tracing the curved red pattern of her suit.

“That was so cheesy,” Ladybug groans breathlessly as they break apart.

“It worked,” he grins as she pulls the zipper of his jacket down.

“If you’re free enough to talk, you’re free enough to make good on your promise to me earlier,” she reminds him, her hands diving beneath his jacket to trace hard muscle beneath the thin black turtleneck. Her fingers rake over his stomach and she grins as she feels him gasp at her touch.

Instead of coming onto her strong like she expects, Adrien lifts her chin up with a hand and captures her lips in a soft, slow kiss. The unexpected tenderness completely wipes her mind blank as she sinks into him, heat simmering low in her belly. His hand tangles into her hair and just as she begins to relax, he gives a sharp, authoritative tug, pulling a moan from her throat as her head rears back.

Ladybug’s hands bunch the bottom of his turtleneck up in frustration, but she gives as good as she gets as she hooks her fingers into his belt loops and pulls his hips flush against hers, startling a groan from Adrien.

Undeterred, his head dips down, lavishing attention onto whatever bare skin he can reach. He leaves a necklace of kisses and hickeys around her throat for her to wear. His grip on her hair tightens when she tries to lean forwards to kiss him again, leaving him free to take his time planting kisses along her cheeks, her forehead, the corners of her mouth, everywhere but where she wants it most.

He gets closer and closer then always denies her, until a frustrated whine finally escapes her.

With Ladybug’s short hair and long ribbons hopelessly tousled from his hands, her cheeks flushed a bright red, and her eyes burning fever bright in excitement and want, Adrien grins as he leans forward to purr into her ear.

“How’s that for entertainment?”


Okay but has anyone considered aliens reacting to humans and recreational drugs? I’m certain that the aliens would have their own similar thing, but imagine if they did not. That they used their medicinal herbs for /only/ the proper purposes. (This is just a quick write, please forgive mistakes and lack of actual good dialogue,)


Y'unk'ilsar stared curiously at human James and human Just Carl. Her slit eyes widened slightly, curious of their conversation. She left the room in search of the object of their talk, finding it in ‘kitchen’. She screeched quietly, happy with her find. She walked up to them on her 'dinosaur like’ legs,“ Hello, James, and Just Carl? Excuse my interruption, but I have over heard your earlier conversation. I have found what you were looking for!” She handed James a pot for cooking, her frills shaking, showing how proud she was. Just Carl began to 'laugh’ though. Humans did that to show their amusement. Maybe she did not actually accomplish what she thought she did. James smiled at her, and put a hand on her own scaly forearm,“Yunki, that’s sweet and all, but.. not what we meant.” She tilted her head,“I do not understand.” James shrugged,“On Earth, we have plants that people use to feel good, they roll it in papers and set it on fire, and breathe the smoke. One of it’s names, is pot.” Y'unk'ilsar seemed to frowning, almost,“ That sounds foolish. And unhealthy.” James grinned,“A lot of people on Earth would agree.” He held the pot up,“ Thank you, anyways, for the 'pot.’” he and Just Carl laughed again, so Y'unk'ilsar just walked away, shaking her head,“I do not understand them.”

anonymous asked:

I can't stop giving my quadraped dinosaurs the 'elephant foot/leg' sundrome. Do you have any good references on how quadraped dinosaur foot/legs actually look?

Well, that depends on what kind of dinosaur! Sauropod hands looked like this:

While their feet looked like this:

(it’s not missing a head, that’s the angle)

Ceratopsian hands and feet can be seen very well in Saurian’s model:

While their Ankylosaur shows its hands and feet:

Stegosaurs’ were more like sauropods’.

And styracosternans’ hands were like mittens, while their feet were like chunky theropod feet.

Hey, remember this?


Well, I did it again, without the shitty legs and mind-meltingly annoying hair in the corner!

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Okay but I read that as “dinosaur with legs” and I was like “what?? A dinosaur with…human legs?? Extra legs?? What kind of dinosaur doesn’t have legs??? Tobias u ok” lol

it’s 6:30am, I’ve been awake since early yesterday so frankly I would not put it past me to write “a dinosaur with legs”


how can i be okay knowing i’ll never have legs as fine as these


So I was trying to find a dinosaur but got itchy legs instead and I can’t say I’m disappointed with the result.
(The dinosaurs a ichthyostega)
UPDATE: I’ve added a sketch.
Itchy Legged Ichthyostega.

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So Shin Godzilla has appeared in the transformers franchise! These are images from the pack-in Transformers Legends comics from Japan. This year Hasbro/Takara have released a gigantic new version of Trypticon/Dinosaurer(base). Sakamato, the artist and writer behind these comics, typically fills them to the brim with obscure references and homages that only the most obsessed fans notice at first glance.

Give Trypticon is a gigantic upright dinosaur with fins (admittedly less pronounced here than on the original toy), and the massive success of Shin Godzilla in Japan its unsurprising th hat this occurred. I’m unsure which happened first but photos of a “fan mode” (an alt mode undocumented in instructions or packaging) which uses the dinosaur mode legs and the general formation of the spaceship mode surfaces that was jokingly referred to as Kamata-kun mode. Welllll guess what’s fucking canon lads?

Gonna break down the images I’ve posted.

1. Comparison of the original Trypticon toy and the new 2017 version.

2. the FABLED Kumata-kun mode

3. Panel depicting Clouder and his tanks prepped for Trypticon arrival (which is similar in layout to the arrival of Sachiel in Evanelion)

4. Trypticon’s little minion or whatever, Full-tilt proclaims the arrival of the rebuilt Trypticon explicitly calling him Shin Trypticon (and yeah Shin has many meanings but look at the context)

5. Aerial view of something peculiar in Yokohama bay! Trypticon’s first form is a base rather than a tadpole/tail surfacing.

6. Waspinator and others reacting to the new form of Trypticon - Kamata -kun mode is his second form as well.

7. Trypticon rampaging and Fortress Maximus exclaiming that he shouldn’t be able to move (on land) on account of a reference to an injury he received in an old 80s episode of the cartoon. Also A Gendo-ish pose from Megatron.

8. Trypticon evolves again(form 3)! Everyone is shocked and Weirdwolf rants about his limitless potential!

9. Trypticon has reached its fourth form!

10. Persecution of the tiny robot masses!