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@teaandqueerbaiting - your post exposing Sherlock as the waiter in TEH got me thinking. And as we discussed its implictions over breakfast this morning, my husband pointed out that John Watson always reminded him of the Hobbit!

Now, brace yourself - I think he might be right. Look:

^^The Hobbit

^^John Watson

See what I mean? I think they are the same person.

But now comes the point of my post. We all wondered how John Watson could escape the well in TFP when his feet where chained to the bottom. But it’s easy, child’s play even, if you know what to look for. John Watson’s big secret:

His feet are detachable! Problem solved! Isn’t that neat?

BTW, that’s why we never see John Watson barefoot… even in this most revealing scene, they cut the frame just above his ankles as to not give it away:

The dramatique climax was planned since TRF.

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I can't stop giving my quadraped dinosaurs the 'elephant foot/leg' sundrome. Do you have any good references on how quadraped dinosaur foot/legs actually look?

Well, that depends on what kind of dinosaur! Sauropod hands looked like this:

While their feet looked like this:

(it’s not missing a head, that’s the angle)

Ceratopsian hands and feet can be seen very well in Saurian’s model:

While their Ankylosaur shows its hands and feet:

Stegosaurs’ were more like sauropods’.

And styracosternans’ hands were like mittens, while their feet were like chunky theropod feet.


[Requested by Anon]

The PhotoShoot.


“Can you set up the lights over here. I want to make sure this set is perfect!” Your friend stammered.

You nodded and did as you were told. You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched her pace back and forth around the pool area. Moving things around. Making small adjustments here and there. You can tell she was nervous.

“Come on Y/F/N, it’s not like you haven’t shot a celebrity before!” You chuckled.

She snapped her gaze at you and shrugged. “Yeah, but never anyone this gorgeous!” She squealed.

“Who is it? You haven’t even told me who the special guest is.” You spewed, throwing the props into the pool.

She flashed a cynical smile as a soft snarl escaped her lips.

Her phone went off, breaking the silence.

“Yea I’ll be right there!” She muttered. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and giggled like a little kid. “Oh my god, he’s here. Okay, get ready.” She flashed a wink.

You furrowed your brows but ignored the fact that she still has yet to tell you who you were taking photos of.

She liked to keep you guessing. Having you sit on the edge of your chair.

You took one last look at the set up, before you heard soft chatters, along with laughter. Obviously it was mostly your best friend that was giggling.

“Chris, this is my best friend slash assistant, Y/N.” She muttered.

You turned on your heels, and froze immediately as you laid your gaze on him.

There he was. The man you gawked over since you watched him on Parks and Rec.

“Y/N this is-”

“Andy-I mean owen-I mean Chris! Shit! Sorry.” You croaked, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks from stumbling over your words.

His lips curled up and he let out a soft chuckle. “Damn, I have so many names!”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Something you did when you were nervous.

He kept his gaze on to you. Watching you fluster in your stance. He couldn’t help but think just how beautiful you are.

“Anyways, we should get started!” Y/F/N demanded. “Chris, there’s some clothes left out by the bathroom.”

He only nodded and started for the back. He glanced over at you, catching you staring back at him. And every time your eyes locked, you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

As he was out of sight, you looked back at your friend.

“Can you believe it? Chris freakin Pratt!” Your best friend squealed. “Aren’t you excited? He’s so cute. Ugh, I think I’m in love.”

You rolled your eyes, and shook your head. “He’s just like anyone else, only difference is, he’s on a movie.”

She stuck her tongue out and turned her back to you. “I don’t care. He’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can focus with him around.”

Chris got into the swim trunks and shirt you had picked out. And might you add, he looked extremely handsome.

“Let’s get this shit started! Whose ready to party?” He yelped, raising an eye brow, and looking between you and your friend.

“Awesome! Uh can you uh grab that dinosaur floatie by your foot?” She hesitated. “Just do whatever you want.”

He nodded and retrieved the floatie into his hands. “This awesome! Do I get to keep this when its done?” He asked.

“Nope! Sorry, but you can’t have them, I already called dibs!” You croaked.

Chris snapped his gaze to you, a smile slowly creeping on his face. “Oh, is that so?”

You nodded, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’ll play you for it!” He stammered. “Let’s race. From the door to the fence. Loser gets to keep the dinosaur.”

You pondered over the idea for a moment, and caved. “Sure why not. Though you are going to lose.”

He stood straighter in his stance, and flashed a smirk. “Oh it’s on! You’re going down.”

“Yea okay, old man. We will see about that.”

Your best friend couldn’t stop giggling as she captured this moment.

Both you and Chris made your way to the door, and positioned yourselves for the race.

“I’ll go easy on you. I know it can be nerve wrecking to go against someone as sexy as me.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and let out a loud cackle. “Someone is cocky.” You met his gaze and smirked. “Don’t worry, at least you will get a better view of my ass when I pass you up.”

Before he had time to respond, you pushed him down and darted toward the fence.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled himself up and followed behind.

As you were just inches away, you slowly touched the fence, taunting him for losing.

His breathing was heavy, as he finally reached your side. “You’re a cheater! I could have totally beat you if you didn’t-” he paused taking in a deep breath.

“What was that? Is someone being a sore loser?” You chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, his smile growing more and more as he watched you laugh to yourself.

“Rematch!” He croaked.

You shook your head. “Maybe. But we should really get this photoshoot done.” You exhaled.

He nodded in agreement. “Ok, but this time, instead of the dinosaur, we play for something even better.”

You furrowed your brows. “And what’s that?”

“If I win, you have to give me the dinosaur, but if you win-” he paused, flashing a cynical smile. “You have to go out with me.”

Your friends mouth dropped. Her eyes growing wide as you and Chris locked eyes with one another.

You tried to refrain from smiling. act as if he was just like anyone else. And sure, you weren’t one to go crazy over celebrities, maybe be a fan of their work, but nothing far from that.

But something about him made you want to spend more time with him.

“Deal.” You muttered.

His lips curved, letting out a soft chuckle. He shook his head, his cheeks burning as he flustered in his stance.

He turned to your best friend and took in a deep breath.
“Well, how about those pictures.”

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All the bird ones were the most hilarious yo me, and I am not entirely sure why. XD lmao. The best.

Geese literally take over our parking lot from February to June because this is their breeding ground. Mother Goose builds a nest on our corner annually and the dad patrols the parking lot.

This results in him harassing customers regularly.

We had to put carts up against the building because he would just fucking stare at his own reflection for hours, leaving a trail of goose turds. When he was shooed away from the windows, he started going after cars. 

Most days, I drive in to work and he’s right there. Right there in the parking lot. And as soon as I put my car in park, he starts circling  me. I’ve been late to work TWICE because he’s waiting for me to get out of the car. 

He just fucking STANDS THERE and waits for me to either move or attack and I can’t do anything because I am scared shitless of this 20 pound web-footed dinosaur. (And also the law.)

You honk your horn at him and he just fucking HONKS BACK like he’s not threatened by a one-ton hunk of metal that can MURDER HIM into tiny little bits. He’s not scared of you OR your death machine! His children are fucking protected by the US Department of Agriculture AND the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Can’t. Touch. Dis. 

And all I wanna do is get out of my car and get into the building with as little injury as possible. Do you know how hard it is to explain that you’re walking funny because you got bit by a goose? It’s fucking embarrassing. 

Go back to Canada. 

Marvel's next female superhero is a little girl with a dinosaur

Pic : @ EW

According to entertainment weekly reports that the comics company now plans on launching a new title this fall that doesn’t star an already popular white superhero. Titled Moon-Girl and Devil Dinosaur, the series will feature the adventures of pre-teen genius Lunella Lafayette and friend that happens to be a 30-foot dinosaur.

In 1978, Marvel comics published Devil Dinosaur, a story by Jack Kirby about a red Tyrannosaurus Rex and his caveman-like friend, Moon-Boy. The series itself was short-lived, but come this fall, the world will once again be introduced to the adventures of Devil Dinosaur ,and this time, his companion won’t be a caveman named Moon-Boy, but instead, a pre-teen super genius named Lunella Lafayette…otherwise known as Moon Girl.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is Marvel’s newest female superhero, and at the helm of the book are writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare , artist Natacha Bustos , editor Mark Paniccia and assistant editor Emily Shaw. According to Shaw, the genesis for Moon Girl came from a simple conversation between the creative team, when they realized Marvel had a limited number of characters that all ages could relate to.– Read more @ EW 

pic : Marvel


Pocket Dinosaur (MGA Dino)

So I took a gamble on this one. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that the package said DINOSAUR, Little Foot is on the front with the very moving statement, “I Am Hungry Feed Me”, and the amazing blurb on the back:

“The dinosaur was born anew.
The dinosaur refers to a lovely electronic pet.
It is popular all over the world.
It requires it’s owners to feed at a fixed time
and play with it, clean up after and even
discipline it, and helpit to sleep at a fixed time.
It will gradually grow up into a lovely dyno saur.
For the growing children the electronic pet has in
comparable functions of training and educating them,
developing their moral qualities and positive emotions.
It is the electronic dynosaur that marks them to know,
feel love and hardship of their parents, and have a notion
about life.
With the help of the pet they will be good children.”

I also recognized the “Pocket ____” title on the pet itself from @daughter-of-anubis​‘s Pocket Sweetie.
“But Bailey!” I hear noone say, “That description makes it sound like an MGA Godzilla pet! Not an Apollo!”
Indeed! This is what I had to check! Because they keep mentioning “fixed time”, which I am very familiar with in regards to the Godzilla (and the caterpillar dog, as well.) Also, MGA pets have four buttons, not three. What gives?

Well I have it in hand and I can say it’s not what I thought it was.

They kindly included two identical copies of instructions, and they were pretty solidly describing the MGA Godzilla. They even included a time table for when you’re allowed to feed or play.

But everything is a LIE.

This pet is actually an MGA Dino. “Fixed time” means nothing, and these instructions don’t apply. The time parts, anyway.

And they stuck the fourth button onto the back of the pet. Because why not, I guess.

Question Post

@accidentallyjakeenglish who recently tagged me in this:

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions written by the person who tagged you.
3. Write 11 questions of your own.
4. Tag 11 people.

The questions I got asked:

Favorite dinosaur?

- I don’t have one but if I had to choose I’d probably say the Apatosaurus because that was the type of dinosaur the character Little Foot was in the Disney movie and I really liked that movie.

Pasta or burgers?

- I like both? It really depends on my mood but probably burgers atm.

Hogwarts house?

- Gryffindor

Mountains or beaches?

- I like the aesthetic of both but I’d probably say beaches because I’d be nervous to fully explore mountains.

City or country?

- Country.

Rain or shine?

- Depending on my mood. Typically shine though.

Favorite social media site?

- Tumblr.

Favorite season?

- Spring.

Are you happy today?

- Yep.

How much do you break the gay meter?

- Idk? 

Uhhh… your view on me?

I think that you seem like a cool person.

The questions I’m asking:
1. Favourite colour?
2. Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
3. Are you in school? What level? 
4. Favourite movie?
5. Favourite book?
6. Favourite saying?
7. Middle name?
8. Number of siblings?
9. Pet peeve?
10. Worst fear?
11. Biggest accomplishment?

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Owen Grady x Reader -Can’t Tell-

Owen Grady x Reader
Request: I just love your adorable writing so I came to ask for more. What if bae got hurt while taking care of the raptors but doesn’t tell anyone. Later the pain is too much to bear and Owen sees it and takes care of it while scolding her for not tellin him
A/N: Okay so he didn’t end up taking care of it but it was still cute right x3? Thanks for the request!

-Can’t Tell-
You sighed as you looked at your watch, you made it to work on time. You grabbed you hair and put in a pony tail to start the day. It was sunny like it always was on this Central American island, but the sun seemed to be extra brutal today. It was only 9 A.M and could could already feel the heat stroke.
“Morning (Y/N)!” Barry waved as you walked up. You gave a greeting smile and nodded. Above you Owen called out commands to the raptors, always having to sound so serious. As he turned to follow the girls he noticed you and gave you a quick smile. The smile he knows makes your heart skip a beat.
“So what’s on the agenda today?” You asked Barry while grabbing a bucket to clean out. You turned on the cold water and enjoyed as the mist covered your already red face.
“Well, Hoskins has decided to rise up from the depths of hell again,” You let out a small laugh. “And we are cleaning the enclosure while he hassles Owen.” Barry rolled his eyes. “All that man cares about is money.”
“I know, but that’s why we have Owen. To scare him away.” You gave him a reassuring smile.

You gathered your equipment and met Barry in the holding cage. All the girls were locked in and extremely pissed. You watched as Barry calmed them down, and watched them get riled back up again as Hoskins entered. Behind him followed Owen who closely watched him. His arms were crossed, shoulders back, his famous “Alpha” stance.  You couldn’t help but smile a little.
“Are you ready?” Barry asked. You nodded and entered the enclosure. Behind you a few workers to help. You and Barry stayed in the front so you could try to over hear Owen and Hoskins conversation but it was no use.

After a half an hour you leaned against the wall and moaned.
“It’s so hot. Just all the time. Why is it so hot?” You wiped sweat from your forehead. Barry laughed. You looked over and now Owen was alone watching you. He looked upset. You tried to give him a smile but his expression didn’t change.
“I think we’re done!” A worker called out.
“Okay then boys, wrap it up.” You called back. Everyone pulled bags of bones, waste and dead forestry out. It was ridiculous how much four, 8 foot dinosaurs could destroy.
As the last of the men were heading out you turned to Barry.
“I’m just going to do one last sweep, I don’t want to have to do this again anytime soon.”
“Alright, be careful.”
You swept the ground with your eyes as you walked back. It was dark where the trees covered so you lingered a bit longer then you should have. It was a nice break from the hot sun. You picked up a few missed twigs on your way until you made it to the far back.
“They did pretty good.” You told yourself.
“CLINK CLINK CLINK” A loud noise came from the front.
‘What in the world?“
"ANIMAL OUT OF CONTAINMENT, ANIMAL OUT OF CONTAINMENT” A man yelled. Your heart dropped to your stomach. You could hear them closing the gate, locking you in. Other then the yelling men, everything was quiet. You walked slowly and carefully around the perimeter of the enclosure trying not to make any loud noises. Your heart beat loudly in your ears. Every step you took seem to take an hour to hit the ground.
You walked for what felt like years before you finally saw the gate. You were so close. But that’s when you heard it, quiet chirping. Your heart stopped. You looked around but you had no idea which way the sound had come from.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N) GET OUT OF THERE!” Barry yelled from the containment area. You heard the gate start to open when you ran for it. Your feet seemed to not touch the ground as you ran as fast as you could, but you knew you could never out run a raptor. Behind you you heard the scream that it was attacking.
Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Barry was screaming your name, workers watched in horror, Owen was diving under the gate to save you but it was too late. You felt a sharp pain in your side and you fell face first into the ground. Then everything went black.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Wake up!”
You slowly opened your eyes. Around you was everyone you worked with.
“(Y/N)!” Owen scooped you up in his arms and held you close. “Thank God, I thought I was too late.” You sat there unsure of what was happening before you remembered.
“How did I get out?” You said quietly. You head pounded with every word.
“Owen ran in front of Echo and she backed up. I ran in and grabbed you. I didn’t think it would work.” Barry keeled down beside you and Owen.
“Wha-” but it hurt to much to talk. You just closed your eyes and rested your head on Owens shoulder.
“Does anywhere hurt?” Owen whispered to you. “Did she get you?”
You thought about the pain in your side and how scared Owen would be if he knew. He obviously couldn’t see it so it couldn’t be that bad.
“No, I’m fine.”

(2 days later)
You stared at the huge gash in your side in your mirror. It ran from your shoulder down to your waist. It was black and deep. Every time you moved it stung a little more. At night you couldn’t lay on it and during the day you could hardly bend. You had put bandages over it but every time you moved it still bled.
You were in so much pain. But you knew Owen couldn’t know. He would worry more then he should. You knew it would heal eventually. You were fine.

You went about your day like any other. Owen didn’t want you to come back to work for a while but you ignored him. You cleaned the buckets, swept the holding area and recorded the raptors data.
“How are you feeling?” Owen asked as you walked across the catwalk. He leaned against the rail watching the girls. Then focused his attention on you.
“I’m fine.” You smiled. But god were you light headed. You didn’t know if it was from the heat or dehydration but every time you walked you had to hang on to something.
“You look pale. (Y/N) if something wrong, you need to tell me.” He used his alpha voice. He was serious. But you knew you couldn’t tell him.
“I told you, I’m - I’m fine.” Your mouth was getting dry. And everything was spinning. Your head was pounding and everything was going black. You held onto the guard rail to try to stay standing.
“(Y/N)! What’s wrong?” Owen went to grab you but his hand landed right on your cut and you let out a scream. The pain was too much. It was all too much. Everything was dark. And everything was quiet.

You woke up to soft beeps in a white room.
“A hospital? Am I in a hospital?” You whispered. It hurt to be any louder. You looked to the right and saw a door with rushing people outside of it, and on your left Owen. He was asleep in what looked to be an extremely uncomfortable chair. His head hung over this chest and he slouched with his legs spread out. He was in the same clothes he was wearing when you passed out.
“Oh good, you’re up.” A nurse walked in. She gave you a gentle smile and looked at the screen telling her your vitals.
“What happened?” You managed to get out in a normal tone.
“You gave everyone quite a scare. That scratch was infected pretty bad. The doctor had to clean it out and bandage it correctly. Above a raptor cage isn’t the best place to pass out. Luckily your boyfriend there was able to catch you.” She nodded at Owen.
“We’re not  dating. Kinda.” You forced a smile. It was complicated. You both really liked each other but he was your boss. It was wrong.
“Well he sure acts like it. He hasn’t left once.”
“How long have I been out?”
“About four days. Your body needed to heal.”
“Oh god.” You covered your face with your hands. You knew you were in for it now.
“The doctor will be in shortly.” The nurse began to leave.
“Actually,uh” You stopped her. “Can I have a few more hours?”
“Of course.” She shut your door as she left. You looked over at Owen. He had to of been exhausted. Four days and he didn’t leave?

An hour passed before Owen woke up. You laid there staring at him while he yawned and tried to really wake himself up. You smiled.
“(Y/N)?” He saw that you were awake.
“Hey Owen.”
He jumped up and bent down next to you.
“You had me so worried. You just dropped into my arms. I didn’t know what happened. Why didn’t you tell me? I told you to tell me!” You could see the emotions running through him. You even thought you saw him almost tear up.
“I’m so glad your okay” He rested his forehead against yours. “Oh my god, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Don’t scare me like that.”
You couldn’t help but laugh. You had never seen him this.
“Why are you laughing?” He pulled the chair closer to  the bed so he could sit down.
“It’s just, this isn’t the big, scary alpha Owen I know.” You smiled as he awkwardly sat down, not taking his eyes off you as if he would loose you if he did.
He grabbed your hand. It was warm and callused and so much bigger then yours.
“Even I can be scared. Especially when I’m in love.” He watched you. You grew hot. Did he just say he loved you?
“Owen, you know we can’t.”
“I don’t care if I’m your boss. I love you. And I would do anything to keep you from danger. And I can’t do that if you’re not by my side.”

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👶Do you like adult pacifiers?
Yes! A lot!

🎬When you are sad, which children’s movie makes you happy?
Tangled 💕

🐊Which dinosaur is best?
Little Foot and Duckie are the first thing that pops in mind! But I totally love brachiosaurus’. They are soooo tall and big! I also love triceratops! I just think they are too cute.

Thank you for asking!