dinosaur dogs

I love how all the Anthro SuperHeroes have Favorite Foods they MUST HAVE 😂


Street Sharks🍔 Burgers

Biker Mice From Mars🌭Hot Dogs

Extreme Dinosaurs🌮 Mexican Food

No wonder I get weird cravings when I rewatch these haha

Here’s something to put your mind at ease :)

Dear @hnai-reenei I have created a tribute for the evil creature which used to posses your/his body. I absolutely adore your style, especially for this creature. I hope you like it \=w=\

I used the features I liked best from the two versions of your fursona. I want to talk about the fact that not drawing the nose on Workex kinda takes from his evil look that fits him well, what I’m saying is…. *everyone in U.S. chants “BRING DA NOSE BACK” repeatedly* so yeah…. x3

To all else, I hope you like this art of @hnai-reenei ! You should check out their art! This is of a creature (Hnai’s fursona) of which consists of dogs, demons, dinosaurs, and nightmares. :)

sax-and-solo  asked:

Hey We love your art and you are very talented, but just wondering, have you actually gotten bored of drawing just cats? Do you draw other things?

Thank you!

The cats do get dull on occasion, or if I’m in an art slump the daily updates feel like a chore. My solution to that though has been the occasional break from the cats (themed weeks with dogs, birds, dinosaurs), or I change up my drawing style. Helps keep things interesting. 

I do have another art blog that is currently collecting dust..I’m not very good at updating that one! You can find it here > Heddar Sketch