dinosaur digimon

This doodle could’ve been a lot larger if I hadn’t limited myself to Main Characters

Level: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine

Bio: A small dinosaur like Digimon that evolved from Motetmon. Although more equip for combat with its electrical breath, its benevolent nature from its time as a Motetmon is still present and will only fight if needed. It has a habit of bottling up too much energy which gives it little control of its power causing harm to it and others. It takes precautions to keep accidental shocks from happening with specialized gloves that also protect its developing wings.

Anthro form of Creedmon

I figured out his personality & story and that inspired this cute little form
( I suck at descriptions but here I go )

Height: 4'9 ft  Weight: 75 lbs

Creedmon may be small and soft as a marshmallow but he is no push over when it comes to what he stands for. He is very well mannered and willing to help others. Not to say he’s a true saint as he can be mischievous at times, especially if it makes things easier on him. He’s still learning how to control his strength and can be pretty self conscious about how much he has to learn. Creedmon wants to be the best not only for himself but for his 12 baby brothers and 12 baby sisters. When he was a Motetmon, him and his siblings were watched over by a kind digimon ( Don’t know what mon yet ) that died in a battle trying to protect them. Being the oldest, he took over as guardian to the flock and is very protective over them so even thinking about hurting his little ones in any way can really set him off in a blind rage. He has a habit of pushing himself too hard and tends to store up a lot of static in his fluffy feathers and it can be risky to touch da floof.

 His favorite food is apples and loves to sing.  

Agumon (2017)
Acrylic paint on canvas

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting tumblr and not posting my art. I hope you guys like this agumon as my apology.

If you guys want to check out the video of how I made this. Please look at it over here: https://youtu.be/fCV6KCi7zJQ

My second-favorite Digimon, I’m not usually into these dino things, but I can’t help myself when it comes to this one.

Been struggling a lot this past year or so with art, but things seem to be clearing up and I’m getting back into things… AGAIN. Maybe I won’t fuck it all up this time around. Also going to be returning to an old posting format where I talk a bunch and then list the programs I used.
Fun fun!

- Photoshop
- Paint Tool Sai

If it ends with -on or -an, odds are I love it.

  • Digimon
  • Pokemon
  • Bakugan
  • Dragon
  • Frozon
  • Naruton
  • Dinosauron
  • Star Warsan
  • Game of Throneson
  • Fireflyan
  • Marvelon
  • Disneyon
  • DreamWorksan
  • Power Rangersan
  • Transformersan
  • Blizzardon
  • Final Fantasyan
  • Kingdom Heartson

And so on and so an.

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