dinosaur amigurumi


The crocheted rainbow Therizinosaurus is finally done! It’s definitely the biggest and most complex thing I’ve crocheted, but it was still a lot of fun to make.

I decided to make it anthro-ish so I could make it stand a little more upright and make a tripod out of the tail and feet to allow it to stand. The proportions are super exaggerated (super long arms and hand claws, little baby legs, big head and neck) because a) I doubt I could do extra-realistic proportions without it looking funky and b) it’s fun. Long neck and tail aside, it’s kind of shaped like Yogi Bear. I almost want to put a little bow tie or dorky vest on it.

It has a shaggy coat! I thought it would be fun to add some long yarn on the back and tail, kind of like I did with the giant anteater I crocheted years ago. I was going to trim the yarn down a bit, but I decided to leave it long because it’s more fun that way. I know the whole bushy tailed Therizonosaurus thing is a way overdone trope, but I’m a loser dork and appreciate all parallels between Therizinosaurus and giant anteaters.

I learned how to do the crocodile/dragon scale stitch for the wings. I know Therizinosaurus most likely didn’t have pennaceous wings and probably had shaggy ratite-esque feathers for the wings, but I couldn’t think of how I could do wings and make them actually read as wings until I remembered the whole dragon scale stitch thing. Of course, I didn’t even think of using shag at all on this guy (for the back or as potential wings) until the arms and wings were already constructed and attached to the body. Oh well.

Another fun challenge: Shaping! I’ve done some more minor shaping when crocheting other stuff (most notably the back of the head of that Gorn I made), but the pronounced S curve on the neck and actually getting legs to curve properly and look halfway like dinosaur legs was a little more extreme than anything else I’ve done before. It was a learning experience!

It’s made from Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Boardwalk (the main yarn), Apple Orchard (wings and end of the tail), and the considerably less exciting black and silver. It was some awkward yarn to work with since it’s just one big ply, varied in diameter as you went through the skein, and tore apart on occasion, even when I was careful. Regardless, it still looked good.

I also used memory wire in the hand claws to keep them properly curved and filled the feet/lower legs, end of the tail, and stomach with poly pellets to weight the Therizinosaurus and keep it standing upright. Also: Standard button eyes and Polyfil stuffing.

So yeah! This was fun and challenging experience, and I got an awesomely obnoxiously rainbowy version of my favorite critter out of it. Now that I’ve finished with this guy, I can go back to work on my quilt. 👍🏽