Here is the fantastic RU by Nick Edwards, who I met at ELCAF a while ago. Nick has done work on Uncle Grandpa, and various comics like Dinopopolous. His art is great and has has a really cool style of drawing that seems to make anything look awesome. And Nick’s unicorn is no exception. It looks like a space unicorn or some sort of satellite, with a laser attached, of course. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Here are some links to Nick’s tumblr, his other blog, the blank state books website, and his Twitter.

Acme First Look #230 for 4.4.12

Still dwelling on my burnt finger from last night. We were at Pablano’s on North Battleground. They were running a $7.75 fajita special, so most of us partook. When our sizzling pans came out, Adam, who did not get a fajita platter, wondered aloud if the plates were hot. Frank feigned touching his. I did touch mine. They were indeed hot.

In my defense, I was expecting the pan to be a more tempered temperature, like what you get in the hot stone bowls at the Don. But, nope, piping hot.

At least it doesn’t hurt too badly when I type.

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