Seventeen as shit my parents have told me
  • S.Coups:when I was your age I used to sneak away at night with my friends to the forest to drink vodka not stay at home with my nose in the computer!
  • Jeonghan:.....you're going to wear THAT to school?
  • Me:what? it's a cute dress!
  • Jeonghan:no. No it's fucking not. go change. NOW.
  • Joshua:I'm getting you a cross, cause sweety you need help, and God may be the only one who can help you at this point.
  • Jun:So, how's your sex life?
  • Me:.....I've never even had a boyfriend/girlfriend yet.
  • //btw this was my dad... //
  • Wonwoo:go read a book and do something with your life.
  • Woozi:I don't care if your taller than me , you still have to obey me when you live under my roof !
  • DK:come on~ don't be so grumpy~ it was only the entire pack of cookies you bought for yourself~
  • The8:yeaaaa... Sureeee... It TOTALLY looks adorable on you... No I'm not buying it for you.
  • Mingyu:can you cook? No? So shut up and eat what I make.
  • Seungkwan:I'm going to borrow your sweater that I'm never going to return cause it suits me much better than you....
  • Vernon:whaaaat~? It's not my fault your butt's so slapable~
  • Dino:what's swag? And why does it sound so sexual?
seventeen as quotes from my old classmates tht i have written down for some reason

s.coups: asks someone who says they keep a stake under their bed for protection from vampires “are u gonna cook it”
mingyu: replies with “greece. i mean .. italy” when asked his fav place in spain
wonwoo: “ill pay u with $50 monopoly money instead”
vernon: replies with “for being gay” when a group member asks why they got a strike
jeonghan: replies with “if u believe” when someone asks if hes their mum
woozi: asks “did u just call me an a hole” when the person next to them says their fav animal is an owl
joshua: “u can run but u …. youll just die tired”
seungkwan: “ya but i can still bitch about her when im friends with her”
dokyum: “always be urself. unless u can be an otter, then be an otter”
junhui: “um stop touching me i kno im irresistible but dont touch me”
the8: “u think ur neighbours are bad? mine r the worst. theyre so annoying i wanna move out”
dino: “[whispers] im stuck whats 1 x 1 ???”
hoshi: “once i sat on someones lap in public and said ‘i came in like a wrecking ball’”


Not only does this scene introduce Erin as Shelby’s best friend from kindergarten who has a nasty habit of taking credit for the things Shelby accomplishes, it tell us something about Chase and Shelby’s friendship.

In this scene:

  • Shelby reacts negatively to Erin taking credit for her song
  • Chase watches her reaction and notices that Shelby is upset by what Erin said
  • Chase goes out of his way to ask Shelby what’s wrong
  • Shelby doesn’t think twice before she tells Chase why she’s upset

To understand why this is so important, we need to remember that Chase and Shelby have not always been the best of friends. Like, do you remember when in the first episode Chase hit on Shelby by calling her the wrong name despite the fact they’d been working together for a long time? Do you remember that episode where Chase made fun of Shelby for liking a boyband? Shelby and Chase’s friendship had a rocky start and has gone through hard times because of Chase’s unintentional meanness.

But over the course of the series, Chase has had numerous chances to grow and become a kinder person, especially towards Shelby. And to his credit, he’s taken them, apologized for his actions and learned from his mistakes.

What makes this scene special is that it builds upon all this important character growth to illustrate how their friendship has evolved. This scene shows us that Chase has gone from someone who belittled Shelby’s feelings to someone who is attentive and compassionate of them. It also shows us that, as a result of these positive changes Chase has made, Shelby has come to effortlessly trust him with those feelings.

Seventeen Reacting to their Girlfriend’s Parents Being Divorced - Request

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He’d feel sad, seeing that he asked about your parents as a couple, not even knowing that they were divorced. Guilty, he’d repay you back with a cute date the next day. 


Very surprised since you seemed so bright and open to him about your parents. You were trying to get him to stop the guilt from coming out as he looked painfully sad every time you brought up stuff about your parents. 


You would seem bright until Joshua brings up the topic between the both of your parents. You’d tell him they were divorced and he would cheer you up after that, hoping to get your mind off something negative like that. 


Literally, he would remember every single time he brought up how caring your mom and dad must be to raise you together. He’d feel so bad and immediately apologize, feeling wronged. 


Just shocked. He would freeze finding out that your parents were divorced but would immediately change the topic so you wouldn’t feel emotional. 


He remembers every vivid moment you’d talk about your parents, how you said that one was at this state and one was in the place the two of you lived. But he would give the warmest hug, saying he was sorry about that. 


Becoming serious is what Woozi would do, confused on what to react in this situation. He’d tell you that he wished something like that could have never happened to you and just give you the warmth and care.


I think he would be very very quiet in this situation. He would be utterly speechless at that point. You’d change the subject, much to his happiness.


Taking about ten minutes to soak in your words, he’d then give you the biggest bear hug ever telling you how sorry he feels. 


He’d become confident towards you to show that both you and him should not be fazed in this situation. He’d tell you that you and him will be sure of it once you guys marry. 


Literally, he might get teary-eyed because of this. You would be the one making him feel better because of how bad he felt. 


It would get awkward really quick at that point. He’d then give you that serious talk that couples have and quickly change the subject after. 


Changing the subject is something Dino would do but addressing his apologies for something like that happening to you would be before that. 

Wonwoo's Promise *Drabble*

136. “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

You woke up disoriented to see Wonwoo staring at you, his eyes filled with worry. You suddenly felt chilly and looked down to see your tank top clinging to you in a cold sweat.

“W-what happened? Why am I all sweaty?”

He furrowed his brow and his piercing gaze shot through. “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

As soon as the word nightmare fell from his lips, everything came rushing back to you.

A whimper escaped from your throat and you instinctively pushed yourself further back in the bed as if to escape an unknown assailant.

Wonwoo immediately wrapped both arms around you, pulling you in next to him. Your head tested in his chest and you could feel the rhythmic pounding of his heart.

“You’re okay baby, I’m right here. I will never let anything hurt you. Just breathe with me.”

You let yourself lose your fear in the weight of his arms.

He was your perfect reassurance.

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