Q: Describe Hoshi in 5 words.

WZ: 바보멍청이 (stupid fool) pls note that this is endearing
T8: 세상귀요운 (cutest in the world)
VN: 섹시귀요미 (sexy cutie)
JH: 귀염둥이왕 (cutie king)
DN: 내꺼권순영 (mine, kwon soonyoung)
WW: 멍청이폭발 (a ball of stupidity)
SK: 진짜희귀캐 (a real weird one)
HS: 천재작곡가 (genius composer)

cr: @_tillthetop

  • S.coups: why are you up at this hour? You should be sleeping.
  • Dino: I should be a lot of things but I live to disappoint.

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Xanxus Dino tsuna find they lover trying on her old school uniform and it little bit too tight on her;)

You tugged on the the neckline of the blouse, trying to fit more of your tits in. You hadn’t grown that much, you’d thought, but now here you were, the fabric of your old school uniform straining to keep you covered. The skirt wasn’t so bad, just a little tight, but it looked alright at least. You frowned as you checked yourself out in the mirror again, wishing the top didn’t look so comical.

You turned around suddenly at the sound of the door opening, hands coming up to cover your chest. You dropped them at the sight of your boyfriend, sighing in relief that it hadn’t been anyone else. “Oh, Xanxus, it’s just you.”

“What the fuck are you doing in that?” he asked, not sounding in the least bit displeased.

“I found my old uniform in the closet and thought to try it on,” you responded, smoothing your hands along the front of your skirt.

“It’s a little small, don’t you think?” he said with a smirk, eyes running down your body before coming back to your breasts.

“Of course it is, it’s from high school. But if you don’t like it, fine, I’ll take it off.”

Before you could move Xanxus had pushed you back against the mirror, one hand pinning your wrists above your head. “No you won’t.” He pulled back a little so he could get another look at you, his free hand following the track of his eyes. From your cheek down to your collarbone, along the swell of your breasts, over your stomach and finally your thighs.

“Xanxus,” you protested, straining against his grip.

“Oi, stop struggling, woman. You can’t put on something like this and expect to be left alone,” he purred, flipping your skirt up as he tugged your underwear down to pool around your ankles. You jumped when he smacked your cunt out of nowhere, and his hand returned to your hip as his burning gaze found your eyes again. “Now, are you gonna be good?”

“Yes,” you whined, trying to pull out of his grip on your own before stopping yourself.

He looked like he was thinking about it before he decided he believed you, and fine. He let go of your arms, which immediately came around his neck as he lifted you up and pressed you back against the mirror. Your legs twisted around his waist, and he released his hold on your thighs for a moment while he pulled himself out of his pants. He hissed as he rubbed a thumb over his weeping tip, smearing the drop of precum over the head before lining his cock up to your entrance.

He entered you almost agonizingly slowly, not taking his eyes off of your bottom half. You dug your nails into his shoulder, begging him to speed up, move faster, do something! He refused to acknowledge you at all, and it wasn’t until he had sheathed himself fully in your wet heat that he started to move. He set such a quick pace you couldn’t keep up, couldn’t do anything but cling to him as he fucked you. The tightness of your blouse only made every heaving breath that much harder, and you were glad he didn’t kiss you cause you felt you’d probably pass out from lack of air.

He didn’t let you take that uniform off for the rest of what ended up being a very, very long night.

You struggled to get into the old thing. You felt like it hadn’t been all that long, that it should fit just fine but be a little snug. But the moment you tried to pull the skirt on you knew that it was going to be a bit more than just snug. For a moment you wondered if you should just give up before it ripped, but no, you felt you could fit into it. If you were just careful.

So you slowly tugged it up, inch by inch, until it was finally around your hips. And you were all good. The blouse was a bit easier, though getting it down over your boobs proved a bit of a hassle. Finally, though, it was on. The simple little tie came last, and that obviously wasn’t an issue. Looking yourself over in the mirror, though, you could clearly tell it was a size too small.

The fabric was stretched against your body, definitely not as baggy as it used to be. It definitely didn’t leave much to the imagination, was all. You found it hard to believe you’d ever worn this thing, how had you ever been this small? You hadn’t even grown that much; at least, that’s what you’d thought.

You’d been so absorbed in your own reflection, looking over all of it a little self-consciously, that you actually hadn’t even noticed Dino enter the room. And you jumped as you felt his arms slide around your waist as he hugged you from behind, lips pressing against your neck in a short kiss.

“Trying on your old uniform? I didn’t even know you still had it.”

“I found it in the back of my closet,” you responded, cheeks heating up a bit as you wondered how long he’d been watching you. You’d been checking yourself out quite a bit, after all.

“It suits you, I think,” he said with a grin. His eyes traveled down your body, drinking in the sight of you. His gaze lingered on your thighs, and when he pulled you closer you could feel his hardness pressing against your ass.

Dino’s eyes sparkled mischievously as he let go of you, coming around to stand in front of you. “Ms. _________, you’ve failed the homework again. I just feel you aren’t understanding this unit at all. Why don’t you stay after class? You could do well with some private tutoring.”

You smiled, playing along. “Well, if you think it will help.”

You had been searching for this old uniform of yours for the past week. It had been a bit of nostalgia when you heard that your nephew had just begun his first year of high school. You had known you hadn’t thrown it away, but for the life of you you hadn’t been able to find it. Finally, as a last resort, you’d gone back to your parent’s house. And there it had been, still at the bottom of your old dresser.

You’d been so excited to try it on again, and were immediately disappointed. It was much smaller than you remembered it to be. Maybe you just got bigger. But, you were determined. You would get it to fit.

It took a bit. You really didn’t want to rip it. So you very slowly pulled the skirt on, careful to get it around and over your ass without ripping it, and you did it. It was tight, but you did it. And next was the blouse. Also an issue. Getting it over your breasts was harder than you thought it’d be, and once you did it was very tight around the chest. Not only was it a little difficult to breath (though bearable), it really put absolutely everything on display. Even though it had a high neckline and you didn’t have any cleavage showing, the tightness of it made even the outline of your nipples visible. And no, you weren’t cold.

You were so caught up in looking over yourself in the mirror that you hadn’t heard anyone come in. So when you caught sight of Tsuna leaning against the doorframe watching you, you gasped. You whipped around, cheeks reddening. “How long have you been there?”

He smirked, not even pretending to hide the fact that he was checking you out. You felt your body burn under his gaze, but you did your best not to react, though you found yourself gripping the edge of your skirt. “So,” you finally asked, “what do you think?”

Tsuna responded only by twirling a finger, so you did as he asked and gave him a spin. He lifted an eyebrow, repeating the motion. You frowned, feeling a little insulted that maybe he hadn’t liked what he’d seen all that much. But, you complied.

He walked up to you, the tap of his shoes on the hardwood floor the only sound in the room besides your own breathing. He grabbed your chin, tilting your head up to look into your eyes. “You look absolutely gorgeous. Why haven’t you worn this for me yet?”

“I only just found it.”

“That’s no excuse,” he said with mock sternness. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you detention.”

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Hi! 🙋🏻 so i'm a new aroha and i need astro related blogs to follow do have any recommendations? Thx

YES. you have come through my asks of other groups ;) so the following blogs are people I’ve been seeing around lately and they’re all AWESOME. they’re sweet and funny so I’m sure you’ll like a whole bunch of them and I personally talk to them a lot so I can guarantee my previous statements ^^

@illustre-bin (meme galore girl), @puppycat-eyes (!!!), @heybinnie (sweet sweet mir), @starrycranes (gillian and i go waay back), @assstro (lots of content yo), @sanhatation (riley is so fun to tease tbh), @arohanaa (I love hana so much), @moonbeaned (drea is pretty multifandom but she’s really nice! and also an old friend!), @binsmoon (I feel like mare is everywhere - wanna one *cough*), @astronomicalscenarios (miya keeps up a lot ;-; I’m really glad she’s in this hella fun but crazy fandom), @dream-astro (goaaals alette is goaaals), @vonseal (crazy seal who writes a lot and flirts with me a lot)

And for my old friends who may not be as active(?) but I LOVE them so much, they get a shoutout here:
@jinwooh (wendy is my lil bean) 
@mjxjinjin (my little bratty sister…jk. she really loves myungjin and ongniel) 
@myungjunk (she used to send me memes via snapchat idk what to do w/ her)
@binsblush (I think ally is still on vacation but SHE’S SO CUTE AND SWEET)
@jinwoosmile (mayhay is pretty active but I always feel like it’s on queue???)
@parkminhyvks (I don’t talk to koha too much but I appreciate her A LOT)
@moon-hyuks (when will ani come back from the war)

Also special shoutout to brando and lexi because hq gifs of mj and sanha all day every day @kibaems & @sanhapup


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