Seventeen Q&A - What makes them upset
  • Q:Is there anything that fans [or people] may do to make you sad or upset?
  • S.Coups:I don't like when fans try to steal the members personal belongings.. I just ask myself why they would do that.. I will try my best to become a better leader and I will grow and learn.
  • Jeonghan:I've heard there are some of our fans that say [negative] things about my hair being long which sometimes can be hurtful, but everyone has an opinion.
  • Woozi:There's the height topic brought up a lot but that's not as worrysome to me. I don't like when people put our hardwork down. Sometimes people say what we do (producing, choreographing, writing, composing) isn't that hard and useful and that's hard to hear when we've all worked our hardest for our dreams to be made possible.
  • Seungkwan:People often say I cry about my family too much (cry baby) and that I should man-up a bit more.. Please understand my true love for my family and fans as well.
  • Joshua:I love our fans but I don't like hearing someone putting down certain members because fans would really love all of us, right?
  • Hansol:I come off as harsh sometimes and I hope people don't misunderstand my true meaning.. My race is also a controversy and can be made fun of sometimes because I'm not fully Korean.. I hope you'll just respect me as I am.
  • Dino:Because I'm so young, I often get told that I need to work on more things because the other members do it better.
  • Jun:I try my best to work on my Korean so I hope people and our fans can be more understanding of it when I make mistakes. I apologize if I have said anything that may have been wrongly stated because of language barriers.
  • The8:Me too (in reply to what Jun said)- I will try hard to improve in my language skills and I hope people will be understanding of it.
  • Hoshi:Choreography is hard so I hope people know that me and the members try our hardest to perfect it for our fans and audience. And please don't put the members down.
  • DK:I feel bad I have many lines compared to the other members sometimes, but please just don't put down or compare members skills because we all have different skills that make us one.
  • Wonwoo:We haven't had many stalkers (sasaeng fans) yet compared to other big groups but we have had a few occassions and although we love our fans we hope you can be more understanding that we're normal people too who need privacy.
  • Mingyu:I hope I can just keep improving all the time so I don't dissapoint people when they notice my mistakes and I hope our members and fans will be safe.
  • (Translated)
  • Tyler Oakley at "Youtubers React To Kpop" 2 years ago :I would love just a boy band with like 13 boys *laughs* ah wait, that's a bad idea.
  • Me :You've never been so right Tyler *cries over Seventeen*.

A little something for a cool batskates who gives me yummiessss.

(ALSO: To anyone who’s actually interested or follows this dusty tumblr, sorry about the lack of comics and art lately. Work and a Social Life(??? wut wuuut) has got me behind on my own stuff. Hoping to get back into the comixsss again. Oh hohooo boy have I got some stories to tell.)

Seventeen as cuddlers:
  1. S.Coups: Really aggressive (in a good way) when it comes to initiating, but always (pleasantly) a little surprised/thrown off when you initiate. His heart melts when you do, though, and it makes him hold you tighter.
  2. Jeonghan: Will hold you close, and likes the feeling of protection that comes with cuddling.
  3. Joshua: Takes a bit to feel fully comfortable, will do everything in his power not to move until he absolutely has to.
  4. Jun: Likes to whisper in your ear while holding you, and nuzzles your neck.
  5. Hoshi: He’d be particular about how he slept, but would want to be entwined with you in a small way (hands, or feet) even if he had to face the opposite direction.
  6. Wonwoo: Will put you on his lap, absent-mindedly playing with your hair and occasionally poking your sides to make you laugh.
  7. Woozi: Will lay his head on your lap, checking his phone and occasionally turning his head to kiss your leg and remind you that he’s there, even though you are very, very aware.
  8. DK: He’d stand you on his toes, kissing your nose and forehead before falling over on the nearest couch/bed- taking you down with him, laughing the whole way.
  9. Mingyu: Loves being the big spoon, will hold you tightly and entwine his hands with yours.
  10. The8: He’d start with simple hand holding, eventually leaning against each other, slowly getting closer and closer.
  11. Seungkwan: Would pull you in quickly, then blush when you squeezed him back.
  12. Vernon: Likes cuddling face to face, with his head just above yours, so he can rest his chin on the top of your head.
  13. Dino: He’d love to hold you around your waist, and would just smile to himself, holding in a giggle over how precious you are and how happy it makes him.