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introducing.. the flower pickers club!!


✧ Rules ✧

  • mbf me (dino-arms) and vania (maghnolia)
  • must reblog this at least once (likes are for bookmarking)
  • be an active indie/bambi/bubblegum or something similarish to that!

✧ Perks 

  • be in a super fun and active group chat!
  • new followers!
  • promos!
  • some awesome friends :)
  • a cute new badge
  • html advice and even moree

✧ For a Higher Chance 

  • reblog this a bajillion times
  • talk to us here and here
  • tag a post with #maghnolia #dinoarms  or #theflowerpickersclub letting us know why you want to be in the network!
  • follow vania’s (maghnolia’s) insta @vaniawdnt
  • follow my insta and twitter at @devidedeo

✧ choosing when we are happy with the notes xo 

devi (dino-arms) made the banner!

now get reblogging!!