you know what’s amazing? In this comeback, ALL members were given the spotlight to showcase the full extent of their talents. The hip hop unit sang, joshua sang higher notes which amazed me, woozi’s solo graceful dance in the beginning, minghao’s bboy shot, all members having center position from time to time, seungkwan and seokmin’s amazing vocal range, performance unit ALSO singing a good part of songs, and wow. I’m so impressed. I’m so proud of you Seventeen, now let’s hit 1 million in a day carats!!!!

seventeen mentioned that this is a song about feeling deep sadness, but also about growing from it and becoming better (if i remembered correctly). If you watch their dance, the first chorus starts on the ground; they cover their eyes but they don’t want to cry, in the second shot of ot13 doing the chorus choreo, they’re standing now, showing, in my opinion, how they grew to be better after their sadness.

In the final chorus, they start on the ground again (they slowly drop down #iconic #happy20svt) and then they rise up again with full force!! I felt like they were expressing an emotion that yes, its okay to be sad, but we have to be strong and get up again! and god damn i may be giving seventeen more credit, and I may be extra, but all i’m saying is that choreography is absolutely amazing, it fits the lyrics and its amazingly intricate! im so proud