dino thunder kira

My favorite Yellow Rangers for @morphingrid‘s Yellow Ranger Zine!

Katie from Time Force being my absolute fave followed by Summer from RPM, Trini from MMPR and Kira from Dino Thunder!

While working on this, realizing that Yellow might just be my fave ranger color if I generalize. Cause again, as much as I ADORE the hell out of Katie..I still kept going “oh but man I wanna draw ALL of these others too.” With Pink, I really only hesitated with one other choice and when I did Red, there were ZERO. Yup. It’s decided. I dig yellows. 


 Dino Thunder was one series I remember enjoying a lot in high school So far in the re-watch I can see why. The characters are fun, the villains are pretty interesting (Mesagog is so scary in the right lighting!). There was a few things that didn’t quite work but over all it’s a pretty fun series and a nice send up of what came before.