dino the cameraman


Knight Doll: So, I got a new pony!

Victorian Doll: That’s great, dearest but it seems the Princess has gotten herself into a bit of a pickle! Oh dear, Watcher! What is that?!

Science Doll: One small step for a doll, one giant leap for dollkind! This rocket will reach the moon! OMW! Is that a…

The Purple Protector: Halt, you green thing! No! Do NOT eat the plane! We do not eat the planes!

Dino: I’m Godzilla! I eat all the planes!

El Bandito: I really think we need to get out of this testing Hood, Skunky!

Skunky: Why? It’s really fun watching Dino eat everything!

El Bandito: C'mon, yesterday he ate a gnome! A GNOME, Skunky!!

Skunky: *sighs* Dino, stop eating random things!

Dino: Aw, I really wasn’t going to eat the plane, I swear! *bites tail end off* Well, I wasn’t going to eat much of it!

Skunky: Wow, it’s been awhile!

El Bandito: Uh, no! It’s only been… oh!

Dino: Tsk tsk! So forgetful and I’m the one with the little brain!

Reaper Bunny: So a skunk, a raccoon and a T-Rex walk into an abandoned building. I know there is a joke in there somewhere.

Skunky: Stuff it, rabbit ears!

Gnomes: All hail the El Bandito! All Hail!

Skunky: Seriously, what universe did we land into when Forgotten Bay exploded?

Reaper Bunny: Wait, my home exploded?!?

Skunky: Yup, well it no longer worked. Along with the old mini-uber hood I was reporting on.

Dino: Maybe we are in an alternate Pleasantview and everyone will wear pink and be all evil! They’ll chase Skunky with axes and El Bandito with fly guns! I’ll be the only safe one since I’m extinct and all.

Skunky: *sighs* Pea brain! Hafi would not do that to us….

…or would she? I’m going into protective custody!

Dragon Shadow: Dishonor on your cow!!!

Skunky: I don’t have a cow!

Dragon Shadow: Dishonor on your family!

Skunky:  *sighs* I don’t have a… never mind. Dishonor on my whole line!


Reaper Bunny: Dino meet Dina, Dina meet Dino.

Dino: You’re pink! Pink is evillll!

Dina: I’m not evil, I’m just colored that way!

Dino: Promise?

Dina: You have my word or my name isn’t Dina Maria Rexius!

Dino: Uhm okay! So Reaper Bunny, sir, how long am I staying? It’s been fun and all but all these bones make me nervous.

Reaper Bunny: The bones are for show. Grim gets all the fear and pomp. I get mistaken for a cute cuddly wuddly.

Dino: Well you are rather cute!

Dino: You shouldn’t have said cute. *sighs*

Somewhere in Forgotten Bay…

Dino: All I said was that you are rather cute! C'mon, Reaper Bunny, sir. I’m all leather and no meat!

Reaper Bunny: I bet you’ll taste like chicken. No one calls me cute and lives!

Dina: Reaper, you really don’t want to do this. What if the skunk shows up and you know actually wants him back.

Reaper: Bah! Logic, I hate logic. We are doing illogical things all the time. We can find a replacement Dino.

Dino: What?!?! No, seriously I don’t taste like chicken. Skunky would miss me. There isn’t another Dino that can operate a camera. Please don’t eat me.

Reaper: *sighs* There goes my fun. Okay Deadicus Rexicus into the pot!

Deadicus: But…I…

Cavemen: Aww, we ate his brother last week. We wanted green dino! Green Dino! Green Dino!

Dino: Skunky, where the hell are you!?!?!?!

Reaper: It’s okay little Llama, you’ll get skunk meat eventually. Maybe we can have a side of green dino and raccoon. Mmmm, fresh meat.

Dino: SKUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*