dino supercharge


This is interesting. One of the villains featured in Cho Super Hero Taisen originates from the new Korean original show, which is also a sequel to Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, called: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave. This villain is known as Raimein who will be apart of the Neo-Deboth Army. He’s basically a repainted and modified suit of its original counterpart, Raging Knight Dogold. Not only that but it possibly means that Power Rangers Dino Force Brave may make a cameo in the movie as well.


“Um, may I help you?”

In all seriousness, where the hell is Keeper most of the time?! He can’t really go anywhere (since, y’know, alien and all) so one would think he would always be in the base and catch Heckyl sneaking around in Episode 2!

Also, bread sandwich.

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“Dinosaur Might, Ready to Fight!” #2