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College Student!AU Moodboard_Dino|디노| of Seventeen for anon
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Sept 16th 2017

I started this sketch last night for my bujo when I realized I didn’t have any copics that matched my subject’s skintone. In fact, I didn’t have any markers that resembled a skintone at all. I briefly entertained the idea of making his skin a gorgeous lavender hue before dragging myself up and off to Michael’s to hunt out a marker or two. Unfortunately, before I knew it, I was leaving the store with seven beautiful new copic markers and a much lighter wallet. 

I haven’t really worked with copics for a long time, actually I haven’t worked with any medium for a long time, and even though I have a long ways to go when it comes to blending, I’m not entirely unhappy with how this first attempt turned out!

Seventeen As Types of Kids In My Class
  • S.Coups: The only one actually trying to learn something.
  • Jeonghan: The one bragging about their boyfriend.
  • Joshua: The teacher's pet.
  • Jun: The one that steals everyone's phone and takes a billion selfies on each. Wants the entire class to know that The8 is their best friend.
  • Hoshi: The one that dances along to the music that plays between classes.
  • Wonwoo: The one that makes "dead inside" jokes all the time and keeps a poker face for a good 2/3 of the class.
  • Jihoon: The kid that threatens to beat people up if they're not quiet.
  • Mingyu: The kid that is sitting and kinda stretched out at their desk because they're so tall.
  • Seokmin: The one that belts out rap and music lyrics whenever there's a substitute teacher.
  • The8: The quiet one that only talks when spoken to.
  • Seungkwan: The flamboyant one that tells everyone to shut up whenever they play their song.
  • Vernon: The one that tells everyone to buy their mixtape.
  • Dino: The decent student that keeps quiet and actually gets shit done.
seventeen as things said in my school’s asb/student council group chat














MTL: Med Student and Romance


Woozi and Jun: They would see you as a rock they can rely on. In his mind, when they can’t find the motivation to continue, they would be inspired by your effort to succeed in medicine and would continue on. It’s a sense of mutual benefit that would initially attract them.

S.Coups: He sees you the same way as Jun, and finds your ability to stand on your own two feet sans assistance very attractive.

Joshua: For some reason, he strikes me as the kind of guy who ended up in a different place than originally thought. I haven’t done my research, but maybe he sees his past ambitions, something mundane than singing, and sees you as a sort of… homing beacon? A reminder of what could have been?

Jeonghan and DK: You remind them of the future, of things they can achieve if they try as hard as you do. Plain and simple.

Wonwoo, The8, Hoshi, Mingyu: These four really don’t use the medical student aspect of you as much as you’d think. Sure they would think your dedication to your field is admiring, but the deciding factor would be who you are as a person.

Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino: These three are still young and at the age where getting a college education is the socially accepted next step. But, they would also resonate with the previous thought that your personality is the deciding factor, not your education.


A/N: I combined a lot of the members because I don’t think their thinking would be too different. Sure, the med student thing may influence it, but it’s probably not going to be the first and foremost thing on their mind while deciding if you’re worth it.


seungkwan would be the main character in an anime

Request: Aahhh i loved your hansol as an art student !!!!!! Could you do Dino as an art student too ?? 💕💕
Member: Dino (svt)
Genre: college au fluff time
A/N: Just like with art student Hansol, let me know if you want a part two (to either of these really lmfao)
Find art student Hansol here: x

  • Art student Lee Chan!!
  • A dance major for sure, takes it very very seriously because he hopes to own his own dance studio someday 
  • He thinks it’d be a lot of fun,, teaching and working with everyone, from kids to adults, who share a love and enthusiasm for what he does 
  • His main focus is on hip hop but he explores lots of other styles as well
  • Known around campus for his dance skills and love for Michael Jackson, mostly popular with the dance kids
  • As a result he’s very focused on his schoolwork and his dancing, leaving little time to focus on anything else
  • To graduate he has to get good grades and perfect his dance moves??? Whenever he feels discouraged he spends time thinking about his dream and it gets him all fIRED UP
  • Plus he has a lot of amazing friends who dance, be it for their major or for a hobby or for whatever else, and they always encourage him and remind him that he has a lot of raw talent and can do anything he puts his mind to!!
  • He’s always happy to help people in lower levels practice and learn new moves,, a lot of people are shocked he’s so talented but so young but he’s very humble about it 
  • And as a result,, he’s not really focused on romance
  • He’s been confessed to many times before, tbh he has his own small following of girls who admire him after seeing him on-stage, but he’s turned them all down, saying he’s sorry but he doesn’t have time and he’s not interested in anyone
  • The last part though,,, is only half true
  • He really believes he doesn’t have time!! But he also knows you, who works at a little restaurant near campus
  • It’s not a big restaurant, it’s pretty small but it serves some amazing food and that’s initially why he started going there
  • But then they hired you, a fellow college student looking for some extra cash, and well,,, you were just so cute 
  • You’d wait tables and take orders sometimes and sometimes you were found behind the counter, serving up the food once the chefs were done 
  • And you were just,,, so stinking cute to Chan 
  • Like sometimes you seemed a little flustered or worn out,, but even then you always greeted everyone with a smile that compelled him to take a counter seat every time despite the booths being much more comfortable 
  • You knew him by name now too, always inquiring about his day or saying you saw a clip of him dancing on social media
  • You knew his order by heart, but also knew he sometimes liked to change things up, so you were always sure to ask “The usual or something new?” 
  • And you were just,, such a sweet person in his eyes?? 
  • Like you always seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say, even if it wasn’t interesting to him 
  • And your smiles never seemed forced or anything like that, you just seemed happy to be working in a place with kind co-workers, delicious food, and interesting customers
  • So yeah he harbored a little crush on you, one he never really admitted to anyone, especially not YOU
  • When people ask about his ideal type, he’d always wind up describing everything he knows about you, your little quirks and personality traits, some hobbies and favorites you had mentioned once or twice when he had managed to get a full conversation outta you 
  • And no one really picks up on it??? Like his friends know of you but he doesn’t reference your appearance and they don’t know you as well as he does so 
  • But then one day, Hoshi invites one of his new friends (who happens to also be a dance major) along with you guys on a coffee run
  • And it’s going well!! There’s lots of casual chatting and everything is going alright until the conversation turns to ideal types
  • And Soonyoung mentions that Dino has a really specific ideal type,,, and the friend asks what it is,,, and he starts talking about you
  • He’s not focused on their face as he lists off facts about you, rather he’s perusing the pastries and mentally debating if he wants to get a cherry croissant with his order 
  • So he doesn’t notice as their face slowly fills with recognition at who he’s describing
  • And they say your name like it’s a question and he just. He freezes.
  • And then he panics 
  • And he stutters out a few feeble excuses and then asks how they know you, only to discover that he just described his crush to yoUR BEST FRIEND
  • And he’s just asdfkjek please don’t tell them,,,
  • And they’re like I won’t don’t worry!!!
  • But Hoshi is already dmming the seventeen group chat like hEY GUYS-
  • The next time Chan mentions he’s going to the restaurant, the members he was hanging out with all turn to him with the most cheeky smiles
  • Chan: oh no 
  • So he winds up with Jeonghan, Hoshi, Coups, Seokmin Seungkwan, and Vernon tagging along with him 
  • The boys of course greet you and “casually” mention that Chan has talked about you once or twice and start talking to you 
  • Chan, in the bg, trying not to scream and looking as pink as carnival cotton candy:
  • They tease him a little oF COURSE he’s their baby and tell you embarrassing stories and he’s just oH MY GOD SHUT UP YOU GUYS 
  • But you’re laughing and staring at him so fondly he finds himself clamming up before he can protest much more 
  • And you don’t get to ask for his order in the whirlwind of conversation the other members were spouting out nonsense I mean important anecdotes  
  • But you still write down his usual order out of habit and oF COURSE Seungkwan notices you never took it but you still placed down the soybean stew and rice and japchae
  • And he goes “Why did you give him that??” and you go “Oh!! That’s Dino’s favorite order, since he didn’t tell me he wanted something else I guess I instinctively ordered it for him!!”
  • And Seventeen is a mass of noise once again, full of ooo’s and comments on young love and how he comes so often you know his order 
  • Seokmin grabs one of your hands and asks you take care of Chan and he’s just hYUNG 
  • You’re a little confused but you say “Sure???” as you slowly piece it together and Seokmin goes “Promise?” and you, steadily realizing that Dino must have a crush on you, smile and go “I promise”
  • And Chan is in the corner ready to jump into a hole out of embarrassment but his heart beats faster at your promise 
  • Tries to hide his overly red face by snapping at his hyungs to hurry up and eat so they can make room for more customers
  • But when they focus on eating you slip him a note with your phone number and a little heart at the end of it
  • And he looks up in surprise but you just wink and quietly mention that you intend to keep your promise
  • Dino may not have much time to date,,, but now he thinks he might be willing to make some,,, because the sight of your pink cheeks and affectionate smile looking back at him has got him feelin’ some type of way

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Seventeen as Hogwarts Students #2

For the first part (Hyung Team) click here

4th Year

Dokyeom : A fun loving Hufflepuff. Together with Hoshi, he formed the best Beater pair Hogwarts has ever seen since Fred & George Weasley. He is one of the mood-maker in Hogwarts Choir, always manages to brighten the atmosphere even through Woozi’s grumpiest days. His roommate Minghao swore that he once witnessed Dokyeom talking in his sleep about wanting to be a centaur. Favorite subjects : Astronomy, Divination.

Minghao : A Hufflepuff with a knack of understanding animals. Even the fiercest Hipogriff buckled willingly under his touch. Also an invaluable member of Dueling Club. With his martial arts skill and spell proficiency, he could definitely kill, though he would not want to even hurt a fly. Due to his very good relationship with the house-elves, his same-aged friends and the Dueling Club are always warmly welcomed in Hogwarts kitchen. Favorite subjects : Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies

Mingyu : A muggle-born Ravenclaw. Very adept in spellwork and potion-making. He even invented a spell that does not only repair things, but also upgrade them (probably a result of a lifetime being clumsy: constantly breaking things and repairing them again). He has quite an entrepreneurial mind, making and selling cute accessories for pet Pygmy Puffs in his spare time. His frequent Hogwarts kitchen visit with Minghao led to an obsession to replicate Hogwarts food recipes. Wonwoo is his regular cooking tester. Favorite subjects : Charm, Potion.

3rd Year

Seungkwan : A Hufflepuff who is also the star of Hogwarts Choir. He is the regular Quidditch match commentator; everyone just loves his sassy remarks. He often has prophetic dreams, and is very much in his element when reading crystal ball. After saving Vernon from accidentally bitten by Venomous Tentacula in Herbology (and other incidents) numerous times, they became close. Favorite subject : Divination

Vernon : A muggle-born Gryffindor who is talented in anything that requires complicated spell and charm work. Missed his music player and earphones terribly since electronic devices do not work in Hogwarts. Often looked clueless, which makes everyone feels protective towards him; Prefect S.Coups took him under his wings, and his best friend Seungkwan always tried to prevent him from obliviously approaching Whomping Willow and other troubles in general. Favorite subjects : Transfiguration, Astronomy

2nd Year

Dino : After getting the best mark in his year’s flying class, he was recruited as Seeker in Gryffindor Quidditch Team. He likes devising strategy, which his teammates found very valuable (and cute). Jeonghan, who often watched Gryffindor training session (mainly because S.Coups is the captain), was quick to claim him as “his little baby strategist”, a nickname that is quite burdensome for Dino. He also shows promising talent in Dueling Club, to the point that Hoshi wished Dino were his long lost brother. Basically, everyone wants to adopt him. Favorite subject : Defense Against The Dark Arts

KHR Character Cheatsheet

A lot of KHR fic is OOC and I got drunk and emotional about how much I love these kids, so here’s a comprehensive list of some core character traits people don’t pay much attention to when writing KHR fic. Covers Tsuna, the Guardians, Reborn, and Mukuro, and some notable relationships between them.

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Seventeen as teachers:
  • -
  • Woozi: his class won't take him seriously because they think of him as a student also.
  • S.coups: Boy students envy him. Girl students eye rapes him.
  • Joshua: manages to make both boys and girls gawk at him.
  • Jun: makes students gets lost in his eyes whenever he asks them a question.
  • Mingyu: half of his class attends because they wanted to see his gorgeous face, half of his class doesn't attend his subject because he's to deep in English.
  • Vernon: students has to self study because they can't understand a word he says. he's rap-teaching.
  • Wonwoo: everyone melts down once they got inside his classroom because he looks like a pile of charms.
  • The8: stutters the whole time. shy as fuck but the students found him so cute, so adorable.
  • Seungkwan: sings to a student whenever the student answers a right answer. says a joke when possible.
  • Dk: smiles throughout the time even though he already wants to punch his students.
  • Dino: one of woozi's students.
  • Jeonghan: every students praises him because he lets the students have free time.
  • Hoshi: makes his students run 1 mile and after that makes them dance to mansae.
  • -
  • I personally laughed at myself when I thought about Dino (he's such a cutie asdfghjkl)
Seventeen as students
  • S.Coups: good social life but still an overachiever. probably doesn't get enough sleep
  • Jeonghan: the quiet kid in the class who's actually really funny
  • Joshua: spends his lunches in the music rooms with his friends. the rooms are soundproof so they have raves on fridays
  • Jun: eats under his desk and always gets away with it
  • Hoshi: leaves the school to buy food if there's nothing good to eat at lunch regardless of the rules
  • Wonwoo: sits in the music rooms at lunch too. tries to play piano sometimes. always fails
  • Woozi: the one who's good at everything
  • DK: drops his homework all the time. never thinks to staple it
  • Mingyu: also in the music rooms. plays songs like "heeeyeayeayaya what's going on" and "actual cannibal shia labeouf" really loud. trades lunches with wonwoo
  • The8: the class' karate kid. you know the one
  • Seungkwan: the student who makes the really funny roleplays when the class are asked to roleplay plays in english and stuff (eg romeo and juliet: "juliet are you from jamaica bc ur jamaican me crazy")
  • Vernon: the student with the chewing gum drug trade going on. everyone's in on it and he's the leader. got in trouble when he was 12 for selling overpriced gatorade and sour patch kids to other students
  • Dino: never in class. where is he? who knows
Seventeen as college students
  • Seungcheol: College student who wears snapbacks and calls all of his friends "bro". Fraternity leader who is really hardworking.
  • Jeonghan: College student who is really studious and has all of his classmates falling for him because of his diligence and graceful movements. Neatest handwriting and everyone asks him for notes.
  • Joshua: College student who leads the Korean fellowship group on campus and also attempts to join a fraternity, but backs out very soon. Carries his guitar to a lot of places and sings to people sometimes.
  • Seokmin: College student who rallies up his friends late at night to do crazy and weird antics, and also does harmless pranks on his roommates all the time.
  • Soonyoung: College student that always does his long-ass essays the night before and lays in bed with his laptop while munching on pizza and drinking soda.
  • Minghao: College student that does everything ahead of time, and then has a bit of free time to wander around, socialize and be a blessing to the other people on campus.
  • Jun: College student that messes around all the time but still manages to have the best grades among his friend group.
  • Mingyu: College student that always sleeps at 5 am in order to finish homework and ends up late to class later, making the teacher angry all the time.
  • Wonwoo: College student that oversleeps no matter what time he sleeps the night before. Also, he is constantly munching something. Wears bucket hats to class sometimes and earns stranges looks from his classmates.
  • Jihoon: College student that is majoring in music theory and is very stressed out, seen from when he opens his mouth and screams soundlessly as he is working on his music. Always oversleeps because he refuses to wake up.
  • Hansol: College student that sits in pitch black darkness and writes up a genius A+ paper while wearing a bucket hat.
  • Seungkwan: College student that is so done with college and wants to go home. However he's very sociable and earns a good reputation quickly.
  • Dino: College student who has organized notes but doesn't manage his time well. (does anyone really?) Will ask everyone and anyone for advice and help on homework.

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Seventeen as typical American school stereotypes

Seungcheol: jock
Jeonghan: teen mom
Joshua: teacher pet
Jun: fuckboy
Hoshi: class clown
Wonwoo: the emo kid
Woozi: musicians
Seokmin: “social butterfly”
Mingyu: nerd
Minghao: thug
Seungkwan: cheerleader
Vernon: Foreign exchange student
Dino: dancer/theater