dino shoes

Seventeen as Shoes

Seungcheol: socks with sandals

Jeonghan: uggs 

Joshua: crocs

Jun: knockoff shoes

Hoshi: light up skechers

Wonwoo: /nike/ slides

Woozi: converse

Dokyeom: glittery shoes

Mingyu: heelys 

Minghao: slip ons

Seungkwan: stilettos

Vernon: vans 

Dino: high tops

Seventeen as bad pick up lines 2

Part 1


you know what material this is? *grabs his shirt*

boyfriend material


is your name google?

cause you got everything i’m searching for


are you religious?

cause you’re the answer to all my prayers


what has 36 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? 

my zipper


you must be tired..

for running through my mind all day


let me be a chicken nugget..

..and take a dip in yo sauce


gurl I’ll treat you like my homework

i’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long


you must be a keyboard..

..cause you’re just my type


that ass is so tight..

..that when you fart I bet only dogs can hear it


are you a camera?

cause everytime i look at you, i smile


damn Gurl,  

your ass is bigger than my future!


what shoe size do you wear babygirl? 

i’m gonna guess size sexy!


hey, tie your shoes! 

i don’t want you falling for anyone else.

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     His tie is quickly knotted, possibly sloppily so, but a tug on it fixes it. Next is the cuff links, before Dino’s shoes are pulled on and tied. He was late, he was late… He certainly hoped Mukuro wouldn’t be annoyed or angry with him. Ze had texted him and said it was okay, but it was difficult to decipher tone in text. With a sigh, more irritated with himself than anything, Dino jogs out of his temporary house to the car, not even warming it up in the crisp March air, before making his way to Mukuro’s apartment.

     He ends up parking a bit away from the door, the street slightly crowded. His steps are rushed as he continues to Mukuro’s place, tossing his keys from hand to hand, only slowing when he spots a familiar head of silver hair walking the way he’d come from on the opposite side of the street.

     Dino hesitates for only a second, looking to his destination, before he crosses while waving to the younger man. Hey, Hayato! Everything alright?