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♡Little Space Prep List♡

Whether you’re new to Little Space, or just want to have this list to check over what you already own, feel free to print out and use it to check over what you may need when becoming a Little.♡

♡ Basic:

♡ Pacifier (the adult ones so you don’t choke on it or ruin your teeth)

♡ Onesies

♡ Sippy Cups

♡ Overalls

♡ Hello Kitty Bandaids

♡ Stockings or Socks With Cutie Designs

♡ Play Dresses/Shorts (meaning ones you can play and roughhouse in)

♡ Diapers

♡ Bottles

♡ Cute Jammies and Footies

♡ Kigurimi

♡ Rompers

♡ Teethers

♡ Accessories:

♡ Backpack

♡ Hair Scrunchies, Cute Clippies, and Bows

♡ Ear Headbands, Clip On Tails, Paw Gloves (for our fuzzy Littles~)

♡ Slap Bracelets, Friendship Bracelets, Bead Bracelets, Silly Bandz, Toy Watches

♡ Plastic Jewelry

♡ Cutie Shoes, Dino Shoes, Light Up Shoes

♡ Hats! Baseball Caps, Tiaras, Peruvian Beanies

♡ Milk Carton/Baby Bottle/TeddyBear/Kawaii Phone Case

♡ Paci Clips (to keep them from falling onto the ground)

♡ Toys:

♡  Plushies And Stuffies (depending on what you like)

♡ Hot Wheels Cars / Train Set

♡ Polly Pockets, Barbies, Action Figures

♡ Nintendo DS / Gameboy / Tamogotchi (any handheld portable game really)

♡ Coloring Books

♡ Play Doh

♡ Ponies and Animal Figurines

♡ Kid’s Painting Easel and Paints

♡ Wooden Blocks or Legos

♡ Razor Scooter

♡ Arts and Crafts Various Play Sets

♡ Riding Seats

♡ Costumes

♡ Room:

♡ Blankies, and Soft Throws

♡ Cutie Sheets

♡ Posters / Wall Decals

♡ Play Mat / Rug

♡ Toy Chest

♡ Inside Play House / Tent

♡ Stuffie Display (either on shelves or in corner or on bed)

♡ Arts and Crafts Table / Area

♡ Cutie Tv

♡ Small Chairs and Play Table

♡ Health And Happiness:

♡ Multivitamins Flinstones / Gummies

♡ Bubble Bath Soap / Lush Bath Bombs

♡ Rubber Duckies and Tub Toys

♡ Loofas and Kiddie Toothbrush

♡ Baby Gates

These ideas are meant to be very broad, since every Little is unique and different. Make choices and purchase items based on individual likes. Enjoy. ♡

els-main  asked:

no joke I saw these dino shoes I was screaming and them I say a shirt that said "stay woke" with rainbow fries and I just fjdjeiwjwoqksbdwjjTSIKKUYAMA

I forgot about the aesthetic IKEA pic because tsukyam is everywhere if you look hard enough

~ Mod Han

anonymous asked:

continuation to humiliating their s/o but please also add in enma to it? love love you guys!!

admin chrome’s http://mafiabosstsuna.tumblr.com/post/155747647202/dino-and-tsuna-insulting-ad-humiliating-their-so


Hope you like the continuation~

// admin chrome



Months. It was months since you last saw Dino. Yet, you could still recall the fire in his eyes, the utter disgust in his face when he looked at you. You hadn’t done what he accused you of, but you still felt dirty.

Even if you tried to shake the memories from your mind, they always came back to haunt you.

You had managed to find a little hotel to stay for a while in, using your savings that you didn’t think you’d ever need. It was for emergencies, and this was one of them.

After you had been kicked out, you had thought that you might of been followed, so you took everything out of your accounts, which left no trace. There was also the fear of being killed, since you did carry some secrets about the family, but you had been able to avoid that in your time away.

Looking around, suddenly feeling paranoid, you hurriedly tried to unlock your door. It was tiring being so alert all the time, but you had to be ready if something happened. There was no telling what Dino would do to take you out.

Setting your bag down by the door, you felt yourself relax, just a little bit. You started to take off your coat, slipping your arm through the sleeves. That was, until you caught the sight of those expensive Italian shoes that Dino always wore. Your heartbeat sped up, the beating all you could hear, and when you finally looked up, there he was.

“[Name]…” He started, but you weren’t hearing any of it. You threw yourself at your front door, desperately trying to open it. Dino followed, pulling you away when you tried to slip out. You hit him, screaming at him to let you go. Dino just silenced you with his hand over your mouth.

“Please! Just listen to me, I want to apologize.” At his words, you felt yourself go limp. Your mind replayed the breakup over and over. The pain came back, and you felt yourself going numb.

“There is nothing to be sorry for.”


Sighing, you leaned back in your chair, staring at the numbers on your computer screen. It had been a long year for you. Ever since you walked out on Tsuna, life had been going by slowly and painfully.

You had loved Tsuna so much, and yet, Tsuna had thrown it away carelessly. You were tired of being second choice, of being forgotten. How did that even happen?

You knew that you weren’t going to get any work done, so you leaned got up, and walked out of your office. Managing to throw a smile at one of your coworkers, you said that you were going to take your break.

Sitting outside in the cold, you felt all your feelings come rushing back. There hadn’t been a day where you didn’t think about your past life and your past love. You knew it was the right thing to do, but you regretted it every single time you thought about it.

Tsuna had continued to see other women and flirt around even after the two of you began dating. It was as if he just did it to spite you, since he always gave you that irritating smirk whenever you caught him. It was like he was daring you to do something.

You always went back to him, knowing that you couldn’t live without him by your side. However, this time, you had managed to keep yourself from crawling back. You didn’t want to continue getting hurt, and him embarrassing you in front of everyone was too far.

Out of nowhere, your cell started to ring, and you felt yourself practically jump out of your skin. Sighing, you saw that it was an unknown number. You ignored it, stuffing it back into your coat. The ringing continued.

It got to the point where you were so frustrated with the ringing sound, that you angrily answered the call.


“It seems you haven’t changed a bit.” You felt your heart drop.


“You ruined the mission!”

“Why did you even come?”

“I can’t believe you jeopardized the mission because of your feelings!”

Tears came to your eyes whenever you thought back to Enma’s words. He was always so caring and sweet towards you, yet something had triggered him into going off on you.

You had left after that, not knowing what exactly you had did, but knowing enough that you were not wanted. Sighing, you wiped at your face, brushing away the tears. It had been a few days since then, yet it still hurt like it had only been a few hours.

It confused you as well. You hadn’t been on a mission in months, yet you were being yelled at as if you were there. There were people who hated you in the family, but did they really spread lies about you to Enma?

Shaking your head, you didn’t want to think about it anymore. It only brought pain. You continued to pack your clothes into your suitcase, already knowing that you were going to have to move since you didn’t have enough money to stay in a hotel for too long.

You decided on going to your parent’s house. They hadn’t seen you in forever, so they definitely would welcome you back with open arms. They didn’t like Enma that much either, which is why you were so weary to go back. You knew it was all you were going to hear about.

It didn’t take long to get there, and you rang the doorbell. There was no answer, so you rang again. You were exhausted, and you didn’t want to deal with this.

Rummaging through your purse, you managed to pull out your old house key. You didn’t want to just walk in, but it seemed like your parents were sleeping still.

Opening the door, you were caught off guard at the scene. Your parents were sitting on the sofa, tied up. Beside them, was Enma who was smiling at you. You froze, not knowing what to do.

“Welcome home [Name], we have a lot of explaining to do.”

balance / a necromancer!woozi au

Originally posted by wonnhao

happy birthday jihoon!

summary: two sides of an unbalanced world, jihoon learns to conform with the good, and you learn to conform with someone who isn’t that bad.

genre: enemies to friends, supposed lovers

characters: woozi/female reader, other members of svt, ft members of exid

word count: 6.3k

a/n: i’ve been addicted to crossing over female band members into my aus. forgive me. also the longest thing i’ve ever written. character development is my niche. happy birthday vocal team leaderrrr

other notes: super emo woozi

i came up with like all of the concepts in this au. nothing here comes from any fandom as far as i’m concerned, just a general understanding of the magic fantasy universe. none of the spell phrases mean anything, as far as i’m concerned.

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svt’s search history

(minus the nsfw :^) hey don’t look at us like that they’re at that age hehe))


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Got my Squadron emotes last night…

I then proceed to make a whole bar dedicated to physical emotes like /stretch, /box, /flex and so on. Then in shorts and nikes (dino leather shoes) ran around Ul'dah while listening to Eye of the Tiger and Rocky’s training song.

kathyisweird  asked:

Your art is fantastic <3 I am in love with it. Maybe the thought of Dylan as a flower girl at a Rizzles wedding could inspire you. bonus points if T.J. is a ring bearer ;D

Bonus points it is!!

TJ’s hair is curly because I am somewhat good at continuity. Dylan’s shoes are dino-shoes for kinda the same reason (the wedding was pre-pirate stage, I believe)