dino pose

The kid asking for siblings Performance Unit

Hoshi : Babe the Kid want a sibling idk the whole conv was weird

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Hoshi : Can’t let him down thou , Naega Hosh ~ 

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Jun : / Evaluating the pro & cons of the situation/

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/Grease Junhui mode on /

Jun : Bǎobǎo ~  Come here ~

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Already thinking about the screams & dark circles

The8 : Blah Blah Blah , you don’t know what you’re asking for ..

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-Where is dad ?

Kid point at the corner of the room

The8 :I’m not really smiling, this kid is trying to get the predebut me out 

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Dino : /Thinking about the Michael Jackson fanclub he can make/ 

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/Poses /  Dino :  It’s time to have an other Michael mini Junior Jackson writingthisfortdinoissoweirdomg

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anonymous asked:

I love your art and I was wondering what your art process is

okay, lets do this. this is not a tutorial but the way how i do it. btw I use GIMP 2.8 so i dunno if this will work for any other software.

first. references. look up for reference, the character to draw (I this case Heckyl from Power Rangers Dino Charge). poses, or clothes. whatever i feel i will need.

then the sketch! im really messy in this step. I used the basic detailed brush for this. it has size and opacity presure sensitivity.

most people will do the lineart after, but I suck at that! i hate linearts, so i tend to do a more detailed sketch.

then came the base color, and bucket fill it. (I do all the colors in one layer, becuase I used to have a really old laptop that couldnt handle that many layers). this new layer have the alphan channel blocked and its inside a folder/group. it will be important later.

now the actual colors. for this I used the basic brush. and if the characters have tattoos or other stuff it goes in another layer. the another for the pink-ish effect on his cheeks, nose, ears and fingers. (that layer is in multiply and low opacity)

then, the basic shadows, i dont use black or grey, I tend to use a pinkish brown. I put this layer in multiply on top of the base colors. and because its inside the group it will work as a mask layer like SAI.


the next step is smudge the shit outta that shadow layers!, Im lazy.

it looks better. and now a new layer set in screen, and with the same color of the shadows i put the lights. then smudge it again!

now a new layer on top of everything. set it to addition, and do the high lights.like the hair, eyes and other parts to add dimension like under the nose.

now on a layer on top of the base colors inside athe group add more shadows with the airbrush.

and finally i make a new layer from visible, gaussian blur that and playa little with the layer modes to find something nice. and on top of that I add a blue layer and set it on some nice layer mode.

and that basically it.