dino in the kitchen

Seventeen when you’re only walking around in a oversized shirt.

When you enter the room, he just silently stares at you and watches you walk past him, your butt exposing to the members underneath his thin shirt. He turns to the boys to see them looking at you with big eyes and shakes his head, laughing sarcastically at your behavior.

He is absolutely speechless when you enter the room and doesn’t know how to react. When he turns to the members, he sees Vernon looking at you and licking his lips at the sight in front of him, causing Jeonghan to smack him, hard before grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the room.

“Put on some clothes. They all look like lions circling their prey.”

The moment you leave his room with nothing but his shirt on and sit down on his lap, too tired to notice the other boys being there, their eyes were on your body immediately.

Woozi pulls down your shirt slightly so it is covering more than just your butt and shakes his head at the boys, wrapping his arms around your body. 
“I seriously hate you guys.” He whispers, giving them a death glare.

He’s so focused on watching Seungcheol play video games that it isn’t until you come closer, that he notices you only wearing his oversized shirt and black panties. 

He quickly looks over at Seungcheol to see him still looking at the screen and takes the blanket off the back of the couch, wrapping it around both your bodies. He tilts his head to the sight and smiles at you. “Should we go sleep in my room instead of in front of the other boys?”

The performance unit is working on a new dance choreography till’ late into the night and you wake up to their laughter. All their eyes shoot up when the door to Jun’s bedroom opens and you step out into the living room, rubbing your eye and yawning. His shirt riding up your stomach.

Jun turns to see the members all smiling at each other before turning to him and nodding approvingly. He punches Hoshis’ arm slightly before rushing over to you and shielding your body with his, smiling at your adorable face. “Go and rest in my room. I’ll come join you in a second.”

When your eyes lock, he gives you a dissaproving look, his insides burning by the other members loud gasps and stares at your body.

“YA!” He yells at them, their eyes quickly turning away from you. “Don’t you guys have any manners? Do you always go around staring at other boys’s girlfriends?” He asks, his voice raised at their behavior and takes off his jacket, holding it around your bottom and walking you into his bedroom.

He was meant to come back to you after getting something to eat but got distracted by the other members and the show they were watching. You walk out into the living room, still groggy from your nap and sit down on his lap, placing your face in the crock of his neck, too tired to realize the other members.

Mingyu doesn’t know how to react and just stares at you in silence, feeling his cheeks blush with embarassment. He giggles slightly and picks you up, carrying you back into his room.

He watches you walk over to him in silence, your eyes still shut. You take a seat on his lap and groan into his neck, the other boys staring at you in disbelief. He tugs on your shirt to keep it low, holding your body close to his.

He taps your back gently and whispers into your ear “Jagiya…don’t you think you forgot anything…important?”

His eyes would immediately shoot up when he realizes that you’re still wearing only his oversized shirt and his eyes would wander over to the members, who are all either staring at you or awkwardly trying to avoid it.

When you sit down in his lap, he laughs gently, embarassed by you forgetting about your pyjama choices. “Y/N…let’s go back to my room and put on something better at first.” He says, patting your bottom.
He’s to embarrased to look at the boys before bringing you back into his room.

He gets annoyed by the members staring at your body, knowing how adorable they all think you are and starts hitting the members next to him before clicking his tongue and throwing a blanket over to you.

The hit wakes you up completely, making you aware of your surroundings and immediately feel the blood rushing into your cheeks. Seungkwan can’t help but laugh at your cute reaction. “Go back into the room. I’ll come back to you in a minute.” 

“Dokyeom…” Seungcheol hitting his side and mumbling his name, is enough to get Dokyeom to look at whatever they’re all staring at so concentrated and looks up to see you standing in the doorway, his oversized shirt covering your black panties.

He starts giggling at the sight in front of him and just stare at you, letting the members enjoy it for a little while before telling you to come over and wrapping a blanket around both your bodies, letting you sleep there next to him. He looks at the members with a death glare. “If one of you says something…you’re going.” He says, threatening.

He’s too perplex at first to even realize the other members staring at you as well and enjoys your body in his oversized shirt. Suddenly he snaps and realizes the boys around him and the pleasure it is probably giving them.

He runs over to you and tackles you to the ground, laying flat on top of you and looking down at you, smirking teasingly. “If we lay perfectly still, maybe they’ll declare us dead.”

He’s playing video games against Seungkwan and doesn’t notice you entering the room, too tired to care about anyone in the room. “Y/N…” Seungcheol whispers under his breath, making Dino turn to him and noticing you walking over to the kitchen, seeing your bottom exposed under his shirt.

He quickly jumps up from his spot on the ground and follows you into the kitchen, feeling embarrased by you. He stops behind you and turns you around to see your eyes still half way shut and his heart would drop immediately. “This is…everyone can see, babe.” He explains, chuckling slightly.

Love, Youngmi~

Chat room
  • Wonwoo : guys. I bought a dog.
  • wonwoo : I just ate it.
  • Scoups : WTF
  • Dino : Hyung, he just ate a hotdog at the kitchen.
  • [Scoups left the groupchat]
Seventeen react to their s/o being feminist (perf. unit)

Can you do Seventeen reacting to having a feminist girlfriend who can get really fired up about feminism at times.

There you go anon! (I noticed that doing all of Seventeen in one go is too much so I’ll do all the units separately) 

[Performance unit] [Vocal unit] [Hiphop unit] 


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*Watches you burn a guy who said something stupid about feminism* 

“Hell yeah Jagi, destroy them!”


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*Listens to you ranting in fascination*


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*Always has your back when you get mad because some people say dumb shit like ‘women belong in the kitchen’ *


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*Agrees with everything you say, even if he doesn’t really understand your point of view*

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Can’t Stand You Pt. 4

Admin K: Part 4 :) so happy you guys like this series! please keep requesting for more parts and I’ll post them! hope i don’t disappoint you lol 

pt. 3

Disclaimer: characters are not suppose to portray the idols actual personality and actions in these scenarios, especially the main characters. Everything is based off of the au.

word count: 1,411

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Secret Admirer//Lee Chan

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Pairing: Dino x Reader


Summary: You have been getting presents in your locker, and it’s getting dangerously close to Valentine’s Day. Could this be a secret admirer?

Author’s Note: Okay. Okay. But Chan is my age. If he ever did this to me I think i’d maybe die, a lot. I’m such a softie for boys my age. Him, Rocky. I’m a mess. anYWAY, Enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

“Ooooh,” your friend Yuri hummed as you plucked another blood red rose from off of your locker, the third one this week, “Looks like he’s gonna give you a whole bouquet soon.”

“Shut up,” you giggled, pushing her shoulder softly as you examined the rose before sliding it into your bag.

“What are you going to do about it?” Yuri asked you as you walked down the hallways of the large school, the class bell about to ring.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can do,” you giggled, “What am I supposed to do? Tape a note to my own locker that says ‘Hey, tell me who you are’?” You both burst into a fit of giggles as you entered your class, greeting your teacher politely as you made your way towards your seats.

“(Y/N),” Your friend Hansol smiled as he entered your classroom. Though he was a year older than you, he often came to visit you in the morning, as well as during lunch time. You knew he had many friends in your grade, including Lee Chan, who insisted on being called Dino since the moment you had met him.

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When they hear you sing for the first time: Seventeen

Anon asked: 17 reaction when they hear u singing for the first time?


You would be in your room getting ready while listening to music and you decided to sing along to the songs. S.coups here would be walking past the room and stop outside your room because this would be his first time hearing you sing and to him it would be the most precious thing because your voice sounds heavenly and he would be a bit shocked at how you kept this secret hidden away for so long.

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You would be doing the dishes at the dorm and because there are so many of them which leads to so many dishes you decide to put on some music to sing along to as you clean the dishes. Joshua would quietly walk out of his room and walk towards the kitchen to go get some water but quickly stop in his tracks because this would be the first time he has ever heard you sing so he would wait till you finished whatever song you were sing and then he would compliment you on how beautiful your singing voice is.

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You would wake up early to go take a shower and as you were taking a shower a song popped up into your head and you decide to quietly sing the song. (you and Woozi share a room) Woozi would be half awake because he was kinda awoken by the shower turning on. As he was about to fall asleep again he quietly heard your singing voice and he couldn’t help but smile to himself because this would probably be the first time he has ever heard you sing.

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You were sitting on the couch in the dorm by yourself as you were watching Music Bank and as you were watching you were singing along trying to harmonize with them. Dk was coming back to the dorms early and you didn’t hear him enter so you just continued with what you were doing. Dk on the other hand would be confused because he wouldn’t recognize your singing voice because he has never heard it before but in the end he’ll just be giggly about it and maybe record you singing before he gets noticed.

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He would find an old video of you sing on your phone (yes he is looking through your phone b/c you were taking a nap) he wouldn’t know what to think out it at first but then slowly realize that its you and he would then compare the face by looking from your phone and back at your sleeping face all while thinking *Y/N can really sing. Is this really Y/N*

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You would be in the kitchen singing to a song that was stuck in your head while trying to find a snack to eat. You didn’t realize that Seungkwan came out of his room to find a snack to but what he heard was beautiful and as he got closer and closer to the music he find that its you and his reaction would be  “No no no, how could you not have told me you had a beautiful singing voice, this is not right, why are you not famous, how can you keep this beautiful secret?!” 

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You would be just sitting on the couch reading a good book/manga and out of habit you start to quietly sing to whatever is on your mind. Dino would be in the kitchen eating a snack when suddenly he hears you singing and as he walks over to you he hugs you and says “That is beautiful! How could I have not known you had such an awesome voice?!”

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I am sorry if there are any mistakes in this i am currently writing this at 1:24 am so this is probably not one of my best works. I am so sorry please forgive me for this mess.

~ Admin Eunbi

Happy Halloween || Vamp!Chan || Oneshot

Word Count: 1975

Genre: oneshot, svt vampires, vamp!chan, pilot

Summary: A sort of pilot oneshot for the baby vampire (coming not so soon)

Read other svt vampire stories here

“Where are you going?”

The older vampire turned, looking at the younger who lay on the couch. “Out.”

Chan frowned. He pulled himself up into sitting position, not bothering to adjust his tie as he stared at Jihoon. He shifted, resting his arms on the couch and then his chin on his arms. He looked up at Jihoon, “Where do you go anyway?”

Jihoon raised an eyebrow, “Why do you care?”

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Seventeen Reaction to having a nightmare

I didn’t put the whole description in the title, but you guys can read the request. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and thank you for requesting! ^-^

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Christmas with Seventeen



  • shopping with him for the rest his sons
  • literally spends 10 mins just standing there, figuring out what shampoo to buy, good luck shopping with him
  • “ugh this smells like sock”,”Seungcheol pls, shampoo don’t smell like socks”
  • you two go into stealth mode when its time to hide the gifts [james bond plays in the BG]
  • hides all the presents in weird places because he knows dino and hoshi will start a search party just to find out what he got for them
  • gets you to climb onto his shoulder to hide them on the top shelf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • is kinda cooking ??? but actually just tell seokmin to chop the onions thinner #mother-in-law-S.coups , freaks out when the food gets slighty burned and you have to pass him some tea to make him chill and relax
  • “Seriously Y/N, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you, I-I mean, you as in your help :)” [smooth moves]
  • has to check on mingyu and vernon every 5 mins to make sure aren’t the log cake
  • someone save scoops


  • thank god for jeonghan
  • this guy keeps everyone in check bless
  • knows that seungcheol would freak out for a bit so he made some tea in advance, saw you going out shopping without wearing a jacket which he then takes of his to cover you with and whips out tissues to swipe away mingyus snot an angel
  • you have to hold him by the arm to make sure he doesn’t rip over some random chair
  • you two sing the pikachu song in the car but suddenly gets remixed until seokmin and hoshi comes in and now it’s like pickachu ft. mariah carey & ariana grande
  • isn’t afraid of the naughty or nice list because he knows he’s an angel
  • cleans up the dorm with everyone, wanting to make sure everything is neat but laying flat on the floor with the rest of seventeen from pure tiredness so when you get back from getting take out
  • “ Hey guys guess what I got for din- uhhh are you guys okay “, they just groaned a ok and just laid there for another 5 mins same


  • can you imagine him with a white beard going all out with ‘ ho ho ho merry Christmas ‘ Santa look, would make you cringe a bit but he looks so happy in the costume so you don’t want rain on his parade
  • his eyes would immediately light up when he sees the bag of fried chicken in your hands
  • ‘ chicken will heal our hearts ‘ - joshua jisoo hong
  • all of you take a break to recharge and just rest, you guys spend it by watching anime and chom chom-ing on the food
  • when you see him nibbling on a candy cane you suddenly had the craving of having one, joshua sees you eyeing his so he breaks in half to hand it to you
  • GentlemanHong
  • busy hanging up the setting up the Christmas tree
  • is very very amused at Jun
  • ends up getting fascinated by the bowl of candy canes that you were looking for


  • probably busy untangling the Christmas lights while joshua just giggles at Jun which earn him a playful slap on the back
  • 7 hrs later and the lights still aren’t untangled [ send help ]
  • gets himself stuck in the Christmas lights
  • “ Y/N ~ come help meeee, you’re always good at detangling your headphones HEeeeLPPpp ME ~ “, “okok Jun gimme a sec while i try to un-sticky tape dino”
  • get all flushed when you get a little too close too him and when you look up, he looks like a dear that’s caught in the headlights, looks away quickly and goes back to fiddling with the knots on the lights
  • you guys finished dinner and you decided to help put up the lights, seeing that wonwoo and Jun were definitely struggling with hanging it up right
  • “ hmm Jun it really doesn’t look right from where I’m standing, like the lights are all in a circle and this part is all wonky and all over the place ?”, Jun scoots over to Wonwoo’s side to see what he was talking about,” woah you are right, this has to at least be the 8th time we’ve taken it down again, that’s ok let’s do it agian”
  • Wonwoo went to go help with the Jeonghan while you and Jun were practically wrecking yours brains to fix the lights
  • finally happy at the finished product you two collapsed into a pile


  • jams with Seokmin to all the Christmas jingles he hears while shopping
  • blares Chrismacy songs to get everyone into the mood
  • would be helping out in the kitchen with seokmin and mingyu, ices the cookies while mingyu and dino bake them
  • the cookies are all really cute, they have really cute shapes like ugly sweaters, hearts, stars and snowmen
  • you giggle at how determined he looks when he was icing the cookies, with his eyebrows all scrunched up and his lips pursed together
  • sees you staring at the cookies so he taps you on the shoulder from behind and from his back, he pulls out a heart shaped cookie in pink icing with the wording : Y/N
  • gets back to icing the other cookies with red ears 0///0


  • wanders around the mall when you guys go shopping so you need to hold him by the arm and by the end of the shopping trip you and the boys have formed some kind of human chain
  • helps out Jeonghan with clearing up the dorm since most of the time its
  • pretty messy but its the holiday so it had to be a little bit more tidier if they member would wake up on Christmas morning tripping on their own underwear
  • eats cookies with you
  • you see crumbs on his chin so you brush them off and wonwoo’s frozen, like you’re pretty sure he’s not even breathing because he was looking a bit tense “ wonwoo you ok ?”, snaps out of his daze to dunk his cookie into his milk “y-yeaa I’m good, thanks Y/N”
  • gets you to pick out the sweater he was going to wear tomorrow and you pick the white turtle neck one 


  • very very fascinated at the giant Christmas trees they have at retail shops
  • is cutting paper snow flakes with minghao
  • laughs along with joshua when he sees jun stucks but goes back to picking out the playlist for Christmas day, asks for your advice on what to play and you pick out mansae which makes him cock an eyebrow since it wasn’t very festive but you said it was one of your favourites that he composed
  • sneaks around with you to look for the lost bowl of candy canes
  • you beg him to put on so fUNNy looking Christmas sweater probably got, you try to get him to put in on by acting cute and you can hear Seungkwan in the back screaming nOOOooooOOoOoo
  • woozi get all cringing when puts on the sweater you could see him scrunching up his nose and balling up his fist send help
  • falls asleep while everyone watches attack on titan


  • is having a mini jam session with joshua and hoshi in the cereal isle
  • pushes the cart with dino inside
  • makes lots of train sounds like ‘choo choo’ races mingyu with minghao in his cart, can someone save them
  • sees you struggling with the Christmas supplies so he jogs over to
    help you with them, ends up getting shouted at by hoshi for
    leaving him with his bag of groceries
  • decorates the Christmas tree with Seungkwan and vernon
  • ends up getting distracted by the hanging Christmas lights


  • catches a bit of a cold since its getting colder and you notice him sniffling in the car so you drape your jacket over him hoping that it warms him up a bit
  • ends up snuggling up to you
  • you doze resting your head on his head and when he wakes up he’s a little shocked to see you covering him up with your jacket while drooling on him as you sleep but he’s not complaining
  • gets his snot swiped away by jeonghan bless him
  • races hoshi with an unsuspecting minghao in his cart 
  • makes cookies with jeonghan and hoshi, doing a great job 
  • offers you what looks like choc chip cookies but is actually raisins but they’re still good so you continue eating them


  • goes around shopping for gifts with Jun
  • loses Jun because he was distracted by something ends up falling into a cart because he was trying to reach for some chips, get driven away by mingyu
  • is confused at how he got there
  • but at least he found the rest of his members so that fine
  • cuts up paper snow flakes but makes one in a shape of heart just for you
  • [ pls protect him ]
  • decorating the front door with seuncheol


  • busy taste testing the food, tries to sneak in a bite of the log cake with mingyu and hoshi but ends up getting caught by seungcheol
  • is hanging up the ornaments and when he’s done he call you over to see how it looks like, you decide to add a couple finishing touches onto the tree and you must the tree is looking pretty good
  • but there’s one thing missing, the star, seungkwan jumps onto the top, “its me, I am the star”
  • nahh I’m kidding, he’d rush to get the star and he’d try to lift you up to put it on and after a few jumps you two finally put the star on the tree


  • begs woozi to put hot line bling onto the playlist
  • you guys have a dance off to see who could dance like they lost all circulation in they body, you two look like jellyfishes flopping around
  • plates the cookies for santa next onto a table
  • borrows joshua santa beard and turns it into a wig
  • decorates the Christmas tree but ends up getting lost in his on reflection in the Christmas ornaments


  • somehow ends up in seokmin’s cart and gets caught in a race cart battle with mingyu
  • tries to wrap up a present but gets stuck with the sticky tape so you have to un-sticky tape him
  • is baking with mingyu while hoshi ices them, when you step into the kitchen all you see is dino and jeonghan cover in flour,you try to dust off as much flour you can off them
  • you come to help them mix the dough but you having noodle arms, you groan about getting sore arms and dino come in to help you,”Y/N here let me help you”

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE it going to be Christmas in 1 day??? I can’t


Admin Lyn

First Time We Jerked Off Together

The story that we are posting is of the first time me and my bros first jerked off together. The first time jerking off with good friends is always tough. There are social stigmas that are against the whole concept of men jerking off together. On top of that, there are constant thoughts that run into your head about it being weird and you are constantly thinking what the other person is thinking about the situation. Just like in life, when you try new things, it’s uncomfortable at first but you always end up being grateful for that decision you made.

Me and my two friends Bobby and Dino were 15 years old at the time and we were hanging out at a local park where there was a stream full of clam shells. We were scowering the stream trying to find more of these clam shells, hoping to find pearls. After hours of searching, it began to rain ferociously and we decided to head over to my friend Dino’s grandmas house.

Once we got to the house, we found no one to be home so we decided to take turns showering. What made it worse was that we had no clothes to change into. I got a sense we all wanted to take our cloths off, but were nervous to do so. We didn’t want to seem like we were gay (not that being gay is a bad thing, just what we were thinking at that immature age) so we were all hesitant to take our clothes off. Dino eventually couldn’t handle the itchiness that comes with wet clothes, so he just took off his pants. I couldn’t believe that Dino had done that. I initially was thinking that he had to have been gay to just openly take his cloths off. My friend Bobby started laughing and making fun of the fact that he was uncircumcised and his penis looked like an abnormal eggplant haha. Dino told us that it felt great not having wet cloths on and he left the decision up to us. Bobby was the next one to take off his cloths and even he admitted that it felt good to finally take his cloths off. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Now I began to think that both of my friends that I have known for such a long time were gay. Not only that, I felt uncomfortable because I was experiencing something that I have never experienced before. I wanted to get out of this house as quick as possible but our cloths were still in the washing machines. Dino ended up turning the television on and American Pie was playing. Dino got us all a blanket and we all sat on the ground watching the movie. At this point, I still felt a little uncomfortable that Dino Bobby were naked; however, the awkwardness slowly began to fade because our attention was now onto the movie. As the movie progressed, the scene came up where Jim and Nadia were in Jim’s room and this is when Nadia began to feel herself. I got so turned on and felt my dick getting hard. I quickly took my dick and put it against my waistline so Dino and Bobby couldn’t see my boner. When Nadia took off her shirt and saw her big boobs, I got a tingly/cool feeling in my balls that felt amazing. After the scene, we still had the movie on but then we began talking about porn. At this point, I wanted to watch porn but didn’t want to be the one that initiate me it. Dino began taking about porn and his favorite category which was when a young dude fucks a hot MILF. He asked us how often we watched porn and Bobby ended up saying he watched it everyday and jerked off at least once a day. Then the question came to me and I was already embarrassed being asked this question but I reluctantly answered by saying everyday as well. There was a silence afterwards and as I turned around to see what was going on, Dino began to jerk off with porn from bang bros playing on the television. Bobby and I were like what are you doing but Dino simply replied by saying, What do you think? Dino then followed up by saying that he knew we wanted to as well and reassured us that it would be fun and isn’t weird among close friends. Bobby was the next one to start jerking off, he had a few pillows on top of him because he felt a little embarrassed and uncomfortable as well. I was watching porn as well and it was a hot blonde Jesse summers getting fucked hard by the bang bros guy. I couldn’t help myself and I began jerking off as well but I still had my shorts on. Right when I grabbed my dick, it was already flowing with precum. As we continued jerking off, Dino and Bobby were like dude just take your cloths off, it is much more comfortable that way. Realizing that they were right, I took off my cloths and continued jerking off with my friends. I thought it would feel weird being naked in front of my friends but quickly realized that it didn’t feel weird at all. It felt awesome because we were all jerking off to a hot girl and it felt more exhilarating with my friends around. I even joked and told my friend Bobby, why do you have pillows all around you? Are you nervous? He jokingly said know and he tossed the pillow aside as well. We all began to compare our dicks while they were fully hard. Bobby had the bigger dick, which was curved like a banana, but Dino and I joked saying it was white as Casper. My friend Dino had an uncircumsized dick so we poked fun of him as well. My dick was straight and I got made fun of because I had a mole located in the back area of my dick. Us laughing at our insecurities made the aura around us more comfortable, giving jerking off together no second thought. At this point it was an activity that we were all enjoying together as good friends. We focused our attention back onto the porn and went back to jacking off. During the scene where the the girl starts giving the guy head, Dino went to the kitchen to warm up some lotion in the microwave, bobby’s idea. After he warmed it up, he gave us some to use and we slowly put it to our dicks, being cautious of it being extremely hot. As we cautiously applied the lotion onto the shaft of our dick, the feeling was indescribable. The warm lotion touching our tender skin felt like a warm apple pie lol. It felt amazing and we imagined it feeling like a tight pussy. The warm feeling got us all going and we all began to jack off at a rapid pace. This incredible feeling got us closer and closer to climax and Bobby told us that we should all try to finish together and we agreed. The cum scene was soon approaching and we all were jerking off at a pace where we could sustain the build up of cum, but not over do it where we would cum to soon. The pressure was being built up as we slowed jerked and I could feel the warmness of cum slowly creeping up to my dick. Once the cum scene finally came, Dino was the first to cum and he exploded with cum. We were all laying down and his cum reached the top of his chest. Right after, Bobby was the next to cum and he too had a big blast of cum land of him. For some odd reason, I had lost the pressure build up and essentially had to start it up again. Dino rewinded the porn 5 min and I began going at it again. I felt the pressure on me know since my friends were now watching me since they had already came. The cum scene was soon approaching so I completely relaxed my muscles and began to slowly jerk off, sustaining the intense feeling until the cum scene. Once the cum scene came, I watched as Jesse Summers faced splurged with cum and then I felt the intense rush of cum splash out of my dick. The feeling was intense, and the orgasm lasted ten seconds with cum splashing out in spurts. My friends watched in amazement as they had never seen an orgasm last so long. Afterwards, we jokingly came up with nicknames for each other. I was nicknamed the marathon man, Dino’s name was the minute man because he was the first to cum and Bobby was big man because he had the largest dick.

To this day, we all share a sacred bond that can’t be broken. We all have girlfriends today but nothing beats jerking off with your good friends. Circle jerk bros mission is to break the typical societal norms and create new ones.


#bros #brobonding #jackingoff #jacktogether #bestfriends

Royal Servant!Dino
  • Very hyper and always happy
  • Likes to steal some snacks from the kitchen at times
  • Dances anywhere, anytime no matter what he’s doing
  • Is really loud and doesn’t always do his work so royal tutor Woozi usually kicks him out for “disturbing the peace”
  • Helps out the gardeners since he’s usually banished there most of the time
  • Gardeners absolutely LOVE him because he’s so youthful and happy and playful and he always brightens up their day
  • Gardeners have secretly named him their “sunflower” but never tell him
  • Dino always asks the gardener named Jeonghan about the different plants and their meanings and excitedly runs to his hyungs like Seungcheol and Hoshi and tells them everything Jeonghan taught him
  • Since he’s in the gardens a lot, he is usually very dirty (and he is usually unaware of it)
  • Sweat on the back of his neck, dirt smeared on his skin and clothes, mud sticking to the bottom of his shoes, a few blades of grass in his hair, etc.
  • Woozi always scolds him for tracking mud everywhere and tells him to wash off
  • One time Dino was too lazy to take a shower so he just jumped into one of the fountains outside in the garden
  • If he’s not working (he never really is tbh) or in the gardens, Chan likes to sneak into the ballroom and just dance
  • Sometimes the band will be there and he’ll use his aegyo cuteness to convince them to play a few songs and he’ll dance around, somehow managing to dance hip-hop to a slow song
  • One time Woozi came late to one of your lessons, which is weird because he’s always punctual, and when you ask him why he explains that one of the servant boys was dancing in the ballroom again and was tracking mud everywhere
  • You pick up on the fact that Woozi said “again” which means this has happened multiple times and your interest is piqued
  • During the entire lesson you cannot stay still because you really want to see this mystery servant boy who dances in the ballroom but you don’t ask Woozi about him because you know that he won’t tell you anything
  • Woozi probably notices that you pay extra attention when “boy who dances in the ballroom tracking dirt everywhere” is mentioned and he gets super suspicious
  • So he goes into the ballroom where, sure enough, Dino is dancing, leaving small traces of dirt everywhere and Woozi just walks over like “what did you do”
  • And Dino is super scared and confused like ??!!??what??!!?? I didn’t do anything??!!
  • And Woozi is like “You haven’t talked to the prince/ss?”
  • And Dino just goes “The prince/ss? No, why?”
  • Woozi is just silent, staring at Dino, which makes Dino really uncomfortable and scared because he knows how violent Woozi can be. He once hit someone with a guitar because they insulted you
  • Finally decides that Dino is innocent and turns around and leaves but Dino is still really confused and calls after him
  • “What about them?! Did they ask about me??!!!”
  • But his questions go unanswered because Woozi just ignores him
  • The day after, Lee Chan is just sweeping the hallways while doing a few dance moves
  • Okay, I lied when I said “a few” because he’s really doing the tango with the broom
  • He spins his “partner” around, while simultaneously sweeping up a big pile of dust and you just happen to walk by at that time and the dust gets in your face and you start to cough
  • And Dino is just kind of shocked because he’s never seen you in person before (he’s seen your portrait in the castle, but they don’t really do you justice) and wow what a coincidence! Didn’t Jihoon hyung ask about you yesterday?
  • Finally snaps out of it and realizes that he basically just swept a cloud of dust into the face of the kingdom’s future ruler so he’s apologizing but you’re smiling like no, it’s alright, don’t worry
  • You start to make conversation with him like “I saw you dancing with the broom earlier. You two make a good couple. You’re a really good dancer”
  • Hearing this, Dino visibly brightens and gets really happy like his face lights up, he’s smiling widely, and it’s a bit much to handle because he looks so happy it’s adorable and he just goes “ah~really?!!”
  • When you nod, he kind of jumps up and down a little, he can’t contain his joy because THE FUTURE LEADER OF THE KINGDOM JUST COMPLIMENTED HIS DANCING!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
  • “Do you want to see me dance?” he asks because he’s excited and really wants to show what he can do and when you say yes he suddenly busts out into these powerful dance moves, popping his chest and just moving all around the hallway and he almost hits you in the face at one point, so you step back and watch in awe as little Lee Chan dances his heart out for the future leader of the kingdom
  • When he’s done, he’s breathing hard and sweating just a teeny bit, but his smile is shinning and he’s looking at you expectantly like “well?? what did you think???” and when you tell him how much you liked it, he jumps up and down and scoops you up in a big hug, momentarily forgetting that hugging you isn’t really appropriate
  • “What can you dance? Can you dance hip-hop? I want to see! Dance, dance, dance~!”
  • Dino is so excited and he’s chanting for you to show him your moves but you’re just profusely shaking your head like nononononono I can’t dance hip-hop in the hallways it’s not appropriate for me
  • He just leans in and looks at you with his wide, innocent eyes and is like “Is it because you’re the future leader of our kingdom and Jihoon hyung won’t let you dance?”
  • And you’re a little flustered because his face is really close to yours but he’s so innocent that he doesn’t see the problem with it so you just kind of gulp and nod like y-y-yep tha-that’s why!
  • “So you can only dance at those parties we have in the ballroom?” he asks and you nod.
  • There’s no doubt about it that after talking to you Dino will run around the castle to find his hyungs and tell them all about his great conversation with the “future ruler of our kingdom”
  • He’ll go up to Hoshi and explain how he danced for you and you complimented him and Dino will just be like “Hey, guess what!!! I danced for the future ruler of our kingdom and they LOVED IT!!!” and Hoshi will just wonder to himself why you asked Dino to dance instead of him
  • Dino will run all around the kingdom, going to butler Joshua, seamster Mingyu, bodyguard Jun, dog-sitter Minghao, music instructor Seungkwan, fellow servant Vernon, royal advisor Seungcheol, basically EVERYONE and tell him that he danced for you and you complimented his dancing and keeps on retelling the story until Woozi kicks him out for being too loud
  • Goes out into the gardens to tell gardener Jeonghan the entire story and Jeonghan just patiently listens while watering all the flowers
  • And when Dino is done telling his story, Jeonghan will ask what Dino thinks of you and Dino will just light up and be like “they’re AMAZING! The future ruler of our kingdom is super nice, and they’re really attractive, too! I bet they’re a really good dancer. They wouldn’t dance because Woozi hyung won’t let them unless it’s during a ball.”
  • And Jeonghan has this little smile because Chan gushing about you is so adorable, and him calling you the “future ruler of our kingdom” is honestly the cutest
  • Questions Jeonghan about you like “Have you met them before?” And Jeonghan just nods like “yeah, they’re really nice.”
  • Jeonghan gestures to one of the flowers like “Did you know this is their favorite flower?”
  • And Dino is like “rEALLY?” and he asks Jeonghan to tell him more about the flower
  • During one of the balls, Dino is really sulky
  • Woozi forced Dino to wear an itchy suit and he hates the ball because the band is only playing slow songs for old people
  • Seungcheol notices how sulky Dino is and goes over like “You know you have to wear the suit. It’s required to look good.”
  • But Dino is like “That’s not why…”
  • So Seungcheol asks why he’s so sulky like is it the music?
  • Dino just kind of shakes his head and points over to the dance floor where you’re waltzing with an official from another kingdom and he’s like “They haven’t asked me to dance yet”
  • And Seungcheol is just like “No…Dino…that’s not how it works…YOU have to ask them to dance” and Dino is just like “oohh~~~”
  • So he marches over to where you are and asks the person you’re dancing with to leave and he takes your hand and is like “May I have this dance?” and you’re laughing because Dino is trying to act all mature-like so you accept and Dino immediately takes over and spins you all around the ballroom and he’s such a good dancer that you find yourself struggling to keep up
  • His dancing is super impressive, but he soon grows tired of waltzing and just tells you to wait there for a moment and he jogs over to where DK and the band is and whispers something
  • And DK nods and suddenly the music changes from a nice, calming waltz to a really loud club beat and then Dino just runs back to you with a huge grin and is like “let’s dance”
  • And he busts out into all of these moves, doing a few hip thrusts and it’s weird because he’s the only one dancing (because all the other people on the dance floor are basically just old men who can’t dance)
  • But you laugh and dance with him, moving to the beat and Dino is so so so happy because you’re a good dancer (and even if you’re not, he’s still happy because you’re dancing with him and having fun and being yourself)
  • And it’s adorable because you two are dressed in fancy clothes but are dancing in the elegant ballroom like it’s a club
  • Servant!Dino is a cute, innocent thing who likes to hang out in the gardens and learn about your favorite flowers and really just wants to dance with you

This was so long I’m so sorry. Creds to @theboyswhomwelove for helping with this! Love ya, Laura~!


Royal Butler!Joshua

Royal Dog-Sitter!The8

svt as pizza delivery boys
  • s.coups: thicc thighs make the pizza dough rise, gets ur pizza to u on time and it's not just the pizza that's hot :^)
  • jeonghan: manager is worried he'll fall asleep while driving the pizzas, steals some of the toppings on the way over smh
  • joshua: very politely rings the doorbell when he arrives, becomes extra! and pin drops for the dolla dolla bill yo
  • jun: sausage pizza lmao, can carry 17 pizzas 13 salads 3 dessert trays and 1 cola all in one go stan taLENT
  • hoshi: "i'll be there within 10 minutes 10 seconds!", lives by that saying and is the fastest deliverer around
  • wonwoo: grew the veggies that are on ur pizza, "ur eating my veggie friends so please don't waste any of it"
  • woozi: wrote the pizza shop's jingle, serenades u with the pizza jingle so u give him an aju nice tip
  • dk: gets sidetracked on the way over, srsly where is ur pizza, the pizza is cold but his smile is warm so it's ok
  • mingyu: lol the manager let him drive the delivery car, he runs into ur mailbox coming to ur house tho "p-pizza's here!"
  • the8: u watched him almost slip with ur pizza but he used his pro skills and saved it, bless him u still have pizza
  • seungkwan: everyone's fave pizza delivery boy, ya boy got the deets on what coupons to use to save u money on the pizza
  • vernon: yay he didn't get lost to ur house!!, gets distracted when giving u the pizza bc he sees chocolate in ur kitchen
  • dino: only works part time bc he's still in school, dazzles u with his smile how many times have u tipped him already :'^)
Valentine's Day Drabbles: Dino Cavallone

Dino came in second place with 37 votes!! Again, sorry this took so long to write, and I hope you enjoy!

Dino hummed softly to himself as he made his way towards the kitchen. It had been a long day at work with constant phone calls and a flurry of papers that needed signing, and now the mafia boss was just plain exhausted. As he neared the kitchen door, he noticed the light was still on, the warm glow bathing the hallway.

Peeking around the doorway, he saw you standing at the stove, holding a small recipe book in one hand and stirring something in a pot with the other. Dino leaned his back against the frame of the door and smiled to himself, noting how cute you looked while you cooked.

You blew a couple strands of stray hair out of your face before sighing deeply and closing the recipe book, throwing it carelessly onto the counter. Dino raised an eyebrow as he watched you lift the pot and take it to the sink, slowly emptying the contents down the drain before rinsing the inside with water. After wiping your hands on a dish towel, you slunk over to one of the chairs in the breakfast nook and plopped down, groaning as you buried your head in your arms.

Dino took that opportunity to slowly walk into the room, coming up behind you and gently resting his hand on your shoulder. You jumped slightly at the sudden touch, but relaxed when you smelled his familiar cologne.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quietly, pulling a seat up next to yours and sitting down. You let out another heavy sigh before answering.

“I was going to make you Valentine’s day chocolates, but I kept messing up the recipe. I really wanted to surprise you but…”

You trailed off and stared at the counter which was covered with various ingredients necessary to make homemade chocolates. Dino followed your gaze and his eyes softened. He noticed you had really tried your hardest.

Scooting a bit closer, Dino slipped his arm around your waist and kissed your hair.

“It’s alright,” he mumbled.

“All I need this Valentine’s day is you.”

anonymous asked:

Can you rank seventeen from the most to least skilled in cooking?

i actually don’t think this has been revealed in any interviews so this is just my opinion honestly…..

  • Seungkwan (looks like he’d know how to cook/ learned from his mom) 
  • Joshua (is calm enough to learn how to cook things??)
  • Mingyu (eats the most so probably knows how to cook something)
  • the8/Minghao (also eats a lot so probably knows a couple dishes)
  • Jun (successfully made toast once so hopefully he knows ?? how to make other things)
  • Jeonghan (says he’s good at taking care of people - this might include cooking skill?) 
  • Wonwoo (can probably make ramen……) 
  • Woozi (can compose a song can probably make a sandwich) 
  • Hoshi (seems like he might mess up a couple of times, but it’d still be something you could eat?) 
  • Vernon (has a little sibling so maybe he learned how to make snacks….cheese on crackers??? idk…..) 
  • Dino (would get to excited and break something)
  • DK (confessed that he needs others to take care of him, would probably also break something or overcook it) 
  • Seungcheol (is the dad…….but looks like he’d burn water?? i suspect Jeonghan keeps him out of the kitchen??)