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So here’s the “Godzilla, the Series” version…

Figured I’d merge the original Tristar script, The 98 cartoon and the Godzilla Power hour into one narrative. It begins with the original script, as shown by the Chimera(Gryphon) up there, before the humans begin to follow Jira as she sets out to find her place in the world. Along the way, they uncover more secrets about the alien race that created Jira, about the Chimera probe, and whether or not others may lie buried in the Earth, and other, far stranger things. They try to help acclimate Jira to the modern world and avert a destructive conflict between man and monsters as more and more titans surface, some friendly, some very much not.

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I don’t mind that Capcom wants to make new IP’s on the consoles (provided that the new IP’s are great), I just wish they would at least entertain the notion to release a new Onimusha or Dino Crisis game. I wouldn’t even mind seeing either of them on the handhelds and at least an Onimusha HD Collection. Dino Crisis could work on vita or 3DS even (just take the RE: Revelations engine)


Fiat Dino Aerodinamica Parigi, 1967, by Pininfarina. An aerodynamic study prototype shooting brake version of the Ferrari-engined Fiat Dino, it was based on the production Fiat Dino Spider which was built by Pininfarina, but with a slightly longer wheelbase. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show (hence Parigi)