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The 31 Days of Halloween Days 11-15: The Halloween Mood Table!

After much delay, here are the pics of this year’s mood table! (Don’t worry, it’s been up for more than 20 days.) 

There’s actually not too much new stuff this year, but this is such a source of pride, I have to share it again! Up top is my hand-painted Prisoner of Castel-Mare, The Alien, and some Haunted Mansion tombstones. 

One of the new things is this adorable bony little frog! And while spooky vinyl is a staple of my mood table, the AMAZING Creepshow release from Waxwork is a new member of the family. 

As always, there’s plenty of candy for any visitors, and I think that the fellow smiling up at you looks better than any year past. Might be the new rubber spiders I picked up. 

Plenty of movies new and old to enjoy! I’ve watched quite a few now, which I hope to review later this season, including The Howling and the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Spoiler- I loved it all! 

Another bony friend, this one a little angrier. What’s she so upset about? She gets to hang out with Godzilla!

The full effect- I’m not sure the white lights are going to return next year, but otherwise, a wonderful mood table in my eyes!