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Collection of Toku cosplayers recreating the Boom! Comics MMPR #0 covers. 

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Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 3)

PHEW! I think this is my last installment for now in the FFXV x DDADDS headcanons for you all. c: I decided to just go with three of these dad dudes in this one, since there are a few that I thought about but ultimately decided to skip on. Need more information! Or some of them were briefly mentioned as it is in the other headcanons and that type of thing. Gosh, these were fun to write! Perhaps I’ll write more about these headcanons in drabbles or more individualistic headcanons about them. If you all are interested in either one of those. c;

For now though, enjoy the last part of the FDS headcanons, my friends! Thanks for letting me write and share these with you all~


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Nyx Ulric, Titus Drautos, and Dino Ghiranze

PART ONE – Featuring Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio
PART TWO – Featuring Ravus, Ardyn, Loqi, and Cor

Nyx Ulric – Adoptive Father, Father of One Girl and Two Boys

Likes: Being the Hero, Smoking, Watching TV and Napping, Busting A Sick Dance Move
Dislikes: Guys Hitting on His Daughter, People Who Yell at Him, Having to Pay Per View

  • Nyx Ulric is a man married to his job as a police officer. There’s nothing that could be avoided about that with Police Commander breathing down his neck about Nyx doing his work so he can go home to his kids.
  • But the thought of that was really nice, Nyx thought to himself. To be able to go home and see his kids, kiss his spouse on the cheek, and just be able to have a good family life instead of going back to his crusty apartment. Not that he’d have a spouse anytime soon. Unless their name was the LPD, that is.
  • However, when he found himself investigating a series of domestic violence calls to a single address, he knew that the married life was a lot harder than it looked. He arrived and managed to get the parents away from the children, arresting both parents as the little girl held her face to cover her black-eye.
  • After having taken the kids back to the precinct, he was supposed to get their statements and then find a guardian who would take them. But no guardians were known in the area, and it seemed like the kids were refusing to go in the first place. The only one who could calm them down was Nyx.
  • So Commander Fleuret let out a sigh and asked Nyx if he can let the kids stay at his apartment to calm down and avoid being scared at the police station even more than before. Nyx agreed, but he’d need to clear out all of those empty beer bottles in his place first. Oops. Those aren’t for kids!

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From FanService Renji’s video of Power Morphicon.

For the full video and more, this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyUEaL21ERg