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dino > neighbor/best friend AU ~ <3

me: queen of going too far
  • good concept. great concept. lets begin.  *rubs my hands together viciously*
  • so ever since you could remember, your neighbor was this cute old lady who considered you as one of her own grandchildren
  • like she’d bake cookies, cupcakes and other fun stuff like that and always brought them over to your house for you to eat
  • also she left the gate to her backyard open all the time for you to come over n play bc she had a lot more grass than your backyard
  • basically u loved her so much not only because she baked you stuff but she was always there for you when no one else was n she was so so kind and she watched you grow up and wOW IM GETTING EMO
  • you’re in highschool now n one day when you get home from school you see a moving truck and you’re like “wait wtf” so you come over to see what’s going on
  • and cute grandma says “im getting too old to live by myself, so i’m going to move to a resting home…” and you feel your heart shattering into millions of pieces and you almost cling to her and tell her to move in with your family
  • and she sees the tears forming in your eyes and she’s like “don’t worry, my family members will be moving in!! my grandson is your age, i’m sure you’ll get along well”
  • and on the day she leaves you’re so bitter bc you’ll miss her and you’ll miss her baking and her kind words
  • you’re so bitter that you don’t even bother welcoming the family in so you just head right back inside your house
  • after moping around for a bit in your room you decide to go out to your backyard to get some fresh air or something
  • so you’re just minding your own business until you you hear a particularly loud curse word and a soccer ball just goes right over your head and lands a few feet away from you
  • judging from where the ball is, you concluded that it came from the other side of the fence,, where grandma’s backyard is,,,,,
  • you just shrug and toss it back over, n then you decide to go back inside bc you weren’t in the mood to get hit by a ball if it happened again
  • the second you get inside you hear a knock on your front door and you’re like ??? and when you go to open it you’re like………. whom
  • the boy in front of you has like.. sweat glistening on his forehead and his eyebrows are kind of furrowed and he’s wearing a thin shirt and you’re like… mom holy f*ck
  • and then he turns to look at you and in your head you’re like “dhjzHEFUH I WAS STARING SH*T”
  • and then he’s like “hi.. yeah i’m ur new neighbor… i might have kicked a ball over to your garden… is it okay if i get it?”
  • and then you finally get yourself together and you’re like “oh i already tossed it back. what’s your name?”
  • “chan! you must be y/n, grandma told me a lot about you. we’ll be going to the same school!”
  • and you’re like…. ho ly c ow grandma has an attractive grandson “cool! we can walk to school together.”
  • “that’d be awesome! see ya, y/n!”
  • and then he leaves and you’re just standing at your front door like an idiot like “why did i say we should walk to school together how am i gonna sURVIVE”
  • the first time you walk to school together it’s kind of awks, but chan’s just rly good at making conversation and by the time you’re walking home you feel like you’ve known him forever
  • that mfriends, is how u and chan became bfs (best friends)
  • chan joins the soccer team @ your school and you BET your ass is there at every game with a giant poster board of his face, embarrassing the hell out of him.. you also show up to his practices with food n stuff and he’s like “y/n.. my saving grace.. my only god(dess)…”
  • “shut up ur so dramatic.. here’s your popcorn chicken”
  • when u get ur first s.o., chan is like “if they do anything stupid i’ll kick their ass”
  • “gee thanks”
  • every day he comes over n hangs out in your backyard to do hw and then after a while he gets bored n is like “…. you wanna watch me play soccer” “thank god i thought you wouldnt ask”
  • and then you leave your homework behind to go to his backyard and watch him kick the soccer ball around idk how sports work sorry lmfao
  • and this is like a ritual for u guys like.. every day you’d walk to school together, you’d hang out together, you’d visit his practices/games if he had them, you’d walk home together, do hw together, BASICALLY YOU DID EVERYTHING TOGETHER
  • then one day ur s.o. breaks up with you and you’re pretty much “well this is how i d*e” and you know chan is gonna have a big game soon, so you decide not to burden him with your problems
  • and you’re slowly avoiding him and you start waking up earlier to go to school, pay no attention to him at school, leave the second the bell rings, etc.
  • and even though you did it not to worry him, you don’t know that you’re actually worrying him even more,, like his coach keeps telling him “get ur head together” but he can’t because he’s just so concerned about you
  • so he asks a few of your other friends if anything’s wrong and they’re like “y/n didn’t tell you?? ______ broke up with them.”
  • and chan’s suddenly like “WHAT THE HEL L??>?” and he’s abt to go to kick the ass of whoever broke your heart, but then he thinks about how horrible you must feel n he gets all emotional
  • he doesn’t know what to do so he ends up calling grandma for advice and she tells him everything he needs to know abt what u need when you’re upset
  • and you’re at home and your face is all puffy from crying (both from best friend withdrawals and from the break up) and you get a text from chan saying “come outside”
  • and you ignore the message at first but then he starts messaging you on everyplatform like facebook, instagram, snapchat, kkt, skype, etc
  • all of them just say “come out” and you’re like JESUS CHRIST OKAY
  • and you drag yourself out of bed to your front door and when you open it up you see chan with a phone in hand and a plate of cookies in the other and he just looks so so sad and your heart shatters right there
  • “i don’t know what i can do to help, but grandma told me that her cookies always made you feel better.”
  • and you can see that he has a little bit of flour still on his hands and he has the vanilla baking smell on him and you just start tearing up n you pull him into a hug n start sobbing
  • n he’s just patting your back like “there there,,, also the cookies are getting cold,,,”
  • but anyways after that event let’s just finish this quickly and say that chan went from your bf (best friend).. to your bf (boyfriend) :’)
  • EXTRA: chan texts the news to grandma and she’s just “hehe… my plan worked”
Why aren’t Sherlollians extinct

A word to my fellow Sherlollians, since we are now extinct creatures I want you to know Im claiming Stegosaurus. I’ve always wanted to be one because they make the best dino cookie shape.

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Okay so I'm rewatching AA's episode "Savages" from S1 and it's hilarious! Clint screaming bloody murder when some dino eats all the cookies, Tony's climbing skills, Steve & dinos... But the best part is the easy-going relationship Tony and Steve have. Even though Steve's saying how he doesn't wan to rely on tech it only leads to a good-natured bet between him and Tony, not some major fight. They're such parents too who just want their kids to behave and learn to live w/o technology for a while.

my friend, I couldn’t have said it better myself! honestly sometimes I forget about “Savages” simply because it’s surrounded by so many other stevetony-centric episodes (“Avengers Protocol,” “Super-Adaptoid,” “In Deep,” “Exodus,” “The Final Showdown”……damn season 1 was hella gay)

you’re right though, I really love that the episode establishes how Steve and Tony’s relationship is built on good-natured ribbing, trust (literally the whole damn premise of the episode is Steve’s unfailing belief in Tony’s ability to save the world without tech!!), and joint responsibility for their team

and seriously, even within the first few seconds of the episode, despite being played for laughs, we are introduced to Tony’s unshakable habit of building Steve shiny new toys because he cares, okay

(note how: 1. Tony says “keep up with me” and not “keep up with the team,” and 2. there’s an unspoken implication that Tony just wants to make sure Steve can save himself in case Tony’s not there to catch him)

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Roomate AU with Dino? ;)

AU #9 (Order on thislist)

Big writer’s block has suddenly hit me…Jisoos Christ. Anyway, enjoy this roommate/kind of coffee shop AU :) Again hopefully writers block doesn’t make this too bad…sorry if this is crappy

  • You just graduated high school, and since you weren’t privileged enough to go to college, have to get a job and find a place to stay

  • So you walk into this Starbucks

  • Walk up to the empty cashier

  • And IMMEDIATELY someone stumbles in front of you, all like

  • “CaN YOu OrDeR TaKE ME?!?!”

  • And faints

  • And so being the nice person you are, you jump over the counter to check on the poor guy

  • Then when the other employees see they start freaking out really badly

  • One runs up to you and throws you an apron and “CAN YOU BAKE PLEASE HELP

  • Basically everyone was overworking and stressed bc so many employees didn’t make it to work that day, and they were running out of coffee and food

  • So you just end up making cookies for this Starbucks, while watching over the guy that fainted

  • He eventually wakes up from the smell of your cookies

  • You introduce yourselves, and find out his name is Lee Chan, but everyone calls him Dino

  • You offer Dino a cookie, and he gladly munches it while you guys talk

  • Cute Dino constantly thanking you and apologizing for earlier

  • You subtly bring up you need to find a place to stay bc your parents want you to move out

  • Dino actually offers to have you as a roommate!

  • “As long as you’re okay with having people- you know what, it’s fine nevermind”

  • So you move over to Dino’s place near the coffee shop- pretty small, except the living room/kitchen is one big room!

  • So the night you finish moving in, you’re really tired

  • But Dino starts playing music in the huge living room and invites you to dance with him

  • You’re unsure/shy on dancing, so Dino takes your hands and teaches you how to dance/dances with you all night until you fall asleep in his arms

  • Next morning, you follow Dino to the coffee shop, and his boss lets you have a small job of baking cookies bc they were really tasty and customers loved them

  • You laugh often at all of Dino’s co-workers, especially Jeonghan, who always babies Dino and does “hard” work for him (even if Dino insists he can do it), and Vernon, who always has fun messing up the names on the cups (cough of course)

  • So you have a pretty fun life living with Dino, because you always have movie or gaming nights, and at home you always bake cookies for Dino and he absolutely loves them

  • Honestly I think he wouldn’t want you to move out just bc he loves your cookies lol

  • Like he probably develops nicknames for you themed around sweets…Sugar, Cookie, Chocolate, Cocoa, Pocky, Sweetie

  • For a month, you go on a trip to see family and return really early in the morning

  • And there’s 13 boys, all Dino’s friends, thrown around your living room/house and the place is a complete mess

  • And in your bedroom Dino is on your bed hugging your pillow bc “I missed you” (aw)

  • GEEZ YOU GUYS what happened here?!”

  • “Uh…They wanted to come over,” Dino says timidly “And you were away…”

  • You get really mad at the mess, and being the most responsible woman in the house, you make everyone clean up bc HEY I LIVE HERE TOO YOU GUYS

  • You calm down enough to bake cookies to give to everyone (bc yummies are important!)

  • So what Dino tried telling you before moving in was that people would want to crash once in awhile

  • But meh that wasn’t important, because after the place is clean, they leave and you and Dino are left again to yourselves to dance or something

  • On the day of your birthday, Dino leaves the house early

  • You wake up and he’s already gone

  • So you go to the coffee shop to find him, and it’s closed but the lights are on

  • You use your key to open the door and walk in-


  • Cue Dino lifting you up into a hug and kissing you (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (Yes this is definitely fluff now)

  • Everyone pops up from behind the counters with a cake and streamers, balloons, etc…

  • You’re still kissing Dino bc the maknae is just engulfing you in unknown love

  • And then when you pull away you’re really red but smiling and all of you having a short party before opening the shop up and having a cookie sale bc everyone is helping you make the yummies :3

  • When you guys return home with many gifts, you decide to bake cookies again, but Dino’s favourite, and so sleepy Dino rests his head on the crook of your neck as he hugs you from behind, and you feed him chocolate chips/cookie batter if he yawns

  • Tbh you probably just drop it into his mouth and he chews happily

  • Cue the cute back hug kisses!

“Thanks for the cookies, Pocky”