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saythename_17[17’S] 24시간 꺼지지 않는 연습실의 비밀 part3.
#캐럿들_생각하면서_열심히_하자 #캐럿들_파이팅 #세븐틴_파이팅

[17’S] 24/7 practice in the practice room part3.
#practicing_while_thinking_of_CARATs#CARATs_fighting #SEVENTEEN_fighting

SC: Let’s work hard while thinkin of carats~

SVT - daughter


Hello! Can I ask a Seventeen reaction to being insisted by their 3 years old daughter to accompany her to the women’s toilet? Thanks

thank you for requesting!


 He would absolutely refuse, insisting on simply standing outside and waiting, until his small three year old daughter dragged him in the restroom. Noticeably uncomfortable the male would try his best to merge into the wall, obviously earning looks from concerned and not to mention frightened others. When the young female would finally exit the stall Seungcheol would blast out of the restrooms, probably running into 27 people on his way out.

“next time, your mom is coming too”

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“what? isn’t it just right there?” he would awkwardly laugh, gesturing to the crowded bathrooms behind them. However one stern warning about telling mom later, Jeonghan was hesitantly following her. Inside, he would probably try and blend into the group of waiting mom’s, not completely failing at doing so. Until one noticed he was a random male in the midst of a female restroom and called security.

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“of course I will!” his kind nature would immediately respond, though he would instantly regret the words that had flown from his mouth. His daughter’s small fingers wrapped around his significantly larger hand, and he would try and ignore the amount of women in the restroom. Assuring her he wasn’t going anywhere, he would patiently lean against the wall. Until he began to worry a few moments later and decided to check up on her, accidently opening the wrong stall.


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“we’re about to leave, can you not just hold it?” he would ask and instantly be answered with an eager shake of her head. On the inside he would be having a complete breakdown, existential crisis if you will, but on the outside he would just be as calm and collected as usual. Or whatever was the usual for Jun. However, unlike the others, he wouldn’t have that many scarring incidents. Except losing his daughter in the middle of the restrooms.

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The moment he was left alone with his daughter in the store was when she asked for him to accompany her.

“Why didn’t you ask that thirty seconds ago?” He would ask, half joking half serious. Though when her pleading eyes hit his own, he couldn’t resist. Only five minutes later, but what had actually felt five hours later, they returned only after one brutal beating from a terrified grandma.

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Would wonder what would Kim Mingyu do? No, but for real he would probably flip and call him panicked. Then unnoticed, his daughter would just slip into, the diamond life, the restroom alone once as she realized how much stress it was causing her father. That would be when he would really lose it, once unable to find the small child. However she had already exited and was sitting on a nearby bench, patiently watching her father frantically run around the store.   

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Would be extremely flustered too, to be honest. He’d probably try to act cool and collected like Jun, but fail miserably the moment he stepped into the restroom. Like dropping everything, running into every single breathing thing, and apologizing profusely. It be quite the scene, but his daughter would appreciate his efforts nonetheless.

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“I DON’T WANT TO GET ARRESTED!” He would yell, accidentally scaring his daughter. Trying to reassure her however, he’d end up going into the bathroom with her anyways.

“NO! It’s okay don’t call security pleASE” he would try and frantically explain everything to every. single. person he came into contact with.

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“You mean come in with you? but, wouldn’t it be better if-” the hurried words flowing from his lips wouldn’t even be able to form the whole sentence before he was shoved into the bathroom by his daughter. Running around in circles trying to find the exit, which happened to be right behind him, he darted into the nearest empty stall, the moment someone walked in.

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“No” he would simply state, seemingly unfazed by his daughter’s question. “I told you to go before we left” he’d speak again, before turning his head down for his eye’s to meet her’s. However it only took one more time for her to ask before he’d melt and give in.

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Would blindly agree and follow the little girl in, unaware it was actually the women’s bathroom until like three moms were all staring dead at him.

“lol I think you all are in the wrong bathroom”

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Would for real be way into the song that was playing in the store to even hear what his daughter had asked. He would be that dad.

“wait you needed to use the bathroom?”

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“ahh, you see…” he would stall the best and longest he could so her mom could return from a different isle and take her instead, but by then she would have already forgotten about it.

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Also yes my brother biases Junhui and Wonwoo .3. -very confused bias anon

Junhui & Wonwoo: //high fives each other// No one can resist us. Together we’re unstoppable.

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svt: we beg to differ

Junhui & Wonwoo: nope