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“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)

  • Seungcheol: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad .
  • Hansol: That was deep.
  • Soonyoung: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Chan: That was deeper.
  • Seungkwan: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.

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can i ask how would seventeen react to a girlfriend who was not used to skinship and felt shy about it?

What a cute request!!! Thanks, Anon :)


  • he would find it VERY cute and whenever he reached out to touch you and you ducked your head he would give you a really big smile with his eyes fixed on you like he couldn’t look away
  • would be respectful of your limits but unable to resist taking your hand or placing his hand on the small of your back 
  • would tell all the boys in Seventeen not to overwhelm you with hugs etc to make sure you felt comfortable around them too


  • it might take him a while to notice but he would be very interested as he began to discover your shyness and would test things a little by touching you and watching for your reactions
  • would definitely talk to you about it because he would be worried what it meant and it would stress himself out, but once you explained you were just shy and not used to it he would think it was very cute
  • at the start he would always hesitate slightly before kissing you and look into your eyes to make sure you were ready first


  • joshua seems to be a casual toucher even if he’s not a prolonged toucher e.g. he gives many hi-fives and handshakes. so he would probably automatically reach out to touch you a lot
  • but he would get just as flustered as you as soon as he knew you were shy about touching. and he would end up, like, brushing his fingers against you at random times and quickly withdrawing
  • you might even have to reassure this cutie and get used to it together


  • jun would be very touchy because it’s jun, let’s be honest. so he would be surprised to hear you aren’t used to much skinship but would find it very sweet 
  • it might even make him a little bit sad that you aren’t used to that affection because to him you deserve the world!!!
  • he would make it his mission to adjust you. he would gently ask if there’s anything you weren’t okay with and when he knew it was mostly shyness he would gradually start with those casual heart fluttering touches 


  • when hoshi first noticed your shyness he would absolutely start of by teasing you completely about it, making silly kissy faces and things, but once he saw you were genuinely very embarrassed he would quiet down
  • he might even worry it was a sign you were embarrassed to be around him and you would have to explain to him that you weren’t used to it but still like him a lot
  • he would be very surprised and tell you earnestly that he couldn’t imagine why anyone would pass up the chance to hug you anytime they could, and then he would be attached to your side for the rest of the day


  • would also be more reserved about skinship and so it might take him time to notice, but he would really like holding hands and so your shyness would soon become noticeable to him
  • would be very serious about asking if you were okay and would listen very intently to your explanation while quietly holding both your hands even if it did make you stutter a little
  • would tell you seriously that he loves you, skinship or not, and he’s willing to take things at your pace 


  • no one would ever say that woozi is a huge lover of skinship, so he would be the first to understand your shyness, and might even make a cute comment about you two being the perfect match
  • he would suggest getting used to more skinship in private, and he would be blushing, but he would kiss you more and hold your hand more while you were alone 
  • he would think it was very sweet too! and it might even make him feel needed, which he would like, because he knows he isn’t holding you back with his own shyness, but instead you are adjusting together


  • dk would be very surprised because it might not have occurred to him that it might be a problem for someone 
  • he would definitely think it was the cutest thing ever and every single time he touched you he’d give you a hesitant little smile that would become a full big smile when he saw your cute response
  • would probably say out loud how cute you were so often it would annoy everyone and be worse PDA than if you were touching all the time


  • mingyu would be totally oblivious for a while to how you freeze up when he kept kissing your cheek or taking your hand, but when he noticed he would say sorry a million times
  • you would have to calm him down before explaining and he would listen very carefully and then ask your permission to kiss you
  • he would slow down a bit with skinship but sometimes get excited and forget and he’d make sure he checked your reactions each time he remembered and be very happy to see you smile through your shyness


  • he would probably not be one for tons of skinship himself, but he would really like just laying a casual hand on you, whether your shoulder or back or hand, so it would make him flustered when he found out you were shy
  • but when you explained you weren’t used to it he would very logically tell you that he would be willing to help you adjust and then his casual hand would almost never go away
  • every time you ducked your head or were shy, you would make him give you a cute small smile and maybe kiss the top of your head


  • seungkwan is very big with skinship, especially with people who are close to him, so when he first noticed your shyness he would be upset or think you were rejecting him and you would have to explain the reasons
  • once he knew, he would blush a lot around you whenever he touched you and would try to cover it by making jokes that actually would help to relax you
  • he would love linking your fingers together or pulling you into his side and feeling you slowly adjust and then he would kiss your cheek or something


  • vernon also isn’t a huge toucher, but he is a attentive listener, and as soon as he noticed your shyness he would want to hear all your reasons and fully understand you
  • in fact that conversation would make him feel closer to you then touching you at lot would
  • every time he started skinship after that he would watch you very closely after and smile softly 


  • dino would probably be hesitant about PDA anyway because the boys would tease him non-stop, so he would totally understand your shyness and in fact think it was the cutest thing ever
  • when he knew you were also shy in private, he would think it was very enchanting, and smile his big toothy smile that means he’s very charmed
  • dino would be excited about romantic ideas like holding hands though, so after checking with you, he would very carefully get you used to it by holding hands a lot and doing many cheek kisses

Ask box is still open. Feel free to request more! Especially cute ideas like this ;)

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What is more likely to have survived the KT event in Antarctica: a non-avian dinosaur or an enantiornithe?

I don’t think we currently have any evidence of enantiornitheans in Antarctica. Although they are known from pretty much the entire rest of the world, so they probably were present there and we just haven’t found any fossils yet.

As for which could have made it through the extinction event? Enantiornitheans would probably be the better option, being birdy enough to potentially survive in the same way that a few of their avian relatives did. (Assuming avian-birds survived for reasons other than just pure luck, of course.)

But since the Cretaceous Antarctic (and southeast Australian) fauna was already well-adapted to surviving long periods of dark and cold during the polar winters, it would be the most likely place for non-avian dinosaurs to persist into the Cenozoic. This is actually a real hypothesis proposed at least as far back as 1993.

So, basically, if we’re already speculating… why not both?

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requested by anon “can I request a scenario where you fight with chan but its super fluffy at the end?? thank u!!!! 😊”

Chan had been busy with his upcoming school dance competition and the both of you hadn’t been hanging out for a few weeks. There were times where you visited and brought food for him during his practices, wishing he would eat and spend time with you. However, he would rush through his meals and stay for barely half an hour before resuming his practices. You felt neglected; as though chan only had eyes for dance. You didn’t tell him about how you had been feeling because it might disrupt him from dance. Without realising, you stopped trying so hard. You didn’t drop by chan’s dance practices, and neither did you bring him food anymore.

“Y/n!” your good friend, jun, called out as he made his way to your table.

“Hey jun,” you glanced at the boy and said without much expressions.

“Why do you look so dead? Where’s your lil boyfriend?” jun asked as he plopped down on the opposite seat.

“Don’t even talk about it,” you rolled your eyes and sighed.

“Why? Did you guys fight?”

“He’s too busy to even fight. Haven’t you seen him so concentrated with dance practices?”

“So I guess he’s also too busy for you?” jun raised his brows.

“Yes, and I’m not even trying to be unreasonable. I understand he has a competition coming up and he needs all the practice but he doesn’t even try to spend whatever time he has with me. I even brought him food during his dance breaks but he barely spends 30 minutes with me? I haven’t seen him for weeks,”

“For weeks? That’s a long time. Did y’all even talk?”

“We just texts,” you let out a deep sigh and continued, “I don’t know, jun. This sucks, and it’s the first time I’ve experienced something like this,”

“It’s okay, I believe your relationship with chan is stronger than you think. After all this, go talk to him. Talk everything out and let him know your feelings,” jun advised. “Now, turn that frown upside down,” he continued and used his fingers to lift the end of your lips into a smile. “You look better like this,”

“Stop being annoying!” you laughed and swatted jun’s hands away.

The both of you were laughing away and didn’t notice chan watching from a far. He ended practice early and wanted to surprise you but ended up seeing you and jun having a whale of a time. Feeling upset, he walked away. That night, to your surprise, he texted and asked if you were free the next day. But you thought he had practice so you’ve decided to hang out with jun. When you told chan about it, he didn’t seem please at all.

“we hardly have time to meet and now that we have, you’ve decided to hang out with your best friend, how nice”

You read his text and neither were you pleased that he was giving you some attitude. It wasn’t your fault that he had dance practices? “the last time i checked, you were the one who didn’t have time for me? why’re you being like this to me when i’ve been trying my best to see you during your break time and making the effort to get you food and all i’ve got was barely an hour with you”

“neither is it my fault that i’m busy?? i thought you’d be more understanding and supportive. i’m doing smth that i love, shouldn’t you be happy for me?”

“i am, that’s why i’ve been trying my best to meet you?? but you don’t seem to realise that it’s hard for me. forget it, just go and dance.”

“what’s so hard about it??”

You threw your phone on the bed not wanting to reply because if you do, you were sure things will not end simply with an argument. You called jun and vented your frustrations as the both of you talked throughout the night.

The next day you headed to school as usual and whenever you saw chan you’d turn to another direction and walk away. You didn’t want to have to deal with this problem at somewhere so public, especially in school. You had lessons as per usual and after school, you waited for jun near the basketball court. You waited for awhile but jun was nowhere to be seen.

“where on earth are you at why are you making me wait so long??” you texted jun and instead of receiving a reply, someone took the seat beside you. You looked up and frowned at the sight of chan.

“I thought I said I’m meeting jun?” you said without much expression.

“He told me everything,” chan looked at you apologetically. It then occurred to you why jun was late - he wasn’t going to come. He told chan how you’ve been feeling especially after that night, and had arranged this meeting. “I’m sorry for being harsh yesterday, I really didn’t mean it. I saw you and jun chatting happily and I thought…”

“Thought?” you asked.

“Thought you didn’t love me as much as before. And I know it’s my fault for not spending time with you for so long,”

“It’s not your fault, chan. It’s not your fault that you have a dance competition and you have to prepare for it. You’re doing something you like, and I’d never stop you from continuing it. It’s just… we haven’t been able to meet and talk properly for some time and whenever I drop by for lunch you’re always in a hurry,”

“I’m sorry it’s been hard on you, but I feel the same too. It sucks to be busy and I realised life is quite boring without you around. I miss how you’d always make me laugh at your silly jokes. I really miss you” chan said as he held your hand. “Why’re you suddenly so cheesy?” you couldn’t help but smile. “I just love you a lot. Oh and dance practices have been scheduled to thrice a week because we’re kinda done so I finally have time for you. And can you continue to bring me lunch? I’ll repay you with my love,”

Seventeen as gifs:

s.coups trying to lead with authority like-

jeonghan: He’d be one to go to great lengths to show how extra™ he is

joshua: praise jisoos™ (lil boy is vernon)

jun: very affectionate… 

hoshi on reality tv:

wonwoo. this speaks to my soul

woozi :(the person who put the extra mic is mingyu)

dk agrees!

mingyu: tall, tan, handsome….. and clumsy

the8: thughao to the rescue

seungkwan: beyonce who? 

vernon the over reaction king

dino: likes watching the “why are they like this” show featuring: his hyungs

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MLT to sing to you when you are sick

Seventeen - mostly like to sing to you when you are sick

Thank you so much for sending in a request.

Most likely to least likely

Joshua, Dk, Seungkwan, Jeonghan- These boys are always singing to you whenever to make you feel better anyway. There’s no reason for them to not sing to you when you are sick, they will have you in their arms and sing you to sleep.

Hoshi, Mingyu- These two boys will cuddle you when you are sick, and when you say you are bored they will start humming a song for you to fill your boredom. They would do it to entertain you for sure

Woozi, Seungcheol, Vernon- Unlike the others, these boys will have to be asked to sing for them to initiate. They will sing because they love you and want you to feel better with their company.

Jun, Dino, Wonwoo, The8- Singing will be difficult for them and when you ask them to sing for you they will still hesitate. They hesitate because they are afraid that you won’t like their singing voice but once you assure them that their voice is comforting, they will be more confident and sing to you.

Thank you so much for sending in this request! Please feel free to send in more request! Everything is welcomed!!

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