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64 + Woozi !

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Title: 64 ~ “You make it really hard to hate you”

Words: 829

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Asdfghjkl it’s my little squish. This boy really kill me and I absolutely love writing about him. I never get enough Woozi requests and the world can always use more of this precious smol child. You guys are probably lowkey tired of hearing me fanigirling about how jihoon is my ultimate bias so i’m gonna stop even though that probably won’t ever happen

She wanted to be mad at him. She really did, but [y/n] knew that way deep down she could never stay mad at her boyfriend. Jihoon usually wasn’t really the one to show aegyo or skinship towards anyone, but when he knew he was in trouble, he knew that it was the only way to get people to crack, especially his girlfriend.

[y/n] always had a weak spot of Jihoon, even before they started dating. Jihoon made her feel all cute and fluttery inside. It was a feeling that she never wanted to let go of and lucky for her, Jihoon was making that wish come true.

It was a stupid reason to be mad at him. Technically it really wasn’t his fault, but she just kind of wished that he had dealt with the situation differently. It was supposed to be their night. Jihoon promised that he would come home early from the studio and would take [y/n] out for a special dinner. Sadly, that never happened. Jihoon didn’t come back until early morning due to the fact that his manager had asked him to stay a couple more hours to help prepare for their new album. He somehow managed to fail to tell his girlfriend about this and left her waiting at home for her boyfriend to come home, which unfortunately never happened. Now, Jihoon was given the day off due to his hard work the night before and wanted nothing more to spend the day with his girlfriend. [y/n] wasn’t having it though and Jihoon felt awful.

He tried just about everything trying to get her to crack. He made her breakfast to which she refused. He helped her out by handing her makeup to her as she got ready for the day. He even did the chores around the house for her so she didn’t have to lift a finger. Sadly, [y/n] still refused to talk to the boy. Jihoon sighed as he sat on the opposite end of the sofa from his girlfriend. [y/n] was curled up under a blanket as she scrolled through her phone. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows as he watched her, still wondering why she hasn’t cracked yet. Usually she would thank him for everything he had done, even when she was mad, but this time was different. There was only one option left. He dreaded it, but he just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend before the chance he had was used up.

Jihoon stood up from his spot on the sofa and crouched down in front of [y/n]. The girl took no notice of her boyfriend and continued to scroll through on her phone. Jihoon cleared his voice in hopes of getting her attention.

“Yah,” He spoke as he looked at her.

[y/n] glanced up and gave him a glare before looking back at her phone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” He said, “Everything just happened so suddenly and I just kind of forgot to text you that I was going to be late.“

[y/n] didn’t say anything and made no sign of interest in what Jihoon had to say. Jihoon groaned and yanked [y/n]’s phone out of her hands and slipping it into his pocket. [y/n] was about to protest but remembered that she was on non speaking terms with her boyfriend, so she remained silent and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Now that I got your attention, will you please listen to me?” He asked.

[y/n] shook her head no and covered her ears to show her boyfriend that she was serious about this.

“Aish, why do you have to be so childish!” He exclaimed as he ran his fingers through his hair, “It looks like you leave me no choice.”

Jihoon made sure [y/n] was watching as he jutted his bottom lip out and formed a small pout, his pink lips full and eyes filled with sorry. His face looked that of a puppy.

[y/n] clenched her jaw together as she watched her boyfriend pout at her. Jihoon then grabbed [y/n]’s hands and began to swing them back and forth slightly.

“[y/n], you know that I am very truly sorry,” He started, “What more do you need me to do to prove to you that I want to make it up to you?”

[y/n]’s face tembled as she watched him. It was harder than she thought trying to keep a straight face as her boyfriend performed aegyo for her.

“[y/n], please?” He asked with the saddest puppy dog eyes.

[y/n] sighed as she let out a breath that she was holding in.

“You really make it hard for me to hate you,” She said as she looked at her boyfriend.

Jihoon smiled slightly as he squeezed her hands gently.

“I knew I could get you to crack!” He said excitedly.

[y/n] rolled her eyes and pulled her dorky boyfriend on the sofa next to her.

“Just shut up and cuddle me you loser.”