What Seventeen should dress as for Halloween (Animated characters)


JEONGHAN *Prince Adam from Beauty & the Beast*


WOOZI *AANG the Last Airbender*

WONWOO *L from Death Note*


HOSHI *CHAT NOIR from  Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir*

DK *Tadashi from Big Hero 6*

MINGYU *Aladdin~*

THE8 *Dopey from Snow White*

SEUNGKWAN *Russell from Up*

VERNON *Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty*

DINO *Sosuke from Ponyo*

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm not sure if you've done this before, but what cute (?) names do you think seventeen would like to be called? (i.e. honey, babe, etc.) :)

Seungcheol: kitten
Jeonghan: honey
Joshua: sweetie
Jun: baby girl
Hoshi: love
Wonwoo: babe
Jihoon: baby
Seokmin: sunshine
Mingyu: some cheesy name like sweet cheeks
Minghao: babe (classic)
Seungkwan: pumpkin
Vernon: Baby
Dino: my love