Omegaverse AU with Dino, Yamamoto, Mukuro, Squalo (nsfw) 

this is very nsfw 


You hadn’t expected to have your heat hit you so soon. Usually you were so careful about timing and always managed to get home before heat week started. Being an unclaimed omega who worked with multiple alphas on a daily basis, it was honestly surprising you hadn’t been forcefully taken yet. However, it seemed that today was not your lucky day.

Your surroundings started to blur as your body started to heat up and it was beginning to be hard to keep yourself steady as you tried (and failed) to get to someplace where you could stay until your heat resided enough to be able to be taken home. 

It certainly didn’t help that you were in the home of an unbonded alpha, the head of the Cavallone family, Dino. (Who was not a bad catch, but what alpha wasn’t?) You did have a crush on him for a long time, ever since you first saw him a few years back. Nothing had changed since then.

Suddenly, you were grabbed by your arm harshly, and were dragged into a the door closest to you. You couldn’t focus at all, but you felt your shirt being ripped off and hands squeezing and touching all of your body. It felt so good.

Letting out a loud moan, you threw your hands around the persons neck, inhaling the scent of the alpha.

“Oh god, please please please-” You panted, and a growl emitted from the man. The contact of the soft bed made you look up at the alpha, and you realized it was Dino as he pulled off his button shirt hastily, his pants already tenting in anticipation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you what you need soon, darling.” Dino smirked at you, and you saw his eyes scan over you hungrily as he undid his black slacks. You felt yourself get wetter with the anticipation, and you moaned against the sheets once you rolled onto your stomach.

“Mine, mine, mine…” He whispered into your neck as thrusted in. “Why don’t you be mine forever, [Name]?…” 

You moaned loudly at his words, and felt his knot start to swell. You were now mates forever.


There was no doubt that Yamamoto was the perfect alpha. He was strong, dependable, and loyal. It was a no brainer that all types of omegas would be throwing themselves at him when heat week started to creep up. Even though, as seen with past heats, Yamamoto would always decline all of them.

You never thought that you would ever get a chance with someone like Yamamoto. It just didn’t happen to omegas like yourself. The world just didn’t work that way.

So, instead, you just sat back and watched as the girls and boys alike crowded around Yamamoto. Everyone was outside for physical education today, and of course it had to on the hottest day of the summer it seemed. You fanned yourself with your hand, feeling a bit nauseous at the heat.

“[Name]? I need a favor from you…” You looked up and the P.E. teacher was staring down at you with a pile of baseball bats in his hands. 

“Could you bring these down to the storage room? It doesn’t seem like anybody is going to use them anytime soon.” He threw a tired glance at the swarm of people surrounding Yamamoto. Nodding, y+ou took the bats from him and started on your way to the storage room, but, for some reason, your legs started to feel like jelly and it was a bit hard to walk.

“Oh! I’ll help, [Name]~” Yamamoto laughed as he pushed through the crowd of people. He jogged up to you and took half of the bats from your grasp. While you were grateful, you didn’t want to trouble the alpha at all. 

“Ah, it’s okay. There’s not that many…” Your complaint fell on deaf ears as Yamamoto started to walk ahead of you towards the storage room. You managed to catch up to him, and you walked in silence the rest of the way. The nervous butterflies in your gut only got worse as you noticed the sideways glances Yamamoto was throwing your way. It made you feel hot.

Once you arrived at the storage room, Yamamoto opened the door for you. You walked into the air-conditioned room and felt relieved at the cool air. The weird part about it, though, was the you felt even hotter than before. You didn’t realize what was happening until your legs gave out and Yamamoto caught you before you hit the ground. His hands touching you made a shudder run down your spine.

Oh god, your heat was beginning.

It isn’t uncommon for heats to begin early. Everyone was different and that only meant that heats would start whenever the person was ready. It just never happened to you before.

As you started to feel the “preparation” seep out of you, Yamamoto stiffened and his grip on your arms was definitely going to leave bruises. All you could smell and feel was Yamamoto, and you let out a moan when he was suddenly sucking and licking at your neck. Your hands balled up in Yamamoto’s shirt as he laid you down on the concrete floor. The coolness of the floor made you arch up into Yamamoto’s hands as he ran them up and down your body.

“I’ve always wanted this with you, [Name]…” It didn’t seem possible that you could moan any louder, but you did. To think that Yamamoto had wanted you… it made you feel like you were about to pass out from pure bliss.

Yamamoto suddenly flipped you over on your belly, ripping your bottoms off in a flash. You heard his belt jingle as he undid his pants and gripped your thighs. You shivered in anticipation, and before you could even register it, Yamamoto leaned over and bit your neck. Feeling his teeth sink in, you knew what this meant.

You were now his forever.


It was stupid to think that you could hide something like being an omega from Mukuro. He knew you were lying as you told Tsuna that you were a beta, his eyes laughing at you from the shadows he was surrounding himself in. The only reason that you were even thinking about lying was because you knew how people looked down on omegas, as if they were a lowly species that threw themselves at anyone who offered sex to them. You just didn’t want to be discriminated against.

But, as the months rolled on, it became apparent that Mukuro wasn’t going to let your secret slip. It was probably for his amusement; keep you on edge and he would laugh at the sidelines. That’s what you told yourself, but Mukuro seemed to have other plans.

You were sent on a mission with Mukuro a few days before your heat was scheduled to start. You had managed to get time off, “family event” was the excuse you used, and everything was all set. It was a bit risky to go someplace with both an unbonded alpha and omega. But, with everyone thinking you were a beta, there wasn’t much you could do.

“Wait, we are not sharing a hotel room, right?” You asked, you eyes wide as you stared in disbelief at Mukuro as he checked you both in. You heard something about a two bed suite and an upgrade. 

“Yes, well, Vongola thought we deserved something nicer.” His smirk made you have a suspicion that he had some part in changing the layout.

“I don’t think you realize what might happen if we share-” You started, but Mukuro soon cut you off.

“Whatever could you be talking about, [Name]” His mocking voice made you glare at him. Whatever, you thought, nothing will happen

Once you both entered the elevator, you felt Mukuro bump into your shoulder on your way up to the fifth floor. The contact left a tingling feeling in your arm, and you felt yourself swallow thickly. Mukuro’s presence made you more aware suddenly. You could feel him touching you, even after he pulled away. You rubbed at your arm to chase away the feelings.

The door dinged and the two of you went to find your room. Room 152. Mukuro slid the key into the door and it dinged to life. He swung the door open and you both entered. The one thing that jumped out to you was that there was only one bed.

“Are you serious?” You looked down at him as he sat on the edge of the bed. Mukuro didn’t say anything, the look he gave told you to drop it. Rolling your eyes, you set your bags on the other side of the bed, towards the window.

“I’m going to go scope out the perimeter.” You stated, before hurrying out of the room. Before you let the door close, you heard Mukuro murmur. “Have fun~”

Leaving the room was the only way to get out of his suffocating presence. You both needed some space apart before something got out of hand.

Later, you arrived back in the room. You hadn’t found anything suspicious around the hotel, so, much to your dismay, you had to return to the hotel room. You opened the door, ready to report.

“Mukuro, I’m back-” A wave of pheromones suddenly struck you, making your legs give out from underneath you. Mukuro was there, glaring at you, his heavy breathing echoing throughout the room. 

“You know, I’m sick and tired of this. I’m not playing around anymore, [Name].” He panted, as he pulled you off the floor. You realized then that his rut had started, and it triggered your heat to start once you smelt it. 

You were suddenly thrown onto the bed, with Mukuro hovering over you. A cruel smirk slowly spread across his face as he gradually ran his hand from your stomach to your chest. The contact made you arch up into his hand and moan.

“Please, Mukuro…” You begged, your body so hot and throbbing for him. The wetness started to pool between your legs, wanting to be filled. 

“Don’t worry, [Name], I’ll take care of you…forever.” He nosed along your neck, before biting down harshly. Pleasure surged through you as you let out one long moan. Once you felt his knot start to emerge, you knew this wouldn’t be over for a long time.


When Squalo offered - more like stated - that he would be your heat partner, it was something you never expected. It always seemed as if the alpha male hated you. He always left the room when you entered, and always seemed on edge whenever you talked.

Maybe he only wanted to be your partner because you were both available? You never had an alpha partner before, and he never kept his omegas around for long. Despite the happy feeling that you felt at being desired, you really didn’t want to only be wanted because you were easy.

Although, having a heat partner doesn’t happen often, so why not this time? It didn’t seem like it would hurt anyone (besides yourself a little). The world was not a fairy tale, and finding a mate was not as easy as the books made it. So, you resigned yourself to the loveless sex and decided that it wouldn’t be the end of the world, even if you did want more. 

“Voi! I thought I scared you away.” He smirked at you as you walked into is bedroom. Setting your bags down, you shot him a brief glance over your shoulder. “I was under the assumption I didn’t have a choice.”

Squalo’s eyes narrowed at you, but you ignored him. You really didn’t want to deal with him if he got mad at your little joke. Finding the bathroom, you went in, but not before shouting, “Let me borrow your shower for a bit.” 

Once you were done getting ready, you used a towel to dry your hair. But, you noticed that Squalo was sitting on the bed, his eyebrows furrowed as he contemplated something. His head perked up as he noticed you walk out. Before you could say anything, Squalo shot up from the bed and grabbed upir wrist.

“Shall we get started?” He threw you on the bed, letting you bounce a few seconds before he crawled on top of you. His silver hair pooled around you as  he started to rip off the clothes from your body. You could tell his alpha side was emerging as he got angrier at your shirt before just ripping it in half, exposing your chest. Your body started to get warm and your breathing a little ragged. 

“You know,” Squalo started as he rubbed his hands over your chest, squeezing tightly, no doubt leaving hand marks. The contact made the hot feeling spread throughout your whole body, and you whined a bit. “I want you more than you’ll ever know.”

His confession made you moan loud. It was no doubt that omegas liked to be sweet talked. Your heat was just beginning, but you were already so ready to be taken by the alpha. 

“Ever since I saw you, looking so innocent and pure, I wanted to taint you and make you mine.” You let out a groan from the pleasure of his nails running down the front of your chest. Everything just felt so good, as if you were in heaven. 

He took your thighs and spread your legs. Squalo situated himself between them, getting ready. The position made you realize that this wasn’t the normal and basic heat position. As you tried to roll over onto your stomach, Squalo put a hand on your belly, keeping you still.

“We will have plenty of time to do that. I want to savor this…” He grinned wickedly as he finally had himself in you. You felt relieved to finally be filled, but the heat surrounding you was not going away anytime soon. After a few moments of pure bliss, his knot started to form, and you felt him sink his teeth into your shoulder. It felt as if you were finally complete.

SVT reacting to memes of themselves
  • <p><b>S.Coups:</b> They spelled "thick" wrong who raised these kids.<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> *saw that we used to a bad pic of him and left*<p/><b>Joshua:</b> I've only mentioned church like twice in four years what the what guys.<p/><b>Jun:</b> DID THE LOGO REALLY BLOCK MY FACE EVERY TIME I'M FUCKIN SUING<p/><b>Hoshi:</b> Why didn't I think of these???<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Why are they calling me "emo"? Do they mean Elmo? I like Elmo.<p/><b>Woozi:</b> Listen you lil shits<p/><b>DK:</b> I do have volume control! I just don't use it.<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> My parents sent me hand sanitizer for my birthday because of this.<p/><b>Minghao:</b> I was literally seven leave me alone.<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> I'M AN EMOTIONAL PERSON LET ME LIVE<p/><b>Vernon:</b> My childhood adventures weren't meant to be used this way.<p/><b>Dino:</b> We don't go to that hair stylist anymore okay now stop this.<p/></p>