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Dino hcs plz


  • Dino has his fingers in almost any type of crime you can think of, save child and sex trafficking. He is willing to work with families who do that sort of thing, but only if he can’t help it. Any of his subordinates caught participating in such activities are killed.
  • He doesn’t like it when he was to get rid of subordinates. Most of them are considered family since Dino takes the time to personally meet each one at least once.
  • If any of his men or women are killed while under him, he makes sure that their surviving family is well taken care of. He has college funds set aside for kids of his subordinates, extra if they decide to work for him.
  • Its not easy to join the Cavallone famiglia. Dino changes the procedures to join every other year to make sure that no one tries multiple times to join. The process is incredibly strict.
  • Dino is not above framing other bosses to start family wars to benefit himself. He makes damn sure to cover his tracks and always has a scapegoat if needed.
  • For people who really know Dino well, its easy to tell if he’s having a shit period. He overindulges a little more than usual in booze, women, and occasionally men during this time.
  • Someone tried to give Dino shit for being so close to the Vongola Decimo, who is not even full blooded Italian. No one ever speaks about that man in fear of inciting Dino’s anger.
  • The mafia world cowered one year when Dino’s godchild, the child of one of his closest subordinates, was killed by a rival family. That family was hunted down and killed. Dino had publicly called it “Open Season” for his family.
  • Dino has a couple of rooms set aside in the Cavallone HQ just for Tsuna and his guardians. Its not uncommon to see the Vongola Decimo and company to show up unannounced.
  • If he ever decides to have an S/O, Dino will shower them in love. He’s reluctant at first because he also needs to have them go through the same process of joining his family like everyone else. But his S/O gains the respect and approval of his subordinates when they do so.
  • Dino wants to have daughters only, just so he can spoil them. He’s fine with having sons but he really wants to have pictures of his little girls in cute outfits to carry around and show off to anyone he meets.
Something New pt.2

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Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warning:Swearing,alcohol, and stuff

You were fully asleep and you sleep really well. For some reason you just felt protected and truly loved. You woke up early to shuffling in the kitchen. You look at your phone to see it’s 3:28 am. When you looked at where the nose was coming from, you saw a tall figure. You panicked at first but then quietly called out Chanyeol’s name being that he was the tallest one and no robber would steal a glass of water. 

“C-Chanyeol?” You whispered out to him, yawning in the process because you were exhausted. 

“Oh…Y/n? Sorry did i wake you?” Chanyeol asked as he turned around. Even though there was no light besides the one coming from the fridge, you could tell he was shirtless. You blushed brightly as you shook your head. 

“Kinda but its okay.” You said as you crossed your legs. 

“You feeling better? Or do you want to talk about it?” Chanyeol asked as he was talking about what happened earlier. 

“C-Can we talk about it?” You whispered. The elder nodded as he came sit next to you. He turned on the side lamp allowing you to see his toned and fit body. You blushed softly again as you hold a pillow close to your chest. 

“Take your time…” Chanyeol spoke out as he rubbed your knee softly. You nodded as you swallowed hard. 

“At first he was really nice…then something happened. I don’t know what happened but i just didn’t leave him cause he threatened me.” You started to say softly.

“Well…you don’t have to worry about him anymore” Chanyeol said as he smiled at you. You smiled back as your phone buzzed. You looked at your phone and your heart dropped. 

“What is it?” He asked as he saw your expression. 

“I’m being evicted out of my apartment because my rent was declined.” You said as tears stung your eyes. 

“Hey hey….don’t cry. Everything will be okay y/n.” Chanyeol said as he rubbed your shoulder. After a while you ended up falling back asleep. You woke up again to see all the boys walking out their rooms. You sniffed lightly and smelled some breakfast being cooked. You sat up as you pulled your hair up. 

“Morning y/n” All the boys said. You smiled softly as you looked at all the tired faces. 

“Morning boys.” You chirped. You walked to the front door.

“Where you going?” Sehun asked. 

“Home. I need clothes. I will be back in a few.” You smiled as you started to open the door.  You closed the door quickly so none of the boys can protest. You walk to your apartment quickly worried that they threw out all your stuff. The woman at the counter speaks out. 

“You have a week to move out.” She stated emotionless. You nod as you rush up stairs.

“Y/n is being evicted from her apartment.” Chanyeol said to the boys as they ate breakfast.

“What?!” The boys asked as some of them choked on their food and drinks. 

“I went get some water last night and she told me.” Chanyeol said sipping on his orange juice. 

“Well were is she going to go? She can’t live with her ex and she told me that her parents are in America.” Minseok said as he referred back to what you told him last night.   

“I don’t know…she might have to crash here for a while.” Suho offered. 

“We can’t let her sleep on the couch the entire time.” Baekhyun said pouting. 

“I had no intention to make her. We might have to sleep on the couch here and there.” Chanyeol said as he ruffled his red locks. 

“But she is stubborn and we all know she wont sleep in our bed.” Chen pointed out and all the boys nodded, knowing it was true. 

“I’ll call our boss.” Suho said getting up.

You sit in your apartment crying into your hands as you felt your world crash around you. You remember you had some left over weed from a few weeks ago. You roll some up as you start smoking.

“Maybe i can forget….”You said to yourself. You finish your smoke as you hear the door rattle. 

“For fuck sake-!” You yelled but stopped when you saw all the boys.

“Hey…you-….what is that smell?” Chanyeol said with a disgusted face. 

“Weed. Give her a break.” Yixing said as he walked in the apartment. You blushed out of embarrassment. 

“Why are you guys here…how did you find me?” You asked as you looked at them confused. 

“Chanyeol told us…and we are bringing you home to the dorm.” Suho said as Minseok and Kai brought in some boxes to fill. You shook your head as you knew you wouldn’t be able to stop them. 

“Thanks guys…” You said smiling as you start to pack up all your clothes. 

Good news; You got everything packed up. Bad new; It was 1:28 am and yall were all starving. Your ordered 2 large pizzas as you sit on your floor.  

“I can’t thank you guys enough.” You smile as you twirl a strand of hair around your finger. 

“Its nothing.” Chen said smiling.

“Says the one that just packed clothes!” Baekhyun yelled as he threw a pillow at Chen. You laid your head on Chanyeol’s lap as you looked back at your exposed tanned legs. The doorbell rang and Kyungsoo went get the pizza. 

“Thanks babe.” You told Kyungsoo as you got some drinks out your fridge. It was a common thing for you to call people nicknames like babe and baby. You look back at what looks like a jealous Chanyeol. 

“Hey red…don’t get jealous.” You said as you referred to Chanyeol’s red locks. 

“I’m not…” He said blushing. 

“Whatever you say Park.” You said laughing as he gave you a dirty look. You brought the drinks back and started to eat. You ended up only eating 2 slices when normally you can eat 4. You stayed awake as some of the boys fell asleep. You grabbed some blankets and covered most of the boys with them. 

“You got it y/n?” Chanyeol asked looking at you. You nod as you lay by him. 

“Thank you for everything Park.” You said as you covered yourself with the blanket.  

“Of course.” He smiled down at you. You reached up to his face and pulled on his ears. 

“Your ears are so cute.” You said smirking as you took in all his defining features. 

“Why do you like my ears?” He asked with a blush creeping on his face. You don’t know what told you to do it but you sat up and whispered in his ear.

“Bigger ears equals more of it for me to bit.” You purred out as you took the top of his ear between your teeth. You were lucky to hear a low groan of pleasure come from him. You pull away from him as you give him a sinful smirk. 

He grabs your face and kisses you softly as he wanted your heart but hungry like he wanted only your body. He picked you up and brought you to were your bed still lied. He threw you down as he took off his shirt. You moan as you see how fit he is. You knew he was fit from pictures online but something was different when you see it in person. He pulls your shirt up to expose your waist. You were scared he was going to not like you because you weren’t stick skinny but that only made him smirk more. He kissed on your waist leaving love bits all around your waist. You blush as he pulled your shirt off and kissed between your breast.

“Your body is beautiful just like your heart.” He whispered in your ear which only made you want him inside you more. 

“Fuck Park.” You moaned as you kept yourself from saying his name. He tugged on your sweat pants as he kissed on your stomach. 

“Just wait…. You be begging my name.” he bet and you pulled him in a deep kiss. He pulled your bottoms off as he left you on the bed naked. He kitten licks your inner thighs. 

“Come on Park-” You were cut off by Chanyeol licking up your core quickly. He stuck 2 digits in you causing you to moan loudly. Chanyeol leans over your body, his fingers still inside you, and kisses you roughly to muffle your moans. He pumped his fingers in and out of you as he groaned into the kiss. You want him inside you so bad that you pull yourself away from him and make him lay on his back. You rid him of all his clothes as you leave love bits down his neck. 

“N-Not right there…they will see….” he groaned as you kiss down his chest.

“I have makeup.” You pouted as you straddle his waist. You lean down to his ear and whispered, “Can i ride you Park Chanyeol?” 

With that he rolled his head back nodding.You let him press into your hot core as you moan. You ride him as both of you near your high.

“Y/n…im close~” he groaned out lowly as he arched his back. 

“N-not yet.” You forced yourself to last as long as you could so you can make the moment last. You nodded your head as you hit your climax almost yelling Chanyeol’s name.

“Ch-chanyeol- fuck-” you sighed as you rested your head on his chest. The two of you got cleaned up and dressed before you walked back to the living room. Everyone was asleep except you, Chanyeol, and little ole Sehun. Sehun was awake the entire time you two did your things. He even got off on the noises you were making. What a bad boy. Sehun laid on his side with his eyes shut. 

‘If only i looked like i was awake,, i could have got some action too.’ He thought to himself. He mentally shook his head as he tried falling asleep. Soon, everyone was asleep. Let us see what goes on in the morning.


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Here is pt.1 : https://all-dem-fandoms.tumblr.com/post/160425087738/something-new


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