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You will fuck up (and that’s okay)

Looking back on my freshman year of college, one thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve messed up quite a bit. Yes my friends, the version of myself that started college last September and thought had everything figured out was wrong.

Let me tell you some of my fuck ups:

  • Picking classes that are way too hard. Yes, I was pretty smart in high school. No, that didn’t mean that I was the shit and that I could take really hard classes without struggling. Funny thing is that no one teaches you how to make a college schedule until its registration week and you figure it out alone.
  • Hooking up with the wrong person. Hook up culture is something that could fill posts and posts by itself. In my experience one of the people gets into it while the other doesn’t and it gets slightly messy. Or you hook up with one of your friends and it gets weird. But fret not, giving things time makes everything go back to normal.
  • Gaining weight. The freshman 15 are totally real, brought to you by pretty bad dinning hall food that will make you slightly plumper.
  • Making friends. You meet a million people the first few weeks that you begin college. You will probably make a decision in trusting someone and then regret it. On the other hand you will judge someone and months later realize that you wasted time of building a fantastic friendship.
  • Getting overstressed. I myself have had a couple of mental breakdowns during this school year, mainly because I was kind of homesick at the start and then it became more of a “shit I don’t have time to do everything im supposed to”.’
  • Believing everyone is happier than they are. You will see people that look like are super happy and know what they are doing at all times. It can feel really isolating, but I promise you are not the only one struggling, we are all human and all go through tough times.

So these, my dear friends are some of the things that I’ve messed up my freshman year. I’m not trying to say that you will too. All i’m saying that if you do, its okay! 

Freshman year is the year you get to make mistakes, you will learn and grow so so much because of them. Don’t let people convince you that you are supposed to know what you are doing, you are a freshman, its your job to be confused. Enjoy it while that lasts.

anonymous asked:

I hope I'm not asking to much but could u do a romantic percabeth story please your writing is amazing. I really love your work😍

Aw, thank you anon!

  • Annabeth stared at the tattoo on her wrist that was there since the day she was twelve. It read 03/06/16 on the top line and 19:21 below that. That was today, she hoped. Or it could be June 3rd. Hopefully the universe isn’t cruel. 
  • She picked out her outfit carefully since today would be the day she would meet her soulmate, hopefully. 
  • She heard the story how her mother and father met, bumping into each other as they studied for their finals in college in the library. Annabeth hoped for something like that. 
  • After getting dressed in a gray skirt and a light blue blouse, she went to class. She had time before seeing her soulmate, but she wanted to look nice anyways just in case she couldn’t get home.
  • Seven o’clock. She had to get to seven before she could see her soulmate. It was going to drive her crazy all day. The was the only think that she hated about having this tattoo. She knew when she was going to meet him or her. 
  • She tried to picture what they would be like. But it was hard. Ideally, she would like someone funny, caring, loyal, and someone who would love her. 
  • But the thing was, she didn’t know what she would be doing at seven. Could she be getting dinner in the dinning hall? Would she be walking back to her dorm? What if she just walked past them? 
  • No, i will not walk past my soulmate. I will not be soulmateless. She told herself. 
  • But her stomach was in knots and her heart was thumping loudly. She wanted it to be seven twenty-one. She wanted to know how she was going to meet them. She wanted to know what they looked like. 
  • “You’re driving yourself insane.” She whispered as she looked at her phone that read 7:16pm. “You’ll meet them.”
  • She looked at her homework that was spread out in the cubical that she claimed in the library. So much work she had to do and little time to do it. 
  • She glanced at her phone, 7:18. Three more minutes. Three more minutes until the love of her life was suppose to meet her. She tapped her pencil with anticipation.
  • Her eyes scanned the papers in front of her but nothing was sinking in. Her heart was in her throat. She thought she couldn’t breathe. 
  • She looked at her phone again, 7:20. One more minute. 
  • A guy walked by her and went into the cubical next to hers that was empty. Possibly her soulmate? She couldn’t think straight. 
  • Why did the universe have to do this to her? Make her go crazy the day of meeting her soulmate. It was cruel.
  • “Excuse me?” She heard from in front of her. Annabeth looked up and saw a guy with green eyes, dark black hair, and tanned skin looking at her. “Do you mind not tapping your pencil? It’s a bit distracting.”
  • “Oh, yeah. Sorry.” She glanced at her phone, 7:21. 
  • “You okay? You look pretty anxious for someone who is suppose to be studying.” He told her. 
  • She sighed and put down her pencil. “It’s the stupid tattoo.”
  • “Is today suppose to be the day you meet your soulmate?” He asked, very curious to hear her answer.
  • “Yeah. I was suppose to meet them.” She replied. “At 7:21.” 
  • The guy held up his sweatshirt covered arm and pulled it back a bit to show her his wrist. It was the same exact thing on hers. 
  • Annabeth stared at the guy in front of her in shock. This was her soulmate. The story how they met was that he asked her to stop tapping her pencil. How pathetic.
  • “I’m Percy.” He smiled at her, reaching over to shake her hand. 
  • “Annabeth.” She replied, shaking his hand. Even this felt a bit weird. Soulmates were suppose to clique and fall in love. Not shake hands.
  • “Want to grab some dinner? I’m starving.”
  • “Sure.” She replied, packing up her things. 
  • Her soulmate was right in front of her and all her nerves were washed away. But why didn’t feel right?
  • Maybe she romanticized the whole thing. Maybe it took time to learn about their soulmate and love was to follow. Then again they were strangers.
  • Annabeth followed Percy to the dinning hall where they got food and sat down across from each other. Percy was nervous, his body language showed that. 
  • But in throughout that dinner conversation, Annabeth could feel herself fall for him. The way he talked about his mother and little sister made her want to meet them. How passionate he was about swimming for the school and how one day, if he could, go to the Olympics. Just listening to him and learning about him made Annabeth fall hard.
  • Hopefully, Percy was too as she talked about herself.