There was a time when the everyday gentlemen could go to his local tailor, and he received advice, not so much on the style of the current fashion, but more so on what he needs to create for his present body shape.

When ready to wear fashion had just started to develop its presence among the apparel industry, it allowed consumers to purchase an item of their choice in their appropriate size. And the customer service was not the sort of the modern day sales theatrics, pushing you to purchase their items based on the popularity, more so, the involvement and attention to detail on what the customer needed, rather than what they were told they needed.  And in the current climate of men’s suiting and apparel, the information and education  seems to be non-existent, and values from the turn of disposable fashion is starting to make its mark in today’s fashion industry.

The challengers we face with RTW (ready to wear) suiting, is that no all men are created equally in shape or size, therefor not all men will fit into a garment off the rack perfectly. In fact, 85% of gentlemen we serve require some sort of alteration to create their perfect look. With advise on hand, and the correct education on what is best suited for the gentlemen, (no pun intended) we are able to maintain the affordability that ready to wear offers. And not all men do fit a ready to wear, many quite frankly need a MTM or Bespoke garment, which unfortunately comes with a price tag. However,

the bespoke suit allows the customer to really iron out any flaw the RTW garment may in tale. It may be that you yourself have an issue with shoulders on a jacket, and how they fall off your shoulder, or maybe the sleeve width is too wide and baggy because you had to move up a size to cater for your chest. Whatever the grievances may be there is a solution for you. And the fit of a garment, is the final touch on the overall look. 

So when you are purchasing your next item, whether it be a suit or shirt, make sure you are asking the right questions. How much are alterations? What can be adjusted to the garment? How can I improve the fit of my garment with spending on a bespoke item?

To whatever issues you may have with the fit of your garment make sure the sales person or consultant is properly trained in their trade. It could cost you more money in alterations later on than you may have anticipated.

If you have any questions regarding how to best fit your suit or if you need some advice on anything clothing related, please send us an email.



On a day in November, on the rails ready to be collected by a customer was this Vegas Blue Tuxedo. And as it was custom made, rarely a suit like this comes through our doors. It was only by chance that the suit wasn’t being collected until late that day and my friend/model Sean had a couple hours spare before going holiday. 

With only a matter of hours to make something happen, I drove around searching for a suitable location. Luckily, after a bit of persuading and the excuse that I buy a drink or two, we were given permission to shoot in The Bell, Bicester. 

This was probably my 5th out of studio photo shoot and without the use of additional lighting, all natural shots. And yeah. It went great!