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As a person with many family members with various mental illnesses, I'm going to side with you. My cousin who has a mentat disability does not enjoy being called stupid. The same way my aunt doesn't enjoy it when her daughter is called stupid. My schizophreniac cousin doesn't enjoy being called crazy. Yeah he may make fun of it sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have the right to do so. Respecting them mean a lot more to them. They just want to fit in and laughing at them doesn't help! Sorry.

And here’s the thing about using those ableist words as insults- it says that being disabled is inherently a terrible thing, that it invalidates your thoughts and opinions to be disabled, that to call an abled person disabled is to insult them. 

If you’re talking to someone and you say “oh my god, you’re just insane, stop.” What that says is that you don’t think a person with a mental illness needs to be listened to. If you call someone the R-slur, then you say that having a disability like that means that your thoughts and opinions don’t matter.

Using ableist language as an insult demands that you view the disabled as lesser. 

And that’s not something that I’m cool with, on any level, at all.

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Hi! I love your art and I wanted to ask you what some of your artistic influences/role models are. Also, have you ever done formal art training at a school, and if so what was your experience like? Keep up the good work!

THIS IS ACTUALLY FROM DINNERAT4AM I JUST RESENT IT TO MYSELF SO I COULD ANSWER IT AS AN ASK INSTEAD OF A SUBMISSION i didn’t ask myself this in a fit of narcissism and forgot to click the anonymous button

God no I have had pretty much no formal training and I think it kinda shows. I go to school for biology! We have no visual art programs at my university at all so I couldn’t even take any on the side. The art programs in middle/high school were kind of bad; the teacher I had for 11 & 12 told me digital art wasn’t Real Art because computers made things too easy and she couldn’t prove that I hadn’t stolen a picture off the internet if I handed in an assignment done digitally, even though she knew me and what my work looked like lmao. The only year I can safely say I learned anything in art class was grade 10 because my teacher that year was great and I actually wanted to do good in class because he was great, unlike every other year where I just wanted to get shit over with. Sometimes I still have dreams where I am in like grade 11 and I have to hand in a sketchbook that is completely blank because I did not want to do anything and skipped class the entire year. In grade 6 or 7 or something I took some drawing classes at the art gallery with a bunch of people who were way older than me and I drew a lot of still life and dragons. Some other time I don’t remember there were some Bob Ross style oil painting classes at the local Michael’s so I went to those sometimes and now there are a lot of canvases of happy trees and mountains hanging in my house. I learned to draw trees from watching Mr. Dressup. I still think of Mr. Dressup when I draw trees. That is the extent of any art education I have.

tl;dr I’m pretty much self-taught on anime and video games. It is my deep dark secret. I had literally no one around me growing up who was an artist I could look up to and learn from and nobody to expose me to the grand masters of the art world. If I ever have kids who seem to be artistically inclined I swear to god this will not be their experience and I don’t exactly know how I would go about making it easier for them than it was for me without being pushy and terrible but I WOULD. SOMEHOW.

I don’t know where my influences really come from. I know I started off drawing dinosaurs and trees because I liked those a lot and eventually graduated to dragons before I found ANIME and Rurouni Kenshin lmao. One thing I do really like is woodland style art and I’m not sure if it shows because I don’t feel like it’s mine to take? But I love the curves and the thick lines and the bright colours and the flatness. I know that flatness is also a problem I kind of have, though, and maybe it’s kind of a style trait at this point but it feels like a mistake. I admit to having a lot of problems with visualising stuff in 3D and I don’t know why???? In the past my colours have also been muddy as fuck but I am trying very hard to get better at it and stop cheating with filters. I don’t think I have used a filter since December and I’m pretty sure most of the pictures I am actually proud of were done by picking colours manually and using low opacity washes. And I can say for certain I want to be Gigi DG and Amei Zhao when I grow up in terms of colour mastery. PurpleKecleon also does some neat things with it, although her lineless style isn’t really a direction I want to go in. Also I don’t have the space or supplies for watercolour but I LOVE WATERCOLOUR and I try to keep the look of things I do digital but with more of an organic traditional watercolour feel to it.

I also like birds and fish. They are really nicely coloured things. I follow so many bird and fish and nature blogs. I don’t know if this is especially relevant to the question but my favourite blog on tumblr is the unfortunately-named abandonedporn blog, which is actually a blog that posts really awesome pictures of derelict buildings and ruins and no nude people at all.

My current style works good enough for fanart and junk but sometimes I hate it a lot because it isn’t stylistic and weird enough to fit with how I imagine my original stuff to be. An anon asked about a week ago if I was going to make a comic with this worldbuilding I had—a long with some other really nice things and I’m extremely bad at taking compliments so I got embarrassed and kept it in my inbox instead of responding—and aside from the obvious issues with time and due dates that I have, I just don’t think I’m a good enough artist yet to pull off everything I want to do with it visually. I want something that looks more like cartoony ink paintings and reminiscent of the mid-19th century, with occasional segues into psychedelia which gradually become more frequent and invasive as the story goes on; something that could conceivably slip under the radar until you go back to early chapters and realise it wasn’t always that way. I think that kind of subtle progression would be a cool thing to see in a comic—and that a comic is one of the only mediums where you can pull a trick like that—and I haven’t seen it. Probably because it’s hard to do and also because it runs the risk of being extra pretentious. I hope the fact that a) everything I draw just ends up being inoffensively cute and b) the MC shares his MBTI personality type with Leslie Knope will offset all this pretentious stuff I want to do though haha.

i wrote an essay that i can’t put under a readmore i’m sorry everyone. also i’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while, it’s just that i haven’t drawn anything worth posting. if u want to see anything send me a request especially with regards 2 bloodbent. i still have one persona 4 thing i want to draw before i do that though, and i should have finished it for the 21st but i am terrible so i didn’t

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"Ableism", that's rich. You know that people with actual mental illness don't give a rats ass about people using words like "dumb", "retard", and "mental case" right? A good number of them actually enjoy mocking their affliction as a means of coping. People like you with your ridiculous pearl-clutching over such innocuous insults don't spread awareness and instill compassion, you actually do the opposite and create apathy and weariness over the matter of mental illness in societ y.

Really now? And I suppose that you are an expert spokesperson for all disabled people ever, and that your gold plated opinion instantly makes it ok for everyone to use those words without any reservations ever. Because language never has any impact on marginalized communities. 

Thanks for that. Sure does clear some stuff up for me.