Taste With Your Eyes : Dinner On Ludlow @ The DL

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This small private dinner showcase was a nice pleasant calm in the evening.  While the lower part of the DL was adequate enough to fit maybe 100 people it was probably only 30 at most in attendance.  This gave the event a nice private feel but not feel like we were the only ones there.  

Drinks were strong and tasty:

  • Cucumber Martini ? - very delicious and went down way too smooth…
  • Ludlow Barge - sweet but at least had an alcohol bite to it.
  • Lychee something ? - made with a raw egg so had a nice frothy feel to it.
  • Didn’t try the 4th….

Food was passed out appetizer style along the lines of Stanton Social but thankfully we didn’t need to swarm the waiters.  The whole time, food was well in stock and we were fine just standing still and having servers coming up to us.  This was a joy :)

Tasty ! 

  • Braised lamb on a spoon
  • Sweet but spicy meatballs
  • Fois gras
  • Cheesecake  

Send it back !

  • Smore / Brownie concoction 
  • Salad
  • Onion / marmalade thingy on a cracker?

- Zero