Taste With Your Eyes : Dinner On Ludlow @ The DL

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This small private dinner showcase was a nice pleasant calm in the evening.  While the lower part of the DL was adequate enough to fit maybe 100 people it was probably only 30 at most in attendance.  This gave the event a nice private feel but not feel like we were the only ones there.  

Drinks were strong and tasty:

  • Cucumber Martini ? - very delicious and went down way too smooth…
  • Ludlow Barge - sweet but at least had an alcohol bite to it.
  • Lychee something ? - made with a raw egg so had a nice frothy feel to it.
  • Didn’t try the 4th….

Food was passed out appetizer style along the lines of Stanton Social but thankfully we didn’t need to swarm the waiters.  The whole time, food was well in stock and we were fine just standing still and having servers coming up to us.  This was a joy :)

Tasty ! 

  • Braised lamb on a spoon
  • Sweet but spicy meatballs
  • Fois gras
  • Cheesecake  

Send it back !

  • Smore / Brownie concoction 
  • Salad
  • Onion / marmalade thingy on a cracker?

- Zero

5 of the Best Dance Clubs in NYC
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New York City is known for the spectacular nightlife it has to offer and it is no stranger to dance clubs. We have chosen 5 of the hottest dance clubs in NYC to highlight that fact in this article. Each venue has something unique to make for a truly amazing event where you can dance like no one is watching!

The DL

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The DL is one of New York’s hottest dance clubs. This multi-level venue is great for any party or event because of its versatility. The top floor is a retractable rooftop space with room for up to 400 guests to break a move! Music can be played by a DJ or via an IPOD and the space is also equipped with an HD video wall that truly transforms the rooftop into a magnificent dance floor. There are two other levels to complement the third floor dance party; the sexy Red Room on the second floor ideal for birthday parties, and the main dining area for Dinner on Ludlow, ideal for up to 150 guests. Both the first and second floor have the ability to play music through an IPOD adapter or by having a DJ. If you’re looking for a dance club that can do it all, you will not go wrong in choosing the DL.



The Hudson Terrace

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The Hudson Terrace is a modern, up scale night club perfect for dancing till there are holes in your shoes. There are several rooms— The Salon, The Garden Terrace, and the Rooftop Garden Lounge— and the best dancing happens in the Rooftop Garden Lounge. This space features a retractable rooftop, glass walled cabanas, and lots of comfortable seating in addition to the spacious dancing area. And don’t forget about the amazing views from this rooftop heaven.



The Empire Hotel Rooftop

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The ultimate sophisticated dance party awaits you at the Empire Hotel Rooftop. Head to the 12th floor of this iconic, Upper West Side hotel for incredible views of the Lincoln Center, delectable bites, and tasty drinks all while you bust a move! This is the perfect venue for anyone who is both classy and sassy. It has also been rumored that the rooftop is going to be getting a make over this year— in the form of a retractable roof— in the hopes of being even more attractive for a multitude of dance parties.


Suite 36

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Suite 36 is a bi-level club that doubles as a sports bar and dance club; it’s a spectacular space designed with everyone
in mind. The spacious ground floor is the perfect area for dancing the night away to the superb music. Suite 36 is the place to be for a laid back night with friends. They have delicious food and a tasty cocktail menu to compliment it. With an abundance of beautiful leather furniture, you can take a seat in between your dancing sprees at this fantastic venue!

Highline Ballroom

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The Highline Ballroom is a unique venue where they are dedicated to providing guests with the best experience possible! This immaculate space offers plenty of room to dance and the stage for live shows makes for an unforgettable experience. Highline Ballroom offers a diverse menu with tasty appetizers like Cracker Jack Jerk Wings, Pulled Pork Buns, and Mahi Mahi Tacos. Don’t miss out on their great drink menus too! Highline Ballroom is a fabulous event space with all the entertainment and dancing room you could hope for!


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