saph asks ✨ ✨ ✨

1. sun sapphic or moon sapphic?

2. ice-cream parlour date sapphic or sushi date sapphic?

3. photobooth sapphic or polaroid sapphic?

4. stargazing sapphic or cloud watching sapphic?

5. eggs on toast sapphic or avocado on toast sapphic?

6. concert sapphic or festival sapphic?

7. flowers sapphic or  love letters sapphic?

8. camping sapphic or cute b&b sapphic?

9. sweet sapphic or sassy sapphic?

10. bunny slippers sapphic or fuzzy socks sapphic?

11. fete sapphic or markets sapphic?

12. brunch sapphic or dinner sapphic?

13. road trip sapphic or airplane sapphic?

14. potted plant sapphic or flower bunch sapphic?

15. surprise sweet texts sapphic  or secret hidden notes sapphic?

16. getting a handmade zine sapphic or getting a painting sapphic?

17. library date sapphic or drive in movie sapphic?

18. witch sapphic or mermaid sapphic?

19. bubble bath sapphic or pool sapphic?

20. mix cd trade sapphic or favourite book trade sapphic?

21. mysterious sapphic or open sapphic?

22. morning sapphic or night owl sapphic?

23. tree climbing date sapphic or video game arcade date sapphic?

24. choc top sapphic or popcorn sapphic?

25. snapchat sapphic or instagram sapphic?

26. botanical gardens sapphic or planetarium sapphic?

27. tea sapphic or coffee sapphic?

28. blanket fort sapphic or pillow fort sapphic?

29. beach sapphic or rainforest sapphic?

30. bra sapphic or bra-less sapphic?

31. hermione sapphic, luna sapphic or ginny sapphic?

32. beanie sapphic or scarf sapphic?

33. space sapphic or history sapphic?

34. make-out session sapphic or cuddle session sapphic?

35. museum sapphic or art gallery sapphic?

36. farmers markets sapphic or second-hand clothes market sapphic?

37. crafternoons sapphic or movie marathon sapphic?

38. watching her hips move sapphic or watching her mouth move sapphic?

39. giggling sapphic or resting bitch face sapphic?

40. make brownies together sapphic or make pasta together sapphic?

41. sloth video sapphic or llama baby video sapphic?

42. face masks sapphic or manicures sapphic

43. lighthouse sapphic or waterfall sapphic?

44. morning walks sapphic or sleeping in sapphic?

45. jacket with pins sapphic or jacket with patches sapphic?

46. leslie knope sapphic or liz lemon sapphic?

47. watch the sunrise sapphic or breakfast in bed sapphic?

48. live music sapphic or live theatre sapphic?

49. karaoke sapphic or bar-hopping sapphic?

50.  gingerbread house decorating sapphic or christmas tree decorating sapphic?

I think The Office season 4 episode 13 “Dinner Party” is the most awkward episode in the whole history of television ever. The secondhand embarrassment in this is just insane I didn’t even know it was possible to be that intense.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please write a fic in which Reggie and his jock friends harass Betty for dating the "weird kid"? Thank you in advance!

I love doing these!

“Elizabeth Cooper, my very favorite blonde.”

Betty cringed at the familiar voice of Reggie Mantle, she looked over to the boy next to her currently holding her hand and carrying her backpack on his shoulder, she knew her boyfriend hated Reggie, and while she saw the way he treated Jughead, Reggie had never done anything to her and she wasn’t raised to be rude (contrary to her incredibly awful mother, Betty Cooper had class.)

So she turned around, moving Jughead with her, as he set his jaw and put on his positively bored expression.

“What’s up Reggie?” She asked politely, squeezing Jugheads hand.

Sure enough, half the football team staggered almost single file behind their captain.

“Nothing much, sweet stuff. How about joining us for some late night tailgating before the big game tonight? I mean you are a vixen now.” He eyed her tiny skirt, his eyes lingering on her legs.

She heard Jughead growl softly from beside her, trying to halt any obnoxious fight that she was sure would happen if this went any further, she shook her head, moving closer to Jughead

“Sorry Reg, me and my boyfriend always spend the few hours before the game together, maybe another time.” She turned around and started walking away when Reggie opened his big mouth one more time.

“Come on Betty, you can’t be serious, you got hot as hell this summer, you don’t have to pretend to be interested in the loner anymore. You can have anyone on the football team, even Mantle the Magnificent. Save the weird kid for.. the other weird kids.” He finished off cockily, high fiving Moose and laughing with the boys.

Jughead instantly felt Betty stiffen and he knew what ever was about to happen, was not gonna be good.

“Bets.. it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, just…”

She whipped around so fast her perfectly in tact ponytail smacked him square in the face.

“Really Reggie? The weird kid? You really think you’re one to talk?” She snorted wickedly, as the boys in front of her watched her wide eyed, almost flinching at the venom coming out of her mouth “you’re the fakest boy in this high school, you hated football, remember that? You used to say "I don’t ever wanna go near that stupid ball, it’s made out of pigskin did you know that?” You wanted to be a veterinarian, you were a vegetarian. You got kicked out of elementary school for smuggling squirrels inside from recess.“

Jughead bit the inside of his cheek, trying desperately not to laugh. Betty meant business and she was not playing around.
While Jughead held in his laughter, the rest of the team was practically crying in hysterics.
But she wasn’t finished

"And you! Moose.” The bulky boy immediately cut off his laugher “you didn’t know how to spell "dinner” until you were 13. So I don’t want to see you laughing at anything this airhead says.“

The muscular boy, nodded quickly ducking His head "yes mam.”

She turned almost too slowly to Reggie again, he was still recovering from her digs

“So before you think of calling my boyfriend "the weird kid” again, you might wanna think back to who helped you hide three stray kittens in his garage when your mom wouldn’t let you keep them. Jughead is the best damn boy in this high school and it would do all of you good to remember that.“ She turned on her heel, connecting hands with jughead again and pulling him along.

He couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as Betty pulled him into the blue and gold office in a huff
"Ridiculous, the way social hierarchies are established so early on in developmental…”

Jughead cut off her rambling by placing a deep, dizzy kiss to her lips.

She pulled back smiling, her eyes foggy and a goofy grin on her face that matched his

“What was that for?” She giggled

He smiled, pressing another kiss to her forehead
“Just for being you, Betty Cooper.”

boruto episode 12: boruto invites mitsuki over to his house for a nice family dinner
boruto episode 13: boruto stops mitsuki from murdering sumire

#Shadowhunters - Important #Malec relationship intervals

These are based on the timeline I constructed based on canon dates and clues from the episodes. It may not be entirely accurate but should do fairly well.



1x04 - Alec and Magnus meet - August 26
1x05 - Magnus calls Alec to ask him out - August 27
1x06 - Alec and Magnus have drinks - August 27/28
1x08 - Alec confides in Magnus/Proposes to Lydia - August 29
1x09 - Magnus learns of Alec’s engagement - August 29/30
1x11 - Magnus defends Izzy in her trial - August 31
1x12 - Alec talks to Magnus at his loft - September 5
         - Alec’s wedding/first kiss - September 7
2x01 - Alec and Magnus fight - September 8
2x01 - Alec apologizes to Magnus - September 9
2x03 - Magnus tends to comatose Alec - September 11
2x05 - Alec goes to Magnus for comfort - September 14
2x06 - First date - September 17
2x07 - First sex - September 20
2x08 - Alec declares his interest in Magnus is permanent - September 20
         - Max’s party - September 21
2x10 - Love declaration - September 27
2x11 - Body swap plot begins - September 29
2x12 - Body swap plot ends - September 30
2x13 - Magnus and Alec fight/make up - October 3-4
2x15 - Magnus confides in Alec - October 10
2x17 - Magnus and Alec’s dinner date/fight - October 13-14
2x18 - Magnus and Alec break up - October 15
2x20 - Magnus and Alec reconcile - October 17


FIRST MEETING (1x04 - August 26, 2016) to…

  • Magnus asking Alec out on a date (1x05): < 1 day
  • Alec deciding to go help Magnus with Luke (1x06): ~1 day
  • Alec confiding in Magnus (1x08) (shirtless Alec convo): ~3 days
  • Magnus walking away after finding out Alec is engaged (1x09): ~3.5 days
  • Magnus helping with Izzy’s trial (1x11): ~5 days
  • Magnus telling Alec what love feels like (1x12): ~10 days
  • first kiss (1x12): ~12 days
  • love declaration (2x10): 32 days (~3.5 weeks)
  • body swap plot (2x12): 35 days (5 weeks)
  • Magnus confiding his past to Alec (2x15): 45 days (~6.5 weeks)
  • break-up (2x18): 50 days (~7 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 52 days (~7.5 weeks)

FIRST KISS (1x12 - September 7, 2016) to…

  • first fight (2x01): < 1.5 days
  • “sleeping beauty” kiss (2x03): ~4 days
  • first date (2x06): ~10 days
  • first sex (2x07): ~13 days
  • love declaration (2x10): ~20 days
  • Magnus confiding his past to Alec (2x15): 33 days (<5 weeks)
  • break-up (2x18): 38 days (~5.5 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 40 days (<6 weeks)

FIRST DATE (2x06 - September 17, 2016) to…

  • first sex (2x07): 2-3 days
  • love declaration (2x10): ~10 days
  • break-up (2x18): 28 days (4 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 30 days (1 month)

FIRST SEX (2x07 - September 20, 2016) to…

  • love declaration (2x10): 7 days
  • Magnus confiding his past to Alec (2x15): 20 days (<3 weeks)
  • break-up (2x18): 25 days (~3.5 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 27 days (<4 weeks)

LOVE DECLARATION (2x10 - September 27, 2016) to…

  • body swap plot (2x12): ~3 days
  • Magnus ordering Alec out of his apartment (2x13): 7 days
  • Magnus confiding his past to Alec (2x15): 13 days (<2 weeks)
  • break-up (2x18): 18 days (~2.5 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 20 days (<3 weeks)

BODY SWAP PLOT (2x12 - September 30, 2016) to…

  • Magnus confiding his past to Alec (2x15): ~12 days
  • break-up (2x18): 16 days (<2.5 weeks)
  • reconciliation (2x20): 18 days (~2.5 weeks)
Osomatsu-San Season 2 Wishlist

I’ve been seeing a lot of these around and I’ve been thinking about making my own. It might be short, and they’re not necessarily in order of what I want the most?? Some of these are jokes too so don’t get ur hopes up

1: More individual focus. Ex: A day with Todomatsu and his girl friends, Osomatsu playing pachinko, Karamatsu walking around, etc.

2: The world from Jyushimatsu’s perspective??? Or at least some insight into his thoughts??? Like a dream or his imagination??

3: A Valentine’s Day episode where they’re all bitter like the manga chapter. More holiday episodes in general.

4: The opposite of the kerosene episode where the air conditioning dies on a hot day

5: Ichimatsu and his cat friends, in the style of a soap opera drama.

6: Totoko turns into an actual fish/Totoko switches brains with a fish. This somehow makes her the famous idol that she’s always wanted to be. But she’s also a fish???

7: A Dekapan-centered episode. He’s SCIENCE MAN

8: How Choromatsu got into idols in the first place?? Do we get an explanation?? If there’s any info out there please link it to me

9: Iyami does more things besides being poor and sheehing. Like his taxes.

10: Atsushi? Either him or a new character, Todomatsu gets a rival and his brothers eventually replace Todomatsu because he’s so charming and elegant. Todomatsu must prove he’s the Ultimate Brother™ in a fight to the death

11: Choromatsu punches Nyaa-chan’s husband


13: Hatabou getting a Hata-friend

14: Another group of neet Sextuplets move in to the same city. Shenanigans ensue x6 combob. Either that or fake sextuplets hired by Iyami’s ass try to steal their fame.

15 (AKA a bunch of scenarios not long enough to carry an entire episode) : A cooking show scenario. A hospital drama scenario. A pirate scenario. Something like project runway. A game show??? I’d love to see that. The diqq quiz in episode 3 was gold. But I want M O A R. Pranks.

Let me know what y'all think. Or if my ideas suck. I’m sure you’ll let me know :^)

I FORGOT SOME. Someone reminded me but I think Homura should definitely return even if once!!! And Osomatsu doing ballet when he was little should be brought back too. I want to see him dance.

Dating Bryson would include..

1.) ass grabbing (a lot)
2.) late night walks around the city
3.) deep conversations
4.) watching basketball together
5.) arguing
6.) I’m sorry sex
7.) morning sex
8.) shower sex
9.) baby making sex
10.) private photoshoots
11.) smoking weed while listening to drake
12.) helping him with his music
13.) making dinner together
14.) your parents hating him
15.) you getting jealous
16.) him being protective
17.) daddy kinks
18.) dirty texting
19.) him catching off guard photos of you
20.) constant roasting
21) hair grabbing during sex
22.) you leaving scratches on his back

Sehun Masterlist

Originally posted by worship-exo

** - Means Smut

Fics: Cold Front*
The Stranger
Just Stop
Couch Cuddles
Good Morning*
Body Worship*
Ride It Out*
Late for Dinner*
3, 8, 13, 15, 31, 38*
Treat You Better
Comeback Look*
Baby Boy*
The Eve*
Wedding Night*
Unlocked Doors*
Las Vegas*
The Stylist* Part 2*
Sick Days
Touch Me*
Fan Encounter*
Bubble Tea

SuHun Threesome*
Beach Date
Green Aesthetic
ChanHun Cuddles
LayHun Threesome*
Sign Of The Times
Family Lazy Sunday
Secret Love Song
The Flash
Sexy Red*
Las Vegas
Yes To All
Bubble Tea

Sunday Kind of Love

I very much enjoy writing about Ben just doing simple things so I hope you enjoy this @drinix!

Prompt # 8 “It’s your turn to make dinner.”
Prompt # 13 “Are you going to talk to me?”
Prompt # 15 “How could I ever forget about you?”
Prompt # 40 “I’ve got an idea. Another one? This time’s a good one.” 
Prompt # 43 “Some people care too much. I think its called love”

You laid on the couch, a book above your head as you got lost in the words on the page versus what was happening around you. Ignorant to the way keys rattled in your apartment door, the sound of feet shuffling in as the door closes behind the stranger you know to be your boyfriend. Ignored the way his voice picked up as he neared you, seeking the peril on the pages then the urgency in his voice.

“Did you hear me?!”

You sighed, throwing the book to your side as you sat up on your elbows, looking at the tall brunette as he lumbered over you. He was standing in front of you, sweaty still from his workout with his arms crossed against his chest.

“When did you get in?” you ask and he rolls his eyes though a smile threatens to break his stern features.

“It’s your turn to make dinner.”

You frown, falling back on the couch and groaning.

“No, I don’t wanna. Let’s order out. My treat.”

The last part is said with hope and Ben chuckles as he walks toward you, grabbing the book and placing it on the coffee table.

“I need your full attention for a second babe,” you nod as you blink up at him innocently. He sits down, lifting your head high enough to sit it in his lap as he continues, “You were the one who wanted to cut back on eating out. Remember – we agreed that when I was in town we would make a conscious effort to cook dinner for each other. Even drew straws.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a master list of all your stuff.? Because it's all absolutely amazing 💖💖💖

Hi Anon!

First off, thank you!! <3

Second, I have a very outdated master, so I’ll try to gather up some things here. I’ve probably missed things, so other readers may have to fill in the blanks, but I think I managed to get most everything gathered here…

Longer Fics

The Dual Timeline Fic (SVU fic) - this is the very first thing I wrote here. It starts out a Barba focused story, but one choice in the fic takes the character in two very different directions. You can follow either path or both.

Email Fic (Barba) - An accidental email turns into something more. The entire fic is made up of email correspondence.

Armitage Fic - This is NOT an SVU fic. It’s not any fandom, but the lead male character was played (in my head) by Richard Armitage.

The Phoenix and the Rose (A Frederick Chilton fic) - Frederick Chilton post Red Dragon

Babymoon at the Cape - Barba meets up with an old friend

Sonny and Sammy - Sonny reconnects with a childhood friend

ADA Barba and Reina King (in progress) - this is a shared fic with @ohbelieveyoume, and a “Choose your own adventure” style story where the readers get to decide a bit of what happens next. (This fic is nearly over)

The New Hire (in progress) - this is also a shared fic with @ohbelieveyoume that we just started. It’s a Frederick Chilton fic. I’m hoping to have the next installment up this week (Hurricane delay)

Tony Stark Fic (in progress) - my first attempt dipping my toes in the Marvel fandom

Fairy Tale Fics - these are fics that take a fairy tale, modernize it, and insert a character Raul Esparza has played as the primary character

Bella en el Barrio (Beauty and the Beast/Nevada Ramirez)

The Key to Her Past (Anastasia/Jonas Nightingale)

Midnight Masquerade (Cinderella/Rafael Barba)

Awaken (title TBD) (Sleeping Beauty/Frederick Chilton)

Strange Prompts

2) A special rock, the color black, walking through clouds whilst on a mountain - Sonny Carisi

4) Fireworks, a broken clock, a toast - Frederick Chilton

7) A very old letter, a wolf, a family heirloom - Rafael Barba

8) Raindrops, a singed teddybear, a photograph so worn it feels like fabric - Nick Amaro

9) Sleeping until midday, a stolen item of jewelry, a drug laced with poison - Rafael Barba

Song Fics


Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Jealous - Labrinth

I Can Feel A Hot One - Manchester Orchestra

What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie


How Does a Moment Last Forever? - Celine Dion (from Beauty and the Beast)

Cry Tough - Poison

Song from Dora the Explorer sung by Big Bad Wolf

Forever and Always - Parachute

I Found - Amber Run


All of Me - John Legend

Seven Days - Sting

The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel/Mumford & Sons

Sax and Violins - Talking Heads


This Life - Bruce Springsteen

More Prompts and Imagines

Rafael Barba

Weird Headcanon

Shopping w/boyfriend
FBI Hostage Crisis
Being Pregnant
“I’m Pregnant” (lunch version)
“I’m Pregnant” (telling Barba’s mom)
Dressing Up
Evening Routine
Morning Routine
Barba Gets Jealous
Growing Old Together
You’re Jealous of Rita
Barba Jealous of Your Ex
Comforting Barba After a Lost Case
Reunited After Months Away
Married Life
Adopting a Dog
Coffee Date
Lazy Day
The Fight
Vacation Proposal
Loved One Assaulted
The Old FBI Flame
Keeping Barba Safe
She Pulls Rank
Cooking For Mami
Sleepy Rafael
Breaking Up
The Farting One
Comforting a Crying GF
Rude Barba and the Elevator
The Sonogram
The Girl from the Bronx
FBI Girlfriend Gets Shot
Book Collecting
Secret Tattoo
Ditching the Gala
Reading to Sleep
Decorating Your Place
Protective at a Dinner Party
Meeting Your Dad (Rafael) For the First Time
Dinner with Daughter (continuation)
Man Crush
The Threat (with S/O)
The Threat (with FBI S/O)
Adopt a Kitten
Comforting Barba After a Nightmare

Runs into same woman three days in a row

Comfort after a fight with Dad

Fainting on the stand

Baby says Dada for the first time

Telling his wife about the baby’s first words (Continuation of the above)

Barba taking care of his S/O with a disability/illness

Sonny Carisi

Weird Headcanon

“I’m Pregnant” (the fight)
FBI Girlfriend Takes Charge
Dating Barba’s Sister (and he finds out)
Barba Gets Protective
Drunk Girlfriend
Watching Disney Movies
Morning Routine
Blind Date
A Day Off
Fordham Law Meet Cute
Girlfriend Gets Mad in Spanish (Barba guest appears)
Angry Italian Wife
The Pop Star
The Pop Star and the First Date
The Pop Star and the New Job
Love Me Goodbye
The Revealing Outfit
The Hostage Negotiator
The DEA Agent
Dinner with Benson and Tucker
Going Swing Dancing
Nervous About Meeting Sonny’s Sisters
Sonny Gets Protective - But You Can Handle Yourself
“Model it for me”

Mike Dodds

Weird Headcanon

Falling for the New Detective
Jealous Dodds (continuation of the above)
Dodds Gets Protective
Dinner and a Movie
There’s No Going Back
The Comic Book Store
Hostage Situation Goes Bad
First Kiss
I’m Pregnant
Squad Finds Out About You (angst)
At the Hospital (continuation of above)
Out for Drinks
Convincing Kisses
Dinner with Dodds Sr.
The Argument

The squad reacting to your parents disrespecting you

Dinner with your parents (continuation of above)

Meeting with the Chief (continuation of above)

Talking to Mike about the meeting (continuation of above)

Fin Tutuola

You’d be so nice to come home to…
Playing Video Games
Fin to the Rescue (Bar Scene)
Watching a Cop Show Together

Amanda Rollins

Girls’ Night Out


These are all prompts that were requested, written in Imagine-style:

Barba - 1, 4, 10, 11, 14, 18, 22, 24, 25, 27

Sonny - 5, 6, 10,  14, 18, 22, 26, 27

Amaro - 1, 3, 4, 9

Dodds - 1, 5, 14, 22

Chief Dodds - 18

  1. He always looks great.
  2. I want some time.
  3. Is it necessary?
  4. Don’t question it.
  5. Are you done yet?
  6. I have no free will.
  7. I feel I might die.
  8. The green man laughed.
  9. We’ll need blood.
  10. I’m not doing that!
  11. Call me out on my mistakes.
  12. I’m very hospitable.
  13. It could get ugly.
  14. You should make a wish.
  15. Let’s play forever.
  16. Future doesn’t matter.
  17. You have to appreciate that.
  18. We haven’t done that in a long time.
  19. We know nothing about them.
  20. We’ll find another.
  21. Who has this one?
  22. I’ll say it once only.
  23. It’s your every nightmare.
  24. Was it a bet?
  25. Who’ll save me?
  26. I could win.
  27. Can we rescue them?

More prompt based fics that grew into continued stories…

Chief Dodds

Part 1 - Prompt: We haven’t done that in a long time

Part 2 - Prompt: What’s with the box?

Part 3 - Stay the night. Please.

Part 4 -

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10 - Headcanon: Vanessa/AJ/Lee all know each other

Part 11 - Headcanon: Dinner with the Chief

Part 12

The Partner and Sonny Carisi

Part 1 - Prompt: What did you say?

Part 2 - Prompt: I shouldn’t be in love with you.

Part 3 - Prompt: Are you jealous/I’m not jealous

Part 4 - Prompt: Stuck in the duvet

Part 5 - Prompt: Run away with me

Part 6 - Prompt: Marry me

The Doctor (Vanessa) and Nick Amaro

Part 1 - Prompt:  This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.

Part 2 - Prompt: I’m going to take care of you, okay?

Part 3 - Prompt: Do you want me to leave?

Part 4 - Prompt: Jealous?/I’m not jealous.

Part 5 - Prompt: Don’t ask me that…

Part 6 - Headcanon: Vanessa/AJ/Lee all know each other

Part 7 - Headcanon: Dinner with the Chief

Part 8 - Dad Jokes

The Neighbor (AJ) and Barba

Part 1 - Prompt: I could kiss you right now.

Part 2 - Prompt: Are you still awake?

Part 3 - Prompt: I’m going to take care of you, okay?

Part 4 - Prompt: You can’t die, please don’t die

Part 5 - Prompt(s): You’re jealous aren’t you?/I’m not jealous.

Part 6 - Prompt: Quit whining

Part 7 - Prompt: Give me cake or give me death

Part 8 - Prompt: Don’t tempt me

Part 9 - Prompt: So, I might be in the hospital right now…

Part 10 - Prompt: Stay the night, please.

Part 11 - Prompt: Kiss me

Part 12 - Headcanon: Vanessa/AJ/Lee all know each other

Part 13 - Headcanon: Dinner with the Chief

Part 14 - Meeting Mami

The SVU Liason (May) and Mike Dodds

Part 1 - Prompt: Just pretend to be my date

Part 2 - Prompt: Kiss me

Part 3 - Prompt: Stay the night. Please.

Part 4 - Prompt: I’m not jealous.

Part 5 - Prompt: I shouldn’t be in love with you.

Part 6 - Prompt: I’m going to take care of you, okay?

Part 7 - Prompt: Marry me

Part 8 - Requested Toast


Drabble Prompts

1. “W…Was that you making that noise?”

2."Is it possible to love too much?”

3.“I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”

4."I can’t stop thinking about you.”

5.“I could never leave you, I love you too much!”

6.“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”


8.“We accidentally got married in Vegas oops”

9.“I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? ”

10.“If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

11.“I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”

12."I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’”

13.“ I bet it’s a girl/boy.”

14.“Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy.”

15.“Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? ”

16.“Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me.”

17.“I think we should have another.”

18.“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage”

19."Babe, you have a problem, please, let me help you”

20."Spare some change please?”

21."Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

22."Wanna dance?”

23."Oh, my god! You’re in love with her/him!”

24."If you die, I’m gonna kill you!”

25."I think I’m in love with you and I’m scared to death”

26."Could you be happy here with me?”

27."Well….don’t keep me waiting”

28."I know, but he’s your partner for this.”

29."Are you drunk?”

30."I don’t need friends, they disappoint me.”

31."I’m flirting with you.”

32."I did a pregnancy test.”

33."Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

34."Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

35."You can’t protect me.” 36."Come home with me.”

37."A boy needs his father.”

38.“What do you mean he’s escaped?”

39."I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

I got these from a bunch of different sources and would like to thank every source I used deeply.

A few favourites from my colection: Hercule Poirot mystery paperbacks + contemporary guides

I love vintage 40s, 50s and 60s American editions of Agatha Christie books so much, they’re worth the expensive international shipping costs ($20 shipping for a single paperback)! Can’t buy them as often as I’d like but I enjoy collecting them. The gloves and stiletto-like corn knife on the 1944 edition of 13 at dinner (UK title: Lord Edgware Dies) are simple yet amazingly creepy. ♥