dinner with strangers

season 2 of stranger things could just be full episodes of the byers living out their lives in happiness and i would be 200% satisfied

100% canon fact: every evening, Lucas Sinclair does his homework in the Sinclair kitchen while his mom fixes dinner and they both sing along to her cherished Etta James records. Mrs. Sinclair’s favorite is At Last! but Lucas is more fond of Etta’s late-60′s work. Mr. Sinclair has often been welcomed home with quite the scene of his wife and son dancing around to Tell Mama as a meatloaf roasts in the oven and Lucas’s book report sits nearly-finished on the dining room table

Random Frank Castle Headcanons

because i’m still trash tbh

  • Him laughing at your jokes even when they aren’t funny just because it makes you happy.
  • You do the weekly shopping because lets face it, Frank’s too busy to do it. He loves cereal bars so you buy tonnes of boxes of them to keep him happy.
  • Always asking about his guns.
  • “So why don’t you use these guns for this mission?”
  • “(Y/N), I’ve told you hundred times.”
  • The neighbours adore him. Especially the old ladies, they always say things like “What a beautiful couple you two make!”
  • When he’s sat on the sofa you sneak up behind him and tilt his head back, giving him a peck on the lips.
  • Coming back from missions you always ask the same thing, “Did you bump into our friend in red?”
  • Unlike normal couples you argue about who makes dinner in a stranger way.
  • “I want to make dinner! Sit down and shut up, you did it yesterday!”
  • He’s a very good cook.
    • Especially for breakfast meals.
  • When you’re out at night he keeps an eye on you from the roof tops and takes care of any trouble headed towards your way.
  • He’s like your guardian angel.
  • Going to restaurant he always plays with the salt shakers, when he talks to you he just taps them slightly against the table.
Taehyun - Oneshot

Hello darling❤Can you do a one shot with Taehyun from Winner when (Y/N) goes with him on a date and he is adorable and playful and this date end up at his apartment to include some smut?By the way your blog is the best ❤

Its changed slightly, but i think you’ll approve because of how cute it is! ;D x

(P.S. If you listen to Taehyun’s ‘I’m Young’ whilst you read it, it might help to mend all your broken hearts after the m/v - but if you just cant bear to listen/watch that song again, then this song is cute and goes well with it too! :D) —> Skin - BOY

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‘It was fun though, wasn’t it?’

He was Handsome.

He was charming.

And boy were you falling for him.

You hadn’t expected much to come from the blind date, only really thinking that you’d go to dinner with some random stranger, talk about random things, complain a little about your life- possibly get a kiss in there somewhere- and then go home and watch one of the crappy films that’s always on at midnight.

But being sat across from Taehyun, his blonde hair gleaming under the too bright lights of the slightly dingy restaurant, toothy grin just peeking out from beneath his lips and his eyes sparkling as they watch you, you really didn’t want to see this night end without getting some kind of promise of more.

'Okay, so as nice as this food is, this place is kind of depressing.’ he says, grinning at you and you cant help but join in, the two of you leant forward on the table towards each other and your heart is racing from the feel of his fingers gently grazing over yours where his hand had crept across the table.

'Want to go and have some fun?’ he asks, eyes sparkling with mischief, and his excited expression is so addictive that you cant help but reach back for your coat quickly, shrugging into it and blushing when you see him throw some money down onto the table to pay for the meal, only grinning at you in response to your reaction, before unexpectedly grabbing your hand and pulling you hurriedly along with him.

'Oh, Gosh, its cold!’ you murmur when the two of you step outside, wrapping your thin cardigan around you tightly and before you can even look up at him to ask him what the plan was, you feel his hands on your shoulders, his own coat suddenly surrounding you as well as the manly, expensive smell of him. When he slips his hand into yours once again, you feel your cheeks burning, looking up at him and murmuring a shy, quiet, 'thanks’, which makes him smile shyly to himself, before he begins to pull you along the street.

'How do you feel about boats?’ he asks, turning to look at you with an expectant grin.

'They’re good?’ you say unsurely, smiling widely when he chuckles at you, the sound being like music to your ears and you feel the butterflies dance in your stomach in approval.

'Great! Shall we go for a boat ride?’ he says, his head twisting as he looks up and down the road, before he darts across, laughing as you hurriedly scramble after him, giggling when he pulls you into him once the two of you reach the otherside.

You freeze for a moment, realising the position you were in with his arms encasing you in his embrace and looking up at his face, seeing his eyes smouldering down at you a second before he leans in to drop a soft kiss to your lips, pulling away far too quickly for your liking.

'Sorry.’ he murmurs, face flushing in embarrassment, and you want to say something, to reassure him that it was okay- that you wanted more- but he’s already dropped his arms from you, his hand slipping back into yours as he pulls you down to the jetty where the river boat tours were being held.

He remains quiet as the he pays for your tickets, a small smile still painted on his face as the two of you get on board and find an empty seat, which you settle into before the tour begins.

'Its a really beautiful night.’ you murmur as you look out over the river, smiling to yourself when you feel Taehyun’s arm slide timidly around your waist and you bite your lip as you turn your head to look at him.

'Its not as beautiful as you.’ he says quietly, his cheeks rapidly shading pink and when you catch his eye you cant help but laugh at him, quickly covering your mouth when you see him look at you worriedly.

'I’m sorry! I’m sorry. That was just really cheesy.’ you say, laying your hand on his leg to reassure him, quickly going to remove it when you feel his thigh tense beneath your touch- thinking that you’d pushed him too far- but his hand is laid over yours before you can move and you cant help the smile that stretches across your face.

'Its true though.’ he murmurs, chuckling when you look away embarrassedly.

'Even if that’s so…shouldn’t we be focusing on the beauty of the river, of the lights of the city shining on the water?’ you ask, hearing him chuckle at your poetic choice of words, and pulling you closer into him, pressing his face delicately into your hair and drawing in a deep breath, his hand on yours squeezing lightly.

'We should…but i’d rather be focusing on you.’ he says quietly into your ear, rubbing his nose across your cheek and making you shiver in the process.

'How long is this boat ride?’ you ask, gasping quietly when his lips suddenly press to the skin just under your jaw, your grip on his thigh tightening as the butterflies that had awoken in your stomach earlier, begin to riot around your insides.

'There’s only 5 minutes left.’ he murmurs, his fingers digging into your waist slightly and making your eyes become unfocused with the lust pooling in your stomach, damp forming between your thighs as your breath fogs in a cloud of white in front of your eyes.

Somehow those 5 minutes turn into hours with his hands drifting across your waist, hand burrowing up his coat you were wearing to get closer to your skin- although the layers of your clothing cause him to hum in slight irritation, his lips continuing to press the lightest kisses down your neck. When the boat finally docks, the two of you are the first passengers to disembark, practically sprinting up the walkway as he holds tightly to your hand, dragging you along behind him, quickly hailing a cab and ushering you inside.

'I dont normally do this kind of thing.’ he whispers as his hand comes up to cup your jaw, his mouth pressing against yours feverishly, breath huffing against your lips and mingling with yours as you feel your racing heart somehow get faster.

'Neither do I.’ you murmur, pulling his bottom lip into your mouth and sucking on it needily, hearing a quiet moan escape him and feeling the damp between your legs worsen.

It only takes a few minutes before the car stops and you’re climbing out of it, pausing whilst Taehyun pays the driver before he grabs your hand once again and pulls you into the building you had arrived in front of, walking swiftly to the lift and pulling you quickly inside, pressing you up against the wall after he’s pressed the button for his floor and typed in the passcode.

'I dont know what you’re doing to me…but I really need you right now.’ he breathes between kisses, his hands finally finding their way under your dress, just when the lift arrives at his apartment.

'I’ve needed you since dinner- I think I win.’ you whisper, stumbling backwards into the front room of his place, helping him as he begins to strip you of your clothes, before giving up with your own clothes and moving onto his once you were stripped down to your dress, the two of you becoming a jumble of material as your hands scramble to untuck his shirt, grinning when he doesn’t bother with the buttons and just pulls the garment over his head.

'You really are beautiful,’ he murmurs as he goes back to stripping you of clothes, his mouth detaching from yours long enough to lift it over your head, and you tremble as you feel his hands travel down the bare expanse of your stomach, feeling them tremble against your skin.

'Dont get cheesy with me.’ you breathe, running your hands eagerly over his toned stomach and back, whining at the feel of his skin beneath your hands, seeming like it was on fire beneath your touch.

He silences you with his mouth, his hands holding the back of your neck as the hurried pace that you’d both been keeping up takes a brief pause, his tongue sliding against yours with love, and your fingers hook into his belt loops as the heat in your core flares at the intimate touches.

'Bedroom.’ is all you murmur, when the two of you break apart, biting your lip when he grins at you, hands going to your hips and you jump when he goes to lift you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and moaning with the friction of his stomach against your core.

'That’s such a beautiful sound.’ he breathes between kisses, unclasping your bra from your back and you quickly take your arms out of the straps so that he could fling it across the room before he drops you back onto the bed and hovers over you.

'Taehyun, please….’ you whimper, as his hands trail over your breasts, one continue to massage the plump mound while his mouth replaces the other and you arch your back up to push yourself into his mouth, gasping and gripping at his longish blonde locks when you feel his other hand that had left your breast only moments before, materialise between your legs.

'Say my name again, beautiful.’ he whispers, placing kisses on your skin as he makes his way down your stomach, shuffling lower and lower until he was at eye level with your core.

'Taehyun…’ you moan, trembling beneath him when he sets an open mouthed kiss onto your still clothed core, seeing stars twirl in your vision in the shape of car lights that were passing by outside projected on the ceiling as he slides your panties off.

Within seconds you’re a writhing mess beneath him, Taehyun’s skill and experience with his tongue being obvious when, within under 5 minutes, you’re crying his name to the darkness of the room, fingers twisting harshly in his hair and dragging a loud groan from him.

'You drive me insane.’ he murmurs, crawling back up your body and crushing his lips against yours, that same affection from earlier seeping into his movements as he lays one hand on your hip and one on your cheek.

'Stand up beautiful.’

You whimper as he pulls you to your feet, keeping his arms tight around your waist as he continues to kiss you, backing you into the wall and grinding into you eagerly, the change in pace startling you, and you gasp as you feel him pressing hard and insistent into your lower stomach, your hands flying to his belt and tugging urgently as you undo the fastenings of his trousers.

'Why do you have to wear such hard to undo trousers, babe?’ you ask, as you begin to get frustrated.

'Hey, no! You cant come out of character like that!’

'Well, I’m Sorry! But, I wouldn’t have to if-’

He cuts you off by crashing his mouth to yours, hands cupping your face firmly before they begin to slide down your body to your hips, turning you to face the wall.

You hear his trousers hit the floor and its not a second too soon before you feel him brushing up against your ass, moaning needily at the feel of him as you press flat against the wall, Taehyun kicking his trousers off, before he’s nudging your feet apart with his knee, pressing loving kisses into your shoulder, as one hand slips down from your hip and he presses his entire body against you as his fingers drift over your core.


'You always look so beautiful.’ he whispers, just as his member brushes between your folds and you whimper with the friction on your sensitive core, pressing back into him eagerly and hearing him chuckle quietly against the skin of your back.

'Okay, baby…’

You smile at the tenderness in his voice, closing your eyes as you feel him breach your walls, the stretch feeling delicious and making you moan uncontrollably as he slides into you, kissing your shoulder once again as he lets you adjust to him.

When you turn your head to look back at him, reaching one hand behind you to pull his face to yours so that you could kiss him, you cant help but smile at the way he looks at you, the same way he’d looked at you ever since you’d met him a year and a half ago, in the very same restaurant you’d met him at tonight.

You moan quietly when he begins to work his hips against yours, thrusting into you slowly at first, the slow whines and moans he lets out being just as much music to your ears as his laugh, making the tension in your stomach- that had dispersed from his work earlier, reawaken within you.

His hands hold your hips gently yet securely, one sliding down to play with your bundle of nerves and you flatten yourself against the wall as you push your hips back into him, silently asking for more, receiving his answer in an open-mouthed kiss on the very back of your neck, his teeth nipping at the skin and his mouth holds you in place as he picks his pace up, rubbing your clit in time with his thrusts.


He hums in approval as you begin to moan his name over and over, desperately panting against the wall that had become humid with your activities, the rough surface on your chest adding to Taehyun’s actions and making you sprint towards your high, feeling his hips rock even faster into you when he feels you tightening around him.

'You can let go baby…its okay.’ you breathe, when you hear him suck in a breath, already anticipating his question.

'Are you sure?’

You answer him with a loud moan as you clamp down around him, your orgasm rushing over you when a specific thrust means he hits you right in the spot you loved most, and with barely any time in between, he’s coming inside you, his strangled shout making a shiver race down your spine before you go to collapse against the wall, feeling him fall into you from behind and smiling as his arms hold you warmly against him.

'Mmmmh, you’re so amazing… I love you.’ he mumbles into your ear, slowly backing you over to the bed, smiling to himself at your weak knees as he pretty much carries you over, before the two of you fall back onto the white sheets you’d put on the bed this morning, Taehyun not letting you go even when your knees knock together and your head knocks into his chin.

'Ow…’ you whimper, pouting up at him and seeing him grin as he chuckles.

'Sorry.’ he mumbles, capturing your bruised lips for the millionth time that night and you sigh into the kiss, your hand laid over his heart as it always did after the two of you had sex- the habit of wanting to feel the way you’d made his heart race like he’d made yours race, being something that you’d done since he’d first told you he loved you.

'Can we do that every time you come back from tour?’ you muse when you’d both regained a normal breathing pattern and you were laid on the bed as he cleaned the two of you up.

'I dont know…It was pretty hard to resist you all night, after not having seen you for the last month.’ he murmurs, smiling as he looks up at you, before he discards the cloth he’d been using to wipe you with and climbs back over you to lie next to you.

'I did miss you a lot.’ you agree, shuffling so that you had your head laid on his chest and his arms were wrapped warmly around you.

'It was fun though, wasn’t it?’ he asks, chuckling quietly and you join him as you think back over the night, the way you two had played out the scenario of a blind date and managed to keep it up until you couldn’t get his trousers undone.

'It was fun.’ you agree, before you drop one last kiss to his lips and snuggle into him to sleep.


Don’t have a mother figure in your life for Mother’s Day? Do not worry because I, Kuchel Ackerman, am now your new mother! Remember to clean your room, always use a condom no matter what kind of do you are doing, and don’t talk to strangers! Dinner is at 6:30; go wash your hands before you sit down to eat.

So I had been talking to this dude on tinder for like a week or so and he was super into baseball. I told him to come to a college game, mainly because I had friends there and it was free for me. Fast forward to the game day, he says oh sorry, I’m going to be late. Yeah sure whatever I really don’t care. Anyways he asks if we can just do dinner instead and I say sure why not. I drive because I have issues being stuck with a stranger. Dinner is fine but the dude is boring as fuck. Then we get home and he apparently assumed he would get to spend the night since it was after 9. Luckily my roommate was totally clued in, calls me into her room. We come up with a plan to say she’s having a panic attack about possibly being prego. He FINALLY leaves. I then was on Twitter and retweeted something about boring dates because it was funny. I get a text in class the next morning because homeboy found my Twitter and freaked out about the boring date thing. I replied that it wasn’t about him then ignored his messages. Then he tries hitting up all my social media so basically I blocked everything.

Did Something Brave!

One of my current goals is to build a new core group of friends that live nearby. Ever since beginning transition and moving to my apartment I have been relatively alone. I still have a couple of friends that I am out to that support me, but they have families and live far enough away that I just don’t have anyone to “hang out” with, or catch a movie with, or just go to a bookstore or cafe with. Tonight I took a big step towards changing that.

I went to an all you can eat sushi dinner with a group of strangers! This was a ladies group that is organized online! I messaged the organizer a few days ago and told her I am transgender and transitioning and that I would love to be able to attend some of her outings if she thought the group might be accepting. She said it was no concern at all and “the more the merrier!” So despite many last minute obstacles, I forced myself to go!

They were all very nice to me and I did not get a single question about being transgender. In fact, once the group thinned out a little and we were about to wrap it up and go home, I asked the organizer if she had given a heads up to the group before I arrived. She said no and I just told them all that I really am not trying to keep the fact that I am transgender a secret and said it was very refreshing to not have anyone asking any transition questions right off the bat. I did tell them though that I am fairly open and happy to answer questions about it. We all seemed to relax a bit after that and talked a little more.

I mentioned obstacles. To give you a quick run down..

There were originally 24 women signed up to go… big group anxiety!

I got involved in a late conference call trying to fix a bug at work. I messaged the organizer letting her know I would still try to come (I had RSVP’ed). Bug Fixed..

I now had 25 minutes before I needed to leave to do my makeup (yeah right!) I had it finished (but not in 25 minutes) and did the classic thing of making one last adjustment and totally screwing up my lip line. Arrrghh! By the time I was ready to leave I was already going to be 35 minutes late.

I realized I probably should bring cash because I was not yet sure how they handled the bill as a group so I would have to stop at the bank too. Arrgggh! I put my boots on and left anyway. I went to the bank and got some cash.

I got on the toll road and realized I did not have my IPass (driving a rental while my actual car is being repaired) or any change with me! I had to let the light blare angrily at me as I drove through the toll booth(I can pay it online though). I got off to avoid more tolls and realized taking the long way would add even more time to my tardiness. I was now facing the prospect of for sure being the last one there with all eyes on me when I would walk in…… I drove on anyway. A little voice in my head said my trans tumblr followers are behind me ;-)

Long story short, I walked in 50 minutes late and caught the eye of the organizer of the group. She smiled warmly and waived me over (we only knew each other from our profile pics). It turns out the food had been slowly reaching the table so I did not miss out on dinner. There were only 10 girls (out of the original 24) that showed up but I heard them talk about how that is common during the work week. Some of the girls who had already gotten their orders offered some of their food to me :) I declined (can’t stomach spicy mayo even though I love it).

It was amazing, I got to know a couple of them a little bit and that is a start. I only wish I asked the smaller group at the end to take a photo with me (for my blog), but I felt it would have been awkward with it being my first time with the group. Hearing things like “well ladies, shall we go?!” while I am included in that group is so awesome ;-)

I am so glad I kept driving.


Year of Ari, day 27!

“Well ladies, shall we go?”