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Kainora living together headcanons

- Jinora is going to college in Republic City, and even though it’s not that far from the Air Temple, she thinks it would be easier to live in an apartment around the area and go back to Air Temple Island on the weekends to help wherever she can.

- She wants Kai to come with her, so she decides to start college after he gets his mastery tattoos so she won’t feel like she’s hindering his growth by asking him to leave the air temple.

- Jinora tells Kai that she’s decided to go to college when she’s in the process of giving him his tattoos. She’s talking about how she’s going to live in Republic City, and Kai looks kind of sad because even though he supports her all the way, he feels bad that he won’t be able to see her every day.

- As Jinora continues to talk about it, she looks more nervous, and Kai is getting scared that maybe she wants to break up since she’s finally doing something she’s dreamed of since she was a little kid, and she’s ready for things that are bigger and better than him (because of course my baby is still insecure about some things).

- She starts speaking really fast, talking about how she knows that he’s finally found a home and a family at the Air Temple, and there’s no pressure on him at all to go with her, but she would really like it if he came to live with her. Before Kai can say anything, she continues to talk really fast about how it’ll only be for a few years and her apartment won’t be that far from the air temple, so he can still go up there as often as he wants to teach classes or train or whatever, and she already talked to Tenzin, and he said he could arrange some work for him to do in the city so he could earn extra money. She goes on to make sure that he knows he doesn’t have to go with her if he doesn’t want to, and she’ll still come back every weekend and he can visit her any time he wants, so it won’t affect their relationship.

- Kai is surprised at first, but then he has this huge grin on his face. He tells Jinora that he’d love to live with her, and not to worry because she’s his home. She’s really excited and starts to go in for a hug, but remembers that she’s still tattooing him and his skin is probably sore, so she just grabs his face and kisses him.

- They have a two bedroom apartment, because Tenzin is the one who set it up so what else do you expect? On their first night, they get up from the living room to go to bed, and Jinora goes to her room and expects Kai to follow behind her, but he goes to the other room instead. She stops in her doorway is about to say something, but she suddenly gets really nervous and feels weird about saying, “Hey, wanna come in here and sleep with me?” so she just says goodnight. Kai actually wanted to sleep in Jinora’s room as well, but he didn’t want to be too forward by just walking in and assuming that she wanted to sleep with him. They sleep in separate bedrooms for about a week even though every night they felt kind of sad about walking in different directions to go to their rooms.

- One night Jinora can’t sleep because there’s a bad thunderstorm, and she hears a knock on her door. She opens her door and Kai is standing there looking nervous. He tells her that he knows she hates thunderstorms (It’s more that she doesn’t like the loud noises rather than being afraid) and wanted to check on her. She invites him into her room, and they fall asleep in each other’s arms. As Jinora was drifting off to sleep, she mumbled something about how he should sleep in her room more often. From then on, they always slept in the same room, and they agreed that they wouldn’t be afraid to ask each other anything anymore.

- Jinora wakes up early to continue her routine of meditating in the morning, but Kai opts to have an extra hour of sleep. Jinora doesn’t really mind since the quiet mornings help her focus.

- Jinora is usually the one to cook, but Kai will occasionally wake up early to make breakfast for her, especially when she has a test that she’s worried about. This applies to dinner as well.

- Sometimes Mako and Bolin will come over and they’ll cause a ruckus, and Jinora will walk in and realize that there are too many guys around, so she’ll invite Ikki and Opal over for a girls’ day.

- Sometimes Jinora will over-study and stress herself out, so Kai will turn her alarm off on days she doesn’t have classes. It makes her mad, but he does it anyway.

- When Jinora needs to relax, she’ll read to Kai while they’re lying down on the couch, and they’ll usually fall asleep like that.

- Jinora ended up bringing so many books with her that they ran out of space for them, so Kai brought them all back. Whenever Jinora wants to read a certain book, she tells Kai which one it is, and he brings them for her on the days he goes to the air temple to teach classes.

- Kai really misses Lefty, so they end up adopting a smaller pet to fill their animal void (even though they know they can never replace Lefty and Pepper).

- People always assume they’re married by the way they talk about each other and their home lives.

- Instead of the regular red night clothes that she wore at the air temple, Jinora buys these really cute pajamas that have sky bison all over them, and Kai always has a huge smile every night when he sees her wearing them.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true

4500 words. Gamagoori/Mako. Upon a re-watch of the Fight Club episode, I thought it would be nice to write up a little date scene that could have taken place. Enjoy!

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Extension of Self

Title: Extension of Self

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ira/Mako

Word Count: 2,400

Summary: “I know denying yourself pleasure is in your nature, Gamagoori. But if you deny everything, you will suffer an empty existence.” 

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blue-wave-789 came first in my giveaway and asked for Mako and Bolin eating noodles together. Um, I tried? *frowns at background*

I like to think that after the finale these two settled into a habit of weekly catch-up dinners. Mako talks about his work as a detective and Bolin shares mover gossip, and then they brainstorm ideas for helping the orphans of Republic City. They know how lucky they are to have gotten off the streets, and they figure that with Mako’s police contacts and Bolin’s mover-star fame and fortune they’re in a pretty good position to help others :)

anonymous asked:

Yay thank you for opening the ask box again! I noticed that there is a lack of Hanamiya SFW fanfics so... Will you write one about Hanamiya being surprisingly sweet and romantic to his girlfriend for the whole day? Maybe also include a friendly banter due to both of their ultra sarcastic and rude natures hehe. Thank you.

Oh my God, this request made me smile like crazy and I loved writing this so hopefully you’ll like it too :”D

“Oh my God. You actually brought me flowers?” You laughed at the sight of Hanamiya all dressed up in a suit and a bouquet in his hands. “And you’re taking me out for dinner? The apocalypse must be coming.”

“Shut up,” he growled, shoving them your way. “My mom insisted.”

“That’s adorable,” you cooed. “I forgot how much of a mama’s boy you are.”

“I’m not, fuck off.”

“That’s not a good way to talk to your date.” You rolled your eyes. “But thank you for the flowers. They’re very nice.” You leaned up, kissed his cheek before arranging the flowers in a vase. You hugged his arm tightly, smiling up at him. “How in the world did your mom convince you to get it?”

“She didn’t. Drop it.” He said through gritted teeth, but you could see the slight tinge of red on his cheeks. Adorable. He waited next to the passenger door and opened it.

“Your door’s that one. Or did you forget?”

“Stupid,” he drawled and flicked your forehead. “This is for you to get in. Now, hurry up. It’s freezing out here.”

You burst out laughing. Oh man, it’s as if someone had replaced Hanamiya with a fucking alien. Throughout the whole dinner, he was actually being… sweet. It was so weird to watch. He pulled out your chair, offered for you to pick your food first, opened doors for you. It was a bit suspicious actually.

Your conversation was halted when Hanamiya’s mother appeared by your side. “Ah, ___-chan! It’s been a while.” You quickly stood up to kiss both her cheeks. “How are you?”

“I’ve been well, thank you.” You smiled. “And you? You look healthy.”

“I am. My husband takes good care of me and I hope Mako-chan’s been taking care of you well.” You nearly burst out laughing at the nickname Hanamiya hated so very much but didn’t have the hear to tell his mother so. “I didn’t know the two of you were eating here.”

“Yeah, I got reservations to celebrate our anniversary. I thought it would be nice to splurge a little for special occasions.” You grinned. Hanamiya’s mother was a lovely lady. She was petite and smaller than her son, but her backbone was just as strong.

Wrong thing to say.

Her eyes narrowed at her son. “You made her get reservations?”

“W-Well,” Hanamiya stuttered. “She had connections.”

“It’s true.” You loved it when you saved his ass because it meant that he owed you. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Mako-chan,” His mother clucked her tongue disapprovingly. “This is why I scolded him earlier for not bringing you anything. I had to force him to get flowers and be a gentleman for a day. I had to even threaten him.”

“Threaten him?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yes,” she huffed.

Hanamiya quickly interjected, “Mom, don’t you think dad’s waiting for you over there? Just go. Let us have our time.”

“Wait, threaten him with what? Because I’m kind of scared with how nice he’s being.”

His mom laughed. “I told him that if he didn’t clean up his act, then another young man who was probably a better boyfriend would come in and swoop you away. He didn’t believe me for a while, until he received a message from you, was it?”

A message… oh. You had texted Hanamiya earlier that you had a study date with your lab partner, who just happened to be a guy, and you had to cancel plans. Oh my God. He was worried about that?

“But yes, that scared him.” She grinned, obviously proud of herself. “Well, have a nice dinner. Be a gentleman, Mako-chan. It was nice seeing you again, dear.” She smiled before drifting back to her table.

Your lips twitched and Hanamiya growled, “Don’t say another word.”

“Scared I was gonna get wooed by someone else huh?”

“Fuck off.”

“I’m not leaving you, baby.”

“Shut up.”

“Fine. Maybe that adorable waiter over there can—“

“Alright. Let’s just eat.” He huffed in exasperation.

“So cute, Ma-ko-chan.” You sang.


Three Blind Dates (Legend of Korra, PG)

Setting: Post-Book 4

Characters: Mako, Bolin, Korra, Lin Beifong

Words: 1816

Summary: Mako and Korra broke up four years ago, but he still hasn’t seen anyone since then. His friends try and set him up on a few blind dates to help him get back in the game, but things don’t quite turn out as planned.

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Bryke's "Hetro Lenses" comment and the Bryke Kool Aid

If you haven’t read my commentary/response to Bryke’s post read it first then come back here.


Anyway I wanted to address two things, Bryke’s “Hetro Lenses” comment and the people who are defending this post saying shit like “Well it’s Bryke’s show they can do what they want who are you to judge them!” and “Stop hating progression guys!”

First of all in regards to the stupid “Hetro Lenses” comment let me just say this, I didn’t despise the scene because of my sexual orientation I dislike the scene because it felt forced and poorly written.

Bryan stop making up excuses for your shitty writing and just learn how to except criticism, you and Mike seem to be living in this fantasy world where you only hear what you wanna hear and ignore everything else. You probably surrounded yourselves with yes men and ass kissers during production because you’re not used to responding to people that don’t like your work.

Playing the homophobia card is a fucking childish cop out because you’re basically telling everyone who’s criticized you that the reason they hated the final scene between Korra and Asami was because they were too hetro to understand how LGBT people act and I cannot even begin to describe how fucking stupid that sounds. Because guess what? I’m straight and one of my closet friends is pansexual so don’t you fucking sit there and tell me I could never understand LGBT culture because of my heterosexuality.

The problem here isn’t homophobia the problem is your shitty writing because like I said in my response I could not buy Korra and Asami as a couple because the interactions between the two were so poorly written and forced they became unintentionally laughable. For example the “bonding” scene in the car at the start of Book 3 that was so cheesy that I could not stop laughing at how bad the writing was. And the dinner scene with Mako and Wu came off as trying way too hard to imply that the Korra had feelings for Asami.

And I’m sorry but no matter what you say I cannot forget the fact that Korra stole Asami’s boyfriend from her at the end of Book 1 and didn’t bother telling her about it. Not to mention the fact that in Book 2 not ONCE did Korra ever come up to Asami and ask if she was okay with her dating her ex. Korra just comes off as someone who puts her own needs above those that she’s supposedly in a relationship with. For example when Mako came up to her with proof that someone was trying to start a war between the north and south tribes how did she react? By completely ignoring Mako’s evidence and continuing to be one sided in her views. Hell she went behind the president’s back and tried to get Iroh to support her in her quest for war!  

Plus while we’re at it why was Asami even at Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding when her father just died not too long ago? I mean Hiroshi died trying to save his daughter’s life you’d think Asami would do everything in her power to get the city to acknowledge his sacrifice but nope she’s at Varrick’s wedding because…..reasons.

And again the problem with the scene is that Asami is the one who comes up to Korra at the wedding to open up to her not the other way around, she might as well have come up to her and said “Can I get you anything mistress?” because that’s what her character became at that moment a handmaiden who’s only purpose is to be at Korra’s beck and call.

Believe me when I say that The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship in Batman the Animated Series was less one sided than this and that’s saying a lot!

But anyway if Bryke want to play the homophobia card and pretend that the people criticizing their shitty writing are all homophobes then by all means go ahead all it does is show the world how they are unable to handle any form of criticism be it negative or otherwise.

And as for the people defending Bryke let me just ask you this when The Last Airbender movie came out back in 2010 and you were all rightfully pissed off at it did a little voice in your head come in and say “Well who are you to criticize M.Knight! It’s his movie he can do whatever he wants with it! You being a fan of the original cartoon doesn’t entitle you to jack shit!” if the answer to that question was no then congrats you understand the difference between a constructive argument and a cop out argument.

See the people drinking the Bryke Kool Aid fail to understand that just because something catered to them doesn’t mean that it’s above criticism. I’ve tried time and again to like The Legend of Korra but I just could not meet it halfway and just because I enjoyed Book 3 doesn’t mean that it’s above criticism and it doesn’t mean that just because I enjoyed one season of a show doesn’t mean that I’m gonna recommend it to my friends.

Also I hate this idea that just because the final scene was “progressive” that we should automatically forgive the show for its faults, well no I’m not gonna do that because if I don’t say anything about how bad the writing on Korra was and how poorly handled the final scene was then what’s to stop future shows form making the same mistakes? As a writer you need to put writing above everything else, world building, character relationships and story arcs will come naturally to you if you focus on making your writing as good as possible. This is something Bryke didn’t do in the finale, they put more effort into how the final scene will play out than they did anything else. Like for example Mako didn’t learn anything, Bolin and Opal’s relationship was wrapped up quickly, Tenzin and his family became background characters, Lin and Toph’s relationship was ignored, Katara was nowhere to be seen and the fact that Zhu Li would marry someone who treated her as badly as Varrick did over the years really goes to show you that Bryke could not write believable relationships to save their lives during Legend of Korra’s three year run on the air.

But according to the Bryke apologists we’re supposed to forgive all that because Korra and Asami got together in the end, yeah sorry just because two females got together in a children’s show doesn’t mean I’m gonna automatically drink the Bryke progression flavored Kool Aid.

And if you wanna label me an Avatar Last Airbender fanboy then by all means go ahead because I honestly could care less what the Bryke apologists think of me.

Like I said in my response to Bryke’s post, they knew they had a bad finale on their hands so they decided to have Korra and Asami  get together in a pitiful attempt to pander to one side of the fanbase and toot their own horn about how “progressive” they are.

I look forward to reading all your angry responses Bryke apologists.

an out of body experience - makorra drabble

Summary: “He almost killed himself for her and he got jilted! Just like that! How do you go from ‘I’ll always love you’ to this?! Oh my Spirits, that’s some bullshit!“ 

Pairing: Makorra | AU | Slice of life | ff.net

Notes: You know that infinite mirror effect where you put two mirrors in front of each other and the images are reflected an infinite amount of times? Yeah, well, I walked into a room that had that today and thought of this idea. Don’t ask me how they relate, they just do.

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Noodles and Company: Epilogue

Summary: Mako is working part time at Narook’s seaweed noodlery. Eight months into Mako’s employment there, Narook hires his niece Korra as a hostess in hopes of helping her recover from her most recent breakup. Narook asks Mako to help Korra and, because Mako doesn’t know how to say “no,” he begrudgingly agrees to his boss’ request.  

Genre: Romance/Slice of life/AU

Pairings: Makorra, mentions of Korrasami

ff.net | PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11. Chapter 12.

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every ryumako moment in kill la kill ever

This took me five fucking hours to do omfg

basically, I rewatched the whole anime and documented every single interaction between Mako and Ryuko that seemed noteworthy. Not all of them can be considered romantic, but a lot of them are very important to us ryumako shippers. So yeah, here’s a 3,000 word 8 page piece of crap proving that im a total nerd

I will go down with this ship

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Stare and swoon - Makorra prompt

Prompt: Korra’s a hella ripped, literally hot firefighter that shows up when Bolin accidentally almost burns dinner and oops Mako thinks she’s the hottest person ever - anon

Pairing: Makorra | Firefighter AU

Notes: I had to stop and laugh for a good five minutes when I read the request. It took me forever to do this too coz I kept losing my shit LMAO.

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olitheolive  asked:

omg it gets even more ridiculous, he faints because of too much running after eating nothing but canned mackerel for weeks because he was angsting too hard over thinking Makoto was upset with him to have dinner at Mako's house - basically Haru drove himself into a medical crisis by being too tsun for life

Oh my god you must be kidding me WHAT IS THIS MOVIE EVEN