dinner on the farm


designers worn by princess madeleine: marchesa

april 2nd, 2011: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation in florida

april 5th, 2011: health & human rights awards

may 8th, 2012: gala dinner for the world childhood foundation 

october 3rd, 2012: swedish american chamber of commerce from farm to fork gala dinner

may 11th, 2013: dinner in celebration of the 375th anniversary of the founding of new sweden in delaware 

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Jet Lag and Chinese: Part 4

Prompt: As Clark Kent’s best friend and kind of sister you’re used to the strange. Still seeing him get cozy with Wonder Woman is more strange than you’re used to. So when the chance to cozy up to a billionaire playboy comes around, who are you to say no?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mortification, doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re feeling. You fumble with your bathrobe, tying it as tight as possible before leaving the room. He’s pacing the room, one end to another, “What the hell were you thinking?” Your voice is a screech, as you cross your arms in front of your chest.

“I’m sorry.”

    “That key is for emergencies, not walking in whenever you feel like it!”

    “You think I wanted to see that?”

    “You have super hearing!”

    “I do my best not to use it for regular life! It’s an invasion of privacy!”

    “And walking in on me and my boyfriend is what exactly?”


    You stare at your best friend. Your brother. “I want my key back.”

    He throws his hands up in the air, “Oh come on. I won’t do it again! I promise I’ll use my ears or whatever.” You hold out your hand. With a grumble he fishes in his pocket before placing the key in your palm.

    “What if there’s an emergency.”

    You stare at him, “Use your super strength, laser vision, or power of flight to get in. If all that fails, call my landlord.”

    The two of you stare at each other before he collapses on the couch next to you, “What’s happened to us?”

    “What do you mean?”

    We used to spend every spare moment with each other. Now you’ve got a boyfriend, and I’ve got a …”

    “Girlfriend.” You finish.

    He winces, “Not exactly.”

    You eyes widen, “Please tell me the two of you didn’t break up. She’s perfect for you Clark. So much better than Lois.”

    “I proposed.”

    You smile, before pinching his arm, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! What did she say?”

    He smiles, “She said yes.”

    You give him a hug, “I am so happy for you Clark. Really.”

    He sighs, “I proposed a week ago, I’ve been dying to tell you, but you were out of the country … and I guess I got ahead of myself.”

    You roll your eyes, before giving him back his key, “I’m super happy for you Clark. Just do me a favor and knock next time.”

    He nods, “I promise.” There’s a moment of silence before he asks, “How happy for me are you?”

    You eyes narrow, “Why?”

    “Ma and Pa are throwing a celebratory dinner, and they want you there.”

    “I’ll be there.”

    “They also want to meet Bruce.”

    The smile drops off your face, and your lips purse, “Bruce Wayne … on a farm.”

    A smile spreads over Clark’s face, “The thought makes me giddy.”

    Before you can answer, your bedroom door opens, and Bruce steps out dressed in sweats and a tee-shirt. He drops a kiss on the top of your head before asking, “Do they have knocking on Krypton Clark?”

    You elbow Bruce in the chest, “He proposed to Diana, she said yes, he’s been holding back the news for a week.”

    The look of annoyance fades, and a smile replaces it, “Congratulations Clark.”

    “We’re also going to the farm this weekend for a celebratory dinner, bring jeans.” And just like that the look of annoyance on his face is back, and you can only laugh.

I think the “Date” was set up by Dark himself

I mean, now that you think about it…have anyone notice all the endings?
(If you have not done The Valentine’s Day Interaction, read no further, it contains SPOILERS)

The ENDINGS might’ve been funny and good but, when you think about it, those ending were a bit… bad in a way for both you and Mark…

When you agreed to marry Mark, you find out that it was all an act and none of it was even real. Hell, Mark even mocks you for it. Who in the world would marry someone on the first date, especially to a guy like that?
Does that get you down? And notice what Mark said, he said he could’ve been bigger than this but he was stuck doing shit like this.

When you decline the marriage, Mark tries desperately to convince you to say yes, but to no avail, you can see how crushed he was and he leaves heartbroken. ouch.

After being alone with Dark, (that’s if you chose HORROR, of course) Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose wisely and Mark takes you to get ice cream.
Oh, but that’s the best possible ending out of all of them, right? I don’t think so… I don’t think that was the last we seen of Dark. Did you notice that your vision start to change? It was like he was still nearby. It was either because you were traumatized or… you let Dark in your mind.

After being alone with Dark, Mark manages to break free from his grip but you have to choose between who’s the real Mark. LEFT or RIGHT. You chose… unwisely… killing the real Mark instead. Now you’re stuck with Dark… forever…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with PBJ, somehow? That’s great, just the two of us… but little did the two of you know, the nuclear explosion mutated Mark into, like, be super allergic to peanut butter, killing him before he could even shit it out…and then he shat it out.
This crushed you deeply. Nothing could ever make you happy ever again.

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden a nuclear explosion happens. Killing all of your friends, family, you name it.
But it’s a good thing Mark brought a basket with Tuna, don’t know how…
And the two of you fight against anything that comes your way!
Y’all also have a Tuna farm…

After not paying for dinner and try to ATTACK your way out of a van, you and Mark find yourself in the middle of no where. You spot something SHINY and want to investigate. When Mark inspects the object, the two of you get taken by a UFO.
You watch as Mark gets (possibly) probed by Aliens…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. You fucking made an unwise decision and now you’re watching him graze the floor with A SPOON FOR HOURS!!!! TRUE HELL!!!

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite no experience like he told you.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. He fucking dies before time can even breathe.

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed, despite telling you he had no experience.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark finally find the EXIT but you wanted to stay and find MORE? You stay and explore more about the place. As you do so, you meet Warfstache, asking you it was worth finding this end and warning you about how shocking the ending may be.You go along and you find out… you were Chica (Mark’s dog) the whole time…

After not paying for dinner and tell Mark DON’T ATTACK, the two of you are locked away to be served for dinner. You are left with two choices, you PICK LOCK or DIG. He manages to unlock the cage in an break neck speed.
Trying to find a more quicker way to find an exit, Mark says you should SPLIT UP. But you think it’s best to STAY TOGETHER. The Cook finds and attacks you. Mark tells you to use the controller to defeat him and he explodes. You and Mark find the EXIT and the two of you are now finally… you see an evil smirk and you find yourself back in the cage… trying to find a way out…

Now all of these ending were… a bit bazaar, right? But what if Dark had a hand in all of the endings?

(I’ll make a part 2 of this later, this is a bit too long *cough*)

Stuffed peppers with only the finest fresh veggies from the garden. Chopped up some onion, tomato, a little parsley, and cooked up quinoa and brown rice. Oh and don’t forget the cheese!! Lots of it ..Mixed it all together inside my scooped out peppers and baked in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes!

Weekly Reading List 20

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome@wonders-of-the-enterprise

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Cuddles and Cocoa by @inconspicuous-esparza
.80 by @svu-stories
“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” by @hot-cops-imagines
Away From Home by @barbalyfe
Lustful Nights by @barbalyfe NSFW
Breakfast by @hiddndaydreams
Freshman by @hiddndaydreams
Basket Case by @mrsrafaelbarba

Star Trek
Jim Kirk 
How You Fell by @captainjimsexypantskirk
Loot Part 9 by @enterprisewriting
Angst part 14 by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Fated by @flirtswithdanger
Just One Dinner by @all-sortsa-stuff
Buying the Space Farm, Part 2 by @janeykath318

Leonard McCoy
When one sense is lost, others are heightened by @zsaszette-nygmobblepot NSFW
Bones Finding Out You Self Harm, Part 2 by @imaginestartrek
Long Distance by @residentevilfleet
There You’ll Be Part 7 by @imoutofmyvulcanmind
Blinded Part 8 by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Eraser by @southernbellestatues
A Night on the Town by @all-sortsa-stuff 
Fallen on Hard Times by @outside-the-government
This Was Just the Worst by @daughterofthebrowncoats NSFW
Bones Motivation Ficlet by @kaitymccoy123
Unexpected Guest by @medicatemedrmccoy
Runaway by @auduna-druitt
I Told You So by @trade-baby-blues
Won’t Let Go by @enterprisewriting
Broken Hearted: The Resolution by @goodnightwife
Visions from the Abyss by @bkwrm523

In Darkenss Part 4 by @mccoymostly

Jim x Reader X Bones 
Sunshine Boys by @trade-baby-blues

Steve Rogers
I’ll Keep You Safe by @itsanerdlife
Asking For It Part 10 by @itsanerdlife
Make A Wish by @itsanerdlife
Don’t Let Me Get In the Way by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers
No Sleep Til Brooklyn by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
Ink my Skin by @fvckingsteverogers

Tony Stark
I’m Here Now by @lazydoodlesandfanfic
The Knot by @beccaamm
Gold Digger by @emmelineparker308
Fix You by @avengeultrons
Castle Kisses & Princess Proposals by @writers-square

Tony DiNozzo
I Only Date Italians by @workingforthewidow
Dancing Lessons by @spaceemonkeyyxd

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Mr. Scratch Kidnapping You After a Fight with Hotch by @silentwaters4

Soulmate AU
Heart Skip Part 7 by @after-avenging-hours

Single Dad Headcanon by @svu-stories Rafael Barba
Elegir y entender (Choosing and Understanding) by @lt-sammi-matthews Rafael Barba
Papi Rafi and Surprises for Mami by @ohbelieveyoume Rafael Barba
Winter Kirk Chronicles Part 1-4 by @startrekwonderer Jim Kirk x Winter
Double Trouble by @trade-baby-blues  Jim Kirk 
Jim Having A Teenage Daughter by @imaginestartrek Jim Kirk
Parent Day by @phangirl1septiplier Tony Stark

A/B/O Dynamics

Modern AU
Safe Haven Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 by @itsanerdlife Steve Rogers

Misc Fandoms
A Little Lesson in Easter Eggs by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan The Barba Family 
A Patient Man by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord Killian Jones

Karl Urban
Save a Horse, Ride a Rohirrim by @alicemoonwonderland NSFW

Chris Evans
Birthday Girl by @ilovethings-somuch
Far From Boring by @stallingdemons
Young and In Love His Girls Episode 1His Girls Episode 2 by @avaalons
Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/Part 3B by @ohevansmycaptain

Short Stack

Prompt: - Person A and B going grocery shopping together and Person A ends up holding B up to grab something off the top shelf.

   Contrary to popular opinion, you thought being short was an amazing thing. It allowed you to blend in, it allowed you to fit into tight spaces, it allowed you to do many things. And then there were times that you couldn’t stand it, like at concerts or when you were trying to cook a surprise dinner for your husband but he had put the pan you needed on the very top shelf!

   “Having a bit of trouble?”

   You spin around to find Clark watching you, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Your frustration melts away, “You remembered.”

   He smiles as he moves forward, dropping a kiss on your lips before pulling back, “I tend to remember important life events, especially when they left me feeling so happy and lucky. Our wedding anniversary ranks in the top spot.”

   You smile, “You weren’t supposed to be home for a few hours, I was going to make dinner, put on a pretty dress, put on your favorite farm music …”

   He smiles, “And what’s stopping you from still doing that? Because that sounds like a perfectly magical evening to me.”

   You spin in his arms and point, “That. That is what’s stopping me.”

   He glances at the pot and winces, “Sorry about that.”

   You turn to him, “How did you even get it up there, that is the highest cabinet. It doesn’t even go there.”

   He shrugs, “It didn’t want to go back to it’s original cabinet, and I was tired, so I just hovered a little bit and …:”

   “Left it out of reach for your short wife.”

   He kisses the top of your head before spinning you around and hoisting you on top of his shoulders. You smile down at him before taking the pot down. A second later he puts you back down. With a smile you simply say, “We have to remember that the next time we go to a concert.”


Zhenya is sure he’s in purgatory. Forced to stare at his personal heaven but never allowed to have it. Well, that’s kind of dramatic. But so is Sid’s ass.

Zhenya thought he would be the one surprising Sid tonight, but fuuuuck- the suit he’s wearing has left Zhenya breathless and gagging for it.

He’d finally managed to convince Sid to let him take him out for dinner, and had proceeded to use his name left and right to make sure everything was perfect. He’d managed to snag some hard to come by reservations for a popular upscale farm-to-table restaurant, which offered organic and locally sourced ingredients prepared by some up and coming chef. It seemed like a good enough compromise between Zhenya and Sid’s tastes- Zhenya would still get to enjoy himself without making Sid feel like he was cheating on his food plan. The reservations were costing him a decent amount (and he’d promised the owner a signed jersey), but why be a multi-millionaire hockey player if you couldn’t flaunt your wealth occasionally?

The afternoon was crisp, the sun deceptive of the chill, and Zhenya had painstakingly paid attention to detail by taking his most flamboyant car to be cleaned, picking up what Sasha always called his ‘russian james bond’ suit from the dry cleaners, and even stopping for some flowers on his way home.

He’d parked his car in a visitor spot(and made the ‘i’m watching you’ gesture at two kids hanging out on the low wall in front of the neat apartment block), popped a breath mint, grabbed the bouquet and purposefully strode to Sid’s front door. Only to be awestruck by the sight of Sid wrapped in the most beautifully tailored pair of pants he’d ever seen the man wear.

“Hey, G. just a second.” Sid smiled distractedly, hands at his throat as he finished tying his tie (navy to match the navy blue wool of the jacket hanging beside the door). He was stood profile to Zhenya, and Zhenya felt his eyes sweep down the beautiful line of his back, to where Sid’s pants showcased the most perfectly round swell of ass Zhenya had ever seen.

This was not what he had expected. Sid didn’t dress like this. Sid owned suits that seemed to swallow him in fabric, two sizes too big, and much too long in the jacket. Sid wore baggy as fuck track suits, that everyone assumed hid a softer body, or bit of pudge around the middle. But this-. This was a masterpiece of tailoring. An ode to Sid’s ass.

“Are those for me?” Zhenya’s eyes snapped up to Sid’s face, taking in a shy smile causing a sweet little dimple to appear beside his mouth. Zhenya wanted to kiss it. He cleared his throat, mouth suddenly dry.

“Yes. for you” He holds them out, glad he went for some that looked both romantic but not too over the top. Long stemmed blue tulips. “Know is cliche, but think you deserve.” The dimple deepens and Zhenya finds Sid in his space, leaning up to press a dry kiss to cheek as he takes the flowers from him. His eyes close in surprise and Sid’s cologne fills his space.

“Why are you so sweet? I didn’t think you’d be so sweet.” Zhenya must zone out a little bit there, because when he opens his eyes, Sid’s warmth is gone, and so are the flowers. Sid himself is pulling on the jacket, and Zhenya can’t help himself to step forward and run his hands across defined shoulders and down the sweet slope of his back under the guise of helping to smooth out the fabric settles against Sid’s body.

“Just for you, Sid.” Zhenya grins at him, putting gentle pressure at the base of Sid’s spine to encourage him out the door “You need more sweet things in your life. Don’t have enough dessert.”

Sid lets out a adorable honk of laughter- in no way pretty or sexy, just very earnestly Sid- and pushes at Zhenya’s shoulder.

“Shut up! I do eat dessert, I just keep it for cheat days.” He locks and shuts his front door and allows Zhenya to lead him to where the car is parked

“Mmhmm” Zhenya opens the passenger door for Sid and wiggles his eyebrows

“Some one’s going all out. If I didn’t know any better, i’d think you were trying to impress me.”

Zhenya grins and says nothing


Dinner is fantastic. 12 courses of farm fresh vegetables and in-house smoked and cured meats prepared by someone who clearly loved food and wanted to share the best qualities of each ingredient. Zhenya is warm with a full belly and maybe just a little wine, and he can’t stop smiling across the table at the way Sid’s cheeks are flushed pink.

Their legs are tangled under the table, Zhenya’s calf warm where it’s held between Sid’s, and he hasn’t been able to stop himself from stroking at Sid’s fingers where they rest on the stark white tablecloth between every course- not that Sid seems to mind. It didn’t feel like their first proper date (because the sponsor event didn’t count as a real date). It felt comfortable and easy in a way Zhenya’s relationships have never been. But there is still that thread of first date anticipation in the air between them that Zhenya remembers, that makes every second of their night seem more electric.

Zhenya thinks he’s falling in love. Sid is funny and kind and sincere. He loves hockey. He loves kids (he’d had multiple albums on his phone to show Zhenya of his college friends children, and had gushed sweetly about them through two course while Zhenya smiled fondly at him). And best of all, Sid makes the most delicious noises as he eats.

He hadn’t been lying when he had told Zhenya that he did enjoy food, he was just very selective about what he ate. And sitting across from him, Zhenya finds himself turned on to the point of distraction by the way Sid savours and enjoys every bite offered. The way he bites at his lip with slightly too big teeth to hold in moans and groans. The way his eyes flutter closed after a particularly good mouthful.

Sid was beautiful, and ticked every single one of Zhenya’s boxes (including his newly discovered ones), and now he really wanted to see what he looked like spread out on his bedsheets, begging for Zhenya to let him come. Squirming and flushed and sex sweaty and all Zhenya’s to enjoy.

And now dinner was over, the bill payed and owner given his (bribe) jersey and the chef showered in compliments by Sid as Zhenya smiled on fondly. The ride back to Sid’s was spent in comfortable silence, and after a few minutes, stopped at a red light, Sid hesitantly reached across the gearshift to hold Zhenya’s hand where it rested on his thigh. When Zhenya looked across the cabin at him, Sid was staring at the street outside the passenger window, a hint of a smile at the corner of his lip visible. Zhenya squeezed gently and tangled their fingers together.

“Do you want to come in?” Sid bit his lip as he glanced up at Zhenya under his lashes, fishing his keys from his jacket pocket.

“You want me to come in?” Zhenya really wanted to follow him inside and press him against the nearest flat surface, but this was Sid, and he didn’t want to rush him in case it ended badly.

“Yes. Yeah.” Sid cleared his throat, and fiddled with his keys and the lock. “I really, really want you to come in, Geno.”

“Zhenya, call me Zhenya.” Zhenya’s heart felt like it was beating in his throat.

Sid smile back at him widely, pushing the door open and stepping aside.

“Okay, Zhenya. I want you to come inside with me.”

Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg1

                             A sunny day it was in a little happy town, Boris the wolf was playing his music on his clarinet for the sheep. He was sitting by a tree at the top of a hill by his farm watching the sheep in the field. He stopped and looked at his watch.

Boris:“Hm…think it’s about time I run into town for a little while. Maybe buy a snack and say ‘hello’ to some good friends.” He said to himself and he stood up to stretch. He walked down the hill and got into his truck. He drove down a dirt path into town.He stuck his head out the window and waved to those he recognized, and that’s just about everyone. He said 'Good Morning!’ and
'Howdy’ to everyone who walked by and they smiled and waved, some  said 'Good Morning’. He parked outside Mr. Ched’s store.The rat who never seemed too happy about anything. Unless it’s money. Boris walked in with his usual bright smile on his face.“G’ morning Mr. Ched!” He said. He was standing by the cash register looking angrily at Boris.

Ched:“Good?! What’s so 'Good’ about it?!” Boris frowned.“I haven’t been getting any customers since this morning!” He took out a cigar and lit it. Boris smiled.

Boris:“No worries there Mr. Ched, I’ve been needing to buy some snacks!” Hearing that made the rat smile.

Ched:“Well then, why didn’t you just say so?” He chuckled.“Have a look around!” Boris did as he was told and looked at the dog bone cookies. He licked his lips and was about to take a few but stopped when he noticed the price.

Boris:“ $20.00 for one bone cookie?”

Ched:“Each!” He laughed. Boris, frowning, took out his wallet and looked to see how much he had. Not enough to buy a cookie. He looked at Ched.

Boris:“Well Mr. Ched I don’t think I can afford to buy any of this if they’re going to cost so much.” Ched glared at him and slammed his hands down on the counter.

Ched:“Then why are ya still here?! Go on GIT OUTTA HERE!” He yelled and Boris took off running back to his truck. He quickly drove off and sighed.

Boris:“Aw well.” He said. The wolf wasn’t much of a fighter unless he needed to be. Unlike most people around the town he was a sweetheart. He was the only wolf in this town that was kind hearted, and the only wolf who lived here. He parked outside of Mrs. Mo’s store and went inside.The old cow was watering some flowers by her window. She looked over at Boris and smiled.

Mo:“Why hello dearie!” She said sweetly. Boris smiled brightly to her.

Boris:“Hello! How’s everything going Mrs. Mo?”

Mo:“Just fine dearie. Do you need anythin’?” She asked.

Boris:“Would you by any chance got any bone cookies?” He asked with a hopeful look. She shook her head.

Mo:“Oh sorry dear, I’m all sold out.” He frowned.“Mr. Ched bought them all.” His ears lowered.

Boris:“Aww.” He said.

Meanwhile somewhere out of town there was a small crack by the dirt road. It began to grow bigger. And bigger. It grew until black ink liquid poured out and a clawed hand was formed. It dug it’s claws in the ground and pulled out a grinning creature. He stood on his hooves and pulled his tail out of the ground. He looked around and in front of him was a large sign. He squinted and frowned.

???:“Little….Happy….Town?” He smirked and began to laugh.“What a dumb name!” He took in a deep breath and spat black ink on it covering the sign completely in ink. He giggled and walked down the dirt road towards the town.
“Now…time to cause some good old mischief.” He said to himself. Just then a car drove by and he held out his thumb.The old chicken saw him and he stopped. The creature walked up to him.“Hey Mister! I’m Bendy, I need-”

???:“What?” The old chicken said as he fixed his glasses and looked closer at him.“Speak up sunny! I can’t-OH!” He jumped back startled when he saw the little creature.“DEMOOOON!!” He drove off and made Bendy fall flat on his stomach in mud. He quickly stood up and spat out mud and rocks. He shook the mud off and shot a glare at the car.

Bendy:“WATCH IT YA JERK!” He yelled. He noticed some of his things fell out of the car. He looked through the suitcases and found some gloves and a bow tie. He frowned at them. He looked up and saw another sign. 'Happy friendly people!’ It read, and showed a family wearing gloves and the father wearing a bow tie. Bendy thought about whether or not he was going to wear them. He shrugged.“Ah, what the heck.” He said and put them on. He also noticed they were wearing shoes. Seeing that there were no shoes lying around he formed his hooves to look like shoes. He smiled.“Not bad I guess.” He said to himself. He took off running towards town.

Boris drove through town heading back home. He bought some flowers from Mrs. Mo’s store and some noodles for dinner. He drove past his farm and parked near his house. He got out of his truck and brought in his stuff. He cooked up his noodles and ate before going to bed.  He stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

Boris:“Well, good night Boris.” He said with a smile.“Tomorrow’s always a new day.” He said but slowly frowned and his ears lowered. He sighed.

It was dark out when Bendy arrived into town. He grinned brightly and chuckled. Some cars drove by him and he managed to hop onto one of them. He looked around and saw that one store was still open. He hopped off the vehicle and ran inside. He sniffed the air and licked his lips. He saw Mr. Ched changing the prices to being much higher. He chuckled to himself while doing so. Bendy rolled his eyes and saw some snacks up front. He walked over and took a candy bar. He opened it and began to eat.

Bendy:“Mm! Not bad.” He ate it all and took another.

“Ahem.”  Bendy looked up and saw the rat looking down on him with a smile.

Ched:“Excuse me sir, do you plan on buying those?” He asked.

Bendy:“Well let’s see.” He looked at the price.“Ohhh $15.00 huh? Oooohh, yeah, I don’t think so, but uh, can you afford a new shirt?” He asked before he spat ink all over the tall rat. He stumbled backwards and fell on his food knocking over some shells on his head. The little demon began to laugh. He took a few more candy bars and ran out the door.  Ched stood up nearly tripping over his own feet trying to wipe the ink off his face. He went outside and shook his fist.

Ched:“COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE THIEF!” He yelled angrily. Bendy continued to run until he found another store. One belonging to Mrs. Mo. He  slid under the door and looked around. He saw some flowers and sniffed them.

Bendy:“Mmm…” He said and looked around for more sweets. He saw some cakes in the glass at the front. He licked his lips and picked out a vanilla and chocolate cake. He took a bites from it before his head was smacked into the cake by a broom. Mrs. Mo stood over him with a fearful look in her eyes.

Mo:“Go on now git! Ya hear? Get out!” She swung the broom around and he dodged her attacks. He was about to leave but she smacked his head off his shoulders and it bounced around the store. He screamed as his head bounced around until it landed in one of the other cakes. His eyes spun around. Mrs. Mo gave one look at him and she fainted. His body searched around for his head. He whistled.

Bendy:“Hey stupid! Over here!” He called out. His body walked towards him.“That’s right, keep going this way. Warmer…..warmer.” His hands
touched his face and picked up his head placing it back on his body.“There!” He looked at Mrs. Mo and smirked. He drew a mustache and glasses on her face. He giggled and left the store. He ran through the town causing more mischief and leaving ink where ever he went.


Ok first of all, EVERYBODY BLAME @nifwrites for this, it’s all her fault and she knows it (jk ilu bb c:)

She wrote a breathtaking soulmate AU fic titled We Intertwined and I was inspired to say the least. This will be a multi-chapter (estimating 25-30 or so) Gladio soulmate AU, but if you think because it’s a soulmate fic there’s gonna be hella fluff, you’re dead wrong. Expect lots of hurt, angst, difficult situations and…there may be a death or two along the way. Either way, I hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am to take this little adventure.

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To add insult to injury, the others appeared and the only person who had understood the dress code was Ruben.

Elizabeth: “Why are all my children wearing ripped clothes? You all need to go and change, you’re going out to a nice dinner, not to work on a farm.”

Penny: “Mum, it’s just the style.”

Elizabeth: “I don’t care.”

Ruben: “Kids, just go and change, meet you in the living room in 5 minutes.”

Elizabeth: “Something like what your father or I am wearing. No rips or chains.”

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Headcanons for Prompto with a male s/o ? Maybe how they started dating or found out they like eachother ? Plus nsfw ? <:3

Aww of course. ^_^

So listen, you guys run into each other in Lestallum. You’re carrying an iceblock and he’s not looking where he’s going and bam. He gets a chest full of cold and you lost a tasty treat.

You apologise, trying to get through his sheepish stammering, his hands flailing, camera strap waving and eventually it’s too much. You laugh, and it just gets worse when he looks at you with a puzzled little frown. It’s so freaking cute and you just laugh harder. In between breaths you try and tell him it’s fine it’s just funny and you’ll get him some soda water to clean off his shirt.

He goes pink, chuckles. “So long as you let me replace your iceblock.”

It kind of goes on from there. You two talk about photography, bitch about the heat. You’re a chocobo fan yourself but you haven’t been to the farm in years and he tells you about taking down Deadeye with the others. The way you look at him makes his heart do a silly little thumpa-thump in his chest. Eventually Ignis finds the two of you eating something from your uncle’s foodstand, laughing and joking around like goofs. He looks sad to go and but you scribble something onto a slip of paper and shove it into his hand with a whispered ‘call me’.

He doesn’t call. He text’s instead, sending you a few cute emoji’s and a single message. “Had a great time today. Thank you.”

You keep messaging each other. Now and then you get a selfie of him or a picture of something Ignis cooked. You send back pictures of orange sunsets on grey stone, you and your friends pulling faces at the camera and a little video of a chocobo marionette dancing to some ridiculous pop song.

The  next time he drops by you meet up. And you ask him on a date. His eyes go wide and you brace, what if you read him wrong, shit he’s not into you… But then he smiles at you and it’s like the fucking sun coming through clouds on a rainy day and for a moment you can’t breathe. You hit the market together, go to an arcade and waste gil on games. He earns enough tickets with the shooting games to get you a plush, but you kick his ass at DDR and buy him an icecream afterwards. The two of you stay out too late, but that’s because you end up on a bench by a fountain, skin cooled by the spray and faint wind, mouths hot on each other.

You bring up being a guy and he gives you a funny little look. “Doesn’t matter to me.” He says, taking you hand and holding it, thumb rubbing over your palm. “I…” he sighs. “I’m just glad you like me and I’m glad we can have fun like this.” He nuzzles your cheek and squarks like a chocobo to make you laugh and it works. “Look, I’m not bothered by it. I like you. That’s it.”

“I like you, too. A lot.” You say and he smiles that smile at you again, so bright and happy your heart swells in your chest.

Another couple of visits and you finally meet Noct and you realise… it’s that  Noct. But he doesn’t blink, just bets you he can beat you at air hockey and it’s on. You promise him that you’ll keep your mouth shut and proceed to kick his ass. Ignis is polite, maybe a bit stiff but his cooking is phenomenal and his conversation easy and rich. Gladio you know by reputation and even though you stare at his arms a little longer than you should, you tell Prompto afterwards that he’s got the best ass by far.

And you can never seem to get enough of kissing him. He throws everything into it, his lithe body warm and snug against yours and it’s enough to drive you crazy.

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TLC Headcanons


Kai and Cinder

Kai sets a private, romantic dinner for just the two of them shortly after she returns to Earth permanently. Just before dessert is set out Kai gets down on one knee and proposes with a very romantic speech, or at least tries too. Cinder stops him mid-way through with a kiss that knocks him off balance and they end up laughing on the floor.

Thorne and Cress

Thorne takes Cress to a famous monument she’s been wanting to visit. He has the ring in his pocket, has for months. In fact he’s been taking her to monuments, historical places, and nature reserves for months trying to find the perfect moment. He decides this is the one, waits until Cress is completely enraptured in the monument and then kneels behind her and quietly says her name. He barely gets the question out before she’s screaming yes and throwing herself at him

Jacin and Winter

Jacin adopts a white puppy for Winter without telling her. Then he ties the ring around the puppy’s neck with a red ribbon and let’s it into the room Winter’s in a few paces ahead of him. She’s so excited about the adorable little thing she misses the ring for a few moments. When she finally notices it she looks up at Jacin very confused by the ring until he asks her to always be his Princess. 

Wolf and Scarlet

Wolf and Scarlet are in the kitchen of their farm house in France making dinner one night. They’re working together when Wolf asks her to pass him a tomato for the salad he’s making. As she does “Marry Me” kinda just slips out. He’s been thinking it for weeks but never said it aloud. Scarlet laughs it off as a bit of a joke and turns to go back to what she was cooking. But before she can get away he grabs her wrist and pulls her towards him. He says it again, louder this time, holding her against him. She starts to giggle but he’s looking at her so seriously it catches in her throat before it really begins. “Alright, yeah,” she answers and kisses him.

running clear - Annual Expenditures chapter 9 (Dragon Queen fluff)

for @trina-deckers, hope you’re feeling better.  @dameednaeverage, you will love this. 

Angsty/fluffy fic where Regina tires to take a shower while she’s recovering from strep. Mal and Henry talk a little, then Mal and Regina finally say what they need to. 

“I have to shower.” Regina sits up, keeping her head up by resting it on her knees.

Mal can’t laugh at her, nor remind her that standing up is the most she’s managed for two days. Regina’s hair hangs limp down her neck, and she must feel terrible, sweat dried on her skin.

There’s no point in arguing.

“Don’t let the water get too hot.”

“I know.” There would be venom in that, if Regina had any strength. “I know, Mal.”

Leaving the bed, Mal takes a towel from the closet and sets it next to Regina without comment.

“You don’t have to hover.” Regina tries again to make her tone sharp, but she’s too worn for much bite.

“All right.” Mal smiles at her, hands up in apology. “I’ll go make dinner, you shower.” She walks to the hallway but stops at the top of the stairs. She can’t go down, as much as she should. She can’t.

Standing there, just outside the door while the bed creaks and Regina hisses in frustration, Mal hates herself for not finding better words. Loathes her own weakness while she stuffs her hands into her pockets. The door clicks shut to the bathroom and Mal stares at her feet.

She shouldn’t hover.

Absolutely not. Regina will be furious.

But she’ll be safe.

When the water starts to pour down in the shower, Mal sinks to the floor by the bathroom door, unable to pry herself any further away. Regina’s exhausted, dizzy just from standing up, and hot water can’t make it better.

Regina doesn’t want her.

She’s told herself that a hundred times. Regina pushed her away, locked her up. (Didn’t kill her, that must mean love.)

Mal wraps her fingers tight around her knees. Regina wants to be better. Mal just wants her.

They’ve been drifting around any sort of admission, any weakness of the spirit that might make space for the weakness of the heart. Unlike Regina, Mal’s heart lies naked in her hands. She loves Lily, adores her more fiercely than the fire in her belly. Loving Regina is softer, older, more temperate and calm, embers instead of flame. Something that’s lasted through curses and time spent apart, threats and dark.

Mal’s sent off course by Regina, tumbling wingtips and talons. Rustling downstairs is Henry, moving things in the kitchen.

She told herself, and Regina, she’d make dinner.

Henry should be safe at Emma’s, or his grandparents’. Even Zelena’s farm would be better for him.

She shuts her eyes and swallows. Henry first, then Regina.

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I get that animals aren’t the same as humans. I understand that human rights are important. I continuously fight for human rights AND animal rights. but if you can say that eating animals is a personal choice and that vegans should respect that, why can’t you say the same for child abuse? child abuse is a personal choice and people should respect that, right? no? well why not?
is it because animals aren’t as intelligent as humans? (pigs have been shown to exceed toddlers in tests of intelligence). Our perception of someone’s intelligence should never be our reference for how worthy they are of our respect.

As a community, tumblr fights so hard to build up those of us society sees as not as worthy as others. We fight fatphobia, ableism, racism, transphobia, misogyny, rape culture, classism etc. And yet at the same time you’ve seen those posts with the animals with physical disabilities and neurological problems. Dogs with wheels instead of back legs, one eyed kittens. Thousands of notes on pictures of cows. You eat that shit up… and then you have steak for dinner…

If you think animals on farms (not just cute pets) aren’t worthy of a right to life, how can you expect vegans, people opposing that view, to respect that?

We are fighting an injustice just like we are when we protest Trump or Theresa May, or when we volunteer at animal shelters, or sign a petition to keep fox hunting banned. These aren’t comparisons: I do and will continue to do all of these things and more for people and animals.

You can’t love and respect children and abuse them at the same time. You can’t love and respect animals and pay for others to abuse and eat them at the same time. These are two separate points, but the logic is the same.

James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 5: Favorite Headcanon:

I’m really in favor of Flint and Thomas’ peach farm. (Nagron on “Spartacus” got the goat farm so my other ship gets a peach one. Yay for OTPs farming.) Thomas has the green thumb between them and can grow anything. Flint is happy to be the “muscle”, plowing the land and harvesting their crops that flourished under Thomas’ care. Flint hunts and fishes for them. Thomas is better at selling their crops and trading with others in the area. No one can say no to Thomas for long and, if they try, Flint death glares them into rethinking. Flint does most of the cooking because he’s quite good at it (he did teach Silver how to spice and glaze a pig, after all). They both care for the farm animals and horses. Flint likes to give them names like “Bacon” (the pig) and “Sunday Dinner” (the chicken) which Thomas doesn’t find amusing at all. FYI, the farm animals all die of old age because Thomas would have it no other way. 

Quote/Song: Saturn “Sleeping At Last”:

Today’s song for them, Bryan Adams “Everything I Do I Do It For You”.