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I am the storm and you are the eye

Request: Hi i was wondering if you could do a blurb where you had a bad day at work/school and harry cheers you up?? thank you!

You have a bad day at work and Harry makes you feel better

    Its a warm summer night with a bit a cold breeze, i just looked down at my watch which reads that it is 6:51. Harry must be wondering where I am and why I haven’t shown up at home yet. But to my knowledge he wasn’t that much surprised since I have to stay late at work most nights. It was the beginning of August so it was getting even closer to autumn. It wasn’t the best day, but I could really just be saying that to try to make myself feel better. Even though I know deep down that I just want to scream out all of my anger. I just had to get out of there and get out of the surroundings of this environment. I haven’t been happy ever since I started this new job, it truly wore me down and just made me dread coming back the next morning. Harry knew how much I hated it and would tell me all the time “Y/n babe you don’t need to work there, I can support you and me both. Please quit, the last thing I would want is for you to be unhappy.” I am unhappy he is right about that part but some part of me doesn’t feel right having Harry financially supporting both of us without me helping.

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hickey prank - Hayes Grier imagine

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:
Hayes imagine where you do the hickey prank on him and he gets really mad? like pissed off and then a happy ending?

(I’m sorry for any grammar errors )

You let out a slight smile looking into the mirror seeing the results of the fake hickey you had completed using cheap makeup. Taking a deep sigh before turning off the car to enter what you knew would be a war zone. 

“I’m ready’ you said aloud trying to motivate yourself . 

Entering Hayes apartment building you greeted the doorman and made your way to his floor soon reaching his doorstep you smiled realizing how much fun this is gonna be . 

“Babe I’m here “ you said placing the bags of dinner on the kitchen island, soon he appeared into the kitchen shirtless of course in his jeans that you loved with his blue tommy hillfigure briefs peeking through it was hard for you to take your eyes off of his beauty . 

“ finally I’m starving “ he said groaning as he made his way behind you wrapping his long arms around your waste . You purposefully moved your hair to the side to reveal the hickey . Hayes quickly removed his arms from your body and took a step back as he turned your body forcefully moving the angel of your neck to get a better look . 

“What the fuck is that” he said aggresivly . “ What are you talking about ?” You said wanting to let your laughter out . “That damn hickey on your neck that I know is not by me “ he began to raise his voice . 

“ Hayes there is no hickey on my neck alright chill just sit down and eat alright “ you said giving an attempt you embrace him but he shoved you off . “What “ he said laughing as he continued “don’t fucking touch me your cheating on me “ hayes said as he started to pace around his small kitchen . 

“No I’m not Hayes alright it’s just a burn from the curling iron “ You said hoping he wouldn’t believe it . 

“Stop lying y/n your hair isn’t even curled who the guck was it ? And why the fuck would you do me like that ?” He said his blue eyes began to tear up , your heart sunk at the image . “ Baby it’s just a prank it’s just makeup okay baby I’m so sorry “ You said letting out a loud laugh as you took a wet napkin wiping off the hickey . 

Hayes chuckled realizing you finally got him good . 

“Wow” he said shaking his head . You made way to embrace him he put his head down shamefully “you know I would never do you like that” you said laughing “wise words Y/n” he said wrapping his hands around your waste bending down for a kiss . “Your mad “ you said laughing at your victory “yes I am y/n just watch cause I’m gonna get you back 10 times worse just watch “ said letting go of you as he left to begin eating . 

“ your lucky I didn’t go with my instinct of throwing shit cause you would of been here to pick it up ‘ He said smirking “that would of just made my prank way more successful you replied smirking. 


I hope you enjoyed ! 

With Him

Jason Todd x Reader, Past Tim Drake x Reader

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Song: 9 Crimes by Damian Rice/Let Her Go by Passenger

Part 1 Part 3


The first few days were the worst. Waking up in the morning, expecting to be in your bed curled into Tim’s side, only to open your eyes and realise that he was gone always hit you hard.

The first night you spent in Bludhaven you had just clutched onto Dick on the couch and cried until your eyes were dry and you fell asleep on his shoulder, a strange hollow feeling all that was left inside of you. That was when the lead settled in your chest, filling the space where the pain had been before. Dick tried to keep you busy, distracted, but it was always there, a constant reminder of Tim that weighed you down no matter what you were doing.

Forgetting was the hardest part. The rare moments when you found yourself smiling, laughing at something Dick had said or a cheesy joke in one of the sitcoms you had taken to watching together in the evenings. You would find yourself thinking ‘Tim would like this’ or ‘Tim would get that joke’ and instinctively your hand would go to your pocket for your phone, only to remember that Tim wasn’t there anymore. The saddness would hit you then, and you would wilt, like a flower left in the dark.

Dick tolerated your moping for almost two weeks before he decided that enough was enough. You were curled up on the couch in one of his hoodies and your batman pajama pants, clutching a cup of tea and watching late night cartoon reruns on the kids channel. The open plan space meant that Dick could easily observe your brooding from where he was preparing dinner at the kitchen island (Which with him meant putting pizza on a tray). You didn’t even notice his critical gaze on you, too busy contemplating whether or not it was worth going to Wayne Manor with Dick tonight. You’d accompanied him on a couple of trips there over the last couple weeks, finding that you missed the rest of the family almost as much as Tim. It had been a second home to you. You weren’t sure where home was now.

Seeing Tim was hard, but it was usually brief, and that made it bearable. You hoped that maybe in time it would get easier, but tonight you just weren’t sure you felt up to it. Dick sighed, running a hand through his hair, expression conflicted. “Okay, I think this has gone on for long enough.” His voice broke you out of your reverie, and you glanced up at him over the rim of your cup.

“Moping around like this isn’t helping you,” His tone was gentle, and you averted your gaze, ashamed. “I know that, I just… I used to know how to be a whole person by myself before Tim. But now.. I don’t even remember who that person is,” Your voice was quiet, and when you looked back at Dick his expression was pained. “He took a part of me with him when he left Dick. I don’t know if I can fix that,” The words were sad, but resigned. You had exhausted your emotions weeks ago, now all that was left was to accept things as they were. Tim wasn’t coming back. But just because you had accepted it didn’t mean that you had learned to live with it yet.

When Dick spoke his voice was soft, and he gave you a lopsided smile. “Well then, we’ll just have to try to fill in the gaps,”
That made you smile too, small and crooked but real. Maybe Dick was right. And even if not, you owed it to him to try.

You set your cup on the coffee table, rising from the couch to join Dick by the counter. He opened his arms in offer of a hug and you went eagerly, clutching his jacket tightly and just breathing him in. Being enveloped in Dick’s arms was familiar and safe and warm, and you savoured the contact. You’d always joked that his hugs had healing properties, but you’d never known just how true that statement was until recently.

“Thanks Dick,” The words were muffled against his chest, and you felt more than heard him laugh. “You don’t need to thank me sweetheart,” He paused then, “But.. There is one thing you could do for me,” You pulled back, eyeing your best friend warily. “Which is?”
“Come to Bruce’s charity gala with me tomorrow night,” You made the mistake of looking into his eyes, persuasive and pleading, and instantly you folded. “Fine,” The word was a sigh, and then, with a playful nudge to his shoulder, “Just don’t expect me to like it,”
Dick’s answering grin was infectious.


You were already regretting agreeing to this whole thing before you even got out of the car, but that was multiplied tenfold when your door was opened to reveal a hoard of journalists crowding the entrance to the hotel. Dick squeezed your hand reassuringly before climbing out, and you took some small comfort in the fact that he was here with you in all of this. You hadn’t really thought about how the press would perceive you showing up with Dick instead of Tim, and thinking about it now made your stomach churn.

But then Dick was at your side offering you his arm, and you took it gratefully, letting him guide you towards the door. You had learned the art of smiling for the cameras when you started coming to these things with Tim, and you did so now, doing your best to ignore the questions being fired your way. Your least favourite thing about being involved with the Wayne family was the lack of privacy, but you had learned to deal with it for Tim. You didn’t know how you would deal with it from now on, because while he may be gone from your life, the press wasn’t likely to leave you alone anytime soon.

Reaching the ballroom was a huge relief. You were instantly snatched up in conversation by a group of Wayne Enterprises board members, and you did your best to appear interested while Dick reeled off figures and statistics and generally exuded his charm over everyone in the nearby vicinity. You were trying to focus, but occasionally you found yourself slipping up, scanning the room for any sign of Tim.

Eventually you excused yourself to the banquet tables with the excuse of being thirsty, giving Dick’s arm a reassuring squeeze before you left to let him know that you were okay. You had gotten accustomed to the small cozy space you and Dick shared in Bludhaven, and the presence of so many people was suffocating after so long. You just needed a minute to gather yourself.

Another quick scan of the room confirmed that Tim had yet to make an appearance. Worry clutched itself in your chest, and you struggled to push the feeling away. You opted for water at the drinks table; you hadn’t been entirely untruthful when you said that you were thirsty. The heat in the ballroom was intense and it was making your throat feel dry. After a few minutes you decided to head back over to Dick, only to stop when a motion in the corner of your eye caught your attention.

You glanced up just in time to see Jason Todd enter the room, clad in a tux and looking suitably uncomfortable to be there. His gaze swept his surroundings in the same way that all of the batboys did when they entered a new place; from observation you guessed that such caution was a prerequisite of being a vigilante. His eyes locked on yours from across the room, and even from here you could see his signature lopsided smirk.

You had only met Jason a handful of times before now, on the rare occasions when he visited the manor while you were around or when he was working a case with Tim. You were wary of him at first; rumours about the Red Hood were not usually kind, but Tim seemed to trust him (albeit begrudgingly), and you’d found him interesting to talk to the few times you’d done so.

Nonetheless, you were surprised to see him here. He wasn’t usually on the best of terms with Bruce, and you wondered what it was that necessitated him showing up tonight. You were even more surprised when he started to weave his way towards you through the crowd, until he was standing beside you at the table, grabbing a champagne flute from the stand for himself.

“Hey there doll. You look stunning tonight,” He smiled crookedly at you, and you felt your brow scrunch up in confusion. “Jason, hi. Um, thanks. What brings you here?” He scoffed, tilting his head in Bruce’s direction across the room before tilting the flute to his lips and drained it in one go. “Working on a case with B. A guy we suspect of being in on it is meant to show up here later. The old man wants to see if we can get the jump on him,” His voice was a quiet drawl, and you felt the corners of your mouth quirk up of their own accord.

“Ohh I see. So you’re using me to avoid socialising with your brothers?” You teased, knowing that it was probably at least somewhat true.
He tilted his head to the side, scrutinising you for a moment before he grinned. “I think we have mutual interests,” “Oh yeah?” You played along, your interest piqued now.
“Mmmh. I don’t want to be here, you don’t want to be here..” “How do you know I don’t want to be here?”
He raised an eyebrow. “The fact that you’re hiding by the banquet tables was a pretty good tip off sweetheart,”
You grimaced, looking away and shrugging.

“I heard about what happened with you and babybird.” You glanced up at that, resisting the urge to shrink into yourself at the reminder. He was frowning, and you didn’t know if you appreciated that or not.
“Does it matter to you?” The words were harsher than you’d meant them, and you bit your lip to keep from apologising. It was still a genuine question.
Jason blew out a breath, replacing the champagne flute on the table and shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. “Even I knew you and the replacement were good for each other doll. It was a shitty thing to happen and I was sorry to hear it,”
You felt bad for snapping at him then. The fight left your body, tension bleeding from your stiff frame. “Yeah. Thanks Jason,”
“So..” His tone was lighter now, some of the shadows melting from his eyes. “Seeing as we’re both stuck here anyway. Care to join me for a dance?” “A dance?” You were dubious. Why would he want to dance with you? Did Jason even dance?
“Can’t brood forever doll, that’s a Bruce thing. Might as well have some fun,” He quirked a lopsided smile, offering you his hand, and his words reminded you instantly of what Dick had said to you the day before. You had to at least try. If not for you, then for him. You returned Jason’s smile tentatively, taking his hand and letting him lead you out onto the floor.


Jason was a surprisingly good dancer. His movements were smooth and natural as he guided you around the floor in perfect time to the music, one hand at your waist and the other clasped with yours. This was different to dancing with Tim, but not like you had expected. Tim’s steps were precise and calculated, they spoke of years of lessons and tedious practice to make sure that every step was graceful and flawless.

Jason danced like he could feel the music, let it guide him as he swept you around the room, an extension of his very being. His fingers were rough and calloused where they touched yours, but his hands were warmer and larger than you remembered Tim’s being. And when he leaned in to speak to you his voice was warmer too, like there was laughter lingering just under the surface ready to spill over into being when you said something that amused him. He was different to Tim, but not in a bad way. One song bled into the next, but you didn’t stop dancing. At some stage you caught Dick’s eye across the floor and just grinned at his dumbfounded expression.

You weren’t sure how many songs had played when Jason finally lead you off the floor, keeping your hand in his as you walked out onto the balcony. He only let go when you were outside, turning to lean against the railing and folding his arms over his chest. “So? Was it as awful as you expected?” He teased, and you shoved his shoulder playfully in reprimand of his smug tone before leaning forwards over the railing beside him. “You’re a good dancer,” You deflected, breathing in the night air deeply and taking in the clear expanse of starry sky above you.

The wind tugged gently at your hair, and you allowed yourself a small smile. Why had you deprived yourself of this for so long? Jason scoffed beside you, and you turned to see him already looking at you, eyes twinkling with mirth.
“Don’t you have a bad guy to catch or something?” You accused, turning away and hoping he’d blame the flush in your cheeks on the wind. You liked Jason a lot. More than you had ever expected to. But you were still in love with Tim, and right now you weren’t sure you could take falling again so soon. You were still trying to heal from the last time.

You had allowed yourself to be vulnerable, and it had ended in heartbreak. So this time around you’d be a little less vulnerable, and a little more guarded, because your heart was fragile, put together with staples and glue and if it broke again you weren’t sure you’d have any chance of picking up the pieces.

Your eyes were suddenly hot with unshed tears, and you blinked hard, hoping that Jason wouldn’t notice. “I’m sure B can take care of it himself for once,” His voice was quiet, contemplative, and he turned around to face out over the gardens beside you. He hesitated for a moment, and then reached out, taking your hand and squeezing gently. “Doll I know you’re not over Tim… I mean, shit, that one’s gonna take time to heal youknow?” He paused, and you stayed quiet, sensing that he wasn’t done.
“But I just, I think you’re amazing sweetheart, and I’d like to get to know you more, if you’d let me,” He gave a small laugh then, and you glanced over to see him smiling ruefully at you. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, we could just hang out and watch movies and shit. Youknow, the mushy friend crap you and Boy Wonder probably do together,”

You giggled at that, raising an eyebrow at him. “You want to do mushy friend stuff with me? Doesn’t seem like your thing,” He shook his head. “Not usually,” he admitted, “But I could make an exception for a pretty girl,”
“Stop that, flattery will get you nowhere,” But you were laughing now, relieved and almost happy for what must have been the first time in a while. “Is that a no?” His smirk said he knew otherwise.
“It’s a maybe,” You offered, looking back out at the night sky.

It was almost fully dark now, blues and navys fading into black, and there were millions of stars, twinkling down at you brightly from above. “Do you know any constellations?” Jason asked suddenly, and you guessed that he had followed your gaze. You shook your head. “Only a couple,” He lifted his hand to point out a patch of starry sky to you. “Well if you look at this one here..”

Jason proceeded to point out the different constellations to you and tell you their stories, and you folded your arms over the railing, resting your head across them and listening contentedly. Jason was different to Tim, in more ways than you could count. But maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. It was still too soon to tell, but maybe, one day, you’d be ready to find out.

Escaping the Island - Part 1

Series Summary: You’re in for the fight of your life, trapped on a deadly, ghost-filled island with no way out. The only way to survive is by unraveling a murderous plot. Can you figure out who brought you here and why before it’s too late? Or will you, Sam, and Dean all become their next victims?

Chapter Summary: You accompany your best friend to a mysterious dinner at a beautiful, island-based mansion. But, when you arrive, you find that there may be more to this dinner than you ever would have thought possible.

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 3101

Warnings: an overaggressive, manhandling man who grabs the reader; sexy, protective Dean; not much so far

A/N: This is my first ever series! I’ve been planning this for awhile and I’m really excited about it. It was betaed by the fantastic @cyrilconnelly, who helps me so much. I also threw in the quote for @because-imma-lady-assface‘s 300 Follower/Birthday/Will and Grace revival/all around extravaganza celebration! My prompt was a Jack quote (my fav!): “Sarcasm noted and quickly forgotten,” and I thought it fit really well in here. I hope y’all enjoy the first part of this 10 part series! Feedback is much appreciated.

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