dinner in the garden


just a food pic spam, in my adventures of cooking for some pennsylvania white people who hate food

1) breakfast for nekekur actually, who flew out for her birthday a while back. whipped cream, strawberry syrup, and candied nuts all made from scratch

2) meat-starch-vegetable dishes are really interesting if you make a sauce from leftover dark liquor and chicken stock (buy bone-in chicken, debone it before cooking, use the bone for stock). that sauce is from passion fruit mead iirc

3) they wanted salisbury steak with buttered noodles on the side. i made the salisbury sauce into one that could just go other the noodles because honestly……

4) the gf’s dad has a thing for white chili. never heard of it but it was well received

5) spaghetti is my thing. i don’t use anything jarred or canned, that’s from whole tomatoes dudes B) and herbs from a garden i keep

6) tonight’s dinner, aka i was too lazy to cook a full meal. corn obvs, and bratwurst with some apples and onions


One hundred seeds: That’s the number Minara Begum needs to plant in her Detroit backyard in order to grow enough vegetables such as squash, taro root and amaranth greens to feed her family for the year.

She learned to cook and garden at a young age in Bangladesh. In the two years since she moved to the U.S., she’s grown traditional South Asian crops to feed her family — and whoever visits — on any given day. For Begum, this is a way of life. But through Bandhu Gardens, in Detroit, Begum and her neighbors are able to leverage their culinary skills into an entrepreneurial venture.

Bandhu Gardens sells surplus vegetables that are grown in the backyards of about six families to a handful of popular area restaurants. Last year they sold 120 pounds of greens, beans and peppers and 25 pounds of squash to restaurant accounts.

This Garden Connects Bangladeshi Women With Restaurants — And Each Other

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Miller

Headcanon: Dragon Age Inquisition Romanced Characters during St. Valentine’s day

Cullen: he organizes a wonderful dinner in the gazebo in the garden, after asking Josephine to keep the place just for him and his Inquisitor. The Inquisitor thinks that’s the present, but he smiles, blushing and rubbing his neck, holding out a packet. It’s wrapped simply, with a little bunch of her favorite flowers carefully tied there. “I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure… I can buy you something different if you don’t like it!”. Inside an exquisite leather bag, there is compass “For when you’re far away, so you’ll always find your way back to me.” he explains, smiling while she kisses him.

Cassandra: she blushes furiously, handing out to the Inquisitor a little packet, clumsily wrapped in an adorably cheesy pink paper printed with hearts. “It’s just a little thing.” she mumbles, shifting on her feet “If you don’t like it, tell me. I wasn’t sure what you might prefer.”. It’s a book. A book of love poems. Her own copy. The inscription tells simply “To my beloved.”, but the Inquisitor knows she spent hours thinking about it, pouring all her affection in the words.

Dorian: he gives the Inquisitor his present during the breakfast, as if it isn’t such a matter. But he’s holding his breath, and when his amatus opens his mouth, surprised and delighted, Dorian is radiant. In an elegant jewelry box, there is a solid gold bracelet, composed of two snakes wrapped together “I enchanted it.” Dorian smiles, smug “It’ll keep you warm when you are in cold places and vice versa. And look inside!” he urged. Where he points there is a single word “Together”.

Blackwall: of course he has carved something. It’s a little chest, easily transportable during her travels. He has surely worked for weeks, the Inquisitor realizes, looking at the complicated arabesques carved all over it. “I thought you might like something useful.” he explains, with an embarassed laugh. Inside, the wooden trunk has different compartments, and a secret one that he shows excited. Carefully carved in the precious wood, it’s written “My heart lies in your hands.”.

The Iron Bull: he gives to the Inquisitor two gifts. The first one is for both of them and the Inqusitor smirks seeing the complicated underwear, all laces and buckles. “Well, this is just for you instead, kadan.”. It’s a little dragon, made by a shining ruby. As little as the sculture is, it’s extraordinary detailed, but the Inquisitor can’t recognise the race. Bull smiles “It’s not one of the ones we fought. This is you. Well, you as I think you’d be in that form.”.

Solas: the packet is perfectly wrapped, with a sober cream paper. He smirks, when the Inquisitior opens it, finding an agenda. It’s handcrafted, with the Inquisitor’s favourite flowers dried and pressed on the cover. Inside, he has left some pages for her to full as she prefers, but the others are drawn. Flowers, scene from ancient places, and suddenly her portrait. She’s beautiful, radiant, and he caresses slowly her face “It’s how I see you, venhan.”.

Sera: she is super nervous, almost throwing her present to the Inquisitor. It’s a series of little notes, carefully tied with strings in the Inquisitor’s favorite color, placed inside a basket full of fresh flowers. “Look, I don’t say smoochy things. So I wrote them.” she mutters, blushing. Every note has a compliment or a witty consideration about the Inquisitor. Sera kisses her “I wrote everything I like about you.”.

Josephine: she has a little present, of course, a marvellous embroided new coat for them when they travel, but her true gift is a day to spend together. They have a lovely pic nic full of smiles, kisses and delicious dishes she serves personally. Josephine has made sure to have cooked all the Inquisitor’s favorite foods, as a bottle of the finest Antivan wine is ready to be shared.    “I thought the most precious present is giving you a break from our busy life.” she blushes, kissing their cheek.

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Request: Yes (this one)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,442

Warnings: Cursing (one or two!)

What are you about to read: Y/N getting inked by Harry

Requests open!

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Harry wasn’t a sap. Oh god, he wasn’t. but when it comes to Y/N, he couldn’t help but feel a tad whipped.

It was when he saw his friend Jeff getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s hometown coordinates on his arm. As much as it seemed creepy and strange, he couldn’t help but letting the idea of having something from Y/N tattooed forever on his body creep into his mind.  

It was after a week when they managed to take some time to themselves and chill at Y/N’s small but cozy apartment in downtown London. They were sat on Y/N’s tiny bed (it was a double sized bed but Harry’s feet were always left outside) and she had her arms around him. He could feel her warm breath on his neck.

“I don’t want them to see my boobs, ‘s all.” He could almost sense her eyebrows furrowing behind him while she continued stroking his biceps.

“Love, they don’t care ‘bout yeh boobs, they only care ‘bout the money they’ll be receiving” Harry shook his head and a few strands fell on his forehead, making Y/N lean over and kiss his forehead from where she was seated behind him.

Harry was slowly regretting the whole tattoo idea. He knew Y/N liked his tattoos and sure, she had a couple of small ones here and there but he wanted to go and get one together. And not because he wanted to get matching ones, Harry wasn’t into that whole idea of getting hearts and flowers with your lover.

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Not a Kid - Tommy Shelby

Request: Could you write about Tommy Shelby falling in love with a younger reader? (in their early 20’s)?

Not A Kid Anymore - Tommy Shelby

You were sat in the kitchen of Polly’s house laughing as Isaiah recounted a story about he and Finn trying to pick up a couple of girls down at the pub two nights ago. You, Michael, and Finn were sitting around the table while Isaiah stood up, making hand motions and acting out the entire scene. You were all somewhat tipsy from a bottle of whiskey that Finn had brought with him. 

Growing up you’d always been closest to Ada. You were only four years her junior and your mother had been close with Polly. When Ada moved to London you continued to spend time with the Shelby family. Eventually you became friends with Michael and Isaiah though they were a few years younger than you. You got on well with John and Esme but Arthur and Tommy always treated you like a child. Arthur didn’t bother you so much as Tommy did.  

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anonymous asked:

Can I request RFA reacting to MC proposing to them? c: Was thinking about that earlier today !! lol

I’ve read this HC before and I loooooovee ittttt sooo much I love this headcanon aaaaa I hope you guys like it as much as I do!! -Green


-honestly, it wasn’t planned at all. Kinda. You did have a whole plan for a date, very romantic and a night to remember for sure.

-but when you woke up and saw Yoosung right there, sleeping so peacefully, you just had to do it. God, you just had to marry this man. Right now .

-so you get out of bed as quietly as you can, and you whip him up a sweet cup of coffee that he taught you from his barista club, and some strawberry pancakes with whip cream 

-this boy loves sweet things so you write on the side of the plate with caramel ‘will you marry me, baby?’ 

-you did some basic latte art on his coffee, just a simple heart but you thought it was cute 

-you put it all on a small tray and brought it over to the bedroom, where Yoosung was still sleeping 

-you set the tray down on the nightstand, and sit right next to him, petting his hair and kissing his shoulders and cheeks to wake him up 

-his lil sleepy eyes are so cute that you wanna ask him right then and there but you SomeHow resist 

- “I brought you some breakfast in bed, honey” you give him the tray and he’s already surprised because !!! he loves your cooking, but what’s the occasion???

-first yoosung smiles at your cup art and drinks some of that, complimenting how cute you are and how good you are at making coffee!!! maybe even better than him?? ooo

-when he looks at the plate to see what you made, he almost misses the little words by the side. but he does see it

-at first he thinks it’s a joke. were you reinacting one of your books or something?? 

-but when he looks back at you to see you on one knee by the bed with a ring in your hand he actually screams

-without even thinking he totally throws the breakfast off the bed the coffee is safe on the nightstand thank god and jumps into your arms 

-making the two of you fall on the hard floor but he doesn’t care because “yeah!!!! yeah!! yeah, i wanna marry you!!” he doesn’t even say YES he just keeps saying YEAH. because. YEAH!!! we’re getting MARRIED! 


-saeyoung deserves the best of the best okay

-so you make a GAME out of it 

-you make him search for the ring and it’s so complex that you honestly forgot where you put the ring

-you hid it the other night and woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, waking up your soon to be fiance along with you 

-he’s cranky about it, but once he hears that you two are going on a scavenger hunt he’s BLASTING OUT THE ROOM 

-saeyoung please put on clothes we’re going outside 

-it’s really fuckin cold in the morning so you guys have to dress up warm, which to Saeyoung means 707 layers of jackets heheh

-the puzzle was made to be really challenging because you know how smart Saeyoung is, even if he pretends he isn’t 

-it’s kind of like his Valentines Date (DLC) except a lot less romantic ,, and more adventurous 

-one moment your in the bathroom until he breaks it apart to find a key, and the next moment you’re in the garage unlocking one of his babes. inside there you find a tub of ice cream, so you go to Saerans room! You find a bouquet of flowers, so now your suddenly at the supermarket! Just like that, and it goes on FOREVER  

-the last stop (where the wedding ring is) is at the top of the hill in a small dog park where the two of you had your first date. by the time you get there it’s the middle of the afternoon 

-Saeyoung isn’t even TIRED. he’s having so much fun!!!

-he has to climb one of the trees to find the ring, and you’re down on the ground and you kinda just go “o. that’s where i put it” because, again, you fucking FORGOT 

-he hangs from one of the branches and hands the ring to you, and you see the confusion on his face, but also the playfulness 

- “what could it mean??? i don’t remember a ring in our relationship. hmm… you truly are a master, because frankly, I’m stump-ed.” bu-dum cccchhhh 

-you join on in, observing the ring curiously even if you knew what it looked like.

-it was a beautiful ring. you didn’t want it too flashy, that didn’t really match his personality. it had a diamond in the middle, with two moonstones shaped in crescents to hug the diamond on each side. one reason because it was his birth stone, the other because. it was a moon stone. spaaaace

- “hmm, the only time I remember there being a ring in our relationship is when I proposed to you??” 

-Saeyoung laughs because it’s like lololol funny joke MC but then all the sudden your getting on one knee and he’s kinda just like. w h a t 

- “don’t tell me you’re going to say no and ruin the adventure already? we still have to go to the moon, you know.” You try to be cocky but your voice is trembling. you’re literally proposing to Saeyoung who is hanging upside down from a tree like a damn monkey 

-he falls off the tree 

- “OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAY??” you try to help him but he’s scrambling away from you. Your heart breaks a lil bc of that,,

-and then you see that your boyfriend is crying and he’s trying really really hard for you not to see and you don’t know if that’s a good sign or not 

- “are you crying because you love me or because you’re hurt because I’m really worried about both” a legitimate question you have to ask

-AAGAHHH it’s cause he loves you!!!! hell yeah he wants to marry you!!!

-that’s what he wants to say but he’s crying so much it comes out as a bunch of nonsense. “h yeh.. wa -nanabb… maaaarrRRYYyy-mmm y-yo-uugh-ouuu ehhhehHH!!!

-after you get him calmed down he kinda just bursts into tears at random times the rest of the day because he’s so overwhelmed with LOVE FOR YOU 


-you don’t even beat around the bush with this fuckin dork. You’ve TRIED. it DOESN’T WORK Y’ALL 

-if you don’t tell him outright about something, he’ll never know what you mean 

-you’re out at a very very fancy dinner. You don’t want to propose there because of paparazzi. you figure that the dinner will help the romantic mood though 

-after the dinner, you two go out to his private garden, and you spend the rest of your date there, walking and talking

-at one point you stop the two of you at a small little bench and request to sit down

-you continue talking while you make a flower crown for the both of you because he’s a very pretty boy and you can’t resist.

-also you need something to do with your hands because you’re so nervous and jittery 

-by the time you’re finished with them, you place one crown on your head and then offer him his 

- “would you like to be my prince, Jumin?” 

-he smiles at you, because gosh. u are… so cute. Of course he wants to be your fuckin prince !!!

- “forever. be my prince forever, okay?” 

- “okay, MC. I promise.” 

-you place the crown on his head, and without really thinking about it you place the ring on the top of his head too 

-Jumin is like “?????” 

-very confused

-when he picks it up, and sees it is an engagement ring, he almost laughs because when Jumin looks at you again you are struggling to get on one knee in the grass 

- “are you asking me to marry you, MC?” 


-Jumin full out just giggles. He’s got a little blush on his cheeks and everything. he looks damn beautiful. It’s like the guy is shining under the moonlight 

- “please god marry me Jumin Han” kinda just slips out of your mouth before you can think about it 

-he brings you up to him and gives you a very deep kiss before putting on the ring. 

- “MC, if you need me to, I’ll be your king.


-you had brought the whole RFA together at your apartment for a casual get together and game night

-and you planned to propose with everyone there 

-you just wanted it to be fun and memorable for the both of you, and to have your RFA family with you sounded amazing

-you were. v v nervous but you couldn’t tell anyone because literally everyone in the RFA would snitch without even thinking about it they’re terrible

-the party was finally at that calm, but fun air you wanted it to be. Yoosung and Saeyoung playing Just Dance on the TV, Jaehee and Zen chatting about their daily lives and his musicals while you were preparing food with Jumin.

-I think out of everyone in the RFA, Jumin is the happiest for you two, whether he say it or not

-and really…. he was the only one who wouldn’t snitch…. 

-so while you were pouring drinks for everyone, you told Jumin you planned to propose to Jaehee tonight but you weren’t sure when the best moment would be

-surprisingly he gave you a?? side hug??? 

-he was so proud of you guys aaaaa

-Jumin wasn’t the most romantic person, but he did give you good advice. Let it come naturally. Don’t think of her saying no, just think of her saying yes, because she will. Jaehee will say yes

-and that was such a relief to hear that you gave Jumin a big ol hug and a smooch on the cheek before bringing out the food 

-an hour goes by and you all are playing monopoly 

-Saeyoung and Jumin are getting all the expensive houses and constantly competing for each others cards. No one knows how Saeyoung got so much money. 

-Yoosung is making a little home with all the really cheap blocks and Zen is pulling his hair as he has to pay Jumin yet again

-then there’s you and Jaehee who watch the fire burn and maintain a normal board of moderately expensive houses. 

-and you just feel so good at the moment. You and Jaehee cuddled in a blanket with your friends all around you 

-so you turn around, kiss her on the forehead, bring out the ring and ask her to marry you


-the fighting IMMEDIATELY STOPS and everything is so quiet



- “DAMMIT JAEHEE IF YOU DON’T SAY YES, I WILL” Saeyoung SCREECHES at the top of his lungs and he looks like he’s gunna c r y 

-Jaehee does finally find her words and says yes, then the two of you kiss and everyone is standing up and cheering for the two of you 

-they force you to do a slow dance together and really you wouldn’t have it any other way 


-you don’t want to do it in public, because of paparazzi, but… Zen does love attention..

-so you decide to propose to him after one of his shoes back stage 

-you watch the whole performance with a nervous heart and shaking hands 

-the whole time you just stare at Zen and you watch how beautifully he sings and preforms. He’s amazing at what he does. You just… feel so proud of him

-you really, really hope he’ll say yes. You need him to. You don’t think you could ever get over it if Zen said no. 

-When the show is over, there’s usually a meet-and-greet with all the actors so you have to act quickly before he leaves for that and is too tired for a proposal 

-you greet him with a big hug and a kiss, which he appreciates a Whole Lot

- “hey, Zen, I was.. wondering something today.” 

- “yeah? what’s that?” 

- “would you ever… in the future.. would you ever like to get married?” 

-you catch him off guard and now he’s blushing like a FOOL 

-of course!! especially if it’s to you, and he winks. He’s just casually flirting but you’re just like THE TIME IS NOW 

-you slam down on your knee so hard that you actually start crying and Zen is just ????!!!!!! what h a p p e n e d 

-you explain in tears while bringing out the ring that you wanted to propose but you got too excited.. 


-Zen just laughs, picks you up and gives you a really big SMOOCH on the lips. pretend i didn’t say smooch because it was actually really romantic 

-he dips you, what a nerd 

-god, he loves you. he’s looking at you with such a sparkle in his eyes as he says ‘yes’ and putting on that ring, you forget all about your injury and go in for another kiss as he spins you around

-after he smugly shows all his fans the ring in pride

You know what I want?

I want them to be doing stuff like this when they’re at home too.

Just while they’re doing housework or something.

Whatever’s playing on the radio, they grab the other and have a little sing and a dance.

Making dinner or gardening or doing laundry - and they just decide to flashback to their wedding day.

And a couple of times Henry’s walked in on them and he’s moaned about them being “more mushy than grandma and grandpa”…. so of course they grab his hand and pull him over and sway him between them like the embarrassing people they are. But he laughs… he likes it secretly.

Although Emma will be taking her spare key back from her mother after that one time this happened…

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Harry Styles - Servant In Your House Imagine

[I changed it a little - she’s not a princess but still considered royalty, if that’s okay. This is an interesting and quite different one. It’s long and probably my favorite thing I have EVER written. haha. I just wanted to keep writing and didn’t want it to end.. I hope that you enjoy!!]

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A Night in the City

Request; Um hi, can you please do a imagine where the reader gets stood up on a date and ends up crying to Spencer and to make things better the next day Spencer takes her out on a date going to her favorite places around the city like the art museum, a bookstore, a botanical garden, and finishes off with a dinner at the reader favorite restaurant and tells the reader how much she means to him.

Warnings; Spencer being a cutie

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE whoever requested this imagine. I love the idea of all this so much!



Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

5 minutes turned into 15, and then 30, and finally after waiting an hour, you were done. You hastily threw your napkin onto the clean, unused dishes on the table and stood up from your seat. Your blood was boiling and all you wanted to do was punch the douche you were supposed to go on this date with.

You had gotten yourself prepared for this special occasion. Your body was hairless, moisturized, and glowing in your mid-thigh red dress. Your hair was done without a single hair out of place and your makeup reflected an ethereal goddess. You fit in perfectly in the elegant, upscale restaurant; but the only thing that was missing is your date.

Your head was down as you weaved your way around the tables of other couples and families. Your eyes were glassy and pooling with tears and you so desperately wanted to go home to avoid any further humiliation. This was a train wreck just waiting to happen and you should’ve listened to your best friend, Spencer.

This wasn’t the first date you went on with the same douche. After you explained the whole date to Spencer and how the guy showed up almost 30 minutes late, he advised you not to go out with him again.

Yet here you are, crying your eyes out with your head resting on the steering wheel of your car. This was not how you imagined your night would go, so you decided to go to the one place where you know you would feel better. Spencer’s apartment.

So you drove to the address you knew by heart and hoped Spencer would be home from the BAU. He was always doing something work-related and it was times like these when you wished he had a different job, but you knew that was the only job that fit him and his impossibly high IQ.

It was half past 9 and way too dark for you to actually see where you were going but the tall building where Spencer may or may not be, finally came into view. You parked your car across the street from the entrance and carefully stepped out, careful not to trip over your high strappy black heels.

As you stumbled across the street, your eyes were blurring with tears and rivers of mascara were falling down your cheeks like rivers. You felt bad for the bystanders in the area who could see you. You looked like a ghoul straight out of a horror movie.

You pushed open the doors that enter into the lobby and hurried over to the elevators, trying your best to avoid eye contact with anyone else in the room. You almost reached them, but a hand had stopped you from going any further.
You looked up to see who it was, it wasn’t Spencer.

It was the security guard whom you were now on a first name basis with.

“Paul, can I please go up to see Spencer?” You plead at the tall and burly man.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Paul lets go of your arm and takes a step back to get a clearer look at you.

“Damn girl, I didn’t recognize you under all that scary makeup. I thought you were a demon for a second.”

“I know, I know, it’s bad,” you sniff as you rub at your eyes and cheeks.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he frowns and puts a heavy hand on your shoulder. “Spencer got here about an hour ago. Go talk to him, I’m sure he’s still up.”

“Thank you, Paul,” you solemnly grin as he presses the button on one of the elevators for you. The doors opened with a loud “ding” and you waited until they opened so you could rush inside and let your tears fall. You wasted no time in pressing the floor number and before the doors closed, you waved a goodbye to Paul and he nodded his head at you. You let out a heavy sigh as you let yourself fall back onto the cold metal walls, tears began falling down your face once again. Your love life was hard, it was hard to find a guy who shared mutual feelings with you and when you finally did, he’s a jerk.

The large number at the top of the doors froze and indicated that you arrived at the floor where Spencer’s apartment is. The second the doors opened, you ran out and jogged through the hallway until you reached his front door.

You brought your fist up to the door and knocked a couple times before waiting patiently. In all honesty, you felt bad coming to him at this time. He’s probably exhausted and stressed out enough as it is. You felt guilt wash over you and as you began to walk away from his door, the clicking of locks and a door swinging open made you turn around.

“Y/N? Oh my god,” he says as he takes in your image.

“Spence,” your voice breaks. You run into his open arms and throw your arms around his neck. His long arms encircle around your waist and he uses one to reach up to smooth the hair on the back of your head.

“Shh,” he coos as you cry into the crook of his neck. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

You nod into his neck and he picks you up in his arms, your head resting against his t-shirt clad chest that for some reason smelt like coffee. That was when you felt your sadness begin to fade away. Just being in his presence made you feel better.

The warmth of his apartment and his body caused the goosebumps on your freezing exposed skin to disappear. It felt almost heavenly the way he strode through the room and lightly set you on his nicely made bed. He picked up one of the many knit blankets he had in his house and laid it across your body.

“I should have listened to you,” you admit to him. “I never should have gone on this stupid date.”

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault,” he frowns and puts your feet on his lap as he sits at the foot of the bed. “Tell me what he did.”

“Well for one, he didn’t show up, at all,” you angrily complain.
Spencer nodded his head as you continued to ramble on about the guy, your love life, and how difficult it was to get a guy. He listened to everything, not interrupting once. You finished your rant with an exasperated sigh.

“I don’t think you should waste your tears on guys like that,” he comments. “You deserve the world, Y/N, and if a man doesn’t give you everything he’s got, then he isn’t worth it.” You didn’t reply, only giving him a lazy smile.

The loss of sleep had caught up to you and you felt yourself slowly beginning to doze off. You felt warm hands wrap around your ankle and you looked over to see Spencer untying the straps of your heels. He undid the ties to both shoes before dropping them onto the floor. The air and release of pressure from the shoes felt euphoric against your swollen feet. You muttered a quiet thank you to Spencer and he chuckled.

“Good night, Y/N,” he says and you feel him stand from the bed. The warmth of his body was gone and all you felt was the lingering heat where he was sitting.

“Spencer, wait,” you call. “Can you stay?” Even though he had already turned off the lights, you could clearly see the blush that crept onto his face.

“I mean, if that’s okay with you,” he stammers.

“I wouldn’t want to be intruding into your personal space or anything.”

“Please,” you ask one last time and he sighs.

“Of course.”

He tip-toes to the other side of the bed before joining you underneath the covers and lying rigidly at your side. You could sense he was nervous and careful not to overstep his boundaries but you didn’t care. You scoot your body closer to his and wrap an arm around his torso and hug him close to you. He took a sharp inhale of breath as your skin made contact with his, a small smile soon appearing on his face. You feel his arm slide under your body and hold you closer to him.

“You know, Spence,” you yawn before continuing. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You say I deserve the world, but I think you’re the one who really deserves it.”

“I already got it,” he whispers and curls a strand of your hair in his fingers. You couldn’t really process what he said seeing as you were dozing off. Your eyes were fluttering and heavy with sleep, your body felt limp against his, and your feet were pulsating from being in the air restricting heels. You were beyond exhausted and being in Spencer’s arms was really the cherry on top.

But before you slipped into your unconscious, you heard Spencer say one last thing, though you couldn’t make out what it was, so you fell asleep.


The next morning you awoke to an empty bed. You felt around for Spencer, but he wasn’t there. You began to think to yourself, maybe it was all a dream, but you swear you could remember how his embrace felt and the look of tranquility on his face. You remember how his sharp features looked so soft in the dark and how badly you just wanted to reach up and touch him.

Ever since you ran into him at the same coffee shop for a year straight, the two of you finally decided to become friends. You went from acquaintances to friends, to best friends, and now you’re almost inseparable. You can’t deny that at one point you started developing feelings but for some reason, you always felt like the two of you would never happen. So you hid those feelings way and hoped they would go away, but every time you saw him, they resurfaced.

His room was dimly lit, the white curtains hanging on each side of the bed were drawn shut. You had thought Spencer would already be the BAU by now, but the sweet smell of pancakes and syrup suddenly filled your nostrils. The heavenly aroma of the food woke you up immediately. You ripped the sheets off your body and stood up from the bed to go investigate but on your way out the room, something wicked catches your eye.

In the reflection of the full-length mirror, you almost look unfamiliar. Your hair was matted and out of place, your makeup was horrifying and smeared, and to make matters worse - you were still wearing the uncomfortable tight red dress. You felt like a wreck and all you wanted to do was shower and the door to Spencer’s bathroom was wide open.

You decided you would take a quick shower and you knew Spencer would be okay with it. This wasn’t the first time you spent the night at his house and you felt right at home doing whatever you desired. Spencer’s apartment was literally a home away from home. The warm and steamy water felt euphoric slapping against your back. You ran your fingers through your long/short hair and sighed contently as the water hit your face.

Once you finished your shower, you went into Spencer’s room to get a change of clothes from your designated drawer. After spending so many nights here, whether accidentally or planned, Spencer suggested you have a designated drawer for yourself whenever that was the case. Thank heavens for that idea.

After changing, you slipped on your fuzzy socks and padded into the kitchen where Spencer was cooking up something delicious.

His back was facing you as he flipped some pancakes while flipping the bacon in the other pan.

“You need help, Chef Reid?” You ask. He whips around and looks at you, cracking you a smile.

“I’m fine,” he retorts. “Go sit down, you’re not lifting a finger, not on my watch.”

“Demanding,” you tease with a laugh but still follow his orders.

You pulled out one of the chairs on the island and waited patiently in your seat until Spencer put an empty plate in front of you and a fresh cup of orange juice.

“After you finish eating, I’m taking you home so you can get dressed,” Spencer announces as he joins you on the island with a plate of pancakes and bacon. You reach over and grab a pancake and a few pieces of bacon and pile them onto your plate.

“How come?” You question curiously, taking a bite from your bacon.

“It’s a surprise,” he admits with a smile.

“Hmm, fine,” you roll your eyes. “How should I dress?”

“Not casual but make sure you’re comfortable.”

“Gotcha,” you wink.


Spencer took you to your apartment like promised.

“You’re not coming inside?” You ask.

“No, I’m going to go back home but I will pick you up half past two,” he responds.

“Okay,” you nod with a smile.

As soon as Spencer drives off, you rush into your house and head straight towards your closet.

“Not casual,” you hum to yourself as you observe your selection of clothes.

To your luck, Spencer picked the best day to go out. It was a warm summer day but there was still a refreshing breeze in the air that refrained you from overheating. You began putting outfits together in your mind that would fit whatever Spencer had planned. Knowing him, you know you would not be doing anything wild or that requires a lot of physical effort.

When you finally put the right look together, you stepped in front of your full-length mirror and looked at yourself for the thousandth time in five minutes. You kept asking yourself if this was a date, deep down knowing you wanted it to be.

“He’s just your best friend trying to make you feel better,” you try to convince yourself - but you had a gut feeling that told you otherwise. There was something more than just hanging out with your friend, you can just feel it.

The doorbell ringing throughout your apartment caused to snap out of your daydream. You looked at yourself one more time in the mirror, hoping that you looked presentable.

“Coming!” You yell as you rush over to the door.

When you pulled the door open, you were left flabbergasted as you stared at the man in front of you.

Spencer stood there, his hair more in place than usual, a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, some slacks, and his usual converse. In between his hands, he held a bouquet of red and white roses.

“You look amazing,” you both said at the same time causing the two of you to erupt in laughter.

“These are for you,” he says sheepishly, extending the flowers towards you.

“Thank you,” you smile brightly, taking the flowers. “I’m going to go put them in a vase and I’ll be right back.”

As you walked into your kitchen to find a vase, you suddenly realized that this was, in fact, a date. You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach, seeing Spencer in a whole new light. Of course, you have always wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with this incredible man, but you always pushed it away. Now that it seems he shares your feelings, you can’t help but let your deepest desires surface again. The man of your dreams is standing at your doorstep, waiting for you to join him for a night of adventures.



I’m so sorry that this is late asf to whoever requested it, I’m literally at the bottom of my request list from the last time I was active which was mooooonths ago !!!  once again, sorry for any mistakes !!!

I’m definitely over her now, but my grandfather ordered fried chicken for his dinner tonight and I had a brief flashback to last summer. Garden Girl snuck over to my cabin with her homemade fried chicken she’d made during her day off. I creeped out, past the sleeping kids, and we crouched in the woods whispering and laughing and secretly eating some of the most incredible food I’ve ever tasted.

I’m pretty sure my eyeballs were doing that cartoon thing where the pupils turn into hearts.

it was me and sleen’s official 1 year anniversary today :’) weve been inseparable for much longer than that but whatevs it was cute, we had brunch at the poolside and played with babby and got groceries to make a fancy dinner and had wine in the garden during twilight and cuddled and watched movies n played games i love sleen