dinner in the garden

Headcanon: Dragon Age Inquisition Romanced Characters during St. Valentine’s day

Cullen: he organizes a wonderful dinner in the gazebo in the garden, after asking Josephine to keep the place just for him and his Inquisitor. The Inquisitor thinks that’s the present, but he smiles, blushing and rubbing his neck, holding out a packet. It’s wrapped simply, with a little bunch of her favorite flowers carefully tied there. “I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure… I can buy you something different if you don’t like it!”. Inside an exquisite leather bag, there is compass “For when you’re far away, so you’ll always find your way back to me.” he explains, smiling while she kisses him.

Cassandra: she blushes furiously, handing out to the Inquisitor a little packet, clumsily wrapped in an adorably cheesy pink paper printed with hearts. “It’s just a little thing.” she mumbles, shifting on her feet “If you don’t like it, tell me. I wasn’t sure what you might prefer.”. It’s a book. A book of love poems. Her own copy. The inscription tells simply “To my beloved.”, but the Inquisitor knows she spent hours thinking about it, pouring all her affection in the words.

Dorian: he gives the Inquisitor his present during the breakfast, as if it isn’t such a matter. But he’s holding his breath, and when his amatus opens his mouth, surprised and delighted, Dorian is radiant. In an elegant jewelry box, there is a solid gold bracelet, composed of two snakes wrapped together “I enchanted it.” Dorian smiles, smug “It’ll keep you warm when you are in cold places and vice versa. And look inside!” he urged. Where he points there is a single word “Together”.

Blackwall: of course he has carved something. It’s a little chest, easily transportable during her travels. He has surely worked for weeks, the Inquisitor realizes, looking at the complicated arabesques carved all over it. “I thought you might like something useful.” he explains, with an embarassed laugh. Inside, the wooden trunk has different compartments, and a secret one that he shows excited. Carefully carved in the precious wood, it’s written “My heart lies in your hands.”.

The Iron Bull: he gives to the Inquisitor two gifts. The first one is for both of them and the Inqusitor smirks seeing the complicated underwear, all laces and buckles. “Well, this is just for you instead, kadan.”. It’s a little dragon, made by a shining ruby. As little as the sculture is, it’s extraordinary detailed, but the Inquisitor can’t recognise the race. Bull smiles “It’s not one of the ones we fought. This is you. Well, you as I think you’d be in that form.”.

Solas: the packet is perfectly wrapped, with a sober cream paper. He smirks, when the Inquisitior opens it, finding an agenda. It’s handcrafted, with the Inquisitor’s favourite flowers dried and pressed on the cover. Inside, he has left some pages for her to full as she prefers, but the others are drawn. Flowers, scene from ancient places, and suddenly her portrait. She’s beautiful, radiant, and he caresses slowly her face “It’s how I see you, venhan.”.

Sera: she is super nervous, almost throwing her present to the Inquisitor. It’s a series of little notes, carefully tied with strings in the Inquisitor’s favorite color, placed inside a basket full of fresh flowers. “Look, I don’t say smoochy things. So I wrote them.” she mutters, blushing. Every note has a compliment or a witty consideration about the Inquisitor. Sera kisses her “I wrote everything I like about you.”.

Josephine: she has a little present, of course, a marvellous embroided new coat for them when they travel, but her true gift is a day to spend together. They have a lovely pic nic full of smiles, kisses and delicious dishes she serves personally. Josephine has made sure to have cooked all the Inquisitor’s favorite foods, as a bottle of the finest Antivan wine is ready to be shared.    “I thought the most precious present is giving you a break from our busy life.” she blushes, kissing their cheek.

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Stuffed peppers with only the finest fresh veggies from the garden. Chopped up some onion, tomato, a little parsley, and cooked up quinoa and brown rice. Oh and don’t forget the cheese!! Lots of it ..Mixed it all together inside my scooped out peppers and baked in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes!

I can’t wait to grow up and move into a cute house with my hot husband and decorate it all with pottery barn and Williams Sonoma and have beautiful babies and a garden and host dinner parties and be a trophy wife/housewife that is always baking and going to yoga but still has a killer job


It’s tomato season! We have six plants, and all but two of them have some harvestable size tomatoes ready to pick. We’ve been snacking on sweet Sungolds for the past couple of weeks.

Last night we feasted on apple chutney and Cambozola crostini, crackers with Manchego cheese, toasted garlic bread with Sungold tomatoes, a smattering of red grapes, and icy glasses of Prosecco.

All for now, my friends. Onward and upward.

everything about you reminds me of those beautiful clichés that i laugh at. i think of you, and i see two strong pair of arms holding me close, keeping me up. i see sunlight filtering through white curtains and summer breeze hitting my face as i run for the ocean. i see light, a lot of light. i see wild nights, soft pillows, dimly lit dinner tables, blankets on rooftops, balcony gardens, happy evenings when we find the time to watch the sunset. i see fire, and passion, hope and danger. baby, you are my biggest adventure.
—  Tanvi.R

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TMI Tuesday: When did Evie know her feelings for Cullen weren't one sided?

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Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan
Post-Trespasser - OTP Vignette

The year is 9:50 Dragon. Cullen and Evie have been married for nearly eight years. They’ve retired to South Reach, living on a small plot of land not far from the Rutherford family farm. Their little cottage is alive with the joyous sounds of their three beautiful children playing together.

Cullen stands at the kitchen counter, chopping vegetables from Evie’s garden for their dinner. He feels more content than he ever has in all his years. A slow smile graces his lips. He can feel himself being watched very closely. Without turning his head, he directs his gaze to his wife. Evie is seated at the dining table. She’s studying him closely, emerald eyes filled with suspicion, confusion, and doubt.

Even after all these years…

He puts down the knife and gives her his full attention. “I love you. You know that, right?”

She looks shocked and a little embarrassed for being caught staring. After a moment, she forces a smile and nods. “Of course, Cullen. I love you, too.”

Evie stands then and crosses over to him. A soft hand rests on his chest as a pair of full lips settle over his. She sighs happily into the kiss but when she pulls away he can still see it in her eyes. He leans down and steals one more quick kiss before she scurries out of the room.

Returning to his task, Cullen can’t help the amused smile that sticks to his lips. She’ll believe him one day. It doesn’t matter if it takes him a lifetime to convince her. He loves her more than anything and anyone. And loving her is worth everything.

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