dinner habits

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

So my boyfriend just HC'd some silly shit after reading my smut on Ao3

BF: So, I noticed you left the tab up on your laptop while I was using it to fill out an application and I… may have read some things.

Me: oh?

BF: … damn, I never knew Ignis had it in him. He’s forward asf.

Me: *shrugs* It honestly depends on how I headcanon him. I think I’ve written just about every version of Ignis that I can at this point.

BF: okay, I’m gonna headcanon. *stands up from the dinner table, snaps his fingers and adopts a surprisingly damn good impersonation of Adam Croasdell’s voice* I’ve got it! I’ve come up with a new poonani recipeh!


BF: *switches to being Prompto* Wow, Ignis, that’s amazing! How do you do it? *Ignis voice* Dear Prom, all I have to do is say things in this voice, and women do what I want! *Prompto voice again, actually makes his eyes big and sparkly* That’s it? That’s all I have to do to get girls? *Ignis cadence* Well… that’s all that I have to do.

Me: *kind of wishes that I had my phone to record all of this*

BF: *goes into Noct’s voice* Guys, shut up, I’m trying to concentrate on being a king, here. *lifts his head imperiously, channeling Ignis, adjusts his glasses* But you’ve been staring at that damned ring for hours and haven’t learned shit yet, my lord. *gruff, Gladio voice* That’s a good one, Iggy!


BF: *whines as Noct* Shut up, Gladio, I still have a better chance at getting chicks as a king while you remain NOTHING! *Ignis voice* That… almost rhymed, Noct. *Prompto* Aww, I’ll always appreciate you Gladio! *gruff Gladdy laugh* that’s because no matter what you do, you’ll always have to look up to me, Prom. *walks out of the room*

Me: … wow.

BF: *comes back in* IN FACT… I headcanon that the only person that would be better than Ignis at picking up girls is Cindy Aurum. Because it’s obvious she’s batting for her own team.

Me: … do you wanna create a Tumblr?

BF: Nah. I’m not good enough to join your elite porn writing group. But it was fun channeling all of the Chocobros for a minute!

Marauder’s Eating Habits Headcanons
  • Of course, the Marauders loved to eat, especially when planning pranks.
  • Obviously, James Potter pretends to be well-versed in etiquette, but when it comes to eating, he tries to use the right forks and the right technique, but somehow, he always fails
  • .He was the one always telling people to eat. “Moony, mate you need to eat!” or “Padfoot, no, you cannot have a hunger strike because Flitwick gave you detention on the day of Hogsmeade” or “Wormtail, mate, eat, don’t worry about your figure mate” 
  • He always piles heaps of food onto his plate, and tries to eat nicely and to organize his plate. However, all the food just ends up mixing. (”Potter, that’s vile, have more manners!” Evans screams every dinner).
  • Sirius always bursts out laughing when this happens. Well-versed in etiquette and pure-blood nuances, he effortlessly uses the right plates and the right technique.
  • He is always trying to organize food strikes. “Moony! Protest! I got detention for hexing Slytherins! I mean, can you blame me?” However, when the Anti-Muggle born and Anti-Werewolf Acts are passed Evans and him actually organize a hunger strike.
  • You cannot deny that Sirius Black was always keeping up with the latest food trends. “Moony, no, I cannot eat soya today.” After a few days, he say, “Wormtail, mate, I need to eat only Quinoa” or  “Prongs, you can’t give me chicken, I’m vegetarian on Wednesdays”
  • Remus is not very well-versed in pure-blood etiquette. He tries using the right forks and the right technique, and he gets it right. However, when he picks up the wrongs one to eat salad, Sirius leans over and snakes an arm over his shoulder, makes sure his lips are almost touching Remus’ ear, puts his arm over Remus’ and says, “This is the right fork, Moony.”
  • Remus, with his werewolf appetite piles a lot some days. Some days, he can barely eat. On those days, his friends make sure to save the treacle tart for him.
  • He needs chocolate with everything, having discovered its healing properties after his first full moon.
  • Peter  is not very well-versed in pure-blood etiquette, too. He never even tries using the right forks and the right technique. His friends don’t care anyway.
  • He heaps large piles of food onto his plate. He is especially partial to sweets. However, his plate always looks very nice. In fact, he is the one always decorating birthday cakes.
  • The other Marauders love when Peter cooks for them. They love him as their own.
  • Which is why there was no reason for him to have betrayed them.
  • The Marauders loved to eat. Which is why it is sad they only got a short amount of time to eat.

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So for the 1k follower micro fics (Congrats!! I've been around since 100 I think lmao) I was thinking shance model AU? Like Shiro is a photographer, and Lance looses his first photographer for being too reckless in his shoots or having too outlandish ideas or smth. Shiro finds him and recognizes him and they work together? Romantic obviously, shance is beautiful. Thank you if you decide to do it! 😉 Hmu sometime you're awesome?? Ily?



An annoying brat.

Won’t listen to his betters.

A waste of a nice body and face.

I heard he’s still here just because he knows the CEO.

You really don’t want to work with him. He’ll just drag you down.

All of these warnings floated through his head, but he pushed them away. Shiro had a very strict rule of judging people for himself, and Lance wasn’t going to be an exception. Allura asked him specifically, calling him after months of silence, so the least he could do was genuinely try.

“Listen, Shiro… I know you work in Japan now, but just this once, won’t you come back?” she begged. “I have this male model, and he’s everything you ever dreamed of. Slightly androgynous, especially when he puts on makeup. He’s tall, naturally skinny, has so much natural talent…”

“What’s the problem, then? What do you need me for?”

“No one would work with him.“ 

Shiro was quiet for a moment. “Why?”

“He’s… Cocky. He knows what he can be, but he’s not there just yet, and it pisses people off, and depresses him too when the photos don’t come out as well as they could.”

Shiro hesitated. Said he needs some time to think about it. In response, Allura sent him the guy’s portfolio. He didn’t hesitate in the least when he booked the nearest flight out to New York.

Lance was so much more than his photos.

His skin, the most amazing shade of caramel Shiro has ever seen, practically glowed. It was clearly well taken care of. His hair was soft and shiny, even if a bit short to really play around with. Legs that went on forever, a smooth, taut stomach, slim waist and a gorgeous face.

Shiro’s stomach flipped and tightened as he crossed the room to officially meet him.

Lance noticed him approaching and broke into a wide, slightly goofy grin. “Well, hello there, handsome. Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Shiro was a goner.

They worked well together. Lance had a lot of great suggestions, but he was very pushy about them. Shiro could see how it might irk other photographers, but smitten as he was, he didn’t mind at all. And once he gained Lance’s trust, the young model became much more obedient and willing to listen to him.

They clicked outside work, too. Soon, dinner together became a habit. Either they ate out at restraunts, not exactly dates, but a bit too flirty to be friendly, or they cooked together in Lance’s tiny kitchen. Eating out was nice, but to Shiro, no gourmet meal could ever be as good as eating Mac&Cheese from a slightly chipped bowl in that kitchen.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he first heard him laugh so hard he snorted.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he saw Lance cry for the first time, plagued by insecurities about an upcoming shoot.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with his cooking.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with the charming, cocky yet insecure, incredibly adorable, irresistibly sexy man.

It was in Lance’s kitchen they had their first kiss. It was against the counter they fucked for the first time. It was in Lance’s kitchen that Shiro kneeled one day, holding a small box, diamond ring resting on velvet for the love of his life to accept. 

headcanon: over the centuries, maui has, very deliberately, honed “making a dramatic entrance” down to a science

he can look at a scene and know that, for instance, a bad guy is about to set him up with a line like “what do you expect him to do, drop out of the sky” or the perfect angle to come in from so he’ll look suitably heroic

(corollary headcanon: when he doesn’t take the time to make a dramatic entrance? that’s when you need to start worrying.)


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Requested by: @sassyunicorns2

Request: Hi! Can I request a fluff scenario (a little one if you want) with Sehun? Sehun x you in the morning after he came back from the obligatory military service ( I don’t know if this is right). Thank you very much! 😘😄

Genre: FLUFF

Member: Sehun


Your eyes fluttered open as you woke. A pleasant warm feeling surrounded you paired with arms which held you tightly around the waist, holding you against the source of heat. Your legs entangled with the person’s that lay beside you.

You blinked your eyes a few times to try and adjust to the dim lighting in the bedroom. You tried to stretch your muscles that ached from your sleeping position, but when you tried to move, the arms that were holding you had pulled you even closer, your face held against the bare chest in front of you.

It had been two years since the last time you had been able to wake up this way, wrapped up tightly in the arms of your loving fiancé.

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Fëanorians: The Annoying Childhood Dinner Habits edition.

Little Maedhros being King of the Crumbs. Like being able to make crumbs out of anything, and scattering them liberally across the table.

Little Maglor burping out Tirion’s most popular tune of the month, and actively expecting applause. Or emitting a low, constant, irritating hum with a face of perfect innocence.

Little Celegorm insisting that he is actually a dog like Huan and therefore could not possibly use cutlery.

Little Caranthir having one sip of daddy’s wine and flushing so deep that even the tips of his ears turn crimson. And sneaking his portions of vegetables onto Curufin’s plate.

Little Curufin building passive-aggressive fortifications around his dinner plate using glasses, wine bottles, water jugs, spare candles and delicately positioned forks.

Little Amrod packing loads of food into his cheeks and pretending that he is a hamster. 

Little Amras playing footsie with his twin brother under the table and accidentally getting it wrong and kicking his dad in the knee.

I need you to know

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” she fussed while running from launderette to bedroom with clean sheets. Not that they would stay that way long once he got here. The house work was just a ruse anyway. She had more nervous energy than she knew what to do with. “Maybe I’ll work out,” she thought and burst out. Yeah, unlikely, she’d leave that to him.

They had only been apart for 10 days. It was kind of a tiny time-out compared to the way they had courted. A few months in the same country, but not city. A few days under the California sky. A meet up in New York here and there. They were both always moving. It felt like forever though, because they’d been joined at the hip for more than a week when they had gone to his hometown.

That trip was a total trip. He always talked in circles and it took him forever to get out a sentence in his super low down drawl. Except during sex. She was distracting herself. She needed a Xanax.

“So, I was thinking, um, about us, um, maybe taking a trip. Um, I mean, if you are free. I, um, have to be in Manchester and I was going to stay with my mum, so maybe, um, if you are free, like I said, you can come?” she remembered how he looked at her hopefully while shrugging like it was no big deal. He couldn’t feign nonchalance at all. She liked how much he cared, about everything. It reminded her of Rieder.

So she found herself on a plane with people whose names she had heard slip from his mouth familiarly and got off into a chilly overcast day before ducking into an SUV that fit all of them. She was so nervous on the way, as the scenery changed from urban to country she found herself biting her lip and singing dully under her breath.

“What’s that your humming?” He whispered to her.

“Just some old song,” she dodged as his breath ghosted over her shoulder. Her reactions to him were why she was making this journey. He made her shiver then laugh loudly in the space of a few minutes frequently. He laughed at her jokes, not just at how goofy she was. He genuinely thought she was witty. So, even though she was sure she was not the girl you took home to mom, to many topless shoots and cigarettes, she’d walk into his mother’s brick house and share tea in her back garden. Anything to pop the dimples.

And the trip had been a success. His mum, as he called her, had liked her. Even requested that they grab lunch alone. And she’d lost her mind and agreed to spending time with the older lady, and lady she was, without him as a buffer. And it was lovely. His mother was open and gave her no strong worded or veiled warnings and their conversation flowed. Her smiled was so similar to his that it evoked wide gins throughout the village that afternoon, some on her own face.

But after that, they both had obligations. They had been facetiming, but she missed him. She missed his boots kicked off by her door for her to fall over, missed fresh squeezed juices he tried to like half finished in her fridge, missed the dent in the pillow onethe right side of the bed, the creases on his dimpled cheeks and puffy eyes, missed missing sleep.

She checked the clock, any minute now, if his flight was on time and traffic was good. So, unlikely, maybe she should eat something. When was the last time she ate something? It had been a bit, maybe dinner yesterday. Her cigarette habit had picked up while he was gone. He’d be disappointed, slyly. She sighed.

Opening the fridge was a joke. How as she considered an adult?  She laughed out loud at herself. There was a stash of takeout containers, half eaten cheese and wine. She searched for her phone to call uber eats. It would have to do, and she’d get him that dish he raved about last time when they ate in bed after painting each other with markers and took her favorite pictures ever. Those polaroids were better that her whole Dior ad. Real attraction was hard to simulate she guessed. She smiled at her lockscreen. Pictures of pictures were so platonic, a representation of a representation, of him. She forgot all of her intentions when a pic popped through of the security door downstairs.

She ran through the door, leaving it wide open, to the elevator. The ding was a starting gun and she felt more than saw him as he swept her up. Her thighs notched into the dips in his hips and she was happy for the soft surface of her couch beneath her moments later. She was thankful again moments later for the forethought she had shown in wearing a dress when he didn’t even bother to tease aside her underwear, dragging them across where she was already wet and warm. The click, click, click of his zipper resounded in her ears and the pop when he pushed in could have come from that silly lollipop song.

His exhale mirrored hers and their movements slowed. “Hi,” he goofed at her and popped open smiling eyes.

“Hello,” she giggled back at him, his eyes closing again at the quaking of her stomach and its companion clench lower down. She leaned up and inhaled his breath before fitting her lips between his. Their first kiss had been chaste and sweet, this one was too, in opposition to the subterranean rock below their waists.

He pulled back again and the light from the window made his eyes shine like mint leaves, translucent and soft. His strokes had lengthened considerably but his gaze held for some time and she was loath to look away though her eyes ached to fall closed. Finally his smile faded and the pensive look he wore distracted her from the groan of the couch springs and the slap of his hips meeting hers.

“lover, ca va?” she smoothed his brow with a bitten thumb and strained her neck to kiss it.

He just shook his head and buried his face in the notch of her neck before ghosting his hands from her waist down to tilt her pelvis at a sharper angle. Her concerns were replaced by sighs and she thought she may cry from the drag of his foreskin inside of her. The new depth he was able to achieve with the axis he had her on was polarizing and her earth tilted.

When her breathing had evened and the feathered fringes that framed her eyes were no longer entwined tightly in pleasure, she looked up at him.

“I miss you,” he stated.

“Me too, but you are with me now?” she puzzled.

“No, um, I mean, I did, but that was the song you were humming the other day, right?”

She cast her mind back to that day, when she met his mother, “So it was,” she confirmed, kissing him again and rocking her hips up. He hadn’t finished.

He groaned above her, “Wait!”

“Wait?” she arched her brow and clenched.

He shook his head and chuckled at himself and rocked with her, kissing the tip of her nose, “No, ahhh……But, that’s really distracting, so yeah, um, Please!  Um,wait.” He caught his breath. “I listened to it again when I realized. It made me, made me think. I wanna see you more……be near you as often as I can. And I need you to know, that I care, and I miss you.”

She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, so she did neither. Instead she thanked him for expressing her feelings along with his own without words.

BTS when their s/o always eats dessert before dinner {REQUEST}

Boi if this ain’t me


Jin wouldn’t be too fond of this habit of yours. He’d probably hide all the dessert like foods until after dinner. If you had managed to find something/went out and bought something and Jin happened to catch you, he’d take it away and scold you.

“This isn’t healthy. You can have it back after dinner.”

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Yoongi just didn’t understand how in the world you never managed to become sick of sweets, or just sick in general. He’d also be lowkey concerned for your health

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Would give you a life lesson as to why it’s bad for you. He’d get really upset when you disobey him and continue to do it anyways.

*You’re Jimin*

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Hobi would be alright with it. He knew you ate relatively healthy to begin with so he didn’t see the problem with it and would occasionally join you in your reversed dinner habits.

“You do you jagiya~”  

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Would find it oddly endearing tbh. He’d long since given up on trying to stop the habit and would just let you do you. If people mentioned it, he’d just wave them off. 

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Would find it cute. Surprisingly, he’d be the one to only let you do your reversed dinner ministrations a couple times a week. Like, this boy wouldn’t give in even if you begged.

“You’re cute jagiya, but no. You had dessert first last night.”  

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Would probably be the only one to join you completely in your habit. Though, eventually he would get sick of it and his hyungs yelling at him for it. He’d find it cute and would probably bring back something  for you after practice or a day in the studio

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Since the inbox is open I was wondering if you could do some more domestic/relationship headcanons with Oda?


• Odasaku doesn’t have much material wise—nor does he care—so he doesn’t mind staying in an apartment while it’s just the two of you. As long as he has enough room for his favorite books he doesn’t mind staying in a studio apartment until you decide to expand your family. His one request, if you can afford it, is finding a nice place by the water preferably high up enough so that he can see the water from his window. He’ll place a small writing desk beneath the window and put his favorite candid picture of you next to a few pencils and his favorite book.

• For a man who sleeps hot he prefers having the bed near or directly beneath a massive window. During the summer months Odasaku kicks off all blankets but refuses to put heavy curtains to help block out the heat. He loves the look of natural light funneling in when the sun cracks over the horizon and lights up the world as well as the bright moonlight cascading over your body during midnight snuggle sessions.

• Odasaku can’t stand laundry piling up even if he has to haul his ass down ten flights of stairs after a long day of work he’ll do it to get rid of the clothes piling up in the hamper. Sometimes he forgets to separate lights and darks, and one time he ended up tinting all of his white undershirts a very pastel pink. He rolled with it for a few weeks until he decided to go and buy new ones. From that point on he made sure to pull anything red and lacey from his laundry and wash them separately.

• When it comes to groceries Odasaku prefers going to smaller local markets over big chain grocery stores. Not only is the food on the cheaper side its usually clean of extra add-ons, plus it helps the local farmers and shop owners out. Odasaku isn’t one to buy in bulk either; he’d rather buy fresh for the meals he’s planning on cooking that day. Usually Odasaku leaves a list of things for you to pick up for dinner later if it’s his turn to make dinner.

• Odasaku’s eating habits are sometimes off the wall depending on the work he’s been assigned that day. There will be nights where you wake up to him munching on a big bowl of food at two in them morning. Being the gentleman he is he’ll offer you some of whatever he’s eating, but the man is a bottomless pit. Even if he eats a seven course meal at two am he’ll wake up ready for breakfast at his normal hour.


• Watching the cherry trees blossom has become one of Odasaku’s favorite spring/summer activities. He brings his favorite spicy curry to share and some good sake Dazai bought him for his birthday. Sometimes he’ll invite Ango and Dazai to come along and other times he reserves the day just for the two of you to drink and enjoy each other’s company under the beautiful pink blossoms.

• Odasaku sometimes surprises you with flowers for no particular reason other than he was thinking about you. They aren’t expensive or rare bundles of flowers, but they’re beautiful and generally a mixture of scents and colors he knows you like. He’ll bring them home with a cheap bottle of wine or your favorite food for a casual at-home date night.

• Right as the leaves start to turn and the wind chills the nighttime air Odasaku makes an adorable little table out on your balcony with a few candles and comfy chairs to snuggle in. Be it dinner, an afternoon nap, or just watching the stars at night Odasaku uses your balcony to the fullest when the weather is that perfect mix of fall and summer.

• If Odasaku’s nose is stuck in a book he doesn’t mind if you crawl on his lap and snuggle right into his shoulder. He’ll read out-loud to you if you’re interested or stay as still as a statue while you nap on him. Odasaku is a man who enjoys cuddling and feelings your heartbeat. It relaxes his him just as much as a good book and the combination of both give him an elated feeling of happiness that nothing else compares to.

• Odasaku always carries your bags when you’re shopping even if his arms are numb and he’s probably going to regret it later. He does sweetly ask if he can sit down for a little if you’re on a shopping spree. But, if you try to buy him anything in his presence he gives you a firm no and puts whatever you’re trying to get back without you noticing. Surprising him with gifts is the only way to give him one unless its expect like on his birthday or your anniversary.

Speak Up

A/N: An anon request for a Rossi x Reader where she is dating Rossi and is considerably younger, so sometimes she gets embarrassed and insecure. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


Why the fuck did people care who you were doing? Why did it fucking matter to them that he was older? If one more person made a comment that he could be your father, you were going to burst. So what?!

You loved David and he loved you; that was all that mattered. 

So did it bother you so much? Was it just that you knew the nature of the relationship was otherwise and that’s what bothered you? Maybe it was what others would perceive, and that’s what bugged you. You really weren’t sure, all you knew was that you couldn’t bear taking out your phone again and showing people pictures of the man you loved, only to have them point out your age difference. It was happening all the time and it was really starting to bother you. “Hello, love,” David said as you walked in the door. “I know that look, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” you laughed. In actuality, nothing was wrong, it was just your brain that was fucking with you.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing your hand and rubbing the inside of your palm. “Tell me.”

You sighed, leaning your head into his chest before speaking. “I’m just tired of people passing judgement on our relationship. Like it bothers me deep down in my heart and I don’t know why.”

“Did you get someone else making a comment about how I could be your father?” he asked. It was a fairly common occurrence, some people even so forward as to say so in front of you. “They’re just jealous that they don’t have a beautiful woman on their arm.”

“It was a woman who said it this time,” you laughed. Considering this happened so frequently, you’d come up with a theory. Older women thought that you were a gold-digger, because you couldn’t possibly love a man 25 years your senior, you had to want his money, or two, younger men were jealous that you were David’s and not theirs. Older men and younger women didn’t make the same judgements about your relationship. “Baby, why does it bother me so much? I love you, why does what people think bother me?”

He closed the door behind you and kissed your forehead. “Do you want me to psychoanalyze you?” he chuckled, “Because I can.”

“Actually yea,” you laughed, taking a seat on the couch. Before you went to dinner, you made a habit out of sharing a pre-dinner drink. “Tell me why this bugs me and how I can stop it.”

After readying two drinks, he glided across the room and gave you your cocktail as he kissed your forehead. “We have some deep desires buried inside us. Two of them are the need to be liked and accepted and the need to be true to oneself,” he started. “If a person is not able to do both of those things, it manifests itself in depression or anxiety. No one likes me versus I have to get people to like me. You’re the latter.”

“Definitely,” you said, raising your eyebrows and taking a sip of your drink. “How do I make it stop?”

“Well,” he replied, “If it is really bad, you go see a doctor about it.”

“Yes, Dr. Reid,” you laughed. “But if I want to try other things first?”

Your boyfriend gave you a look. He made it seem like he didn’t like being equated with his nerdy doctor friend, but he loved it. “One, you find your people. I think you’ve done that. First and foremost, of course, being me.” He stood up and sat next to you on the couch, pulling your head into the crook of is arm. “Two, and this is one of those easier said than done things, you realize that if everyone liked you all the time, you undoubtedly wouldn’t be remaining true to yourself, and you have to do both in order to survive.”

“You sound sexy when you talk like this just so you know,” you said. You turned into him and asked him to continue. 

“If you feel comfortable enough, experiment with talking to people when they say something that bothers you. In this case, it would mean address that yes, I am your boyfriend, yes I’m older, but we’re happy together and in the end that’s all the matters. I don’t know how you tend to handle these things when I’m not around, but when we’re together you tend to let it slide.”

That you did. It was hard to speak up. Sometimes it was your strong suit, normally when you were talking about a political stance or defending someone you loved, but when it came to yourself it was much harder. “And last, what’s actually important to you. Gimme a top five right now.”

“In no order,” you prefaced. “You, my family, all of my friends, which include your team, having a job I love, and reading.”

David smiled. Ever since you started dating, he’d enjoyed reading more, mainly because you read to him every night. “Is what people think on that list?”

“No, it’s not, I guess.” 

“Write notes to yourself, put it in your phone, put that little list somewhere where you can be reminded all the time about what’s actually important to you.”

You moved into his lap after finishing your drink, thankful for having such a patient man in your life. “Thanks for the pep talk babe,” you said, pressing a kissing to his lips. “You know I love you, right?”

“Yea, I do.” He patted your knee and moved to get up. “Now let’s go get dinner and not give a crap what people want to believe.”

“No guarantees,” you laughed. “But I’ll try.”

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BOTW dragged me back into the Zelda fandom and I'm LOVING THIS AND YOUR HCS OMG THEY ARE THE BEST I highkey want more HCs about Link's personality because I want him to be a fully fleshed out character with tons of depth~!!!

- pre-hero (?? kid link) he actually spoke a lot but it was usually just noise. u know how kids just make noise?? like that

- still super active, dorky, and with a large appetite

- didn’t….really…wanna be a knight….but what can he do he was the chosen hero

- he actually was just as thirsty for knowledge as zelda was and they’d read books together under a make-shift fort and used flashlights!! but he had a path set out for him that he couldn’t change, and young link thinks he can’t be more than one thing

- allergic to cats (thank u blue this is now a full-fledged headcanon) but that doesn’t exactly stop him from loving them…he just does it from a distance

- POST-hero link discovers his passion for cooking and older link realizes he can save hyrule and cook at the same time

- hobbies include keeping up with fashion trends, photography, and hosting dinners

- has a habit of biting his nails, and thanks to the tip from zelda, he paints his nails with polish infused with monster extract to stop him from biting them

- long after calamity ganon has been defeated, he slowly begins talking more now that the stress and all the heavy expectations (like relying on him to save the world nbd) have been lifted

- BUT he’s always been, and still is, very shy~ so he retracts into his mind when he meets new people

i could go on but i’ll keep it relatively short lol

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“Just be careful, nano ja. Kindness is a great power, but any power can be turned bad,” she stated.

She knew lots of people who were truly kind, and she noted that the world liked hurting them. Estelle was an angel, loving, kind and gentle. She didn’t deserve what had happened to her. Neither did Seifer. He was a kind man all the way up till his death.

“You didn’t have too, nano ja. I’ve had worse than a few starches, but they feel better now~ Thank you~!!”

today was honestly a really good day

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