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Charming Nights - Chapter One

A/N @codenamekaraortiz and I have been talking for *ages* about how there needs to be a Magic Mike 3 with Theo Rossi and Charlie Hunnam, and so I decided that until it happens, I would write an AU where the club are strippers. Charming Nights is (very) loosely based on Magic Mike, the below characters playing the respective stripper parts.
Huge thanks to @codenamekaraortiz for proof-reading and her ideas/the below edits, and to both Kara and @lolsthecat for sending me (in)appropriate songs to inspire me!

Juan Carlos sat on a bench, his bag at his feet. The main street of town was busy, but all he could focus on were his thoughts.
Being a dropout isn’t the worst thing that could happen, one part of Juan thought.
He was smart, he had the know-how, but a lack of esteem and the OCD made it hard for him to stick with it. 
So he’d packed up, headed out of New York and flew down to sunny California, catching the first bus from the airport and landing in Charming. He didn’t have much more of plan that finding a job with a good routine. He had a little money saved, but he’d have to find something soon.
Juan was impulsive when things got difficult, quick to take himself out of a situation rather than try to resolve it. He didn’t know anyone in Charming, he hadn’t found anywhere to stay. So now the panicking had begun.
Really thought this through, didn’t you? He rubbed his hand over his tired eyes.
The sound of a staple gun firing in to a post next to him caused Juan’s head to snap up.
The guy doing the stapling looked over to him, gave him a nod, and walked away towards the next post.
Juan stood, looking at the flier. It was for a mechanic garage, seeking workers. Juan had worked on cars and motorcycles most of his life, so he hoped it counted for something.
“Hey!” Juan jogged after the flier guy.
The man turned and looked at the young Puerto Rican coming towards him.
“You looking for workers?”
“You looking for work?” The guy had a smirk on his face, the corners of his eyes crinkling slightly.
“Do you have any experience?”
“I can fix most anything on a car or bike. I’d be happy doing all the shitty jobs, I just need one.”
Juan sized him up. He was a little taller than Juan, floppy blond hair and blue eyes. He was around the same age, with a cheeky side about him.
“Alright. Show up tomorrow at 7.”
“Um… show up where, exactly?” Juan asked.
Blondy chuckled. He gave him the address. Extending a hand, Juan shook it.
“I’m Jax.”
“Juan Carlos.”
“Not from around here, are you?” Jax asked, continuing on to the next pole to post more fliers.
“What gave it away? The bag? The accent?”
“Pretty much.”
Juan told him a bit about himself as Jax stapled.
“You got a place to stay?” Jax asked, putting up the last flier.
“I was just going to stay in a motel until I got settled.”
“Nah, man. Come crash with me. At least until you find a place.”
Juan couldn’t believe his luck. He hoped everyone in Charming was as accommodating and nice.
“Are you sure? You don’t even know me.”
“Are you gonna kill me in my sleep?”
Juan shook his head.
“I think we’ll be fine, then. Come on.”
Jax grabbed Juan’s bag and put it in the back of his pick up. They jumped in the car and Jax drove them to his place.


Jax’s place turned out to be a clubhouse at the garage. The garage was run by a guy named Clay, who was once part of a bike club. The club had long disintegrated, but Clay had kept the clubhouse as his own home.
Jax had come along and Clay gave him a room and a job, and he’d been there ever since.
“Clay! Found us a new employee.” Jax shouted across the yard.
A tall man, in his late fifties, poked his head out from the garage office. He wandered over, a smug grin on his face, looking Juice up and down.
“Day job, or night job?”
“Day. He’s got experience with cars.”
“That’s a shame. Although,” Clay reached down to the hem of Juan’s shirt, peeling it up and looking at his sculpted form.
Juan jumped back, pulling his shirt down and throwing a questioning look at Jax, who laughed.
“He’d fit right in.” Clay finished, running his hand through his white hair.
“This is Juan Carlos.”
“JC, people just call me JC.” Juan added.
“Well JC, I’m Clay, or Tarzan, depending on where I’m working. Daddy, if we’re close.” Clay grinned.
“Good to meet you, um, Clay.”
“Can JC stay here?” Jax asked.
“Sure thing. Set him up in a room, grab him some sheets and towels.” Clay turned to Juan.
“Get settled, then tomorrow morning, come see me in the office and we’ll get you sorted.” He turned and walked away with a last wink at the boys, heading back to the garage.
“He’s.. colourful.” Juan said, not really sure what had just happened.
“As bright as a rainbow. Come on, let’s get you set up.” Jax responded, steering Juan by the shoulder in the direction of the clubhouse.
“What did he mean by ‘night job’?” Juan asked.
“We both work at a night club as well as here. You should come along sometime, check the place out.”
“Sounds great.”
Jax showed Juan to his room, leaving him to get the linens. There was a double bed, a couple of sets of draws, a small ensuite and a TV. Juan could be comfortable here.
“So pretty much we just chip in for everything, get Clay to take it out of your pay or you can just give it to him yourself. Come and go as you please, we’ll get you a set of keys sorted. As long as you do your work and pay your way, you can stay as long as you like.“
“Thanks man, I really appreciate it.”
“My pleasure. Come out around 6 if you want, we’ll have some drinks and order dinner.”
Juan nodded and Jax left the room. He sat on the bed, taking a deep breath.
Not the worst impulse move I’ve made, he thought, a small smile on his face.

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Request: Nobody else

Request: Imagine Juice being jealous over his old lady’s boss who takes her to restaurants for business meetings and they fight. Juice leaves for the club but later on she goes there to make it right.

Originally posted by lonely-my-middle-name

I had been with Juan for almost a year. I loved him, he was everything to me, but his insecurities were always there, sometimes taking the best of him. Lately, he would get grumpy, every time I talked about my boss and if I had a business meeting. Those were always in restaurants, nice places to please the clients who were investing a lot of money in our company.

I was getting ready to another dinner when Juan arrived home. “Baby”, he called me, almost singing with happiness. I asked God for patience and walked downstairs. He must have heard the click of my heels, because Juan appeared at the end of the stairs, already frowning.

“Where are you going?”, he barked, crossing his arms.

“Business dinner”, I was wearing a nice dress, not revealing at all. It ended on my knees, definitely not so short.

“I just bought food”, Juan said between teeth, “Your favorite”

“Juan”, I sighed. I had been working for nearly five months and we already had had that fight a dozen times, “I would love to have dinner with you, but I have to go. Believe me, I would rather stay home”

“Then tell your boss this”, he hissed.

“You know that I can’t”, I pinched my nose, tired, “I’m new at the company, which is also new. We need as many clients as we can get right now”

“You keep coming up with this excuses”, he narrowed his eyes, whining like a kid, “You don’t really want to stop doing this. I guess you like the fancy restaurants, the attention…”

“You better stop right there Juan!”, I raised my voice, cutting him off, “Don’t you dare accusing me like this!”

We just glared at each other. I looked away to the clock. I was getting late.

“I’m going now. I’ll be back before ten, I think”, my tone was sad, I was so tired of that fights. I walked to my car and before leave I saw Juan standing at the door, jaw clenched, arms crossed.


I got home fifteen minutes past ten and all the lights were off. That was odd. Juan would always light up the entire place when he was alone. I parked at the driveway and walked inside the house.

“Juan?”, I called, but got no answer. I walked around and there was no sign of him. In the bedroom, there were no closet doors open or drawers. Juan would never leave a mess behind him, not even when he was running away. I opened the closet and his bag wasn’t there. On the drawers, a few boxers were missing. I sighed and grabbed my phone.

“Lass”, Chibs answered on the first ring, “Are you calling for Juicy boy?”

“Yeah, is he there?”, I walked downstairs again, grabbing my purse.

“Yes”, the Scotsman chuckled, “Hidden in one of the bedrooms”

“Thanks Chibs”, I hopped in my car, “I’m going to pick him up”


I parked my car at the clubhouse and marched inside. Boys looked up at me and Chibs pointed to the back of the club, guiding me to the bedroom where Juan was. I muttered a thank you and he left me alone. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Told you to leave me alone Chibby”, Juan groaned. He was laying on the bed, still fully dressed, looking at the ceiling with his hands over his chest.

“I’m not Chibs”, I closed the door behind me and Juan sat on bed. His eyes widened and his face lit up for a moment, but soon he was frowning again.

“What are you doing here?”, I noticed him looking me up and down, he would never hide how much he wanted me.

“I came to take my old man back home”, I walked towards him, done with that silly fight, “I want to-“, I held his shoulders, straddling him, “-cuddle with him, sleep on his arms”

Juan looked away, keeping his hands firmly on the bed. I sighed and got up, “I don’t care about the damn fancy restaurant or those people. I’m just trying to keep my job”. He looked up at me, paying attention, “Nobody ever treated me with less than respect and just for you to know, if it helps you to sleep, my boss’ wife was there. She had been traveling for the last month and now she back to work with us too”

He looked to floor, still not saying a word. I ran fingers through my hair and turned my back on him, “I’ll be at home”, I whispered. I was almost at the door when he wrapped his arms tight around me.

“I can’t lose you”, Juan whispered on my ear, his lips pressed on my skin.

“You won’t. Never”, I turned on his arms, wrapping mine around his neck. He pulled me closer and crushed his lips over mine in a possessive kiss. I caressed his scalp, keeping Juan close. We were both breathless as he rested his forehead against mine.

“I love you”, he whispered.

“I love you too Juan”, I cupped his face and looked inside his gorgeous brown eyes, “This dinners will be less frequent, as soon as the company is stable, and it’s doing good already. I’ll be all yours on the weekend baby”

“Promise?”, his eyes lit up and he smiled, happy.

“Promise”, I smiled back, “Can we go back home now?”

“Yes! Please!”, Juan groaned and grabbed his bag. He took my hand in his and we left the clubhouse, going back to our home.


Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken

It’s always a treat for me and my sister whenever there would be a chance where we’ll be both at home during the weekends and have dinner. And since Mang Juan and Chooks-to-go (Local rotisseries) are just at the corner of our house we always end up buying from them. And this is one of the rare occasion that I would go to the groceries and cook for us, so i took the the opportunity to do so. I copied this recipe from Sarap Diva’s episodes and from FoodandWine Magazine.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
  • 5 garlic cloves, 1 minced
  • ½ teaspoon minced rosemary plus 2 rosemary sprigs
  • ½ teaspoon minced thyme plus 2 thyme sprigs
  • ½ teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • One 4-pound chicken, at room temperature
  • 1 large onion, cut into 8 wedges
  • 1 lemon, cut crosswise into 8 rounds
  • ½ cup chicken stock or low-sodium broth


  1. Preheat the oven to 425° and position a rack in the lower third of the oven. In a bowl, mix the butter with the minced garlic, minced herbs and the lemon zest and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Pat the chicken dry. Rub half of the herb butter under the skin and the rest over the chicken; season with salt and pepper.
  3. Set the chicken breast-side-up on a rack in a roasting pan.(I failed to do it) Scatter the onion, lemon, garlic cloves and herb sprigs and add ½ cup of water. Roast for 30 minutes, until the breast is firm and just beginning to brown in spots. Using tongs, turn the chicken breast-down and roast for 20 minutes longer, until the skin is lightly browned.

  4. Using tongs, turn the chicken breast-side-up. Add another ½ cup of water. Roast for about 20 minutes longer, until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the inner thigh registers 175° to 180°

  5. Toss the potatoes and carrots around the chicken. Season the whole thing with a fair amount of salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

  6. Tilt the chicken to drain the cavity juices into the pan; transfer the bird to a cutting board. Remove the rack from the pan and spoon off the fat. Set the pan over high heat. Add the stock and cook, scraping up any browned bits. Press the lemon to release the juices. Carve the chicken and pass the chunky jus at the table.


Samburu leopard tucks into his dinner by Juan Hernández

Luis Enrique & Elena Cullell.

Elena Cullell met her husband not long after he signed with Barcelona, they got married on Saturday, December 23rd, 1997 in Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. They decided to  keep the wedding simple, yet  classy. The ceremony was held at the catedral dela Ribera where 200 guests witnessed how a calm Luis Enrique said “I do” while  Elena was so nervous that her voice was hardly audible. After the ceremony the newlyweds  and their guest  enjoyed a delicious dinner at the el Juan Carlos I Hotel.  They spend their honeymoon in France.

Elena Cullell from Gava, Barcelona.  She’s the daughter of Francisco Cullell and Isabel Falguera. she is the proud momma of three amazing and beautiful children Pacho, Sira y Xana. Pacho like his father loves to practice watersports, Sira a beautiful young lady who has become an amazing equestrian, Xana is way too adorable and enjoys stealing the spotlight from her older siblings! 

* sorry for the bad quality. :))