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Everyone seems to meet some chill people on here so I’m giving it a try. I like to make people laugh and lately I’m shy (which in like two seconds I won’t be) but make the moves giiirllzzz. I enjoy long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners, dogs and creative things… lmao just message me

Dating Felicity Smoak Would Include...

Anonymous requested: Could you a dating Felicity Smoak would include? I really like your blog  😊

  • When you were first getting to know each other, Felicity was the most awkward and flustered person you have ever met
  • She was like that because you were the most beautiful woman she has ever seen
  • Thinking that all of her awkward movements and unintentional innuendo were adorable
  • Felicity being the one to make the first move
  • You didn’t have a lot of time to go on dates, but when you did, Felicity pulled out all the stops
  • Fancy dinners, drinking wine under the moonlight, stargazing, etc.
  • Felicity telling you about Arrow pretty early into your relationship, because she knew you’d be sticking around for a while
  • Worrying about her all the time after that
  • “You’re not doing anything dangerous, right? Please don’t get yourself killed.” “I’m fine, most of my work is done behind the keyboard.”
  • It took Oliver a while to warm up to you
  • But the rest of Team Arrow loved you immediately
  • Diggle thought of you like a little sister
  • Moving in together after she introduces you to the team
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Taking lots of showers together to “save water”
  • Doing yoga together
  • Cooking each other breakfast
  • (Even though Felicity can’t cook to save a life, you still appreciate it)
  • Lots of kisses
  • Playing with Felicity’s ponytail when you’re bored
  • Felicity surprising you with hugs from behind
  • Just lots of hugs in general
  • Forehead/top of the head kisses
  • Loving how Felicity looks in short skirts
  • Donna loves you
  • “Oh my god, Felicity, she’s so sweet! And cute. You better never let go of her. Seriously.”
  • Supporting her when she takes on Palmer Industries
  • Felicity trying to teach you to hack
  • “How do you do that so fast?” “Years of practice and a degree from MIT help, but you’ll get it one day.”
  • Diggle teaching you how to defend yourself
  • “You’re a part of the team now, which means someone could come after you. You need to know how to protect yourself. Felicity’s lost enough people in her life, I don’t want to see her lose you too.”
  • You, Felicity, Laurel, and Thea being a badass ot4 not to be messed with
  • Soon becoming like family to everyone on Team Arrow
  • Saying “I love you” every chance you get
  • Being the cutest couple in all of Star City 
  • (According to Thea, at least)
  • Loving each other unconditionally
Cinnamon Roll

Y/N- Your name
Bold- You
Italic- Scorpius
Background Info- You and Scorpius have been dating for 2 years, and both of you are 20. You are a gryffindor, half-blood. Scorpius and you were friends before you started dating, you use to tease each other with nicknames, before falling madly in love thanks to your best friend Lily Potter and his best friend, Albus Potter.

It has been 3 months since you have moved into Malfoy manor, Scorpius had asked me on our 2nd year anniversary of dating . It was extremely romantic, a beautiful walk on the beach, ending with a nice dinner, under the moonlight, and of course, you said yes, who could say no to something like that. I had just finished your weekly breakfast with Astoria, Scorpius’ mum, an event you had before you had started dating her son, and although we now lived together, the occasion still continues . “ Well, that was a lovely chat as always Mrs Malfoy.” “ Anytime Y/N, you are basically like a daughter to me. Scorpius told me he has something extremely special planned today.” The event was a book release, you remember him telling you about it. He had rushed back from work, looking like a jack in the box, waiting desperately to be opened. “ Yes, the book release.” Astoria Malfoy smiled, “ Scorpius always loved books and reading, something he has in common with Draco. It’s not a candlelight dinner, but it means a lot to him. Not waiting her to think you were disappointed, you quickly responded with ” It’s okay, I like books too. Not the way Scorpius does, but I love him, and if it’s something he enjoys, then I will as well.“ You bid Mrs Malfoy goodbye and head off to Scorpius’ room.

On the way there, you admire the interior of the manor. Even after moving in, it never managed to surprise you how truly beautiful the manor was, a bit outdated, yet still timeless. ” Knock, knock.“ You enter and before you can speak, he welcomes you into his arms, he was such a romantic. ” Good morning princess, how was breakfast?“ You smile at the name he gives you, it originally first used to be a tease, but soon became his nickname for you after you had started dating. ” Amazing as always. Have I ever told you how lovely your mum, and dad is?“ Scorpius laughed ” Only a million times" he says sarcastically, although you knew he appreciated it. When first entering Hogwarts, kids had bullied him because of his surname and parents. You knew that you liking his parents, meant a lot to him. “ So mister, what are the plans for today?” you say, dragging him to the bed. Immediately his face lights up, “ Okay, so here is what’s happening, the release is at 1pm, but if we want to meet the author and maybe get an autograph we should get there around 12pm, just in case there is a lot of people. ” You begin laughing, seeing him so excited made you smile and your heart warm. Astoria was definitely right, this did mean a lot to him, he was like a child on Christmas Day. “ Am I getting too excited again?” he asked. “ Well you are really excited, but it’s okay, it’s actually really cute.” you say giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“ Do you know what you are? You are what Muggles call a cinnamon roll.” A look of confusion flashes onto his face. “ What is that, is it an animal or something?” You burst out laughing, “No silly. It is a nickname,like sweetie pie or cupcake. A nickname for cute, awkward people, like you. ” Scorpius starts blushing “ Well, I guess I am awkward, but I’m not cute” He looks up at you and gives you a toothy smile, making him look cuter than ever before. “ Yes, you are! You, Scorpius Malfoy are 100% a cinnamon roll” you say pinching his cheek. “ Oh really? So if I’m a cinnamon roll, does that make you are a packet of Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans? You never know what you will get, sometimes you sweet, sometimes you’re not.” You playfully hit his shoulder. Scorpius was not mean, but he was a Malfoy and sarcasm was a common trait. “ Meanie!” You begin kissing him, pushing him onto the bed and running your hand through his silky, platinum blond hair, something he loved you doing. “ Well if I am then what flavour am I now?” He pretends to examine you like a scientist discovering a new specimen, even rubbing his chin with his hand. You cup your hands around his face and begin giving him small kisses on his lips. “ Toffee” he replies. He kisses you back, passionately, for what seems like ages. “ Yep toffee, definitely Toffee.”

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Hey!^•^ if you don't mind, I'd love if you could write boyfriend canon for romano? And maybe America?

This will be a bit hard and kinda short since a lot of my headcanons for America as a boyfriend are the same or at least very similar to my headcanons for him as a friend. So with that said, here we go!

America Boyfriend Headcanons

- He is a total snuggle addict. At night, he loves to wrap you up in his arms and fall asleep with your legs tangled up together. The downside of this though is that he’s practically a human space heater, and you’ll be sweating buckets while he just sleeps.

- Although he’s a snuggler when he’s trying to fall asleep, he’s not much of a cuddler when he’s awake. He has trouble staying still for long enough to have a proper cuddle session with you. He can’t help it - he’s just antsy. He’ll sit next to you for a while, but unless you two are eating or watching TV together, he’ll probably be fidgeting too much to really enjoy cuddling.

- He hates cliche dates. He thinks they are boring. If you try and go to dinner and a movie he might just be sick. Nope. Dates with him have to be exciting. He loves things like amusement parks and bungee jumping and drunken mini golf at midnight.

- The guy is obsessed with decorating for holidays. Like, even if you don’t live together, he will come to your house because he needs to make the place festive. Cotton cobwebs and skeletons at halloween, Paper hearts hanging from the ceiling for Valentine’s Day, and confetti and lights dangling from everywhere at New Years.

- When the two of you are out in public, he’s not much of a hand holder (be grateful, because if he were, he’d just be pulling you all around over the place) but he’ll sling an arm around your waist and hold you to his side when he’s walking once in awhile.

- He hates talking about his day (he’s already lived it, why would he want to waste time repeating it?) but he always asks you how your day was. Always. And he’s happy to listen to you talk about it for hours, so long as you don’t make him sit still the entire time.

- One closet in your house will be dedicated solely to Coca-Cola products. He can’t get enough of them, and when you run out, he goes nuts. Better to just keep a closet stocked full of them to keep him from freaking out.

- You have to go with him to every nearby Comic Con every year. It’s not up for debate. You’re going.

- He loves starting tickle fights seemingly out of nowhere and for no reason, and he almost always wins, but he’s a sore loser if you somehow manage to turn the tables and tickle him. He’ll thrash around aimlessly and laugh until he’s crying while he tries to push you away from him, then pout for hours and childishly refuse to talk to you when you finish. If you want to win, take my advice and go for the heels of his foot. He won’t be able to take it.

Romano Boyfriend Headcanons

- He keeps a drawer full of his things at your place in case he ends up spending the night. Nothing really permanent, just some clothes, clean underwear, a charger for his phone, and some other little things. Over the months, that little drawer of things just somehow naturally evolves into two drawers, then three, then the hallway in the closet starts to house a few of his suits for work and the kitchen cabinets somehow all have his favorite snacks stored in them and the bathroom holds a few bottles of his shampoo and aftershave and… oh look at that… he’s moved in completely. When did that happen?

- He needs constant reaffirmation that you like him. He’s had too many experiences where people he cared for left him, and those who didn’t leave him would tend to use him. He wants to know - no, he needs to know that you stay with him because you care about him. Hold his hand for no good reason, give him a random peck on the cheek in public, or curl into him on the couch. It’ll make him feel reassured that you actually love him.

- Romano shows his love for you in strange ways. He tries to mask his compliments of you with indifference and tries to push you away sometimes because he thinks there’s just no way you aren’t just using him while at the same time begging you to stay close to him with his eyes.  

- He can be quite the romantic at times. I mean, come on, he is Italian. Be prepared for dinners by moonlight, walks under the stars, and romantic candlelit baths.

- He has trouble falling asleep. It’s much easier for him to fall  asleep to the sounds you make. He’ll fall asleep to the sound of your breathing, but he absolutely adores the times you stay up whispering about whatever is on your mind to him. Your voice soothes him like a lullaby and he’ll be out in no time.

- Please tell him that you love him. Good. Now tell him again. And again. One more time, please? Please? He loves to hear it. He loves to hear it so much. It makes his entire day.

- He’s a bit prone to jealousy, so if he sees you spending just a little too much time with someone he especially doesn’t care for, he’ll be sure to sling an arm around your waist and drag you close to him. He’ll be as affectionate as possible in front of everyone in order to show off that you are his and he is yours. 

(Sorry about the format of these, my computer is busted and my tablet is… well, just acting weird. It makes typing pretty difficult. Hope this okay!)

~ Admin Sparkle

Joshua as a Boyfriend

Time for our sweet gentleman Jisoo 

  • Literally one of the sweetest boyfriends ever 
  • treats you like a princess 
  • he is such a gentleman 
  • like you didn’t think boys like him existed anymore but here is 
  • this boy would shower you with love and affection 
  • surprising you with flowers 
  • sweet dinner dates 
  • moonlight walks 
  • long talks 
  • he loves your eyes 
  • whenever you talk his full attention is on you 
  • his eyes looking directly in yours 
  • but at the same time he is one of the biggest dorks ever 
  • He would constantly tell you lame jokes 
  • jokes that are so bad they are funny 
  • “why’d the mushroom go to the party”  “IDK why josh”  “because he was a fungi” XD
  • cuddled together Anime Marathons
  • Anime arguments 
  • “No Death Note is better because……..” 
  • catching him staring at you 
  • “what is it Josh”  “nothing your just…..wow”
  • Teaching you to play guitar 
  • him serenading you 
  • singing you to sleep while your laying in bed at night 
  • he loves spending rainy days with you 
  • on rainy days you two just kinda chill together doing whatever you feel like 
  • sweet cheek pecks 
  • listening to him sing Sunday Morning 
  • or the two of you singing it together 
  • your relationship is just very chill, and cute, almost like a movie 
Midnight Pancakes

Summary: wtf you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? oh sHIT you’re really drunk aND NOW YOU’RE CRYING OKay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” GRUVIA au

Pairing: Gruvia

Author’s Note: This one’s for muffindragon227! Thanks for the prompt! Hope you enjoy. 

Read on FFnet here!


Juvia was having a long day. First, her class that she had with her cute dark haired neighbor (who she really wanted to talk to but didn’t have the courage) had went overtime causing her to be late to her part time job at the coffee shop, where she was then yelled at for being late. Then, right when she was about to close for the day four teenagers had walked in and proceeded to loiter around in the shop for an hour after closing.

Needless to say, Juvia was tired.

She finally reached her apartment door and fumbled with her purse, looking for the key.

When she went to put the key in her door it pushed open, unlocked.

Juvia’s heart stopped. She never left her door unlocked. She froze in fear before taking a deep breathe and sliding her hand around her inner wall, grabbing the bat she stored there.

Juvia jumped at a loud clank coming from the direction of her kitchen.

Picking up her bat, she put her purse down and entered her dark apartment, sneaking around her wall.

She heard the rustling of her pans and before she could lose her nerve she flicked the light on, lifted her bat and proceeded to whack her intruder.

Her intruder smacked against the ground with a grunt before rolling over onto to his back. Juvia scrambled against the wall.

“NATSSUU! Not fair! Is was caught off guard.”

Juvia squeaked in surprise. Laying at her feet was none other than her dreamy dark haired neighbor she’s been wanting to talk to for the past four months.

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Bloody adorable (Newt Imagine)

Anon: Please love, can you please do an imagine with newt from his point of view where tell Thomas he has a crush on the reader who is the only girl in the glade and Thomas make them a picnic and newt tells the reader how he feels? Thanks love. 


Newt’s POV

It was bonfire and like every single day, I was staring at her. The only girl here, (Y/N), and the most beautiful girl that I remember. She was so sweet with everybody, includded Gally, that’s why he was so protective with her. She came one year ago and since then I have a little crush on her. Being his best friend was killing me but it was better than nothing.

- You know, that’s creepy. 

Tommy sat next to me, watching the bonfire. I saw how (Y/N) was talking with Minho and I felt a little bit jelous. The keeper of the runner and her were also best friends since she became a runner. I tried to fight aginst her but Alby told she was good at running, so I talked with Minho and made him promise me he would protect her with his life. I drunk of Moonshine and looked at him.

- What do you mean? 

- The whole staring thing. Go and tell her how you feel. 

- And have the bloody possibility of being friendzoned for the rest of my life? Yeah sure, shank. 

- So you are going to stay here - I nodded - Doing nothing - I nodded again - Watching how Minho steal you your girl? 

- Minho isn’t stealing me anything. Firstly, for steal me something I have to own it. Secondly, she isn’t my girl.

- You like her, she likes you. Everybody knows, we are not that dumb. Please tell her already. 

- Not gonna happen, Tommy.

I looked back at her and caught her looking at me. We both smiled at each other but quickly she looked again at Minho, blushing. I got angry looking at them, how she was blushing and smiling while Minho was laughing and kicking her arm playfully. 

- You know, I have a plan. 

I looked at Tommy and nodded.

Putting the last plate of food on the blanket, Tommy and I were finishing the little picnic we did for (Y/N). Tommy suggested it as a way to have a private moment with her and to prove her how I really feel. I began to feel nervous since I got up from bed this morning. I woke up late to say goodbye to (Y/N) this morning, but she left me a note with a smile, letting me know she came to say goodbye although I was sleeping. 

- Now, we need the girl. 

- Tommy I don’t know. You, along with her, are tired because of the day running, I think we should leave this for another day. 

- Woah woah no. Minho is already looking for her and we have finished this. Just calm down, Newt. 

I nodded. I was about to say something when we heard some screams. We looked around and saw Minho with (Y/N) over his shoulder, yelling at him to let her down. 

My palms started to sweat and I almost ran away, but Tommy put his hand on my back, supporting me. When Minho left her on the floor, she looked at me fixing her clothes. 

- Hey guys… What’s going on?

- Okay Minho, we have to go now. 

Tommy and Minho left winking at me before. (Y/N) and I sat on the blanket and started to eat, since it was dinner time. Only the moonlight with us. At first we were quiet, but quickly we began to talk.

- … and then I put cream over his face! 

I began to laugh because of her story. 

- You are a bloody demon, love. 

She smirked devilish and bit her sandwich, but some food stood out of her mouth, making her seems adorable. She ate all the food and started to clean her.

- Sorry - she said smiling nervously looking down. 

- Bloody adorable - I whispered. 

I caresed her cheek with my right hand and forced her to look at me. She was so beautiful that I almost forget to breath. 

- (Y/N), I did this picnic to tell you something. I like you, like a lot. Bloody hell, I love you with all my heart! You are so beautiful, cute, sweet, caring and funny. You almost make me forget we are living a hell here, you are the reason why I wake up every morning. You make me happy and when I touch you I-I become breathless - I said this last part whispering. 

She stood quiet for a moment. 

- T-Thank you.

I froze. 

- Thank you. Woah, new pick up line to friendzone a guy. God, it bloody hurts you know, I already told you my feeling and you - I was cutt with her lips on mines. The kiss was full of passion while she passed her hands through my hair, my hands on her waist. We broke up the kiss and looked at each other. 

- I love you Newt. Thanks for those wonderful words. You mean the world to me. 

I smile widely and put her on my lap looking at me. I caresed her cheeks with both hands and put my lips above hers, almost touching each other. 

- I adore you. Be mine, please.

She put her arms on my neck and closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss. 

- I’m yours since the day I came here. 

I closed the gap and kissed her again, feeling the luckiest man on the world.  

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Will you give me your HL headcanon for what's happening right now and over Xmas? Just personal thoughts.

In a perfect world they would be cuddled up on the couch at home right now, running over a list of things they need to do before they leave for Harry’s mum’s place in the afternoon of the 24th. Because no matter what, on Louis’ birthday, Harry always gets the morning. For a variety of reasons; a lot of them kissing and blow job related, but he also makes him his favorite breakfast as well. And every year Louis insists he does not need a birthday present because Harry spoils him enough on Christmas, and every year Harry knows he doesn’t really mean it. But it’s always a funny little gift, like a framed picture of Harry and David Beckham for Louis’ office, or a Tom’s keychain to forever remind Louis how cool they all thought his shoes were on XFactor.

They pack up all of their gifts and head to Cheshire, where everything feels familiar and warm, and Louis forces Gemma to play fifa with him while Harry meets up with old friends at the pub, and when she beats him Harry gets a series of texts from the both of him that he fondly smiles at, and even though he just got there, he already can’t wait to get home and kiss his boy again.

There’s a visit with Louis’ family on Boxing Day, and Louis takes an obscene amount of pictures of Harry with the babies, even though he already has an obscene amount of pictures with Harry and the babies as Lottie points out with rolled eyes and a tiny smile on her lips. But Louis doesn’t care, because in his mind there’s could never be enough pictures of Harry.  

The rest of their time is saved for themselves; watching movies and crap tv and eating crap food and kissing for hours because they can, Louis stealing all over Harry’s oversized jumpers and Harry stealing Louis’ hoodies that don’t quite fit, and moonlight dinners because Louis knows how much Harry loves those silly candles he is so attached to, and lazy mornings making lazy love in the hazy winter sun, and when the clock strikes midnight, wherever they are, they make a promise to love each other even more in 2015.

The end.

One Last Time

A/N:  Well, this was something that came out of nowhere. But this is when they’re in their twenties, and yes, I do notice I like to write them when they’re older and I can’t help it sIGH

Summary: "It’s been a while since we last flew together haven’t we, My Lady?“

She snapped her head up, her eyes widen slightly when she saw the way his glinted with satisfaction when he finally got her full attention. He gave a smirk. "I hope your wings aren’t cut.” One-shot.

“Have a nice day!”

Marinette waved at the couple as they left the shop, a wide smile stretched on her lips. Once they were gone, she let out a breath, wiping the flour from her forehead as she started to stack the albums of various designs for cakes on one of the shelves under the counter. She straightened herself up, stretching as she did so when Tikki came out from the pocket of the apron Marinette was wearing.

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The Scrivener

hey guys! as promised, the companion piece to my baby @dyke-jonze‘s incredible drabble, inkblot!

special thanks to @birbwin and @partydanchou, who allow me to send them crazy, neurotic drafts and always encourage me to keep going

read on ao3

The letter from the capital is waiting on his desk when he returns, smooth, milky pages glinting in the waning light from the window. It is handsome, pressed and sealed in green wax, folded so pristinely that he is sure it must be someone’s precise job to crease these types of documents, as beautiful as they are austere.

He is impressed. Usually it is several days before he receives their tokens of disapproval. Never before has one arrived before him, lying in wait like an adder in the grass. They are getting very efficient.

Erwin doesn’t bother to open it. He knows what it says, and he is hardly in the mood. Instead, he drops a stack of reports on top of the thing, sliding into his chair with a low moan that seems to come from deep inside of him, from the dust of his bones and the threads of his muscles–from the red of his blood. He lays his head into his open palms, the heels of his hands pressing hard against his eyelids until he sees inkblots. When he opens his eyes they are still there, flickering across the walls of his office, the spines of his books. The room feels smaller, as though it has begun to shrink.

The paperwork is endless. He throws himself into it like a pebble in a wheel, anxious to halt, to stop, to still. If he cannot be weak, then he will be impenetrable. There are no more inbetweens.

In truth, he hardly feels their deaths. They are merely figures, names scrawled elegantly in his feminine cursive, faces made blank by a mind eager to defend–if not itself, then its cause. Its priorities. He notes their eviscerations the way he notes the budget reports, the weather–concise and clinical, with little room for speculation.

Erwin is so engrossed in his work that he hardly notices the appearance of a garish yellow pot holder, nor the blue kettle that is set tenderly on top of it. The teacup is practically in his lap by the time he lifts his head at all, steaming and chipped at the rim where he’d dropped it once, in his clumsiness. It is still his favorite, although he isn’t sure exactly how it is that Levi knows that.

“Hello, Levi.”

The smile he offers is tight, but genuine. He is always grateful for these small gifts, although he has learned not to mention it out loud. Levi has never been one for compliments, hates to be the center of attention–even if it is only Erwin who is noticing him.

The man in question is seated like a cat on his desk, one leg folded neatly over the other, cup of tea clutched in his small hand and gray eyes fixed on a point beyond the window that Erwin cannot see.

“Hello, Erwin.”

Levi looks at him, gray eyes flicking back and forth across his face like a metronome. There is a question lingering there, in the tension between Levi’s eye brows. Erwin answers it with a sigh, laying down his quill as though he is laying down a sword.

Levi doesn’t need to tell him that he understands. It’s in the cracks around his fingernails, in the rough red skin on his hands, in the purple bruises beneath his eyes. Up all night again, Erwin is sure of it. If he’s learned anything sharing close quarters with the man over the years, it is that he is prone to nightmares. The desire to reach across their distance and cup those chapped hands in his is stronger than ever, although he is certain it is everything but professional.

“I need to hire a scribe, I think,” he says, although he isn’t sure what it has to do with anything. He glances down at the barrage of papers between them and massages at his aching wrist. “Someone to copy my reports for the capital.”

He looks up at Levi then, blue eyes glinting with a rare mischievousness.

“If you want to know a secret, I hate to do it myself. I find it extraordinarily tedious.”

Levi doesn’t smile, but pauses, eyes fixed on Erwin’s so intently that he almost looks away. He doesn’t. He holds the gaze with equal intensity, and when Levi’s eyes return to the window he can feel red blood crawling up his neck and settling in his cheeks.

It is several days later when he notices it. He turns the desk over, yanks open drawers, and even rummages through his garbage bin looking for them. Several of his reports have gone missing, and he’s just received a second letter from the capital demanding to see them. He is on his hands and knees, crawling along the floor, peeking under his bookcases, when it occurs to him. Levi has been in his office nearly everyday this week, methodically scrubbing the place clean bit by bit.

He stands, bones snapping into place as he grabs hold of his jacket and tiredly yanks it over his arms.

Levi’s office is just up the hall from his, a small, excruciatingly tidy room that he doesn’t believe the man utilizes very often. He prefers to be out on the grounds, training with the recruits, or else perched on Erwin’s desk like some sort of gargoyle, protective and silent.

Erwin is sure that Levi must have misplaced the reports, perhaps had assumed, incorrectly, that they were ready to be filed. Filing is something Levi enjoys and Erwin finds to be exceptionally miserable. It is a workable trade-off, considering recent events.

Erwin’s stomach clenches, his jaw taut as he remembers cracked, red skin, pools of black ink, and the crooked, wobbling letters of someone who had never before held a pen in his hand. He has never mentioned it to Levi again, has never pushed for an explanation.

It seems particularly insensitive and brutish that he had assumed anything other than the reality in the first place, and he is embarrassed by the obvious privileges he has had over the smaller man, whose intelligence he admires far more than many of the academics he’s met in the capital. Still, he knows what people would say, knows how humiliated Levi would feel if anyone ever found out. He knows already what people say about the man from the underground.

Levi isn’t in his room when Erwin opens the door. The small office is as sterile as ever, dusted and polished to the point of seeming neurotic. The window is open, illuminating the gold embossed spines of books that sit, mockingly beautiful on the bookcases behind the desk. They are as impersonal as the man himself can seem, but Erwin knows better. He knows what to look for.

A well-used stool, tucked neatly beneath a high shelf. Rows of unique and delicate teapots, some with matching cups and saucers. In the corner, two silver knitting needles glinting in a basket of brightly colored yarn, a half-finished scarf billowing over the side. A plush red chair, indented by a small body, and accented by a thick quilt blanket that Levi has had since he came to the Corps. A worn space in the floor, paced clean by the soles of heavy boots.

These are Levi’s little details. His signifiers.

What strikes Erwin as immediately unusual, distinctly un-Levi-ish, is the scattering of papers spread out across the typically empty desk. There are dozens of them, lying around the desk in stacks of two. In the center, a half blank page sits beside a complete one, one that he recognizes as a page from his missing report. He can tell his tight, feminine scrawl from across the room, can spot the flourish he puts on his t’s.

Erwin crosses the small office in no more than three strides, coming slowly to stand behind the desk, heart thudding against his ribs like a drum.

His hand shakes, unsteady as he reaches out, pulling the half-blank page towards him. It is a scrawl he recognizes, blotchy, and shaking, and insecure. The words are hardly legible, peppered by mistakes, lines crossing out and sentences collapsing in. He recognizes them though, would know them anywhere. They are his words, repeated. Copied out.

It is then that he notices the book, hidden beneath several cast off pages. It is a children’s writing companion, an exercise book that Erwin might have learned to write from when he’d first started school. He wonders vaguely where Levi found it. Beside it sits another stack of books, these ones small and unlike the tomes ordered neatly on the shelf behind him. They are simple, old children’s stories with large typeset and pictures on their pages. When he is done flipping through them he puts them back exactly how he found them, as though he’d never noticed them at all.

Back in his own office, he is certain now that the room is shrinking. It is nearly dark, hours past the dinner bell. Silver ribbons of moonlight catch the heavy lines around his eyes and mouth, illuminating the burden of the world that he carries on his shoulders. When the door opens, he doesn’t look up.

Levi lights a candle on his desk, presses a cup of tea into his hands.

“You kicking your own ass again, old man?”

Erwin offers a tight, but genuine smile.

“Thank you, Levi,” he says softly. “For the tea.”

Levi’s eyes widen for just a moment, glinting with anxiety that Erwin can recognize. For a moment there is a universe in Levi’s eyes, whole lifetimes, and then they relax, cool and cold, as though they had never been disturbed.

Valentine's surprise - Requested (Luke)

Anon asked: Please do one where Luke surprises you at workon Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! 

“Can I help you?” you ask a guy that looks totally lost.

“Uh yes. I forgot about a valentine’s present for my wife”

“Let’s find something then”, you give him a polite smile. “What are you looking for?”

“I was thinking something red, with lace”, you lead him to the wall that is specially made for men who are looking to buy some lingerie. The wall is filled with little sets, mostly the cliché ones that guys want to see girls in.

“Do you know her size?”

“No”, he looks down at your boobs and you feel a shiver go over your spine. Too much men have done that this week. “I think like her”, he points to your co-worker Nicole.

“Okay, well do you see something you like?”

“This”, he immediately takes the red bra with the black lace combined the red see-through string, also with black lace.

You nod and take out a size. “If it doesn’t fit she can always come and exchange it. Should I wrap it up?”

“Yes please. I hope I’m going to score with this”

‘I’m sure you will”, you smile, knowing you have prettier sets in the shop that his wife would rather get.

You put the lingerie in a nice luxurious box and tie a bow around it. The ting of the door makes you look up. “Hey could you finish off?” you whisper to Nicole who is standing behind you.

“Sure”, she smiles.

“Nicole is going to help you further. Thank you for your purchase and have a nice day”, you smile big. You move from behind the counter to the entrance of the shop. “Can I help you sir?”

“Yes, I’m looking for a present”

“For your girlfriend?”

“No my mistress”

“I know exactly what you are looking for. You can find it at the back of the store in the skank section”, you smile green.

“Hi babe”, Luke laughs, pecking your cheek.

“Hi dirtbag”, you smile at him.

“You know I would never get a mistress right”, he pouts.

“You better not or it will not be your best day”


“What are you doing here?”

“Surprising you”, he gives you the most cute smile.

“You succeeded”

“I have something for you”, he takes a little box out of his pocket. He hands it to you and you frown. You open it and see a little dainty necklace. “Happy Valentine’s Day”

“Oh Luke, it’s beautiful”, you through your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around your waist. “Thank you”, you put your lips on his. He takes the necklace out of the box when your lips finally come loose. You turn around and he hangs it around your neck. You move your hair out of the way while he claps is. His finger traces the outline of your neck and he then kisses it making you weak at your knees

“Are you ready to go?”

“I don’t get off in like three hours”

“Yes you do”, he smirks. You look confused from him to Nicole, who just smiles.

“You took care of it right”

“Yeah. Come on, I have a couple of surprises”

“Oh what”, your eyes grow bigger.

“I’m not telling”, he gives you a peck, takes your hand and pulls you out of the store.


You walking next to the water, your fingers intertwined. Luke drove you up to the harbour, it was a long drive but he filled it with music, games and snacks. “What are we doing here?”

“You’ll see”

You roll your eyes. “Oh come on just tell me”, you whine.

“Not yet”, he smirks.

“You take too much pleasure out of torturing me”

He laughs. “Well you make it fun”

“I hate you”, you glare playfully at him. He pulls you in his side and puts his arm around you, holding you close.

“Look there”, Luke point to a small ship.

“Are we going on it?”

“Yes that is our boat for tonight. We are going to have diner on it. Moonlight dinner, under the stars”

“That is so romantic, Luke. I’m so lucky with you, you are the perfect boyfriend”, he let’s go off you and helps you onto the ship.

“Come”, he takes your hand and you walk behind him to the front of the ship. You look over the water the sun is setting. Luke wraps his arms around your waist, you rest your back on his chest and you lay your head in the creek of his neck. The sky is colouring, which is reflecting on the water. As the sun sets, it is like it disappears in the sea.

“This is beautiful”, you breath out.

“You are beautiful”, you giggle. “I love you, (Y/N)”

Your heart stops for a second, it is the first time you’ve heard him say it. You turn around in his arms. “You love me?”

“I love you (Y/N). You’re like sunshine, everything is better when you’re there. I love you with all my heart”

You lay your hands on his chest. “I love you too Luke”, you say before crashing your lips on his.


vampirewolfgirl18  asked:

BTS and GOT7 reaction when they proposed and asked "will you marry me?" and you shyly answered "yes" :) BGM: Marry You- Bruno Mars

Hey i have done something familiar with BTS so i will link that reaction and then i will make the same type with Got7. Hope that`s ok <3


Im Jae Bum/JB:

Proposal: Oh this would be very romantic, he would make you meet him the first place you kissed at night with lanterns all over the place to lit up the dark. He would take your hands and kiss your temple before going on one knee and asking for your hand “y/n i have always loved you, will you marry me?”.

Husband: As a husband he would hold you tight at night whispering how much he loved you and that he wished you a good night sleep. He would give her kisses in the cheek before going to practice and give her a big huge when he came home. He would always make sure he said i love you everyday so you knew that he was always by your side no matter what.

Mark Tuan/Mark:

Proposal: Mark would do it when you least expect it, like on a cruise on your anniversary. It would be a day filled with surprises like breakfast on bed, a bouquet of your favorite flowers and slow dancing on deck before he would do the biggest surprise of them all, going on one knee “y/n will you make my dream come true by becoming my wife”.

Husband: As a husband he would be very caring of you. He would do small things to tell her that you was on his mind like flowers send to your door everyday when he was on tour and a small card telling how much he missed you and how many days he had left. When he came home he would be the one at your door with the bouquet and on the card it would say “I`m finally home to my one true love”.

Jackson Wang/Jackson:

Proposal: Jackson i think would take you out for shopping for new clothes,make up and shoes. He would give you princess treatment that day and when you were all dolled up he would smile to himself before going on one knee pretending to tie his shoelaces and when you were not looking he would take out the box and say with a big smile “y/n will you marry me?”.

Husband: He would be a very playful and adventurous husband taking you out whenever he could to fancy restaurants and give you gifts with deep meanings behind it or just because, he thought you would look amazing in it. He would spin you around and give you tons of kisses and always be very protective of you, he would also make sure you always knew you were on his mind.

Park Jin Young/Jr:

Proposal: He would be very classy, he would take you out for a nice dinner and walking in the moonlight and tell you small jokes that you two shared. He would wait for the perfect moment when the moon was exactly over the sea to propose to you “y/n i can`t imagine anyone else i want to be with for the rest of my life, marry me y/n”.

Husband: He would give you kisses and hugs and would always listen to you no matter how tiring his day was. He would do small things for you here and there like taking you out for dancing or on the beach to make you relax. He would always hold you tight to him so he knew he would never lose you.

Choi Young Jae/Youngjae:

Proposal: He would be taking you out to a beautiful place with view of the sunset. He would hold you tight and tell you how beautiful everything his but, how it would become more beautiful if you were his wife. He would kiss your cheek and go on one knee and ask with a smile “i have never smiled as much as when i`m with you, please do me the honor to do the same too you for the rest of your life”.

Husband: He would be so sweet bringing chocolate and flowers to you everyday from practice, always ask how your day was and listen with a big smile. He would always have time for you no matter what or how busy he was, he would make time just so he could see your beautiful smile.

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/Bambam:

Proposal: He would be playing a game with you, the “of course” game where you had to say of course to everything he said or asked you. After a while he said with a big smile “will you marry me?” and when you said “of course” thinking this was still a game, he would go on one knee and say “Well you already said yes but, will you marry me y/n?”.

Husband: He would be funny and make almost everything to a game and he would give you back hugs just relaxing his head on your shoulder and kiss your neck. He would also be the type to admire you whenever you were not giving him attention, he would sit there and not belive his eyes when he thought that you were his wife.

Kim Yu Gyeom/Yugyeom:

Proposal: He would do it very sweetly by taking you out for something you love and then when you would come back home the other boys would have prepared it with balloons and rose pedals on the floor and in shape of heart. He would nervously take out the box from his pocket and go on one knee “y/n you have made me happy like no one ever has. Would you do me the amazing honor to marry me?”.

Husband: Kisses day and night, teasing and cuddles even if he was completely done from practice. He would so try to cook with you and would have his moments when he would just stare at you when you did something as simply as reading a book and just think to himself “how did i get lucky to get you y/n”.

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hi! :3 could you write a perfect date hcs for the ASL brothers?

Perfect date Headcanons 


  • His ideal perfect date consist of you two being the only things that matter 
  • He loves his crew to death,(and he did), but the crew leaves them alone when they notice you guys having a small picnic up in the crows nest 
  • Being Ace, he has to do something adrenaline worthy, so he would take out on his classic dine and dash date, with you smiling at the rush
  • He likes seeing you smile because of something he did
  • He would want to get some sort of momento to remember the moment where nothing went wrong for once 
  • This one time the crew totally got involved in your date, and they planned everything out because Ace only knows who to sway and flirt, not plan
  • Another one of his ideal dates is where you cook for him, and he hold the pot and makes it heat up
  • Its really funny and cute to spectators, especially when you feed him what you made. He loves anything you make btw 
  • You guys get off task while baking, and to ask him if he can guess what temperature the stove or oven are at, and he’s pretty 
  • His narcolepsy will kick in, and he would want to fall asleep in your lap and wake up to your face, because theres nothing better to him than your face (food, family and Luffy are equally tied)


  • Sabo, Sabo, Sabo, the hopeless romantic with a knack for bad luck
  • You guys think he would pull out the candles, the moonlight dinner, the classical music because ya know, his past and everything 
  • Actually he will tell you to dress casual, and take you to this hole in the wall restaurant far, far from the base to make sure no one they recognize pops up 
  • He wouldn’t want to refer to his list of things to say and do from Koala, that his goal
  • He’d want to be less stiff from the start, because it usually takes like 10 minutes for him to really relax without fear of mishap
  • He seems like Corazon clumsy to me
  • There be alto of jokes and laughter, because laughter is true music to his ears, especially yours 
  • You’d guys go to a comedy club! This would totally loosen him up , and he be whispering you all kinds of jokes. Tbh its a small intimate and super cute moment between you guys 

Originally posted by okami-fr

(Who said he had proper eating habits lmao, gotta love Sabo)


  • Luffy had to learn what a date meant just like he had to learn what his feelings were for you 
  • He didn’t get why Ussop, Chopper and the rest of the crew couldn’t tag along on your date. Now you didn’t complain because he you told to ask the other crew members to go a date with him, but you were annoyed but it vanished when he smiled at you 
  • He asked Zoro to go on a date with him, but before he could finish Zoro just walked away stuttering about his dumb captain. Then when asked Sanji, he also didn’t get to finish because he got kicked in the face, but considered going once Luffy mentioned you tag along too
  • The Sanji lectured him on the ‘love’ and what a date is, and what he should do to make you happy
  • Duffy gets the gist, but also goes to the girls and Nami goes off on her Romance fantasies while Robin hands him a book. The crew meets up, and decide to help their Hopeless captain out because they love him despite his stupidness. So they set course for some super fun activity filled island
  • When the crew each gave him a little pep talk, and they watched from the distance like proud parents 
  • Luffy woud want something fun, action-y,and food filled. When you offered to go grab some meat, he hugged you really tightly 
  • He’d want to share food, so you feeding him and him trying to feed you, but changing his mind last second and taking the bite
  • He likes to get peppered with kisses when the fireworks came on