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Everyone seems to meet some chill people on here so I’m giving it a try. I like to make people laugh and lately I’m shy (which in like two seconds I won’t be) but make the moves giiirllzzz. I enjoy long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners, dogs and creative things… lmao just message me

Dating Felicity Smoak Would Include...

Anonymous requested: Could you a dating Felicity Smoak would include? I really like your blog  😊

  • When you were first getting to know each other, Felicity was the most awkward and flustered person you have ever met
  • She was like that because you were the most beautiful woman she has ever seen
  • Thinking that all of her awkward movements and unintentional innuendo were adorable
  • Felicity being the one to make the first move
  • You didn’t have a lot of time to go on dates, but when you did, Felicity pulled out all the stops
  • Fancy dinners, drinking wine under the moonlight, stargazing, etc.
  • Felicity telling you about Arrow pretty early into your relationship, because she knew you’d be sticking around for a while
  • Worrying about her all the time after that
  • “You’re not doing anything dangerous, right? Please don’t get yourself killed.” “I’m fine, most of my work is done behind the keyboard.”
  • It took Oliver a while to warm up to you
  • But the rest of Team Arrow loved you immediately
  • Diggle thought of you like a little sister
  • Moving in together after she introduces you to the team
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Taking lots of showers together to “save water”
  • Doing yoga together
  • Cooking each other breakfast
  • (Even though Felicity can’t cook to save a life, you still appreciate it)
  • Lots of kisses
  • Playing with Felicity’s ponytail when you’re bored
  • Felicity surprising you with hugs from behind
  • Just lots of hugs in general
  • Forehead/top of the head kisses
  • Loving how Felicity looks in short skirts
  • Donna loves you
  • “Oh my god, Felicity, she’s so sweet! And cute. You better never let go of her. Seriously.”
  • Supporting her when she takes on Palmer Industries
  • Felicity trying to teach you to hack
  • “How do you do that so fast?” “Years of practice and a degree from MIT help, but you’ll get it one day.”
  • Diggle teaching you how to defend yourself
  • “You’re a part of the team now, which means someone could come after you. You need to know how to protect yourself. Felicity’s lost enough people in her life, I don’t want to see her lose you too.”
  • You, Felicity, Laurel, and Thea being a badass ot4 not to be messed with
  • Soon becoming like family to everyone on Team Arrow
  • Saying “I love you” every chance you get
  • Being the cutest couple in all of Star City 
  • (According to Thea, at least)
  • Loving each other unconditionally
Shance Fluff Week: Prompt #4

(This one was hard for me for some reason? I gave it my best.)

Their first kiss was pretty much what Lance would have expected, given their situation.

Normally he would have preferred dinner under the moonlight, some roses, some gentle hand-holding while they looked into each other’s eyes; you know, a moment.

But he can live with this, with Shiro holding him tightly while shaking in relief, lips warming his own as they both stand in front of the cryopod. He’s still a little disoriented, but the kiss lasts long enough for him to appreciate it, plus the soft, shaky smile Shiro gives him afterwards, the gentle hand over his cheek.

Lance smiles too before croaking out, “Hey. Miss me?”

Shiro laughs, kisses him again, less desperate and more content, happy to have Lance in his arms.

Yes, Lance can definitely live with this.

Otp Questions

1. Who blares Britney Spears in their vehicle at full volume?
2. Who is enchanted by the moon, and who is the one who plans a romantic dinner under the moonlight for the other person?
3. Who can’t stop laughing at their own joke while the other gives them ‘why-are-you-laughing-so-hard-at-this’ look?
4. Who lets their child paint their nails?
5. Who wants to name their child after a dragon?
6. Who loves to make dinner but has horrible cooking skills, but the other is too nice to say it’s horrible?
7. Who sleeps with their dog when the other person is out late?
8. Do they like to do the #coupleschallenges?
9. Who gets them out of a speeding ticket?
10. Who still has the first gift that the other gave to them?

iamsuchjapanesetrash  asked:

So I absolutely love Iida and have seen nothing so far for him (sorry if it was missed) but I would like to request him and s/o celebrating a small anniversary and literally nothing goes along to his plans but s/o is actually having like a hella good time and it ends up working out in the end (I'm fine if it ends up nsfw this was just the first thing I could imagine for my lovely Emergency Exit)

This is a really good idea! I had fun writing this! Enjoy your lovely Mr. Emergency Exit ~ 💙

It was 6 pm and you hear the door burst open. “My dear s/o-chan ~! Happy 1st anniversary!” your lovely Emergency Exit says as he hugs you and spins you in the air. You laugh a bit, “Oh Tenya! Happy 1st anniversary!” you say after he puts you down. You pause and look at his fancy attire and his nicely fixed hair. “So what’s with the get up?” He kisses your lips. “Get ready dear. Wear nice clothes because I am taking you out for a nice and fancy date! I already made a dinner reservation for us at a fancy restaurant.” You smile at him, “Awe Tenya! You don’t have to spend so much on me you know.” He shakes his head, “Nonsense! You deserve it for being such a great girlfriend!” You blush and giggle. “Ok ok. I’ll get ready now.” 

After a while (Cause ya know us girls. We take a while to look good, especially on special occasions) you come out wearing a beautiful dress with matching shoes, your hair fixed, and with/without light makeup. “Tenya! I’m ready!” He turns around and his jaw drops. “You look… so beautiful. More than ever.” You blush and smile at him. He snaps out of his trance and offers his arm to you, “Shall we go Ms. Beautiful?” You take his arm, “We shall Mr. Emergency Exit.” Tenya blushes at his nickname.

Once you two arrive at the fancy restaurant, you both notice that the parking lot was nearly full. Tenya frowns, “Wow. It must be really busy tonight.” You hold his hand, “It’s ok Tenya. I’m sure we’ll find a spot soon.” However, he finally finds a spot after 30 minutes of circling around the medium-sized parking lot. After he parks, he gets out and holds the car door open for you. You walk hand-in-hand with him to the restaurant. A man wearing a tuxedo opens the door for the both of you, but he steps in your way. “I’m sorry sir, ma’am. I’m afraid that we are overcrowded and don’t have any available seats.” Tenya’s smile drops. “But… but we have a reservation!” he reasons. The man just smiles apologetically, “We’re really sorry, sir, ma’am.” You and Tenya leave the place and get into the car. 

He inhales and exhales deeply, “It’s ok. I knew this might happen. So I have an alternative!” He takes out his phone and calls another fancy restaurant. After a few minutes, he hangs up with a big smile. “I was able to get another reservation at a different restaurant dear! And we are going there right now!” He says with excitement as he starts the car and leaves the parking lot. You smile and put your hand on his shoulder, “That’s great Tenya. Hopefully this one isn’t as busy as the other one.” He sighs, “I hope so, too.” Unfortunately, it started raining heavily. Heavy rain meant heavy traffic. The restaurant you were heading to was still 5 blocks away and closes at 10 pm. It was 9:35 pm and traffic looked like it won’t move for about another hour. Tenya sighs and closes his eyes. You hold his hand, “Tenya? Are you ok?” He opens his eyes and stares blankly in front of him, “I don’t think we’re gonna make it…” You felt sorry for him. 

A thought suddenly pops up in your head and you light up. “Tenya! I have an idea!” He looks at you, “What is it?” You make a gesture to the window on his side. “I noticed that the rain’s getting lighter. Why don’t we just walk in the park?” He lights up, “You’re right! That’s a great idea! That was part of the plan, too!” He makes a U turn for the park. Once you two arrive at the park, you both notice a sign that says ‘PARK CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER’. Tenya sinks in defeat. “Ugh. But the rain’s gone now!” You try to comfort him by holding his hand. “It’s ok Tenya. Let’s go home and watch a movie while cuddling together.” He sits back up, “Ok…”

Once you both go home, you take a quick shower and change into your pajamas. You make popcorn while Tenya takes a shower. You put the popcorn into a big bowl and go into the bedroom. Tenya comes out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “S/o, do you have the popcorn?” You stare at his sexy body for a while before replying. “Yup! What do you want to watch?” Before he could even open his mouth to reply, the power turns off. Tenya groans loudly. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” He says dramatically while moving his arms in a dramatic way. He sits on the bed, head drooping down in disappointment. You hug him from the side, “Tenya, what’s wrong?” He sighs and hugs back, “This was supposed to be a perfect 1st anniversary date. I planned for us to have a nice dinner and to have a moonlight stroll after that, but that didn’t work out. Then we skipped having a nice fancy dinner and decided to go walking instead, but that didn’t work out either. And we were supposed to be watching a movie while cuddling, but the power just HAD to go out,” he sighs again, “Nothing went according to plan. Nothing at all!

You pat his back soothingly, “Oh Tenya. Even if things didn’t go according to plan, I still had fun.” He looks at you surprised, “R-really dear? But we didn’t do anything…” You smile and nod your head, “Yup! But just being with you the entire time made it fun! Trust me, I was having a hella good time just being by your side!” Tenya smiles, “Thank you. I feel better now. I should have focused on you instead of the negatives. At least we still have popcorn to enjoy together.” You nod your head. 

You two were sitting on the bed chatting while eating the popcorn. “You know Tenya? Doing this with you makes me happy. I’m having fun~” you say cheerfully. “I’m having fun, too. Just being with YOU makes me happy.” Suddenly, the lights turn on. You jump up, “Yay! The power’s back! Now let’s go watch a movie!” He smiles at you, “I’ll make another batch of popcorn.” he says as he walks into the kitchen. “And I’ll choose the movie~” you say as you get up. Even if things didn’t turn out the way he planned, everything turned out to just be fine.

NSFW ending

You pat his back soothingly, “Oh Tenya. Even if things didn’t go according to plan, I still had fun.” He looks at you surprised, “R-really dear? But we didn’t do anything…” You smile and nod your head, “Yup! But just being with you the entire time made it fun! Trust me, I was having a hella good time just being by your side!” Tenya smiles, “Thank you. I feel better now. I should have focused on you instead of the negatives.” You put your hand on his thigh, “You know… since you’re naked right now,” you drag your index finger across his strong chest, “Why don’t we have some fun~?” Tenya looks at you and smirks. He pins you down onto the bed. “Good idea.” He starts kissing your neck, working his way down to your breasts. “Wow Tenya. I didn’t think that you’d be good at this~” you tease. “Oh really? Then I’ll make sure to impress you some more. I’ll send your engines into overdrive.” he says seductively. After a bit of foreplay, he positions himself. “Are you ready s/o-chan?” you wrap your legs around his waist. “Give me your best shot.”

After you both climax, he collapses onto you. Your heavy breathing mixed with his filled the room. “Te-Tenya… that was awesome. Today was the best day ever.” You say in between breaths. He takes his dick out of your pussy and hugs you. “I’m glad you liked it. This may be your best day so far, but there will be more best days like this in the future.” You yawn and sleepily smile, “I look forward to it… all of it…” you say before sleep takes over you.

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hi! :3 could you write a perfect date hcs for the ASL brothers?

Perfect date Headcanons 


  • His ideal perfect date consist of you two being the only things that matter 
  • He loves his crew to death,(and he did), but the crew leaves them alone when they notice you guys having a small picnic up in the crows nest 
  • Being Ace, he has to do something adrenaline worthy, so he would take out on his classic dine and dash date, with you smiling at the rush
  • He likes seeing you smile because of something he did
  • He would want to get some sort of momento to remember the moment where nothing went wrong for once 
  • This one time the crew totally got involved in your date, and they planned everything out because Ace only knows who to sway and flirt, not plan
  • Another one of his ideal dates is where you cook for him, and he hold the pot and makes it heat up
  • Its really funny and cute to spectators, especially when you feed him what you made. He loves anything you make btw 
  • You guys get off task while baking, and to ask him if he can guess what temperature the stove or oven are at, and he’s pretty 
  • His narcolepsy will kick in, and he would want to fall asleep in your lap and wake up to your face, because theres nothing better to him than your face (food, family and Luffy are equally tied)


  • Sabo, Sabo, Sabo, the hopeless romantic with a knack for bad luck
  • You guys think he would pull out the candles, the moonlight dinner, the classical music because ya know, his past and everything 
  • Actually he will tell you to dress casual, and take you to this hole in the wall restaurant far, far from the base to make sure no one they recognize pops up 
  • He wouldn’t want to refer to his list of things to say and do from Koala, that his goal
  • He’d want to be less stiff from the start, because it usually takes like 10 minutes for him to really relax without fear of mishap
  • He seems like Corazon clumsy to me
  • There be alto of jokes and laughter, because laughter is true music to his ears, especially yours 
  • You’d guys go to a comedy club! This would totally loosen him up , and he be whispering you all kinds of jokes. Tbh its a small intimate and super cute moment between you guys 

Originally posted by okami-fr

(Who said he had proper eating habits lmao, gotta love Sabo)


  • Luffy had to learn what a date meant just like he had to learn what his feelings were for you 
  • He didn’t get why Ussop, Chopper and the rest of the crew couldn’t tag along on your date. Now you didn’t complain because he you told to ask the other crew members to go a date with him, but you were annoyed but it vanished when he smiled at you 
  • He asked Zoro to go on a date with him, but before he could finish Zoro just walked away stuttering about his dumb captain. Then when asked Sanji, he also didn’t get to finish because he got kicked in the face, but considered going once Luffy mentioned you tag along too
  • The Sanji lectured him on the ‘love’ and what a date is, and what he should do to make you happy
  • Duffy gets the gist, but also goes to the girls and Nami goes off on her Romance fantasies while Robin hands him a book. The crew meets up, and decide to help their Hopeless captain out because they love him despite his stupidness. So they set course for some super fun activity filled island
  • When the crew each gave him a little pep talk, and they watched from the distance like proud parents 
  • Luffy woud want something fun, action-y,and food filled. When you offered to go grab some meat, he hugged you really tightly 
  • He’d want to share food, so you feeding him and him trying to feed you, but changing his mind last second and taking the bite
  • He likes to get peppered with kisses when the fireworks came on 

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Hey!^•^ if you don't mind, I'd love if you could write boyfriend canon for romano? And maybe America?

This will be a bit hard and kinda short since a lot of my headcanons for America as a boyfriend are the same or at least very similar to my headcanons for him as a friend. So with that said, here we go!

America Boyfriend Headcanons

- He is a total snuggle addict. At night, he loves to wrap you up in his arms and fall asleep with your legs tangled up together. The downside of this though is that he’s practically a human space heater, and you’ll be sweating buckets while he just sleeps.

- Although he’s a snuggler when he’s trying to fall asleep, he’s not much of a cuddler when he’s awake. He has trouble staying still for long enough to have a proper cuddle session with you. He can’t help it - he’s just antsy. He’ll sit next to you for a while, but unless you two are eating or watching TV together, he’ll probably be fidgeting too much to really enjoy cuddling.

- He hates cliche dates. He thinks they are boring. If you try and go to dinner and a movie he might just be sick. Nope. Dates with him have to be exciting. He loves things like amusement parks and bungee jumping and drunken mini golf at midnight.

- The guy is obsessed with decorating for holidays. Like, even if you don’t live together, he will come to your house because he needs to make the place festive. Cotton cobwebs and skeletons at halloween, Paper hearts hanging from the ceiling for Valentine’s Day, and confetti and lights dangling from everywhere at New Years.

- When the two of you are out in public, he’s not much of a hand holder (be grateful, because if he were, he’d just be pulling you all around over the place) but he’ll sling an arm around your waist and hold you to his side when he’s walking once in awhile.

- He hates talking about his day (he’s already lived it, why would he want to waste time repeating it?) but he always asks you how your day was. Always. And he’s happy to listen to you talk about it for hours, so long as you don’t make him sit still the entire time.

- One closet in your house will be dedicated solely to Coca-Cola products. He can’t get enough of them, and when you run out, he goes nuts. Better to just keep a closet stocked full of them to keep him from freaking out.

- You have to go with him to every nearby Comic Con every year. It’s not up for debate. You’re going.

- He loves starting tickle fights seemingly out of nowhere and for no reason, and he almost always wins, but he’s a sore loser if you somehow manage to turn the tables and tickle him. He’ll thrash around aimlessly and laugh until he’s crying while he tries to push you away from him, then pout for hours and childishly refuse to talk to you when you finish. If you want to win, take my advice and go for the heels of his foot. He won’t be able to take it.

Romano Boyfriend Headcanons

- He keeps a drawer full of his things at your place in case he ends up spending the night. Nothing really permanent, just some clothes, clean underwear, a charger for his phone, and some other little things. Over the months, that little drawer of things just somehow naturally evolves into two drawers, then three, then the hallway in the closet starts to house a few of his suits for work and the kitchen cabinets somehow all have his favorite snacks stored in them and the bathroom holds a few bottles of his shampoo and aftershave and… oh look at that… he’s moved in completely. When did that happen?

- He needs constant reaffirmation that you like him. He’s had too many experiences where people he cared for left him, and those who didn’t leave him would tend to use him. He wants to know - no, he needs to know that you stay with him because you care about him. Hold his hand for no good reason, give him a random peck on the cheek in public, or curl into him on the couch. It’ll make him feel reassured that you actually love him.

- Romano shows his love for you in strange ways. He tries to mask his compliments of you with indifference and tries to push you away sometimes because he thinks there’s just no way you aren’t just using him while at the same time begging you to stay close to him with his eyes.  

- He can be quite the romantic at times. I mean, come on, he is Italian. Be prepared for dinners by moonlight, walks under the stars, and romantic candlelit baths.

- He has trouble falling asleep. It’s much easier for him to fall  asleep to the sounds you make. He’ll fall asleep to the sound of your breathing, but he absolutely adores the times you stay up whispering about whatever is on your mind to him. Your voice soothes him like a lullaby and he’ll be out in no time.

- Please tell him that you love him. Good. Now tell him again. And again. One more time, please? Please? He loves to hear it. He loves to hear it so much. It makes his entire day.

- He’s a bit prone to jealousy, so if he sees you spending just a little too much time with someone he especially doesn’t care for, he’ll be sure to sling an arm around your waist and drag you close to him. He’ll be as affectionate as possible in front of everyone in order to show off that you are his and he is yours. 

(Sorry about the format of these, my computer is busted and my tablet is… well, just acting weird. It makes typing pretty difficult. Hope this okay!)

~ Admin Sparkle

How They Would Propose To You
  • Italy: He would be so happy and excited that he would probably just be talking with you, and just suddenly blurt it out of context. You would look at him confused and ask about what he just said. He would then realize his mistake, and then just get down on one knee and propose to you right there.
  • Germany: Germany would probably have no idea how to do this, so he would research all of the possible ways to do it, and the most common one would be the one Germany would try, which is proposing to you after a very romantic dinner under the moonlight. He would probably stutter a lot, since he would be very nervous. After all, it is a life changing event.
  • Japan: Japan would bring you on a walk in the spring time when the cherry blossoms are falling. The sun would be setting and the sun's beautiful rays would fall over everything. When the moment is just right, he would pop the question ever so casually, and you wouldn't even know it was coming.
  • America: His emotions would be so threw the roof, that he would be running around like crazy before he takes you to the surprise party that he threw you, which would also be the place that he proposes to you. But right before you two leave the door, America would jump up and down once more, and the box with the ring inside would fall out of his pocket, revealing his plan all along.
  • England: Bushy Brows would try to be all romantic about it, so he would leave notes everywhere leading to different places, and then eventually it would end up to him where he would be on one knee ready to propose to you. On each card that he left, there would be a good memory of your relationship with him. The place that he proposed to you, would have been the place that you two have your first kiss.
  • France: France would probably surprise you by waiting until you come home from work, the gym, or some other place, and propose to you at the door when you walk through. It may not be the mos romantic way, but it would sure surprise you a lot. You might be so surprised, that you would faint and fall to the ground. Let's just hope you don't have to get stitches.
  • Russia: The poor guy wouldn't know even where to begin, and he would be too nervous to ask Ukraine for advice, so he would just leave the ring on your your bed with a note next to it reading "Become one?". Once you find the note, you would run around trying to find the loveable Russian and give him a giant bear hug. Or at least try to.
  • China: China would cook you this giant meal for the two of you, and at the end of it, he would give you a fortune cookie, and once he does, he'll start clearing plates. You would open the fortune cookie and it would say "Will You Marry Me?". You would run to where he was, and he would be on one knee, with the ring in his hand.
  • Canada: Canada would bring you ice skating, so it would seem like a normal date. But then about an hour later, he would bring you to the center and propose to you there. You would be blushing like crazy because everyone is around you two going "awwww!"
  • Romano: Romano would buy one of those bags of M&Ms that you can customize the colors and the letters on them. So he would buy one of those with all of your favorite colors and the letters would spell out "Marry Me". After dinner, Romano would put them out on the tabel to spell out "Marry Me", and once you saw them, you would turn around and Romano would be on one knee. Afterwords, you two would eat the entire bag of M&Ms.
  • Spain: Spain would have you come and listen to him play his guitar. He would sit you in his lap and play the guitar right there for you. Spain would sing some mushy-gushy love song for you saying how much he loves you and needs you. Then at the end of the song he would whisper into your ear,"So, do you want to marry me?"
  • Prussia: Prussia would propose to you in the most awesome way possible. Which in his case would be skydiving. Yup, he would take you jumping out of an airplane to propose to you. He would pop that pretty question a little after you jump out of the plane. You would be so scared yet so happy, you wouldn't know what to do, and you almost forgot to pull your chute open. Thankfully, Prussia didn't try and put the ring on your finger while you were in the air.
  • Austria: Austria would invite you to listen to him play piano. When he sits down and plays his wonderful master piece, it would be a happy and romantic tune. But there would be some darker sounding parts here and there, but afterwords, there would be a lighter sounding part. At the end he would ask you if you liked it, then explained how that he felt like it was like your relationship with him. You would smile and thank him, but before you got up he would ask you that special little question.
  • Hungary: Hungary would have gone out and gotten you a vase of your favorite flowers and would have baked you your favorite cake flavor. She would set them up on the dinning room tabel and wait until you come home. Once you do, you'll notice the flowers and cake. On the flowers there is a little note reading "Marry me?". You would turn around and see her standing there with a grin om her face and she would say,"Well?"
  • Switzerland: Although Switzerland is Mr.Cheap, he wouldn't let his money saving attitude get to him this time. He would buy you a huge box of expensive chocolates and rare flowers. He would have you meet him at your favorite spot, which is on top of a hill where it seems as if you can see everything. Once the sun starts to set, he'll start to say how much he loves you. He'd be stuttering the entire time, and he'll have a huge blush on his face. Then, once he's done, he'll ask that very important question.
  • Lichtenstein: Lichtenstein would be so nervous, she wouldn't know how to propose to you. Once she sees you again, she would come up to you, blushing, and shove the box with the ring in it in your face while blurting out "Will you marry me?!!?". Lichtenstein would then run away in fear that you would've rejected her, but you would go and confront her saying that you would love to marry her.
  • Ukraine: Poor Ukraine would practically be crying at the stress of waiting to see you. She'd probably be very happy to see you, knowing that you two might become a married couple soon, but then she would start freaking out about the possibility that you might say no. So while she is talking to you all these emotions and thoughts are going through her head, so she would accidently blurt it out. Once she realises what she said, she would burst into tears. You would calm her down by holding her close and saying that you would love to marry her.
  • Belarus: Belarus would write a note that says "will you marry me?" on it and take her all too famous knife and stab it to a wall. Once you find the note, you would take the note down and try and find her. With all of the emotions going through your mind, you didn't see Belarus hiding under the bed. When you walk by, she would grab your ankles and pull you down to her level and beg you for an answer.

titans-on-motorcycles  asked:


((Thanks for asking, hon!! <33))

1. Who blares Britney Spears in their vehicle at full volume?

“Ooh! Me, me!! Her first album just came out and Ginny made me listen to it! If I had a car, I would so drive Levi nuts with her music.” ^_^

2. Who is enchanted by the moon, and who is the one who plans a romantic dinner under the moonlight for the other person?

“Stargazing is …a bit bittersweet for us now, but we still enjoy it for the most part. I’m the one who plans the dinner though. I mean, Levi’s not the best at being romantic and he certainly isn’t the best at cooking.”

3. Who can’t stop laughing at their own joke while the other gives them ‘why-are-you-laughing-so-hard-at-this’ look?

“Merlin, Levi gives me that look all the time. I can’t help it that I’m funny! XD Ok so maybe, I just think I’m funny, hehe.”

4. Who lets their child paint their nails?

“If we get the chance to have children, that will be me.  Though the thought of Levi letting our little girl paint his nails is both funny and adorable.” <33

5. Who wants to name their child after a dragon?

“Oh no. Nope. No. No. Neither of us. My first thought of a dragon inspired name is Draco and there is no way in fucking hell I am naming my child after that bastard!”

6. Who loves to make dinner but has horrible cooking skills, but the other is too nice to say it’s horrible?

“Again, neither of us. Levi and I both know he’s useless in the kitchen and, if he tried, I wouldn’t hesitate to kick him out and try to salvage our dinner.”

7. Who sleeps with their dog when the other person is out late?

“We don’t have a dog but if we did that would be me. Levi would probably die at the thought of dog fur in our bed, however.”

8. Do they like to do the #coupleschallenges?

“Never done one before, but I suppose I would be more up for it than him. I’m not too sure I could convince him to do it though.”

9. Who gets them out of a speeding ticket?

“Again, we don’t drive. But if we did, then neither of us… Levi would just end up insulting the officer and making things worse, while I would get too emotional to be of any help.”

10. Who still has the first gift that the other gave to them?

“We both do! The first Christmas after we met, Levi gave me a new set of potions utensils. He’s given me nicer sets since then, but that was the first brand new set I ever owned. I can’t bring myself to part with it. As for Levi, that year I gave him a cravat for Christmas/his birthday. Levi has always preferred to dress nice and, seeing as we were still in the Underground then, I knew it was something he would never splurge on himself.”

Dating Jackson Wang, there will be:

- Hand holding

- Ass grabbing

- Couple snapbacks

- Oversized shirts

- Tummy rubbing

- Rough sex

- Lip biting

- Showering together

- Midnight talks & walks

- Moonlight dinner dates

- Working out together

- Public kink (bathroom, change rooms, etc.)

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🏗⛲️🌈🗽🏰🌠 Hi! 😊

  • 🏗: what’s your preferred method of dealing with stress?
    Sleeping :)
  • ⛲️: what’s your ideal dream date?
    Pag dream date always ang napipicture out kos is dinner under the bright moonlight tas may scented candles sa table namin, kakain kami ng favorite food namin, tawanan, usap ganon. Tas magsstroll kami under the moonlight parin finifeeel ang hangin at ang kamay ng bawat isa. Yung mga ganon.
  • 🌈: what are your thoughts on ‘love’?
    Hala pangalawang beses na ako na ask nito sa magkaibang set of questions. Well love really is there. Maganda yan pero nakakasakit. As of now wala pa akong pake muna sa love coz i’m hurt baby i’m hurt rn. KAya acads muna, cant wait til monday para balik focus na ulit ako.
  • 🗽: who’s your role model? or what qualities do you think are looking-up-to worthy?
    siguro yung qualities: respectful, independent, not giving a fuck about other people’s judgement, alam kung anong important, passionate, motivated, at hardworking.
  • 🏰: to you, what’s the most magical place on earth?
    Nasagot ko na to anon pero uulitin ko, my bed. Hehehe
  • 🌠: if you were allowed three wishes, what would they be?
    1. YouTube starter pack (Camera, laptop, equipment and software)
    2. Matapos ko tong sem na to (and the rest of my college years) na excellent
    3. Less worries, more happiness sa buhay ko

Salamat anon :) Hello din sayo, good evening :)

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BTS and GOT7 reaction when they proposed and asked "will you marry me?" and you shyly answered "yes" :) BGM: Marry You- Bruno Mars

Hey i have done something familiar with BTS so i will link that reaction and then i will make the same type with Got7. Hope that`s ok <3


Im Jae Bum/JB:

Proposal: Oh this would be very romantic, he would make you meet him the first place you kissed at night with lanterns all over the place to lit up the dark. He would take your hands and kiss your temple before going on one knee and asking for your hand “y/n i have always loved you, will you marry me?”.

Husband: As a husband he would hold you tight at night whispering how much he loved you and that he wished you a good night sleep. He would give her kisses in the cheek before going to practice and give her a big huge when he came home. He would always make sure he said i love you everyday so you knew that he was always by your side no matter what.

Mark Tuan/Mark:

Proposal: Mark would do it when you least expect it, like on a cruise on your anniversary. It would be a day filled with surprises like breakfast on bed, a bouquet of your favorite flowers and slow dancing on deck before he would do the biggest surprise of them all, going on one knee “y/n will you make my dream come true by becoming my wife”.

Husband: As a husband he would be very caring of you. He would do small things to tell her that you was on his mind like flowers send to your door everyday when he was on tour and a small card telling how much he missed you and how many days he had left. When he came home he would be the one at your door with the bouquet and on the card it would say “I`m finally home to my one true love”.

Jackson Wang/Jackson:

Proposal: Jackson i think would take you out for shopping for new clothes,make up and shoes. He would give you princess treatment that day and when you were all dolled up he would smile to himself before going on one knee pretending to tie his shoelaces and when you were not looking he would take out the box and say with a big smile “y/n will you marry me?”.

Husband: He would be a very playful and adventurous husband taking you out whenever he could to fancy restaurants and give you gifts with deep meanings behind it or just because, he thought you would look amazing in it. He would spin you around and give you tons of kisses and always be very protective of you, he would also make sure you always knew you were on his mind.

Park Jin Young/Jr:

Proposal: He would be very classy, he would take you out for a nice dinner and walking in the moonlight and tell you small jokes that you two shared. He would wait for the perfect moment when the moon was exactly over the sea to propose to you “y/n i can`t imagine anyone else i want to be with for the rest of my life, marry me y/n”.

Husband: He would give you kisses and hugs and would always listen to you no matter how tiring his day was. He would do small things for you here and there like taking you out for dancing or on the beach to make you relax. He would always hold you tight to him so he knew he would never lose you.

Choi Young Jae/Youngjae:

Proposal: He would be taking you out to a beautiful place with view of the sunset. He would hold you tight and tell you how beautiful everything his but, how it would become more beautiful if you were his wife. He would kiss your cheek and go on one knee and ask with a smile “i have never smiled as much as when i`m with you, please do me the honor to do the same too you for the rest of your life”.

Husband: He would be so sweet bringing chocolate and flowers to you everyday from practice, always ask how your day was and listen with a big smile. He would always have time for you no matter what or how busy he was, he would make time just so he could see your beautiful smile.

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/Bambam:

Proposal: He would be playing a game with you, the “of course” game where you had to say of course to everything he said or asked you. After a while he said with a big smile “will you marry me?” and when you said “of course” thinking this was still a game, he would go on one knee and say “Well you already said yes but, will you marry me y/n?”.

Husband: He would be funny and make almost everything to a game and he would give you back hugs just relaxing his head on your shoulder and kiss your neck. He would also be the type to admire you whenever you were not giving him attention, he would sit there and not belive his eyes when he thought that you were his wife.

Kim Yu Gyeom/Yugyeom:

Proposal: He would do it very sweetly by taking you out for something you love and then when you would come back home the other boys would have prepared it with balloons and rose pedals on the floor and in shape of heart. He would nervously take out the box from his pocket and go on one knee “y/n you have made me happy like no one ever has. Would you do me the amazing honor to marry me?”.

Husband: Kisses day and night, teasing and cuddles even if he was completely done from practice. He would so try to cook with you and would have his moments when he would just stare at you when you did something as simply as reading a book and just think to himself “how did i get lucky to get you y/n”.

Bloody adorable (Newt Imagine)

Anon: Please love, can you please do an imagine with newt from his point of view where tell Thomas he has a crush on the reader who is the only girl in the glade and Thomas make them a picnic and newt tells the reader how he feels? Thanks love. 


Newt’s POV

It was bonfire and like every single day, I was staring at her. The only girl here, (Y/N), and the most beautiful girl that I remember. She was so sweet with everybody, includded Gally, that’s why he was so protective with her. She came one year ago and since then I have a little crush on her. Being his best friend was killing me but it was better than nothing.

- You know, that’s creepy. 

Tommy sat next to me, watching the bonfire. I saw how (Y/N) was talking with Minho and I felt a little bit jelous. The keeper of the runner and her were also best friends since she became a runner. I tried to fight aginst her but Alby told she was good at running, so I talked with Minho and made him promise me he would protect her with his life. I drunk of Moonshine and looked at him.

- What do you mean? 

- The whole staring thing. Go and tell her how you feel. 

- And have the bloody possibility of being friendzoned for the rest of my life? Yeah sure, shank. 

- So you are going to stay here - I nodded - Doing nothing - I nodded again - Watching how Minho steal you your girl? 

- Minho isn’t stealing me anything. Firstly, for steal me something I have to own it. Secondly, she isn’t my girl.

- You like her, she likes you. Everybody knows, we are not that dumb. Please tell her already. 

- Not gonna happen, Tommy.

I looked back at her and caught her looking at me. We both smiled at each other but quickly she looked again at Minho, blushing. I got angry looking at them, how she was blushing and smiling while Minho was laughing and kicking her arm playfully. 

- You know, I have a plan. 

I looked at Tommy and nodded.

Putting the last plate of food on the blanket, Tommy and I were finishing the little picnic we did for (Y/N). Tommy suggested it as a way to have a private moment with her and to prove her how I really feel. I began to feel nervous since I got up from bed this morning. I woke up late to say goodbye to (Y/N) this morning, but she left me a note with a smile, letting me know she came to say goodbye although I was sleeping. 

- Now, we need the girl. 

- Tommy I don’t know. You, along with her, are tired because of the day running, I think we should leave this for another day. 

- Woah woah no. Minho is already looking for her and we have finished this. Just calm down, Newt. 

I nodded. I was about to say something when we heard some screams. We looked around and saw Minho with (Y/N) over his shoulder, yelling at him to let her down. 

My palms started to sweat and I almost ran away, but Tommy put his hand on my back, supporting me. When Minho left her on the floor, she looked at me fixing her clothes. 

- Hey guys… What’s going on?

- Okay Minho, we have to go now. 

Tommy and Minho left winking at me before. (Y/N) and I sat on the blanket and started to eat, since it was dinner time. Only the moonlight with us. At first we were quiet, but quickly we began to talk.

- … and then I put cream over his face! 

I began to laugh because of her story. 

- You are a bloody demon, love. 

She smirked devilish and bit her sandwich, but some food stood out of her mouth, making her seems adorable. She ate all the food and started to clean her.

- Sorry - she said smiling nervously looking down. 

- Bloody adorable - I whispered. 

I caresed her cheek with my right hand and forced her to look at me. She was so beautiful that I almost forget to breath. 

- (Y/N), I did this picnic to tell you something. I like you, like a lot. Bloody hell, I love you with all my heart! You are so beautiful, cute, sweet, caring and funny. You almost make me forget we are living a hell here, you are the reason why I wake up every morning. You make me happy and when I touch you I-I become breathless - I said this last part whispering. 

She stood quiet for a moment. 

- T-Thank you.

I froze. 

- Thank you. Woah, new pick up line to friendzone a guy. God, it bloody hurts you know, I already told you my feeling and you - I was cutt with her lips on mines. The kiss was full of passion while she passed her hands through my hair, my hands on her waist. We broke up the kiss and looked at each other. 

- I love you Newt. Thanks for those wonderful words. You mean the world to me. 

I smile widely and put her on my lap looking at me. I caresed her cheeks with both hands and put my lips above hers, almost touching each other. 

- I adore you. Be mine, please.

She put her arms on my neck and closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss. 

- I’m yours since the day I came here. 

I closed the gap and kissed her again, feeling the luckiest man on the world.  

A Few Love Lessons Brought by Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell:

1. Being in love is being too familiar with details.

~That morning, in English, Park noticed that Eleanor’s hair came to a soft red point on the back of her neck.

That afternoon, in history, Eleanor noticed that Park chewed on his pencil when he was thinking.~

Being able to ride within the POVs of both of these lovers, I’ve discovered more about the “how” part of falling romantically in love. If the heart’s so sincere in carrying that emotion, a person just can’t help to study every characteristic and feature and every ambiguous detail affixed to the love interest. It was as if a guy wanted to complete this certain puzzle so much that he solved it a countless times, even if at first it’s like it didn’t want to be solved. But he tried so much that he accomplished it, finally. He was so in love with it that he memorized every complex puzzle piece.

2. Love can intensify if mixed with music.

~Best of all, she had Park’s songs in her head– and in her chest, somehow.~

One of my favorite things about the book is the clear attachment of music– another connection the two head-over-heels-in-love misfits shared, without doubt. I felt that can’t-be-stopped giddiness every time I read these lines narrating on how they admired and awed for different songs in various eras and genres. I admit, I am not familiar with most of the songs mentioned (therefore a research must be accomplished soon), but just knowing the fact that every beat they heard in a three-minute rock song made their bus ride chinwags a whole lot better, I felt the strong musical bond, as well.

3. Love brings out the idea of emotional incompleteness. 

~“I don’t even think I even breathe when we’re not together. Which means, when I see you on Monday morning, it’s been like sixty hours since I’ve taken a breath.”~

A funny part about this paramount feeling is that you just feel anxious and lacking whenever the person you’re in love with is heaps of miles away from you. And then sometimes you realize that you had never really experienced this kind of incompleteness when you still hadn’t met the person, and now that this person’s a part of your world, everything just gets really strange. Sometimes you feel as if you’re searching for something you’ve been desperately needing, even if the first place, in the first parts of your living, you never even yearned.

4. We become a factory of beautiful words and metaphors when we are in love.

~Holding Eleanor’s hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive.~

Playful indeed is love, that even a person so cold and reserved and quiet and seemingly socially dull can have the ability to produce so much profound musings. Park’s thoughts were somewhat tear-jerkers for me– I mean, man, how amazing it is when you dive inside the in-love-guy’s mind, and you discover so much beauty in his words? Boys who get to create metaphors are just so gush-worthy.

5. Love can be so awkward, and it’s perfectly okay.

~“Hi,” Eleanor said.

“Hi,” he breathed.

She giggled.

“What?” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Hi.”~

The awkwardness inclined with love is just so precious because it means that love is not a pretentious thing. Being awkward is just being you, being sincere with yourself, and I think, there will always be a person who can fit with the kind of awkwardness you have. I’ve loved so many ill at ease moments in the novel– the way they got so uneasy and embarrassed with each other just brought so much flowing figurative hearts all over the place. The book was so true, it was in the real world-zone. I felt like I belonged to the book, for I have the similar bag of awkwardness myself.

6. Crazy, crazier, craziest– popular levels of love.

~When she saw Park standing at the bus stop on Monday morning, she started giggling. Seriously, giggling like a cartoon character… When their cheeks get all red.~

We all got to admit this one, alright– everything is just so “I can’t help it,”. It feels so human, period.

7. Love is about saying the right words in the right time. (if possible, perfect time.)

~He regretted saying it. Not because it wasn’t true. He loved her. Of course he did. There was nothing else to explain… everything Park felt. But he hadn’t meant to tell her like that. So soon. And over the phone.~

For me, saying those three words are not just perfect for candlelight dinners or under the moonlight and shooting stars rooftop dates– it will be perfect according to our own perception of perfect. In a lighter sense, we need not to be reckless with the words with release; we have to think thoroughly first and be prepared for the possible grand turn of events right after those three words get to escape out of the mouth.


I was (and still am) absolutely in love with this book and it’s probably so much more obvious now. How about you, guys? Any insights and reactions? I’d love to hear from you.


Joshua as a Boyfriend

Time for our sweet gentleman Jisoo 

  • Literally one of the sweetest boyfriends ever 
  • treats you like a princess 
  • he is such a gentleman 
  • like you didn’t think boys like him existed anymore but here is 
  • this boy would shower you with love and affection 
  • surprising you with flowers 
  • sweet dinner dates 
  • moonlight walks 
  • long talks 
  • he loves your eyes 
  • whenever you talk his full attention is on you 
  • his eyes looking directly in yours 
  • but at the same time he is one of the biggest dorks ever 
  • He would constantly tell you lame jokes 
  • jokes that are so bad they are funny 
  • “why’d the mushroom go to the party”  “IDK why josh”  “because he was a fungi” XD
  • cuddled together Anime Marathons
  • Anime arguments 
  • “No Death Note is better because……..” 
  • catching him staring at you 
  • “what is it Josh”  “nothing your just…..wow”
  • Teaching you to play guitar 
  • him serenading you 
  • singing you to sleep while your laying in bed at night 
  • he loves spending rainy days with you 
  • on rainy days you two just kinda chill together doing whatever you feel like 
  • sweet cheek pecks 
  • listening to him sing Sunday Morning 
  • or the two of you singing it together 
  • your relationship is just very chill, and cute, almost like a movie 
Midnight Pancakes

Summary: wtf you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? oh sHIT you’re really drunk aND NOW YOU’RE CRYING OKay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” GRUVIA au

Pairing: Gruvia

Author’s Note: This one’s for muffindragon227! Thanks for the prompt! Hope you enjoy. 

Read on FFnet here!


Juvia was having a long day. First, her class that she had with her cute dark haired neighbor (who she really wanted to talk to but didn’t have the courage) had went overtime causing her to be late to her part time job at the coffee shop, where she was then yelled at for being late. Then, right when she was about to close for the day four teenagers had walked in and proceeded to loiter around in the shop for an hour after closing.

Needless to say, Juvia was tired.

She finally reached her apartment door and fumbled with her purse, looking for the key.

When she went to put the key in her door it pushed open, unlocked.

Juvia’s heart stopped. She never left her door unlocked. She froze in fear before taking a deep breathe and sliding her hand around her inner wall, grabbing the bat she stored there.

Juvia jumped at a loud clank coming from the direction of her kitchen.

Picking up her bat, she put her purse down and entered her dark apartment, sneaking around her wall.

She heard the rustling of her pans and before she could lose her nerve she flicked the light on, lifted her bat and proceeded to whack her intruder.

Her intruder smacked against the ground with a grunt before rolling over onto to his back. Juvia scrambled against the wall.

“NATSSUU! Not fair! Is was caught off guard.”

Juvia squeaked in surprise. Laying at her feet was none other than her dreamy dark haired neighbor she’s been wanting to talk to for the past four months.

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Will you give me your HL headcanon for what's happening right now and over Xmas? Just personal thoughts.

In a perfect world they would be cuddled up on the couch at home right now, running over a list of things they need to do before they leave for Harry’s mum’s place in the afternoon of the 24th. Because no matter what, on Louis’ birthday, Harry always gets the morning. For a variety of reasons; a lot of them kissing and blow job related, but he also makes him his favorite breakfast as well. And every year Louis insists he does not need a birthday present because Harry spoils him enough on Christmas, and every year Harry knows he doesn’t really mean it. But it’s always a funny little gift, like a framed picture of Harry and David Beckham for Louis’ office, or a Tom’s keychain to forever remind Louis how cool they all thought his shoes were on XFactor.

They pack up all of their gifts and head to Cheshire, where everything feels familiar and warm, and Louis forces Gemma to play fifa with him while Harry meets up with old friends at the pub, and when she beats him Harry gets a series of texts from the both of him that he fondly smiles at, and even though he just got there, he already can’t wait to get home and kiss his boy again.

There’s a visit with Louis’ family on Boxing Day, and Louis takes an obscene amount of pictures of Harry with the babies, even though he already has an obscene amount of pictures with Harry and the babies as Lottie points out with rolled eyes and a tiny smile on her lips. But Louis doesn’t care, because in his mind there’s could never be enough pictures of Harry.  

The rest of their time is saved for themselves; watching movies and crap tv and eating crap food and kissing for hours because they can, Louis stealing all over Harry’s oversized jumpers and Harry stealing Louis’ hoodies that don’t quite fit, and moonlight dinners because Louis knows how much Harry loves those silly candles he is so attached to, and lazy mornings making lazy love in the hazy winter sun, and when the clock strikes midnight, wherever they are, they make a promise to love each other even more in 2015.

The end.