dinner and a show!

Getting up multiple times during Thanksgiving dinner just to show off my ‘fit. 

“Y'all need more ice?”
“I think some fresh rolls should be ready.”
“Man this sweet tea is just running through me.”
“Someone at the door? I’ll check.”

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It amazes me how upset and angry people get over one exotic animal getting trophy killed, but don't realize the harm they're causing by eating chickens or steak for dinner every night?? It just shows how ignorant our society has become, everyone is so far removed from the realty and how "livestock" are treated, I can't even comprehend it.

Cognitive dissonance is a really incredible thing. People just can’t make the connection, and even if they do, they choose to ignore it. Maybe because those exotic trophy animals are beautiful, maybe because they seem special somehow, but it’s not true- the harm done to all creatures is equal, whether they be “exotic” or “livestock.” 

-Admin Samantha

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Do you think they are spending the day together?

Sam was doing MPC stuff so no. It’s 7:30 pm now though so I assume they’re back together :) Having dinner :) Relaxing :) With Eddie :) On the couch :) And binging shows :) 

Losing the motivation for pre-interview dinners faster than I’m losing the motivation for interviews themselves.

I really just want to put on pajamas and get in bed but I feel like it’s a really bad look to not show up to a pre-interview dinner for a program in my home city.

Casual Encounter Prologue

Pike can’t bear Thanksgiving alone with her family, and searches for weeks to find something that can make it a little less terrible. On her search, she meets Vax’ildan, a 28 year old former felon, through a Craigslist ad. 

Hopefully he can help make the Trickfoot’s holiday bearable. [x] 


Pike has a lot of feelings during the holiday season. Most that only come up on Thanksgiving, that she really doesn’t like to dig up and examine. Her family is so terrible, but she can’t not show up for the family dinner. She would have no excuse to not be there when everyone else can make it, regardless of if they were invited or not. 

It used to be bearable, it wasn’t as difficult to pretend that she could stand her relatives, but they’ve gotten worse. Its the reason shes looking through posts on Craigslist, hoping to find something that could help make it the least bit enjoyable. 

Alcohol won’t cut it this time, and she refuses to bring anyone shes friends with to her family. Craigslist and all of its services will have to do. 

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imagining taylor at thanksgiving dinner and her instastory is her going down the table showing the camera all the food while yelling "FOOOOOOD!!!" and while yelling food pointing the camera at joe and he's just like "oh my god" and rolls his eyes and she laughs

Comic Hasan Minhaj On Roasting Trump And Growing Up A ‘Third Culture Kid’

As the American-born child of parents who emigrated from India, comic Hasan Minhaj often feels a little out of place. “I exist in this hyphen,” he says. “I’m an Indian-American-Muslim kid, but am I more Indian or am I more American? What part of my identity am I?”

Those are the kinds of questions Minhaj deliberately sidestepped when was getting his start in comedy. “It was almost like I was on the playground all over again,” he says of his early career. “I just was afraid if I get real … people aren’t going to like it; they’re going to think I’m a freak.”

After years doing stand-up, Minhaj became a correspondent with The Daily Show in 2014. The following year, he starred in Homecoming King, a one-man stand-up show in which he began to open up on stage about his experiences as a “third culture kid” who doesn’t fully share in either the culture of his parents or that of his hometown of Davis, Calif.

“It wasn’t until I started exploring the personal stuff, the one-man-show stuff, that I kind of got a chance to be more open to the audience and to my family,” he says.

Minhaj’s new stand-up special, which is also called Homecoming King, is available on Netflix starting Tuesday.

I’m having some major Trini and Jason feels right now. 

Like, when they first started as a group, Jason had thought that Trini hated him. With a burning passion in the I-hate-you-please-never-speak-to-me-again way, especially with the way she interacts with the others compared to him.

Until one day, when Jason is about to leave his house to go do something, Trini shows up at his front door. He’s so confused and has no idea what to do, and Trini looks like she’s about to change her mind and leave but instead she just asks him if it’s okay if she hangs out and he’s still so ???? but lets her in anyways. 

He asks her whats wrong, thinking that she’s probably just going to ignore him but then she starts ranting about her parents, and how she’s trying so hard to make them proud of her and he’s quietly listening suddenly Trini just blurts, “The only good thing about me is that I’m a ranger!” 

It makes Jason so sad because Trini is so kind and patient with Billy and she jokes around and has fun with Zack and is such a good friend to Kim and is honestly there for all of them in any shape or form they need and then Jason gets furious that Trini believes the only good thing about her is when she’s the yellow ranger. 

He just goes off (he doesn’t yell but his voice does raise a bit when he’s trying to prove his point) and he tells her how he’s sure he would’ve died if it weren’t for her helping him fight Goldzar, and he talks about how important she is to the group and how important it is to him that she knows that they care.

When he’s done, Trini just stares at him in shock for a few seconds before she hugs him and mumbles, “Thanks, Jason, I really needed that.” 

Mija, serve your brother.

He is a year younger than me. 

We are children. My dad calls me to go outside with him to help fix the car. He needs me to find him a wrench in the garage. The garage is always filled with spiders and he knows I’m afraid. My brother is not. He’s inside playing video games. He doesn’t have to help look. He never has to help look. “You’re better at finding things.” 

Practice makes perfect. 

Mija, serve your brother.

My maternal grandma comes up to visit. The house is still a mess. I juggle honors classes, caring for the baby, caring for my brother, the bulk of the chores. Something had to give. My grandma looks at the house and then at me. “I could just beat you!” She growls. Nothing is said to my brother.

Later, she is helping make dinner. She brought a chicken and wants to show me how to cut it properly. I don’t want to. I’m tired from all the cleaning. She threatens to kick me. My mother says nothing about it. Just “You’ll have to learn to cook for when you have a husband!” My brother continues to play with his toys. 

I drop my honors classes.

Mija, serve your brother.

We’re in high school now. The washing machine has broken. It’s been broken for weeks. We’ve run out of money and can’t afford to go to the laundromat. My dad arranges for his sister to pick us up and take us to his parents house so we can use their washer.

I’ve done my own laundry since I was 12. I wash, dry, and fold and then put them in my hamper. I then decide to go on a walk. I come back hours later. “Thanks for leaving me with all the work!” My mother snaps. My brother is playing with our cousin.

I will not serve my brother. He can serve himself.

I put myself through college. I want a STEM degree. My days revolve around homework, notes, clubs, work. I no longer have time for all the housework. I will not sacrifice my education, my glimmer of a chance out of this nightmare. 

My brother lives on Youtube. He stays on Netflix until the sun rises. He is glued to the couch with the Playstation controller in his hands. Dishes are crusty. The laundry goes undone. The trash piles.The cat shits behind the chair because the litter is too dirty. He doesn’t want to pull his weight around the house.

My parents vent in frustration. 

“Why is your brother so lazy?”

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things


Amazing Spoopy Web Shows

Halloween is approaching and some of you need a spoopy fix. Enjoy these amazingly hilarious horror/Halloween themed web-series! Most of them are literary inspired. 

 If you can think of any others, please add to this list!