I know there have been other watermelon salad recipes submitted, but here’s mine!

Salted watermelon salad


  • Chopped watermelon
  • Goat cheese or feta
  • Fresh basil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Sea salt

A couple tips: make this a no chop recipe by buying pre-chopped watermelon. It’s a little more expensive but it makes it really easy and you don’t need as much prep space or time. (Therefore you could totally make it in a dorm.) Also, I originally planned on making this with feta, but when I went to the grocery store this amazing seasoned goat cheese was on sale, so I went with that and just crumbled it with my fingers.

Okay, put your melon in a bowl, add your cheese, basil (I used about 10 leaves for the salad in the picture and just tore it up with my fingers), salt (a couple pinches), and balsamic (I started with about 2 tablespoons). Mix it all around, then taste. Add more of an ingredient if it needs it.


The salad pictured was the perfect amount for a side for two people, or as a main dish for one. 

clearly yesterday night i wasn’t in the mood to update the blog, so i’ll do it now; for dinner i had a typical amazing summer salad made of mixed greens, olives, corn and topped with hemp seeds, apple vinegar and evo oil + not pictured brown rice cakes and then two white flat peaches to add a bit of sweet to a bitter evening.. (: