Friendly reminder that Crow and I named fish after One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest characters and then shipped them.

The white one is Harding; the orange one in the second picture is Mack (he kept swimming with half his body out of the water which might be why he looks so distorted - sorry the pictures are kind of crappy!)


it’s funny because i suck at copying styles why would i ever think this was a good idea?

Anyway, Sydney Paget (in which i try to have a pencil effect in SAI because im lazy and fail miserably im so sorry), risto-licious, dinkydins, starexorcist, wassily kadinsky (i kind of started to give up around here. im sorry i just have no idea how to mimic his style) and picasso (yeah i really gave up).

The problem, Dinky, is that I never gave a thought to what her hair was actually shaped like. 8D;;

Despite the long straight parting I drew in the second view, I think her hair kinda corkscrews out in a natural, tangly mess from that point on her scalp. Which is where the third pic comes in.

Basically I would just stick a bunch of stretched out 3’s (highlighted in first pic) on there and call it good.

Sullivan, dinkydinators (dinkydins) mighty character! 

yeah, i know

another headshot :v way to stay in the comfort zone me! i’ll step out of it soon enough tho UvU

I fear i might be in a phase in which i overedit my pictures