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AN: Really old Adlock fic. One of my firsts actually! Call it throw-back Thursday, ey? please excuse the formatting and grammar and whatever mistakes. Anyway! Please enjoy this little bit of fluffy/comedy. And huge shoutout to @feigningeuphoria for roleplaying this little scene with me (Hint, hint, she’​s Irene)

So, that’s about it. Enjoy!

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n7warden  asked:

Just had the cutest nap dream where Meg and Buttons learned what dinosaurs were and just walked around Arefu as velociraptors making what they believe were dino sounds and everyone just stared at them like "What in the brahmin shit?". I woke up happy.

pfff you’re right, they’re “that couple” of Arefu :D
I could totally see them getting obsessed about dinosaurs though, maybe after reading some comics or a science book. Imagine their travel to the Dinky!

So it’s Mother’s Day over here…it’d be good to commemorate such a day with a gif like this dontcha think?

Lemme give some real talk about some of Day Dreaming Derpy’s inspirations, especially in its unique perspective on experience in video games.

There aren’t really many games where you get to play as a parent, excluding the titles like the Last of Us or TellTale’s Walking Dead where the player is put into a parental position, but there aren’t many games dealing exclusively about the nitty-gritty of parenthood (in this case, motherhood). And rightly so, gameplay that depends solely on the reliance of the raising of a child may not always mesh with, say, an RPG experience where you level up and fight monsters. It all depends on the kind of experience you want to give the player.

The concept of Day Dreaming Derpy didn’t start out with Derpy’s relationship with her daughter, Dinky as a core element. In fact, the idea of going through ponies’ dreams largely stemmed from the fanfics on Fimfiction, and its users’ amazing variety of interpretations of the show’s lore, sometimes through the eyes of somepony most unlikely to be in an empowered position. It was there, that the idea of a unique perspective that most audiences would not immediately understand or relate to, would convey some of the most profound and enduring lessons that anyone can use to walk away with a better understanding of life and all its aspects.

And I believe that Derpy’s wayward story as a mother raising a child on her own is something worth sharing.

Ya’ll have a good Mother’s Day!