Ready for the weekend… 


Just a couple of random sketches of background characters, featuring Dinky and Sparkler, and Snips and Snails. :3

It’s a part of my headcanon that Dinky and Sparkler are siblings, whether by adoption or biological I haven’t decided yet though. I’m leaning more toward adoption. o3o

As for Twilight Sparkle, she’s simply a repost from a recent deviation on my DeviantArt account. :3


Derpy: I was so angry that night I don’t even remember how that night ended. I just remember waking up in jail the next morning…


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*Knock! Knock!* You open your door…

Dinky: Trick or Treat! :D

Click or Drag the image to give Dinky candy! Don’t be stingy! 

Derpy: Isn’t Dinky Cute~ ^u^  Everypony keeps asking us about doctors…  (what’s up with that?!) so Dinky thought it would be funny to be one for nightmare night! XD

Dinky: Yeah yeah. Now give me all your candy! Doctor’s Order! :D

Derpy: Dinky… Say please… -_-;

((Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night everyone!  Also, here is a more colorful version if the image! Enjoy the rest of the Holiday! XD))


Dinky: …I-I don’t know! XD

Derpy: Lets go home. its been a loooooooong day. -_-’

(( Guest Colab Artist: inqusitivecolt did the foreground Dinky, Derpy and his OC Inquisitive Colt, panels 2-5! He also did the original drawing from frame 3 that I altered.Go give him a follow! ^_^

Guest Appearences by thecherrysodaaskblog and askdaleksha!  Go give them both a follow too!  

Welp! The Teleportitis arc has finally come to a close!  1 day in story has been about 6 months irl 9~6 Take that DBZ XD. Also ‘Nightmare F***'n Moon’ is a curse word, Cherry is not mistaking a Dalek for Nightmare Moon. XP ))