Gillian meeting the Blanches

“Oh look at you no fucking way you are hilarious oh shit oh shit oh fucking….? Wait wait That is hilaaaaaarious! Ma’am in the orange, can you just ask her to step back. (Trying to take pic) All the way over there. You are fabulous! No way! That is awesome. Ohhh aww. This is amazing! (Hand her blanche diagram) Aw that’s ama.. I oh”

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‘Subject: Woman’ Project

Goal: $1,000

Gillian works closely with @childreachinternational, especially their “Taught Not Trafficked” campaign. Aiming to educate the public on sex trafficking and slavery, Childreach International hopes that, with the help and donations from individuals across the world, they can stop the awful practice of sex trafficking and slavery by promoting education in at-risk communities where children are more likely to be trafficked. With education, the doors of opportunity open for many young girls, changing future generations for the better. 

Earlier this year, Gillian spoke with the United Nations on the subject of human trafficking during the release of her film “Sold,” which tells the story of a young girl sold into sexual slavery. 

(After the convention, many people asked about the creation of this shirt, and whether or not I would be open to making more and selling them. I am.)

Click here to support Childreach International and purchase the shirt that @chewiesgirlfriend wore to Wizard World Chicago.

“Subject: Woman” not only references to her work on BBC’s “The Fall”, but also pays credit her work as a humanitarian and (brilliantly unapologetic) feminist.

ALL proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit Childreach International’s “Taught Not Trafficked” campaign. 

Rose’s Gillovnycon Panel Analysis

A bunch of people have asked about my feeling on the panel and so here they are. I think the thing overall I found most interesting is how very different it was being in the room for the first time as opposed to watching online. I was lucky enough to be sitting with @spiritofx who was on a platinum pass so we were up pretty close and personal, about three rows back and slightly to the right. We had a good view and so I watched the people mostly instead of the screen which means some of the smaller things/moments I missed.

It was a very strange, surreal and honestly, at times uncomfortable way to spend 45 minutes, from the moment DD strolled out in his white, loungewear tuxedo to Gillian’s shirt auction and David chewing on her clothing. 

I came out with very mixed emotions, the panel was what I was most excited for in the weekend and I was honestly pretty disappointed. Fortunately other things turned out to be 100x better than I had anticipated but it was very bizarre to log onto tumblr and see people who had seen the livestream yelling Gillovny confirmed/such fun etc when I was feeling so strange about the whole thing.

Having seen the gifs etc. I get why they were yelling that, there were some super cute moments and retrospectively it was an interesting experience, but it wasn’t what expected at all and here is why…

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ComicCon Questions/ Statements I Never Want to Hear Again

These have been asked, answered, or discussed 1,000 times before. Or the asker already knows the answer to even know to ask the question. Or it’s just plain dumb.

What is your favorite episode of The X-Files?

To David: Are you a believer?

To Gillian: Are you a skeptic?

Did you believe in the paranormal before being on The X-Files and did being on the show make you a believer?

Did you ever think the show would become such a hit?

Did you ever expect the show to still be popular?

Why do you think The X-Files is still so popular?

What was your first impression of each other?

How do you think moving the show to LA changed things?

How are you like (choose one) Scully, Stella, Bedelia?

Are you like Bedelia?

What advice to you have for (choose one) girls who want to pursue science, starving artists, someone who wants to write a book?

To Gillian: Did David really hit on you in the hallway when you auditioned?

To David: Did you really hit on Gillian in the hallway when you auditioned?

Any question asking either of them if they are going to be in a tv show (which has already been widely reported in the affirmative)

Are you friends in real life?

To Gillian: Have you ever considered doing comedy?

To Gillian: Is David just like Hank Moody?

To David: Are you just like Hank Moody?

To David: When is Californication coming back?

To Gillian: Did you have to dye your hair to play Scully?

To Gillian: Do you prefer being a red head or a blonde?

To Gillian: I’ve heard you speak in both an American and a British accent. Which one is real?

Hannibal: The Complete Series will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 11 via Lionsgate. The collection compiles all three seasons of NBC’s criminally underrated show, along with the extras previously available in the individual releases.

The series is created by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, American Gods) and based on Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels. Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, Hettienne Park, Laurence Fishburne, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams, and Gillian Anderson star.

FBI Agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) hunts the most notorious serial killers. Graham is both gifted and cursed with an extraordinary ability: he can think like his prey, seeing what they see and feeling what they feel. While pursuing an especially troubling, cannibalistic murderer, Special Agent Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) teams Graham with a highly respected psychiatrist - a man with a taste for the criminally minded: Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Savor every last moment of Bryan Fuller’s beautifully acclaimed thriller with seasons one through three in Hannibal: The Complete Series.

Too many horror fans slept on this must-see series when it was on the air, so this is your chance to make up for it. Fuller and company continue to keep hope alive that we haven’t seen the last of Hannibal.