Sugar Accomplishments So Far

I have only recently started sugaring after months of research. My first SD was in May and lasted a month until I had to dump him because I wanted more and now I have a POT/SD (D who is a whale and I better not mess it up). Here is a list of what I accomplished so far:

  1. Getting 1600$ from a POT/SD BEFORE even meeting in person (DONE with first SD)
  2. Get a man to spend 10K on me in a month including allowance, gifts, fine dining, experiences and travel when at first he only agreed to a 2K allowance (DONE with first SD)
  3. Get to visit Vegas for the first time (DONE with first SD)
  4. Get my first pair of Louboutin shoes (DONE with first SD)
  5. Get a nice watch and expensive charm bracelet (DONE with first SD)
  6. Get some new clothes & accessories to add to my wardrobe (DONE with first SD)
  7. Get to see a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas (DONE with first SD)
  8. Get 5K as a gift with no strings attached from a POT SD (DONE with V who will officially be my SD when I see him in August for our next meet if everything goes as planned)
  9. Get a POT SD to fall in love with me after one meeting and say “I love you” at the 2nd meet lol one of the many reasons why I had to let him go after a month only unfortunately (DONE with first SD)
  10. Get a POT SD to travel to my city/country for the first meet instead of compromising my safety (DONE with first SD plus with V who flew in his own jet to see me)
  11. Get to travel to LA for a POT meeting and enjoy the city for a couple of days with all expenses paid well until I wanted to leave earlier..ended up badly since I didn’t want to sleep with him because too old and wasn’t offering me what I wanted as an allowance though
  12. Get a young POT SD with a high budget and private jet who offers more than 10K for a meet a month interested in me (DONE with V but just got to officially get my first allowance on our next meet although already got 5K on our first meet just as a gift)
  13. Use my first allowance to better myself (laser hair removal and cellulite removal treatment) since I had no debts or bills to pay and already have money saved up (DONE with first SD)
  14. Opened for the 1st time multiple U.S. checking and saving bank accounts and divided my 5K between them since I’m not living in the US yet and I’m saving up that money for my LA move (Done with my 5K gift from V)
  15. Get all my shit together when it comes to banking and finances so I’m ready for my future high allowances and for my move to LA (DONE but it’s an ongoing process since I will open more bank accounts soon too plus I got a free safety deposit at one of the bank as a perk)

Some other stuff but can’t remember it all lol I will make a list of my sugar goals next since I have so many of those and I aim very high especially since I have no time to waste when I’m already in my late 20s. I only have a year or 2 of sugaring (with multiple substantial/high budget SDs) before I’ll need to settle down and be an exclusive spoiled girlfriend then a millionaire/billionaire’s wife ;)

@SoudaBrooklyn / @katpaskv: #Repost @lostateminor Out of all the restaurants on Earth, The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar has got to have the very best view. Perched 7 metres high on a rock wedged in the Indian Ocean, this place is unlike any other dining experience. #TheRockRestaurant #Zanzibar #Tanzania #restaurant #IndianOcean #yum #delish #incredibleviews #packyourbags

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zarpedonapologist you would be found crouched behind a boulder, grinning ear-to-ear as you wait for something to stumble into the explosive deathtrap you set in the clearing beyond. you kinda hope it’s a deathclaw but ideally, you hope it’s something that can be outrun with its legs crippled. you can be recruited by failing an explosives speech check because you feel sorry for them, or if they encourage your knack for blowing shit up (and give specifics of what y'all are blowing up). you are not only good at making and setting your own explosives. you provide a fine dining experience in the wasteland. you take bits of exploded radscorpion and gecko and turn it into something not only edible, but delicious. not sure of where you’d come from, but it’ll come to me.

Damn Good Gumbo in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Damn Good Gumbo in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Never did I expect to have one of the best bowls of gumbo I’ve ever had in the middle of the French Quarter (technically Central Business District, but that’s not known worldwide like the French Quarter is).  I am normally very skeptical of eating gumbo from restaurants.  I’ve grown up eating gumbo made by my family so eating it from a restaurant has just never been my thing.  I’ve tried gumbo…

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I hate when we (the youth group, that is) all go to the same restaurant. If it’s fast food, it tends to sort of work, but some place like On The Border… We take up too much space to be worth it, and we never show up all at once, so our seating arrangement never works out; the middle schoolers get mixed in. Ugh.


“Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua” @AdventureGirl @BCRFCure @MadisonMalibu 
Charity Golf and Tennis Tournament to Raise Much-Needed
Funds for Breast Cancer Research

Luxury travel firm founder Stacy Small takes personal crusade to the island of Maui, rounding up local partners, including Montage Kapalua Bay, and creating an exciting line up of tennis, golf, spa, and dining for participants

Spread the word at #PFPKapalua, #BeTheEnd, @BCRFCure

Elite Travel International is helping the fight against breast cancer with the Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua charity tennis and golf tournament on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Set for the weekend of October 9-12, 2015, the tournament will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) with 20% of every room night booked via Elite Travel International at a hotel sponsor, including Montage Kapalua Bay, going toward the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Participants will be rewarded with an exciting line up of tennis, golf, as well as wellness and dining experiences amidst the beauty of Maui and the Pacific coast.

A unique luxury agency specializing in custom arrangements and the VIP treatment for high-end corporate and vacation travelers, Elite Travel International has created partnerships with top area restaurants and hotels. Corporate sponsors are on board to help the cause as well, such as Delta Air Lines, who will offer special fares to and from Maui for participants.

A Star-Studded Event
Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua derives from the agency’s relationship with Play for P.I.N.K. (the acronym stands for Prevention, Immediate diagnosis, New technology, Knowledge), a grassroots organization dedicated to raising funds for BCRF through sports tournaments held across the country.

Participants can look forward to a full schedule of tournament events including a kickoff cocktail party on Friday evening; a culinary tour of Kapalua on Saturday; and a Hawaiian-style soiree at Montage Kapalua Bay on Sunday. Opened in summer 2014, the oceanfront, 24-acre, residential-style resort celebrates the aloha spirit of Hawaiian culture from architecture and local visual art, to inspired culinary and experiential offerings. Montage Kapalua Bay will create a special Spa Montage Kapalua Bay menu for the weekend, perfect for pre- or post-tournament relaxation.

Celebrities bringing their star power to Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua include celebrated author, entrepreneur and social media influencer Madison Hildebrand, the original cast member on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing; Ben Flajnik, once of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, now a Sonoma winemaker and founder of The Gentleman app; Stefanie Michaels, a.k.a. @AdventureGirl, the creator of AdventureGirl.com and touted by Vanity Fair as “America’s Tweetheart;” and Isabelle Furhman, a talented, young actress who has gained critical acclaim, appearing in blockbuster films including “The Hunger Games” and “Orphan.”

A Passion for Travel and the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Elite Travel International is the official travel agency for Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua and all bookings will go through the agency in order to assure benefit to the charitable cause. The agency’s involvement is fired by the personal passion of founder Stacy Small, who recently lost her mother following an 18-year battle with the dread disease.

“I actually thought my mom was invincible and would beat the odds,” recalls Small, who created Elite Travel International in 2005 and chairs the tournament. “She did, for many years. But eventually there were no longer new drugs coming on line fast enough to stave off the growth of her metastasized stage IV breast cancer. This is what we desperately need to change, and why I dreamt up Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

As the sole beneficiary of Play for P.I.N.K, BCRF has received more $38.5 million from the organization’s fundraising sporting events since 1996 – including $4.5 million in 2014 alone. BCRF was founded by Evelyn H. Lauder in 1993 to fuel discoveries in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved with every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.  It is one of the nation’s most fiscally responsible nonprofits, and the only breast cancer organization with an “A+” rating from CharityWatch.

There is certainly need for more funding: Globally, breast cancer represents one in four of all cancers in women, and since 2008 the incidence of breast cancer worldwide has increased by 20 percent and mortality by 14 percent. Participants in Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua can further their own contribution to the fight against breast cancer by participating in the tournament as a “Shades of P.I.N.K.” sponsor and by donating any amount to support the efforts of Play for P.I.N.K. and BCRF. There will also be an online auction to raise further funding through the tournament.

For more information or to reserve participation in Play for P.I.N.K. Kapalua, please visit https://www.playforpink.org/kapalua.

Bistros in Sacramento California Pantophagous Experiences

When he are interested in enjoying wonderful nights while casual dining in Sacramento Bistros, you expect scarcely anything dropped other than perfection. Yourself wish to to taste superb food in a very blissful environment that relaxes your mood. You ask for beautiful indoor design and himself don’t want to pay a opulency for all these together in one price deal. You want it all and that’s the repetition inner man should be.

What Trattoria in Sacramento Offers

There is no question why Bistro Sacramento has gained a defining place in its visitors hearts. Sacramento Bistro Restaurant has risen up immoderately most of other brasseries in the area by offering an unpredictable ambiance along in addition to an elegant atmosphere and Sacramento grate menus at affordable prices.

In wise to enjoy a casual dining into Sacramento night, alter ego don’t need to come rich lutescent have a high social branch. You dictate be well-suited to choose except a variety of formless dishes, Sacramento grill menu offers, desserts and best wines while enjoying the hot sun of California.

If your physical love is to taste extraordinary gourmand food, the master Chefs will leave oneself with no complains or any taste of malaise from your Sacramento Brasserie dining data when it comes towards the quality in relation to served provender, the appearance, the atmosphere, the prices and the cross-disciplinary and very friendly service.

Every day of the week the finest Sacramento Brasserie
cuisine and food menu is at hand to be served and give the greatest flesh-eating go through, standard to the ne plus ultra narrow and narrow to satisfy customers.

Sacramento Bistro sear schedule is every day at hand till offer agreeability to its customers. Combining the finest food as well as a very friendly solemnity, reasonable prices and the elegant environment, this bistro restaurant newfashioned Sacramento hope make you want to do again and offer this unique experience to moreover pertaining to your friends in your circle, family and coworkers.

Oakmont Bakery and Original Oyster House, Pittsburgh PA

First of all, excuse these pictures, I took them with this little toy digital camera that I bought at Rite Aid for 15 bucks. This photo is pretty accurate scale to how big the camera really is.

I’m in Pittsburgh this weekend hanging out with Danny B. He took me to two places today that I’ve never been to before. One was the Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, which has one of the longer display cases of baked goods I’ve seen in quite some time. The case stretches about 100 feet accross the length of the shop.The sheer amount of goods that they offer alone is impressive. Here are some of the variety of goods they had to offer, taken with my new “Innovage mini digital camera.”

These photos do it very little justice, the selection was truly impressive. Danny B bought a carrot cake log, and I bought a variety of little things, such as a mini oreo cheesecake cupcake, a mini cherry cheesecake cupcake, a mini strawberry cheesecake cupcake, a mini key lime pie, a mini lemon cream pie, and a little tiramisu log. All these things I bought amounted to a little over 10 bucks, not bad for a major sugar buzz waiting to happen, I can’t wait. I munched on the oreo cheesecake on the ride to our next destination, and it was awesome, like a good cookies n cream ice cream, except cheesy and room tempertured, and it made me feel a little light headed after 3 bites. It ruled.

Afterwards, we tried out this place in Market Square for lunch called “The Original Oyster House.”

Apparently open since 1870, and famous for their fried fish and oyster sandwiches, we gave this place a try. I ordered a crabcake platter with fries and coleslaw and a breaded oyster on the side, and Dan ordered a Monster fish sandwich.

Dan’s fish sandwich was amazingly barebones, seseme seed bun and an oversized fried breaded cod filet, and that’s it. Bread and fish. The filet looked like it was almost twice the size of the bun. Dan squirted a bunch of malt vinegar on it and enjoyed it. His two complaints on this place: number one, no cocktail sauce. Number two, not as good as Wholey’s fish sandwich, which was just 5 minutes away.

My crabcakes were pretty good if not a little on the bready and salty side. I wish the crab chunks were a little more chunky and less shredded. Every now and then though, there would be a pocket of big chunk and it was soooo gooood. Very awesomely rich and delicious.

The breaded oyster was quite a surprise. What was described on the menu as “lightly breaded,” was actually SOOO HEAVILY breaded. In fact, it was the most heavily breaded ANYTHING I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, the oyster was quite good and flavorful, but I swear to god, not kidding at all,  there was about a full inch coat of breading caked around the outside of it, and then deep fried golden brown to perfection. The oyster was really hiding inside.

We washed our meal down with Pepsis, wiped our mouths and finished up. Everything was around 6-8 bucks, so it was also a reasonably priced lunch, the service was good, and the ambiance was very nice, frequented by lots of old customers who I overheard could remember when the “fish sandwiches were only 35 cents! And buttermilk was only 15 cents! And they only had 2 beverages, Beer and Buttermilk!!!”

Tomorrow I’ll eat something else, see ya later! Love, Thu

New on FAULT Magazine Online: Social magic at an evening of Culinary Mischief - we spoke to head chef Gabriele Bertaccini about his creative approach to curating dining experiences

See the full feature here: http://fault-magazine.com/2014/05/social-magic-at-an-evening-of-culinary-mischief-we-spoke-to-head-chef-gabriele-bertaccini-about-his-creative-approach-to-curating-dining-experiences/

Social magic at an evening of Culinary Mischief - we spoke to head chef Gabriele Bertaccini about his creative approach to curating dining experiences

Nebraska part ???

Here I am, still in the beautiful mountains of Nebraska. Actually Nebraska is quite flat and rich in agriculture. The corn is being harvested as we speak. Here is some of the corn I looks at everyday.

A couple weeks ago, the other artists and I went to a barn dance. It was a serious adventure because it was also a potluck! I was not aware of this so I didn’t prepare a dish, but the spread was, once again, culturally revealing.

One of the highlights was this corn salad which has barbecue fritos as a topping, to really layer the corn flavor.

This guy makes his own wine. I was able to sample some of his strawberry wine that had been aged in the cellar for 4 and a half months. It was actually quite good! And easy!, he said, especially if HE can do it. What he does is buy whatever fruit might be on sale, and gets a ton of it. Then he boils it in a big pot of water with a ton of sugar. The he puts a packet of yeast in it. Then he dumps it in a plastic five gallon bucket and lets it sit for as long as he has patience for.

The results are actually very good! I will have to try this once I get back home. I can only imagine that it’s similar to brewing kombucha, but less hippie and more hillbilly. Here is another gentleman enjoying some home-brewed wine.

My final note is a shout out to Elias and Jed:

Happy Devilled EGG!!! Elias, please post more eggers.

Love, Thu

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Happy Oktoberfest! In case you’re not in Germany to experience an authentic Oktoberfest (not many of us are), we’ve got the next best thing: a great German restaurant. 

Zum Stammtisch is about as authentic as you’re going to get in New York. The restaurant is actually in Glendale, NY, which is a bit far if you’re in the city but we’ve heard great things about the place. And with a 24/30 Zagat rating, we’ll say that if you want to get your Oktoberfest on, this is the place to go. 

Girls Dine-in gone Cheap and Overloaded.

It was last night. Me and Lisa were craving for some food exploding with grease juice, due to a stressful evening that we had to go throughin order to better our hungry, but productive life style. So we bothagreed to purchase sweet and sour chicken and veggie lo-mein from aChinese fast food chain that is located one block away from Lisa'sapartment (on Troutman, off the Jefferson stop on the L train). We used to be their #1 customer last summer, so it was a refreshing memory flash back time for both of us. Sometimes it is not so bad idea to look back the past. Perfect beverage for this meal is Budwiser 40 oz. We brought these goods to Lisa’s apartment and satisfied our stomach very soon. Of course, we both pour sriracha on lo-main to keep grease rush minimal. Nothing could complete that evening without Sheryl Crow performing in Apple computer.