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“I’m So Glad You’re Home”

I’m starting us out with this! My first S/O, Hero x Reader! I hope you all enjoy and it gets the ball rolling!

S/O (neutral “you” used) hears 76, Reaper, Junkrat, Mercy, Pharah, Roadhog, come home from a mission. They are expecting a warm welcome but is greeted by something much different (Warning-Crying)

These are very long so they will be split into 3 parts! Two characters in each spot!! Please enjoy and cry with us all


Part One; Soldier 76 and Reaper

Soldier 76 –

° You had been been cleaning your shared home with the famed vigilante. You knew he’d be home today and you wanted to get the house as perfect as you could to greet the valiant hero welcome.

° You had just began dinner when you heard the door click open and shut softly and you almost leapt out of the kitchen to see him set down his things by the front door. You greeted him and he would look up for a moment and it hits you immediately. This was a bad one.

° You watch as he shrugs off his jacket and removes his viser. You went to him and once you get within two feet of him, he lifts his arms and you quickly go to hug him. It was different then any other time you hugged each other. It was a feeling of, he didn’t want to let you go. He never wanted to let you go.

° However, he would and nod towards the couch in the living room. Both of you sit, him immediately taking your hand in his. His face seemed so lost.

° You have never seen him like this. No words were spoken but he lifted your hand to his lips and he kissed your knuckles very softly as he would close his eyes. When they opened two trails of tears ran down his cheeks. He placed your hand on his cheek, and you open your hand so you can cup his face. You ask if he wants to talk about it?

° He shook his head, eyes closing again. And you would ask if he wanted to eat something? Again a no from the wounded man in front of you. You feel a moment of helplessness overcome you but you hold strong. Every moment that this man remained so strong for you. Every break down and fear he helped ease. The switch seemed to flip and you knew you were going to be the strength behind him.

° You moved and sat in his lap and wrapped your arms around him tightly and he wrapped his arms around your waist and held you so close. So tight. You whispered words of love and support in his ear and kissed every part of his face sweetly. And this went on for hours, he wouldn’t loosen his hold around you until you finally did so first and grabbed his hand.

° You led him off the couch and to your bathroom, helping the soldier undress with gentle hands and you catch a good glimpse of just how bad this mission was. His clothes smelled of that coppery blood scent and his body was covered in gashes and bruises. You turned on the water for him at a cool temperature like he always did for you. To bring your focus back. To help with the pain.

° You gave him his privacy but didn’t leave the bathroom, sitting on the toliet. Still no words came from the soldier as he got out and dried off. He sat on the bed as you bandaged his wounds. Before bed you ran into the bathroom and put his blood stained uniform in the washer and quickly cleaned off his jacket and viser with a wet rag.

° Then you wonder back into your room and tuck Jack in with you nestled under the covers with him. He immediately clings to you as you wrap an arm around him and for the first time ever, acted as the big spoon to the big man. You kiss his shoulders and neck as you begin telling him how much you love him and how happy you were that he was home until soon you heard him breathing deep, sleep taking him suddenly and without hesitation. You held him through the night.

° The morning came and neither of you left the bed and simply held one another. He didn’t want to talk about the mission and what had happened. So instead you tell him about the weeks he has been gone. Telling him funny stories and when he chuckled at your silly tales you knew everything would be okay


° You were sleeping when you heard the crashing in the kitchen. It sounded like all your dishes flew out of the counters into the walls when you were startled out of sleep. Every thought gone through your mind but the first was “Gabriel isn’t here, what the fuck do I do?”

° However this thought soon left as soon as you heard a familiar curse came to your ears and more plates breaking. Violent smashing and more heated cursing in both English and Spanish. You got out of bed and walked down your hallway to sneak a peak into the kitchen and did in fact see Gabriel tossing the plates on the floor and against the wall.

° You watched him for a moment. His mask was on your dining room table and Gabriel was slamming the plates, yelling and growling out curses left and right. It wasn’t until he grabbed one particularly thick glassed bowl and shattered it and the glass flew back and sliced his hand open that he stopped to breath.

° You watched as Gabriel looked at his hand and the blood coming out of it. Then slowly looking around at the scene he had created around him. He backed up quietly and his back it the wall of the kitchen and he slid his back down it till he was sitting on the floor. His chest was heaving as he looked at the floor of shattered glass before he pulled his knees up, resting his arms on them before he rested his head down.

° You stayed still as suddenly his shoulders began to shutter and shake. You looked on in awe because at this moment. Death itself. Wept. He hadn’t realized you were there until you slid your foot across the floor to make a path for yourself to walk through. He stopped, deathly still. As you made it through to where he sat, he tensed up, keeping his head down and turned away from you.

° However, you leaned down and your hands slid over his arms and under his chin to lift his face to look at you. However his watering eyes looked away from you. He was ashamed. Ashamed to destroy the kitchen you spent time eating together and making memories in and he came in and destroyed it. Ashamed for waking you. But you moved your face to catch his eyes and searched them.

° “Gabriel.” You state insistently, voice shaking. You can’t help it. You weren’t angered or frightened by his actions. You were terrified for him. You wanted so badly to help him. To take care of him. He finally slid his eyes over to look at you, as fresh tears suddenly began to roll. His hands moved from his knees and cupped your face in them before he leaned forward and kissed you. A strange sensation swept over you as this kiss wasn’t the playful morning kisses you both woke each other up with. Nor the heated nighttime kisses as you lead each other to bed.

° It was a kiss that screamed one statement loudly, so loudly it was defeaning. “I need you.” It told you. Over and over “ I need you, I need you. Please”. So you gripped his face and returned the kiss with your answer. “I’m here.” He could feel it, you know it, which is why he stood up, keeping your lips locked with one another, and he picked you up, for he suddenly feared you stepping on glass.

° You both kept your lips together as he led you both to your bedroom. With his work clothes on, he laid down in the bed and you laid next to him, capturing his lips again and you held each other closely as thats all you did until sunrise. Kissed one another and held each other until Gabriel finally curled up with you laying your head on his chest.

° You knew sleep had taken him when his hand wrapped around your back began to fall. You looked at him with gentle eyes as he slept, cheeks stained and eyes puffy. You ran a hand over his hair before laying back down in his chest and closing your eyes as well.

° You both clean the kitchen when you awake, and he makes you coffee and toast and you both discuss what happened the day prior and you have his hand clasped in yours the entire time

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