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2AM - part 8 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / perhaps a bit o’ fluff(??????)

Characters: Minseok X You

2AM [M] - Canon AU - Angst / Smut part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

“Ahh,” you saw the pink in Kwangseok’s cheeks as he looked beyond you at Minseok, processing the words he heard as he came through the door before looking back into your face with a tiny grimace on his handsome face.

“Have I made a mistake? It’s just–” He rubbed his hand over his neck and looked at his feet. His shoes were left behind at the door out of habit, “–you told me last night to just come in.”

“I didn’t realize there would be company. I would have brought more coffee.” The smile on his face was tense. You saw clench of his jaw and heard the throat clearing from behind you where Minseok stood silent and motionless, probably thinking of some remark to fill in the building awkward silence that slowly settled over your head.

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“Listen, Brat!” Levi X Reader

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Words: 1847

Genre: Action, fluff(?)

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              He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his nerve? But I need to learn to ignore him. There is no way I’d quit or let him kick me out – not after what happened.

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Doing Justly

Edmund x Servant!reader

I recently re watched Merlin and completely fell into the hole that is merthur, that’s not really relevant but i just wanted you guys to know. Anyway while watching I originally had this idea for gwaine but I could also really see Edmund pulling this off, so i decided to write it obviously. Enjoy.

Its kind of more king arthur and guinevere now because he’s a king and all that but oh well


The first time it happened, well the first time Peter witnessed it was after an emergency council meeting. Calormen had declared war after the fiasco that was what had come to be called the susan incident. Peter still questioned why he thought it was a good idea to send Susan and Edmund together.

He had been walking with Edmund to the great hall discussing war plans, he was so caught up in his thoughts and plans that it took him a minute to realise Edmund wasn’t paying attention to him anymore. His younger brother was watching a maid no older than he. She was carrying a basket of laundry. As she neared the two locked eyes and Peter felt that he was imposing on something.

As the girl got closer Edmund reached out and placed a hand on the side of her waist, silently waiting for permission. The girl stepped closer to him and Edmund slipped his hand around her waist. He spun her around.

“(Y/N)” He said looking into her eyes.

“Sire” (Y/N) curtsied before stepping out of the kings hold, turning around and continuing on her path.  And just like that the moment was over.

By this point both kings had grown into strong young men in their early twenties. England was the last thing in theirs minds. Occasionally the rulers of narnia would remember a carriage that moved without horses or a lantern on a stick not unlike the on at laterns waste. But they had all forgotten the land where they had been born and so had completely succumbed to the way of narnia and royalty. Which is why neither even considered the fact that Edmund might be able to have a serious relationship with the girl. Peter caught Edmunds eye and smirked at his younger brother.

“What?” Edmund grumbled “It’s nothing. She’s just a servant girl” and with that he turned and and continued in his way to the dining hall.

Over the months this occurrence happened more and more. Sometimes people were around to see, other times they were not. But everyone knew about the flirtationship between the just king and the servant girl. What no one knew was how far it was going for you both. You hadn’t moved beyond what Peter had witnessed in the hallway but feelings for the other were growing for both of you.

Your skin would tingle when Edmund slipped his arm around your waist. Edmund would hold on just a little bit longer and you would both stare at the other for just a little bit more. Neither of you said anything about these feelings to the other.

“I can’t” you often told the other servants “he’s the king”

But this harmony that you had both come to love was soon over with the arrival of Lady Danielle. A noble woman from the western isles. She wore trendy dresses, sparkly jewellery, and her hair was always immaculately done. Officially she had come to make a peace treaty between her kingdom and Narnia, unofficially she was here to raise her status and marry the just king.

Though it wasn’t official, you didn’t miss how Edmund began to pass you by in the hallways. How his eyes would slide right over you as if you’re just a servant not someone he had been flirting with for months now. It didn’t go unnoticed by you that Lady Danielle and King Edmund were spending an awful lot of time together. Going on rides down to the river to have a picnic, walks in the garden, even just sitting down in one of the bay windows the castle had to talk for what seemed like hours. Doing everything that you and he could never do.

Nana, the head chef, seemed to find great joy in your sorrow or so you had decided. She would always ask you to take the King and Lady Danielle their lunch, claiming that the rest of the kitchen staff were busy though you were sure you could see at least three that seemed to be counting vegetables. You had learnt better than to question Nana, you had learnt the hard way years ago that behind her wrinkly eyes and kind smile lay a stone heart. Nana didn’t might giving you a few whacks on your behind to show you just how hard her wooden spoon really is.

So every day you would head down to the kitchens when she called and pick up the picnic basket of whatever food they were getting and make the long walk to wherever they were. Today they had taken residency in the library. The hallways of the castle went all to quickly and then the aisles of shelves seemed to take far too long. But all too soon you were standing in front of the, and dropping into a quick curtsy. Edmund motioned for you to set the food out without even glancing in your direction.

Sighing, you set about to doing what was told of you. The two continued to talk as if you weren’t there, flirting, laughing. You didn’t notice how hard you were squeezing the tea-cup until it shattered in your hand. The shards of china sliced open you hand as they fell to the floor.

“Ah” Lady Danielle squealed standing up from her chair “you got blood on my dress”

You checked and sure enough a single drop of blood had landed on the hem of her dress. Pressing the palm of your opposite hand against the cut, you curtsied and kneeled down to pick up the pieces.

“No stop that” Edmund ordered. You froze where your were before looking up at him through your eyelashes.


Edmund grabbed your arm roughly and began dragging you out of the library.

“You’re going to get blood on the floor”

You had never seen Edmund so angry, His was contort to show a fury that you had only seen on the high king once before. But his grip on your wrist was light, barely there at all. You couldn’t stop the tingles going up your spine. This was the first contact you’d had with Edmund in weeks and while its wasn’t the usual hand sliding around your waist you would take it because this might be the last time it ever happened.

Edmund stormed out of the library and you expected him to drop your arm and head back to his beloved Lady Danielle. Instead the king keep marching you through the corridors of Cair Paravel. People stopped to stare, the two of you hadn’t been seen together in a while and the new nobles were scandalized that a king would even noticed a serving girl. Of course there was also the drops of blood that you were leaving in your wake, that might have had something to do with it.

Edmund pulled you inside the castle sick ward.

“She cut her hand on a teacup when she was serving me lunch” he told the on duty nurse. His voice was softer than expected. Almost worried.

The whole time you were getting your hand treated, he was sitting in the corner. Never once taking his eyes off of you.

“Thank you for bringing me sire”  you muttered before turning to leave the room.

“I was so worried” You heard him say “this whole month, I was worried you didn’t feel the same way I felt for you. I was worried you were going to meet a handsome stable boy. But today when I saw all the blood on your hands I couldn’t breathe”

Slowly you turned around.

“I started flirting with Lady Danielle to get a reaction out of you. I wanted to be sure but you were so calm that I thought that you didn’t feel the same. So I tried to move on but you were still there. Delivering my lunch, in my dreams”

You hadn’t noticed that he had been stepping closer to you (and maybe you to him) until your toes were touching.

“I love you (Y/N) and I hope you love me too”

Years later the just king would say that that moment, the one where you were silent and he was sure you were going to reject him, as the worst moment in his life.

But you didn’t reject him, instead you reached up wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him square on the mouth. Edmund hands slid around your waist just as he used to do in the hallway. Neither of you were thinking about the consequences of this, both to caught in the this to actually care.

Many years after the disappearance of the 4 Pevensie siblings and after you had been left to rule Narnia on your own, the nurse would still tell the tale of the just king and how she witnessed the beginning of the greatest love in history.

(Some would argue that the people who had witnessed what had come to be known as doing justly were the first but the nurse always said that didn’t count)

That’s My Boy.// Draco Malfoy x Reader,

Title: That’s my boy! 

Prompt: Draco and the Reader son was chosen to play in the TriWizard Tournament, but something terrible happens. Something unforgettable. 

Paring: Draco x Reader.

 Warning(s): SAD AF!!! 

Originally posted by angels-lover-blog

I stood in the kitchen of mine and Draco’s house. Draco was cutting up vegetables and stood at the stove cooking Mac & Cheese. Our two daughters, Rhine and Cassandra were sitting at the dining table, our three month old, Lucius, was in his crib fast asleep. Our oldest son, Scorpius’, owl flew through our window, dropping a letter on top of Draco’s food, “Bloody hell,” he mumbled as he set it aside, “Pesky owls, never dropping it in good places.” He looked at me as my giggle sounded, “Love, it’s most likely from Scorpius, its okay.” I smiled and turned back to the pot, stirring the noodles a bit. “Go read it dear, I’ll finish up.” I kissed his cheek, he smiled and nodded. “Rhine, help your mum. You can cut the vegetables, just don’t cut fingers off.” His voice told our ten year old. Rhine got up from her chair and stood beside me, she was a shorty, yet was almost as tall as me. 

I finished the girls’ lunch; Rhine made their plates and handed it to her five year old sister. The children are a spitting image of Draco, the platinum blonde hair, grey eyes, pale skin, yet they all had one thing in common with me, their personalities were quite like mine, not exactly though. They each had one thing about their personality that reminded Draco of me. I stood at the kitchen window looking out into the backyard, “Dear,” Dracos voice rang from the living room, I turned around looking at the girls, “Can you guys please clean after wards? Daddy and I will give you a couple pounds,” I whispered, do Draco didn’t hear. They nodded instantly; I smiled and kissed their forehead before walking into the living room. “Yes love?” I asked sitting down beside him, he looked at me handing me the letter. 

“Read it,” his voice cracked a bit, I nodded and took the letter from his shaking hands. I could tell it was our son; his messy handwriting was scribbled on the page. 

“Dear Mum and Dad, 

I wanted to send you this letter, allowing you to know something before I actually go into the thing. I was selected for the TriWizard Tournament. I’d love for you both to come.

 It’d mean loads to me. I know you have to take care of the baby and the both the girls, but I hope at least you’ll make it to the last round. 

I love you mum and dad, please tell Rhine and Cassandra I love them.

 -Scorpius Malfoy.”

My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, “He cant be in the tournament. He’s only fourteen, Draco,” my breathing got a bit faster, “What if we loose him?” I whispered, he shook his head no, “We aren’t going to lose him okay?” he whispered and grabbed my hand. “I’ll have mum go and watch his first two, and we’ll go to his last one okay?” I nodded and looked down, “Girls, go get ready. We’re going to leave for Grandma and Grandpa’s soon.” I yelled, getting up. “Write back to him, please Draco.” I whispered hugging him. His arms went around my waist hugging me back. 

Time passed until the last and final TriWizard match, I anxiously waited for the only two kids to get back, “Where is he?” I muttered under my breath. My mum and dad had taken Lucius for us, so we brought Cassandra and Rhine. I grabbed Draco’s hand as I saw a bright light and people surrounding a couple body’s. I stood up as I heard a scream, my heart falling. “Draco,” I whispered before running down. 

“There’s a dead boy,” one lady said as I ran pass, “Is that Draco’s son?” I heard an all too familiar voice ask, Harry was there supporting his son, Albus. I ran down the steps, Draco and the two girls falling close behind me until we saw the boy. “My son!” I screamed out, falling on my knees, “That’s my boy.” I cried holding onto Scorpius green shirt, I touched his cold face, “Please wake up.” I cried tears falling all over this face before Draco picked me up, holding me in his arms. The two girls were holding onto Draco’s legs, crying, trying to hid. “He’s gone Draco,” I chocked out, “Our boy is gone.”

A/N: I cried writing this omg. I’ve never read someone else do this, and i have a slight obsession with ‘Goblet of Fire’ at the moment oops?? Someone send me some imagines to do, i have no inspiration atm omg. but i believe that Draco would be the one more in shock then anything, he wouldnt act right away, but he would react later.

Baby Blues

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd


Reader finds out she is pregnant and Steve has seveal different reactions.

Warnings: Swearing  

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, 

Y/N sat on the toilet looking at the 4 positive pregnancy tests sitting lined up on the sink.

“Well I am definitely pregnant.” She said to her dachshund puppy Penny.

Penny yawned and and then walked out of the bathroom leaving Y/N alone in the bathroom.

“Hey get back here, us girls have to stick together pooch.” Y/N called but the pup didn’t return.

“Alright fine, I can do this alone. I can handle this. I am not freaking out at all!” Y/N yelled after her dog.

She was starting to feel light headed so she put her head between her knees.

“Okay I might be slightly freaking out.” She mumbled and began taking deep breathes.

She was in the middle of calming down when she heard keys in the front door lock, then heard Steve’s voice shushing a yapping Penny.

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Monsta X in Hogwarts Houses


Shownu (Prefect)

Preferred Subject: History of Magic

  • If Hogwarts sent pamphlets to perspective students, then Shownu’s face would be on the cover
  • He was captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team by the end of his first year
  • The most respected prefect in Hogwarts (Slytherins are lowkey jealous)
  • Like he’s the one the other prefects come to with their problems
  • Holds the record for the most people submitting his name into the goblet of fire
  • Lbr, he’s also the most sought after date for the Yule Ball


Preferred Subject: Transfiguration

  • The prodigy of Gryffindor (they get one of those every few years, right?)
  • The bane of Kihyun’s existence tbbh
  • Once asked Hyungwon why he wasn’t in Slytherin
  • To which Hyungwon chuckled, whispered in his ear, then walked away without another word
  • Jooheon has never been able to repeat what Hyungwon said
  • Couldn’t eat in the dining hall for a month because of the Bloody Baron


Preferred Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

  • Spends so much time in the great room that people forget he’s there
  • And will talk to the paintings in the stairwell for hours
  • Both those things mean he knows more information than anyone dares think about
  • Feeds the messenger owls with food he saved from the dining hall
  • Keeps his Monster Book of Monsters textbook as a pet
  • Always has a package of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans in his pocket


Minhyuk (Prefect)

Preferred Subject: Muggle Studies

  • Has to leave early for class because so many people stop him to talk
  • Also tries to keep the same class schedule as Wonho
  • So that he can remind Wonho not to look down when crossing the bridges
  • Writes anonymous love notes to every girl in Hufflepuff for valentine’s day
  • Because he wants to be sure than none of them get left out
  • His life goal is to replace Rita Skeeter as editor of the Daily Prophet


Preferred Subject: Charms

  • Studies Charms solely to use the line: “it’s because I’m so charming”
  • Always snagging food from the kitchen because the staff are smitten with him
  • And seriously he will charm the pants off you if he gets a chance
  • His favorite place to hookup is the restricted section (much to Hyungwon’s chagrin)
  • But in reality, he just wants to become a professional Quidditch player
  • No one understands how such a nice guy can play Beater until they see his eyes change


Hyungwon (???)

Preferred Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • No one knows if Hyungwon is a prefect or not
  • But he sure acts like a prefect so everyone just goes with it
  • Especially when he awards back all the points Kihyun tries to take
  • Spent a year abroad studying at Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic
  • There is not a day where Wonho doesn’t beg for Hyungwon to set him up
  • Hasn’t decided whether he wants to be a Ministry Lawyer or a very suspicious professor


Kihyun (Prefect)

Preferred Subject: Potions

  • The one that knows all the professors on a first name basis by week one
  • Pretends to say curses in parseltongue to scare first years
  • In reality, he’s reciting the steps to making the perfect cup of tea
  • Got “drunk” once while visiting Hogsmeade’s and started hugging strangers
  • Because Wonho convinced him that butterbeer was an alcoholic beverage
  • Slytherin lost a lot of points that day
Monster Watch Chapter 1: You’re Not Alone (an Overwatch fic)

[widowtracily and pharmercy]

[warning; occasional use of 80s slang}


Angel Falls, Washington

A tall, athletic woman by the name of Fareeha Amari walked along a sidewalk on a brisk afternoon. She wore a blue flannel shirt, jeans, and a pair of combat boots. A knapsack was slung over her shoulder. Fareeha was feeling content. It was a nice, sunny day, a rarity in Angel Falls (and the entire state of Washington). She was going to visit someone very special to her.

After a brisk walk, she arrived at a somewhat unremarkable white house. She rang the doorbell and waited.

A woman opened the door. She looked slightly disheveled but still held herself with a confident posture. She was wearing a lab coat and scrubs. The lab coat bore a nametag reading ‘DOCTOR ANGELA ZIEGLER’.

Angela had had a very bad day. The hospital was short-staffed, as usual, so she had had to fill in for several other doctors as well as her own packed schedule. She felt like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Nevertheless, she was still able to muster up a weary smile for Fareeha.

“Hiya, Angie!” Fareeha greeted her.

“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times,” Angela chided, “my name is An-ge-la.”

“Okay, Angie,” Fareeha said with a grin, “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Angela sighed.

Fareeha walked inside. It concerned her to see how unkempt Angela’s house was. The floors looked like they hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in months. The dining room table was nearly covered in stacks of paperwork. She sighed and moved enough out of the way to clear two table spaces.

Angela walked up and asked her, “So, I assume you brought lunch?”

Fareeha smiled. “Well, ya know, I whipped something up quick.”

She set her knapsack on the ground, reached in, and pulled out a big tupperware with a stack of pancakes in it and a smaller one half-full of maple syrup.

Angela chuckled despite herself. Of course it was pancakes, Fareeha couldn’t cook anything else. Still, a kind gesture, and that fact warmed Angela’s heart.


Meanwhile, in a red-roofed house overlooking a lake, Emily was perusing her veritable wall of VHS tapes for something to watch. She couldn’t believe Amelie had never watched a movie all the way through before, a situation that she had to remedy. She skimmed over several sci-fi flicks, taped episodes of Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Lena’s collection of action films before finding the horror section. After a while of looking at the labels and shaking her head, she found one of her favorites.

“Right, ladies, we’re watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Great horror flick, you’ll love it, Amelie,” Emily said cheerfully, turning towards the couch where Lena and Amelie sat. (Well, Lena sat. Amelie sort of perched.)

Lena made a face. “A horror movie? Love, I don’t want to scare our guest.”

Amelie raised an eyebrow and interjected, “Scare? Pardonez-moi? I’ve seen worse things in life than some silly horror movie.”

Emily smiled brightly and went to put the tape in the VCR, almost tripping over a Stephen King book on her way.


That night, Fareeha lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. She got up and walked downstairs to make herself a cup of decaf to relax.

As she brewed her coffee, she looked out a sliding glass door and saw something strange going on in the woods nearby her house.

There were weird lights flashing in the forest. Bright yellow flashes and dark red ones seemed to wage war in between the trees.

Fareeha stared for a few seconds, mentally debating how to handle the situation, before running to the hall closet to get her coat and shoes. Whatever was going on, she was gonna find out, you betcha.

She ran out of her house and into the woods, heading towards the lights’ sources. She noticed that the red lights seemed to be waning.


Eventually, Fareeha reached the clearing that the lights seemed to originate from. She hid behind a tree and peeked around it, and saw the last thing she would expect to see.

In the clearing, four creatures stood. Three looked to Fareeha like… demons, or something along those lines. Whatever they were, they sent a chill down her spine just looking at them. They were apparently the originators of the red lights; they were hurling what appeared to be red energy at the fourth being. The fourth creature looked like a tall, beautiful, glowing woman with massive angelic wings. But Fareeha noticed something about her. That hair… that figure…

“Angie?” Fareeha whispered under her breath.

Her mind was blown. Angela Ziegler? Her friend and crush for just over a year? An angel? Fighting DEMONS?! Whatever was going on, it was… actually really cool, now that she came to think of it.


After a short while more of crossfire, the three demons, battered and handily defeated, seemed to teleport away. The angelic figure waited a few seconds, then sighed. She landed, and her light faded away, revealing the form of Dr. Angela Ziegler. Angela wavered a bit, then collapsed on the ground, shaking.

“ANGIE!” Fareeha shouted, sprinting towards her.

Angela turned, eyes open in an expression of pure horror. When she noticed that it was Fareeha, her mood shifted to total embarassment.

Fareeha ran up to her, grinning like a fool, and, trying to find the right words to say, blurted out, “You’re an angel!”

Angela blushed and stammered, “W-well, technically only a HALF-angel, but…”

“Yeah, and you’re an angel!” Fareeha continued, glowing with admiration.

“…oh. Oh! Thank you!” Angela blushed even redder and smiled faintly, relieved and flattered.

“So, uh… you wanna come on over to my place and explain to me what I just saw?” Fareeha asked, pointing over her shoulder in the direction of her home.

Angela sighed, hung her head, and said, “Ja, I guess I owe you that much.”


A little while later, Angela and Fareeha sat at a coffee table in Fareeha’s living room. Fareeha was brimming with questions, but Angela was tired, battered, and wanted to get this ordeal over with. Thus, she began her story while Fareeha eagerly listened.

“All right, starting from the basics. Monsters exist, all sorts of us. Most are basically people, not inclined towards some nebulous definition of good or evil. I’m not one of them. As a half-angel, I’m kinda built for good. My job is to protect this town from the forces of evil.”

She sighed, looked down dejectedly, and said, “It’s been my secondary job since I turned 18. No pay. No vacations. No days off. No backup. Every day, for the past nineteen years. And for some reason, either they’re getting stronger or I’m getting weaker. I just can’t handle it on my own anymore.”

Fareeha contemplated this information, fiddling with her hair. Angela sat across from her, tired and hunched over.

A light seemed to click on behind Fareeha’s eyes. A smile crept along her face. She had a brilliant idea.

“So your biggest problem here is having to go it alone, eh?” Fareeha asked Angela.


“…could I help?”

Angela looked at Fareeha like she had just gone insane. 

“Look, why don’tcha hear me out, Angie,” Fareeha said sympathetically. “You need help, and I’m happy to provide it.”


The next morning, Fareeha and Angela arrived at Lena and Emily’s home with a few sketch pages full of blueprints and ideas. Lena answered the door and Fareeha blurted out, “Lena, I need you to silver-plate my hockey stick!”

Lena was taken aback. Eyebrows raised, she cautiously said, “You need me to do what with your hockey what?”

Fareeha edged her way into the house, an almost manic glow in her eyes, as she said, “I need to fight demons. Demons hate silver. Makes sense that I’d need a silver weapon, eh?”

Fareeha turned a corner and found herself face to face with Amelie. Now keep in mind, Amelie is an eight-foot-tall blueish-purple woman, with two regular yellow-irised eyes and six little fully yellow ones, who has the lower body of a massive six-legged spider. The fact that one of her arms was in a sling and two of her legs were bandaged up did little to diminish her fearsome appearance.

Amelie’s eyes narrowed. She hissed at Fareeha and skitter-limped down the hallway in the opposite direction.

Fareeha stood there for about a second, then turned to Lena and asked her, “Who’s that hoser?”

Lena grinned, tilted her head, and looked at Fareeha, asking incredulously, “You just ran into a spider-woman and your first bloody question is ‘who’s that?’”

Fareeha responded, “My girlfriend is an angel and I’m asking you to silver-plate a hockey stick. The spider-lady is odd at best. So who is she?”

Lena smiled and responded, “Oh, Spidey there? That’s Amelie Lacroix. We saved her life, now she’s staying with us. She’s… really not good with people,” She raised an eyebrow. “Now what was that about demons?”


About an hour later, Angela and Fareeha had filled the three other women in on the details (Emily having coaxed Amelie into the living room).

“…so, are any of you in?” Fareeha finished.

“Oh, of course!” Lena cheerfully exclaimed. “Fighting demons? Protecting my town? Having an excuse to use all these weapons I stockpiled? Count. Me. In.”

“Well, if you’r going I’m going,” Emily said with a shrug. “I can handle myself, and I know a thing or two about strategy and the supernatural.”

“Oui, moi aussi,” Amelie said. “I’m good in a fight, I don’t know if any of you are, and I have little better to do.”

“Okay then, looks like we’re a team!” Fareeha said happily, glad that this had gone so well.

As the four began discussing how to go about fighting demons, Angela sat back and smiled wistfully. For the first time in nineteen years, she truly wasn’t alone.

Second draft! Thank you so much for reading!

2.3.15 // 12:17 PM

I am so unbelievably exhausted from this weekend; I went home from school (a 3.5 hour venture) to get there safely before the unforgiving winter storm. Monday morning all schools within a hundred-mile radius were closed, but we still managed to arrive to my 8 AM neurologist appointment. I’ve got to schedule my MRI, EEG, RA, and blood work soon (as well as my hip MRI, CT, and surgery… oops). the neurologist confirmed my trigeminal neuralgia, which is kind of scary because he said it is sometimes indicative of MS… :( anyway, my mommy was kind enough to drive me all the way back to school! my medicines I picked up though are really making me sleepy, making it incredibly hard to function for a full day…

I’m continuing to study for my anatomy exam on Thursday. current setup: 

  • 13” MacBook Pro, complete with a marble case and mortar & pestle sticker monogrammed with my (grad) school colors.
  • iPad mini with a Bluetooth keyboard (I’m sorry I don’t know the brand, my sister was nice enough to let me borrow it). 
  • Jawbone UP band currently charging so it can fully prepare for all of the fantastic activities I have planned for this week. 
  • Victoria Secret PINK backpack. 
  • Vela Spiral Notebook. 
  • A pretty cool folder I found at Walmart. 
  • Vander’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, 13th Edition + McGraw Hill LearnSmart. 
  • Forever 21 pencil case holding Stabilo pens as well as some Target Dollar Section items. 
  • Blueberries from Meijer that are about to go bad. 
  • Cactus, Aloe, and unknown plant. 
  • Wood dining table which is way more exciting than any of you are aware! I finally got a table into my apartment yesterday after not having a dining table for 10 months!! 
  • Arctic Monkeys Pandora station playing from the TV.

“Managed to get a few basic shots of the tables during their installation before christmas. Was really happy with how the tables and benches came out, and they looked great in the stunning in house in which they were commissioned for overlooking  the  Northern Cornwall. More pictures of the tables in situ to come in the next months!….”

Different Types of Daddies

Let’s start with the worst types of daddies.

Salt Men:  I don’t even consider them daddy type figure. These men want to screw you over whether they are just beginning to do this or they have done this to other women. These men or I should say pigs, they will give you A low amount of money. From $25 maybe even lower till about 1000 not even lower than that. These men will want to f*** you so many times 4  for a thousand dollars. Maybe you getting allowance over $2000 or over $3000 depending on how you meet this person they want you to f*** em many times a month or you meet them a lot of times. Now and further in the future many women  will fall into these pigs trap. I have almost fell into the trap and lucky enough to have other girls, other one, and the other veterans 2  and to speak out to others. I know bad men, and they would say anything to get you to drop their pants and f*** em for free. I want everyone to be careful and speak out if there’s any questions or a post you want to put up then do so. someone would tell you what they think about HOW are you going to spend your time with this person, use it wisely.

THE ALMOST millionaire daddy:
These men are the want to be daddy, they want beautiful women, they have a preference set and everything else. Sometimes they just don’t have the funds for the women they want. So they choose wisely and if they find the right sugar then you might see them once or twice a month and you’re probably going to get around $500 2 $3,000 depending on how generous they want to be. Now sometimes they know what to do, and you have to be careful with any daddy you have to be careful. Now with this almost millionaire guy he knows that he cannot completely spoiled sugar women. Yeah there will be times that he can treat you and he can do things for you but its like once in a blue moon. Also since you only see him once or twice a month you mostly have free time. This guy could take you to fine dining  twice a month you guys might not f*** every time. Just don’t forget he can be very dangerous like any other daddy.

MARRIED DADDIES: now I like these guys the most. I have someone I love dearly and I will sacrifice anything for them and I have to be discreet unless I’m in a different state. Now with these married guys, people with think that because you’re with him you were going to ruin his life because he has a wife and possibly with children and he’s trying to keep up his image. I don’t give a f*** , I’m trying to survive out here and minimum wage is a joke it will not completely feed my family take care of the needs, paid for the bills, make sure I have a roof over my head, it doesn’t make sure that I can go to school every semester it doesn’t always make sure that my kids will have something to eat everyday lunch and dinner. Now these men might want to do something weird or want to try something different. Sometimes they want to be discreet and if he hit the jackpot, you can get a whole bunch of money. But don’t forget they’re still salty men who are married. There was this one time that I talk to a man and he was married and he told me that he is sadistic and he wanted me as a slave. First I’m like oh okay depending on how it is I would do it, but then he told me he would poop in my mouth and want me to lick the toilet seat. I said hell no and hung up the phone. Every guy has a fetish whether it’s simple or advance. A married man are great for women who want to be discreet.

There is so much I want to say but tonight is about to become tomorrow so I’ll post another one up tomorrow morning. If there’s any type of guys or pot or women you want me to talk about just send me a message.

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

All too quickly, a week went by, then another, and before long, a whole month had passed. In that time, your interactions with Loki were somewhat infrequent, usually as a result of you asking where a particular thing should go and him responding, or praising you for your work.

In that time, you had only seen Anna once and Mya not at all. Adelaide continued to keep a close eye on you, taking a motherly approach to her interactions with you, and helping you to settle in to your position as a result. Rebekkah had decided to outright pretend as though you did not even exist. You had met a substantial proportion of the other chamber staff in that time also, many of whom were very polite, but in general, they were not too bothered by you, most of them were far older than you and were more interested in their work. The one thing you had noted in passing conversations was that the older ones did seem to have families of their own and you had seen with your own eyes that one of the Allmother’s maids was actually pregnant; the other notable thing was that most everyone seemed happy in their employment. The one being you had become very good friends with was Wilhelm. You worked well together and he was all too willing to assist you if you required it.

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Edith: “When nanna told me I thought she must have dreamt it.”

Mary: “Do we know anyone on board?”

Robert: “Your mother knows the Astors, at least she knows him. We dined with them last month.”

Edith: “I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable.”

(For those who’ve not seen Downton Abbey yet, they’re discussing Titanic which had sank the very day before.)

The Sims 4 Dine Out Coming This Month!

The new resturaunt-themed game pack has been listed on a UK website as part of a bundle. 

The Sims™ 4 Dine Out – Own a restaurant and take your Sims out to eat. Create and manage a variety of restaurants, hire staff, and set the perfect menu to earn a profit and expand your business. Dine out with Sims to enjoy all-new experimental cuisine and spend quality time with friends and family.

The release date for the bundle is May 26th, so it’s likely The Sims 4 Dine Out will be released then (or earlier)!