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im Tired of being haunted tbh 0/10 would not recommend

Lunchtime Drabble: Training the Inhuman (4/?)

Pairing: Avengers x Reader for now. Relationships develop as I go.

Word Count: 837
Warnings: short reader, fluff, fighting, and a little angst. Protective!Tony for this one

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“Holy shit!” Sam’s voice sounded across the field. Nat, Wanda, and Y/N turned to see Sam, Bucky, and Steve standing in the door of one of the garages. They had apparently seen Y/N make the truck fly across the field. Y/N groaned and the three women began to walk across the field to meet the men.

“Not one word to them about what you told me, Wanda,” Y/N warned. 

“Nope, not a word.” Wanda agreed. 

Sam was still staring at Y/N as if he was seeing her for the first time when the women arrived at the garage. Bucky was smirking and Steve just looked a little worried. He seemed to always look that way at Y/N. 

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70. "You're warm" RaeX?

Disclaimer: Don’t own Teen Titans. Not making a profit.

A/N: More things I wanna multichapter… I don’t know what this is, but this is what it is. I don’t know, lol… 

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ #70: “You’re warm.”

Sequel to: #62: It can wait till tomorrow.

“I’m thankful you called me, Miss Raven.”

The empath turned to the elderly man stitching her boyfriend back together.

The whole night felt like some sort of twisted nightmare. Robin had, from what she could see, deliberately inflicted a potentially fatal wound to Jason hoping to catch the thief at a hospital. Jason insisted on not going to the hospital. So while she was forced to watch her boyfriend bleed out, he hazily made her promise to contact a random person in case he died.

And, well, Raven already being an internal emotional wreck after basically outing her relationship to her team, going AWOL, watching her boyfriend slip away, she chose to call Al for assistance rather than to inform him of her boyfriend’s death.

“You’re some sort of,” She paused, looking at his hands as they worked steadily. “Doctor?”

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A clammy day in Sunset Valley.  I recently had to install Tempest to get the weather to behave.  It’s a known issue in my SV game that it can’t snow or I will have a very bad time (like bad enough to have to seriously backtrack or else).  It appears the game also hates frost on windows and on the ground.  While it hasn’t given me any true, lasting fits about the frost, on the other hand it totally has: sometimes saving this game until Tempest has taken a literal thirty minutes real time.  To its credit, it still saved.  I credit the chicken bones and the lucky underwear on my head.  >_>;

So - it means no more sub-freezing temps for SV.  The leaves should change and all, but… it’s quite balmy.  A good upper 60F.

Susan put her food down on the table and complained about being hungry some more.

Do not read into her actions, troll.

I decided they should get something to eat, ofc thinking hey why not go to the diner there’s literally no one here.  Except do remember: some mod combination or other I have going on makes rabbitholes that deal with dining SWARM with sims.  Every so often while they’re on a dining lot I have to reset a good handful of sims to tolerate it.

Andrei literally crossed the threshold of the lot’s borders and Zelda Mae ran in after him.

….. total chick magnet.

Flushed Cheeks

Summary: Dean x Reader. The reader plays a poker game with rising stakes against Dean. 

Triggers: Gambling?

Word Count: 1983

Y/N = Your name

You sat down eyeing the other players around the circular table carefully. You tried to not have a specific modus operandi when it came to poker. Just like in the battlefield it was better to be a bit flexible in the way you played. Usually you chose your style based on three important rules. Firstly, the amount of alcohol your opponents had somehow managed to ingest over the evening. Secondly, the mood of the room and the table as a whole, if the pressure was high then playing the clueless girl wouldn’t work. And third and most important, the eyes of your opponents…

Their eyes alone could often oust most people who pride themselves on having a strong poker face… Just as the saying went, the eyes were truly the windows to the soul. Whether it was a slight look to the side or some rapid blinking, even the smallest little dilation in the pupils could tell you if your opponent has a winning hand or not. And more than that, it could tell you their skill. Sort of at least… Like the man sitting down across from you; his emerald eyes shining brightly with calculated excitement as he eyed the people and the table. He was good, that much was easy to see. You could tell he was trying to seem all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but those weren’t the eyes of some inexperienced puppy. He’d clearly seen his deal of backrooms and sickly brown walls in poker dens. Behind the bright façade you saw a strong will to win, to clear the house and move on to the next fight. And that will alone was what decided your strategy. To hell with the rest of them, they seemed to be mainly amateurs or overconfident fools anyway. He was the man to beat at the table, so your approach should be built to fight his.

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Ahhh! I was just going to get fast food as a birthday dinner treat but Bean made me realize that a restaurant I like has their two-can-dine deal on Thursdays and ba-da my birthday is a Thursday this year!

The best part is this place has real fancy cakes. > : )

I’mma have two slices. Maybe even box of a third slice for home!

I will be rolling the cake dough friends, it will be magnificent!

I wanted to go to the bird shop but I am much too sore for that…. but that’s okay!

I hope those sending me asks about “socialite” “trophy wife” “IT girl” are ready to sign up for some gallery tours, parties, fine dining restaurant deals or signed up for the fancy tennis club. Even better if your “boo”  hooks you up. Take as much time as you need.  :)

If Block B were restaurants

Bbomb - The hottest new restaurant in town. Music blaring, wait staff of beautiful people, all out of work actors/ actresses. Who cares about the food, you just came here for the people and atmosphere.

Taeil - The place round the corner that serves up the best gourmet fish and chips.

Park Kyung - The local diner. The greasy spoon. Serving comfort food. Always there when its 3am after a big night out.

P.O - The theme restaurant. Pirate nights are popular, but recently its been gorilla themed.

Jaehyo - The michelin starred french restaurant. White tableclothes, silver cutlery, pristine glasses, fine dining deal.

Ukwon - The underground restaurant that doesn’t have signage. Someone needs to bring you there in order to get in. Serves food that is out of this world delicious but you’d be better off not knowing what you just ate.

Zico - The Bakery. Only one thing on the menu - Tough cookies.