dining cars


Interior Pullman Car.

Beveled mirrors, ornate carvings, and polished brass were the hallmarks of travel in a Pullman parlor car, such as the one depicted here from 1893. First-class passengers enjoyed plush swivel seats and could eat their meals in equaling lavish dining cars. The wealthiest Pennsylvanians owned their own luxuriously appointed private cars.

Credit: Courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

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wait so is the caf safe or not? if you give people rides to the places they need to go, are they indebted to you? do cars protect you?

The dining hall is as close to neutral territory as you’re going to find on campus, bar the Library. It’s less to do with any actual attributes of the building and/or the food and more mutual, exhausted agreement not to have this particular knock-down drag-out fight.

Debts between students don’t generally have any of the ominous weight of a debt to one of the Gentry; it’s just that Elsa from down the hall owes you a beer or something, and if she blows you off it’s not a big deal. There’s not much riding on it except maybe how much you like Elsa. That said, the University’s circumstances have led to a culture where even mundane debts are quietly paid when possible, just in case.

Cars protect you from most Else things.

I’m Having A Kid? (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: More than 3, less than 10,000

Request: 16 34 36 120 Mistake or happy ending for Jefferson? @sorry-but-no-sorry

16- Come back to bed 34- Do you think it’s possible…that I might be…pregnant? 36- Does he know about the baby? 120- I made a mistake.

A/N: enjoy yall

Jefferson and you had an odd relationship. Some people called it “Friends with Benefits”, and other used not so nice vocabulary. Jefferson never used the word lover around you, and you never used the word boyfriend around him. That’s just how things were between the both of you. It was a casual relationship, and you two never talked about sex outside of the bedroom (and kitchen, and dining room, and car, and bathroom, but that was beside the point). Did you have feelings for him?

One hundred times yes. You loved him, more than anyone you have ever been with before. But he never said I love you, and you didn’t dare to let those words slip out of your mouth. You almost said it once, but quickly changed up the sentence.

“What? You love what?”

“I love that you wear nothing but underwear when we sleep together. Come back to bed, everything’s fine.” You said, ignoring his questioning stare.

Jefferson didn’t notice a thing. The only thing that would mess everything up is if you did tell him you loved him. When this relationship began, that was your promise to each other. You promised that there were no strings attached, that you two would never fall in love with each other. And you two swore that if the other began to develop feelings, it would end immediately.

Jefferson was a playboy, indeed. Not as much as your friend, Mulligan, but pretty close. He would flirt with various people when you two went shopping, and you didn’t care. At least not until now. Not until you realize that you loved the curly-haired, tall, and self-absorbed jerk. You used to flirt in front of him too. Just to let him know that you two weren’t a thing. That you would never be a thing.

But as you stared at the two red bars on the pregnancy test in your hands, you weren’t at all sure that was true. Your hands were shaking. This had to be the fifth one that you took. You needed to go to a gynecologist to make sure, but these things had a 99% positive rate. You were screwed, indeed.

Your friend, Angelica, stood next to you, staring all all the empty boxes and tests scattered around the bathroom. You didn’t know what to do. You took every pill, you two had every contraceptive that you could think of. How could this happen?

Angelica touched your shoulder, and you looked up at her, tears in your eyes. “Do you think it’s possible… that I might be pregnant? I took every precaution, I did everything I was supposed to do! I never skipped a pill, never.” She kissed your forehead.

“Shh, honey, it’s okay. This happens sometimes, the condoms and pills aren’t always one hundred percent successful. You’ll be a great mother.” Mother. You didn’t even know enough, you knew you didn’t know enough to become a mother. You weren’t eating healthy, you were not exercising properly. The baby…

“Angelica, I can’t do this. I can’t.” You were panicking, your chest tightening. “What would Thomas say when he finds out? Oh no, he’s going to hate me, he’s going to run away from this. My child isn’t going to have a father-“

“Y/N! Get a hold of yourself. We still have to make sure the tests were right, don’t panic yet until we go to the doctor.” She looked at your cell phone on the floor, “do you want me to call Thomas, to let him know what’s going on?” You shook your head quickly.

“No, no don’t, please don’t. Give me some time to figure this out, Ang. I’ll tell him if the test comes out positive.” Angelica gave you a wary look, but nodded.

“Okay. I’ll go with you.

You were pregnant.

It wasn’t a joke.

This isn’t some dream.

You have a human being inside of you.

You ran into Thomas every day at work. He always smiled at you, conversations about random tops. You felt guilty, you knew you should tell him. You knew you should tell him that half of him is growing inside of you. He did notice something strange about you.

Your symptoms were kicking in. You were constantly running to the bathroom, craving the most abnormal combinations ever (even dirt seemed to look delectable to you). He questioned why you were acting so weird, but you avoided the topics. Angelica grabbed your arm one day, pulling you into a back closet. You groaned, holding your arm.

“What the hell-“

“Have you told him? Does he know about the baby?” You began to cry, and Angelica shushed you, glancing behind to see if anyone was out there.

“No, I just, I don’t know why I’m crying… I’m not even sad.” You cried, sniffling.

“I don’t know maybe it’s because you’re pregnant, you idiot.” You cried even louder at her words, and she placed her hand over your mouth, glaring at you. “If you don’t shut up right now then everyone would know. Y/N, you have to tell him. If you don’t, I will.” She threatened, holding out her handkerchief to you. You took it out of her hands, thanking her.

“I’ll do it right now.” You turned, beginning to open the closet. Your head bumped into a solid chest, and you looked up. Thomas stood there, concerned. You heart began to beat faster, and you touched your stomach. “Uh, hi Thomas.”

“Hi.” He said, looking at your tear strained cheeks. “Are you okay, Y/N?” He glanced behind you, looking at a smiling Angelica. “Did, did I just walk into a crying fest? Should I go?” You shook your head, pulling him away into a conference room. “What’s going on-“

“God, Thomas. Can you just stop talking, for one second?” You closed the door behind the two of you, locking it. You turned back to Thomas, seeing a small smirk on his face. You frowned. This was not the time.

“You really want to do this in the middle of the office?” Honestly, you did. Every time you walked by him or he touched you, even just a bump, you wanted to jump his bones. Especially with that stupid smile on his face. You held back your hormones with all your might, and began to talk.

I made a mistake.”

He looked at your serious expression, and the smile slipped off his face, until he looked more confused. “What are you talking about?” You took a deep breath, sitting down. Your chest has grown at least two sizes, so your back was not accustomed to the additional weight. And you noticed a small pudge on your belly. It’s only been a few weeks, and you already feel like you were nine months pregnant.

And you weren’t going to get started on the nausea.

“Thomas, remember when we said that we promise to tell each other anything?” You said, and you felt his nervousness rub off on you. He adjusted his stance.

“Yes, why?”

“I’ve been lying to you for a few weeks now.” He frowned, looking at you. After a few seconds, his frown went away, and he nodded slowly, examining you.

“There must be a reason, Y/N. Just tell me, I’ll be fine.”

“I, I went to the gynecologist a few weeks ago. She told me that I was pregnant. Thomas, I’m pregnant.” He froze, his eyes widening. He looked at your hand on your belly, recognition in his eyes. “I didn’t know how to tell you. I, we, promised that our relationship had no strings attached. And I am giving you a fucking rope. I am giving you this huge responsibility, and I didn’t tell you until now.” Your eyes began to water again, and Thomas walked over to you, crouching down next to you.

“You, I’m, I’m having a kid?” You nodded, scared of his reaction. What you didn’t expect was for his hands to touch your stomach, a small, nervous smile on his lips. He closed his eyes, kissing your stomach softly.

You smiled, the tears drying up rather quickly. You hated these swings of emotions, but the pure wonder in Thomas’s eyes made it seem worth it. He looked up at you. “No wonder. I knew your boobs were getting bigger. This is why you avoided me, all this time?”

“I’m so sorry, Thomas, I was just so nervous and you said that we couldn’t fall in love and this was ten times worse and I just-“Thomas pressed his lips against yours, shutting you up. You kissed him back, and he pulled away, a dorky grin on his face.

“We are both lying if we say that we don’t love each other. You even said it to me before. Don’t think I don’t remember.” You recalled the incident, and blushed. “I love you, Y/N. I’ve just been waiting for you to say it to me.” You rolled your eyes at him.

He pulled you into a hug, and you groaned at his chest pressing against yours. Your breasts were tender, and even a slight poke ached. He quickly let go of you, a sorrowful look in his face.

“Sorry,” he touched your belly again, “is it a boy or girl?”

“The appointment’s in a few days. Do you wanna-“

“Hell yes, I do. I’ll drive, you don’t need to do anything. Actually, no, you do. Tell me everything, tell me every appointment and sleep over at my house so I could help you through this.” You smiled at his enthusiasm. “I’m going to be a dad, Y/N. I can’t believe it.” He kissed you again.

“I love you, Thomas Jefferson.” You whispered, and he looked at you.

“I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Little Black Box
@alexfierrno @pjosecretsanta2016

In all of the eight years that Will had been dating Nico, he had never been so nervous to ask Nico a simple question.

What if he says no?

Will walked back and forth through the room, glancing every so often at the small black box on his desk. A voice broke through his thoughts.

“Dinner’s at seven, right?”

Will jumped a little, and quickly hid the box in his coat pocket.

“Yeah. It’s six thirty now, so hurry up.”

“Hurry up? You’re the one who’s been sitting in the bedroom for almost half an hour! What are you doing in there, anyway?”

Will quickly opened the door and walked into the kitchen. He hoped that his nervousness didn’t show through in his voice.

“Uh-nothing. Just… getting ready.”

He could tell that Nico was rolling his eyes.


Will heard the clink of the shower turning on, and sighed in relief. He sat down at the table, and pulled out his phone.

(A/N ~ is texting)

~Percy: Hey man, excited for tonight ;) You guys gonna be there?

~Will: Yeah… don’t spoil the surprise just yet. I’m worried though.

~Percy: Worried? If Nico didn’t love you, you two wouldn’t have been together for six years.

~Will: Eight.

~Percy: Right. Anyway, I’m positive he’ll say yes.

~Will: I hope.

~Percy: Gotta go, Annabeth wants something. :(

~Will: Seeya

    “What are you doing?”

Will jumped, and dropped his phone. Nico leaned in next to him.

“Nothing. Just texting Percy.”

Nico looked up at Will, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you alright? You seem kind of… tense.”

Will looked at Nico, losing himself in those dark brown eyes. He closed his eyes for a second, contemplating telling Nico right now. No. Wait for tonight.

“I’m fine. We should probably go, Annabeth and Percy will be waiting.”

Nico kissed Will on the cheek.

“'Course. I’ll go start the car. I call driving!”

Nico ran off through the dining room, grabbing the car keys on the way. Will got up, grabbed his coat from the hanger, and walked out to the garage.

Nico was sitting in the driver’s seat, as usual, even though Will was a much better driver. He leaned over in the car and pushed open the door.

“Your ride, sir.”

Nico grinned. Will loved it when Nico smiled. He seemed so much more… like himself. Will swung himself into the passenger seat.


Will rolled his eyes.

“You know where we’re going.”

Nico pulled out of the driveway.

“Yeah. Percy and Annabeth are going to be there, right?”


The car went silent. Will sat quietly, spinning his fingers together. Nico glanced at him.

“What’s wrong? You seem… nervous.”

He took a deep breath, and tried to calm down.

“Nah, I’m fine. I just haven’t seen Percy in a while. Pretty sure that last time we met, there was a fight.”

Nico laughed.

“You really think he’s going to remember? He can’t even remember my birthday!”

Will laughed, trying to brush the thought away. “I guess my birthday is hard to remember.” Nico’s eyebrows knit. “You remember my birthday, right?” Will turned in his seat, looking at him incredulously.

“You really think I could forget? It’s December 14th.”

Nico looked satisfied.

“Good. You have officially passed the test.”

“Test? What test?”

“The ‘I’m a good boyfriend’ test. You passed with flying colors.”

Will let out a low whistle.

“Didn’t even study for that one.”

Nico grinned, as the car pulled up next to the restaurant.


Will swung open his door, and raced around to the other side, just in time to pull open the driver’s side door for Nico.

“You get to drive, I get to be chivalrous. Also, pretty damn impressive restaurant, huh?”

Nico just nodded.

—- —- —- —-

After plenty of food, jokes, and lots of catching up, the double date was coming to a close. Will’s stomach churned, and he glanced at Percy, who responded with a quick wink.

The little black box in his pocket seemed get heavier and heavier each second.

“H-hey Neeks?”

Nico, smiling as always, turned away from his conversation with Annabeth, who gave Will a quick thumbs up.

Will stood up, his cheeks flushing, watching the growing confusion on Nico’s face.

“I-I’ve just been wanting to say that the past eight years of my life have been the best, and you’ve made me happier than anyone else, even if we had some rough spots. You’ve always been there for me, and I’ve been there for you, and-”

Will knelt down, pulling the box from his pocket.

Nico’s eyes brimmed with tears, and he brought a hand up to his mouth.


His voice was interrupted by the sudden realization that the entire restaurant, customers and staff, were watching them.

The click of the box opening echoed throughout the room, revealing a gorgeous ebony ring, braided with gold, with a heart shaped diamond mounted on the top.

“Nico di Angelo, will you marry me?”


Love is…Unconditional (Epilogue)

Banners by the astounding @akai-echo . Beta’d by the talented and inimitable @eala-musings . Written for @thegirlfromoverthepond .

Summary: Even after three years, Katniss Mellark still cannot resign herself to the death of her husband. When Peeta Mellark returns, she is willing to go to any lengths to keep him with her, even agreeing to abandon everything and embark on a journey that will change everything she believes about love, regret and the persistence of hope. A story in three parts.

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Epilogue - Five Years Later  

I wiped down the last of the tables just as the sun set beyond the mountains that were visible from the main thoroughfare of District 12.  Open only one year, Mellark’s Tea and Coffee Shop was already considered a fundamental part of District 12’s downtown culture. Some of it had to do with the clever nature of the shop, which doubled as a used bookstore where people could read as they took their coffee or tea.  But I could not deny that the use of the already familiar Mellark family name was also critical to its success.

Why not? I will always carry the name Mellark.

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Approaching Prompto at Cartanica Station apparently gets him saying a few things. This chapter bummed me out so much my first play through I just kind of blew right through it.

I tried to talk to Gladio and Ignis in the dining car but they wouldn’t have it. They just sat there in silence.

Prompto: There’s an elevator that should take us straight down to the mine. Wonder if the tomb’s inside. Those two went to grab a bite in that glorified dining car they call a restaurant.

Prompto: Man this place is deserted.

Prompto: I finally get to visit Lady Lunafreya’s home.

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How do you think Shawn would be in a relationship, in terms of sex? Do you think he would be shy to to try something, when he wants it or be shy to smack his girl's bum? (Realistically)

I think Shawn on the outside often comes across as a very well behaved boy, you know. He always seems very sweet and nice and polite, but I surely don’t think Shawn would be shy when it comes to sex at all. 

I think he would love slow and passionate sex, but I also think he’d love it being all rough, steamy and dirty. Trying it out everywhere like in the shower, on the counter in the kitchen, on the dining table, in the car, in dressing rooms, hotel rooms and so on. He would have those dirty sides and fantasies in his mind that he would love to try out. Especially when he’s been touring and comes back to you, he would have thought of so many things, he wanted to do to you while being away. 

I think Shawn is a sucker for hot and steamy shower sex after a rough workout session. Something also tells me might be a sucker for sex or foreplay involving food. Like licking whipped cream or ice cream off your body and stuff like that. I also have this idea that he’d love to be called daddy. 

And for sure he would be the biggest tease ever. He’d know what to say, where to kiss, what to do with his hands, how his tongue should move to drive you completely mad. He would love to hear you beg him to just fuck you already. 

I think he’ll be the “nice guy” in public and the “bad boy” in bed. I mean, I don’t believe he would ever smack a girl’s ass in public, but for sure he’d do it when they are alone. Like 100% he would. I mean, I so think that Shawn has a dirty and reckless side in terms of sex. ;) 

Why the Capitol should be in Canada and not Colorado

So, those who are familiar with my headcanons would know that, in contrast to the common convention of placing the Capitol in the American Rockies (usually Colorado), I place it in Canada. Specifically that large expanse over Kinbasket Lake (right before it discharges into the Columbia River).

Several factors made me choose that location: the wall-like nature of the Canadian Rockies, an open space big enough for a city-sized square, and a location more isolated from the rest of Panem (like D13, which is incidentally the only other region that I have fully within Canada).

However, I have an additional reason. One that is backed by both information in the text and basic arithmetic. Yep, I used math here. 

So what this calculated rationale?

As the Reaping occurs between 1400-1500 (Chap 1), and an hour is given for goodbyes right after (Chap 2), and there is buffer time to get to the station, tentative time of departure for the train to get moving is 1600-1700. So we’ll assume 1700. 

When Effie woke up Katniss (Chap 4), light was just beginning to stream in, which suggests that the sun has just risen. If you eliminate DST (likely due to wanting people to have no free daylight in the districts; while for the Capitol, daylight wouldn’t much matter), the average time of sunrise is around 0400. 

Since Appalachia is in Eastern Standard Time, and most of the Rockies are under Mountain Time, add two hours to calculate the time between departure and sunrise: 13 hours. 

So how do we figure out which destination fits the snuggest within the allotted time? Well, that requires calculating travel time.

First off, the assumption is that the average speed (Chap 3) of the train is 250 miles per hour (which implies that it can go faster and slower depending on conditions); we’ll also assume that “miles” refers to the unit of measure used in the United States as of now.

Secondly, travel distance needs to be found. A strong assumption is that train lines would be built over the old interstates for ease, so Google Maps is a sufficient tool to use. Four locations are used to represent D12 (Scranton, PA; Philadelphia, PA; New Richmond, WV; Richmond, VA), after distances are acquired from each representative D12 spot, then they are averaged out. 

That average distance is divided by 250, then 2 (representing a minimum of two hours to factor in stops and possible delays) is added to get the travel time. Then subtract by 13 to get the amount of free time before sunrise. The location with the smallest free time fits the narrative the best.

And remember, this is only to the point of waking up; not to the Capitol. After waking, Katniss still needs to roll out of bed, trundle to the dining car, give her mentor and district partner the stink-eye, indulge in food, more stink-eye, and then go through a tunnel for quite some distance.

The results?

What was found is that it only took 8.7 hours to get to Denver, which left more than 4 hours free; same went for Dillon (which required going past the Great Dividing Range and through a tunnel). Even if you go all the way to Salt Lake City (by then, there are no more Rockies to cross), there are 2.6 hours free. 

The only American location that was close was Missoula, which had 1.8 hours free. However, by the time you get to Missoula, you have no choice but to immediately go into mountains (ie the tunnels). By the time you get to Coeur d'Alene/Spokane, there’s still 1.1 hours to go with no more Rockies to go. 

In contrast, reaching Calgary leaves 1.7 hours free; 1.5 with a longer route. By the time you get into Banff, there’s just around 1 hour. Small enough time to buffer some more without it being excessive. And enough distance from that point to eat breakfast and fight with Haymitch. 

In conclusion: I overthink things and have way too much time on my hands.

Sir Philip Sassoon by John Singer Sargent

Sir Philip Sassoon said that he might have been interesting had he slept with Michelangelo’s male muse Cavalieri or invented the wireless instead of Marconi. He would not have felt such “a worthless loon”, he added, if he had painted Velázquez’s court painting Las Meninas or written Wuthering Heights. These hankerings show the essence of the man: a classy aesthete, with a love of big names and modern gadgets.

Despite his self-deprecation, though, Sassoon had a fulfilling life. In 1912, in his early 20s, he inherited a fortune with a baronetcy, and was elected as Conservative MP for Hythe – a constituency that, in the 1920s, his political opponents did not even bother to contest. In 1915 Field Marshal Haig, commander-in-chief of British armies on the western front, selected him as his private secretary. A few years later the prime minister, David Lloyd George, appointed him as his political secretary. He held interesting government posts during most of the interwar years.

Haig quipped that in recruiting Sassoon to his staff, he had attached a first-class dining car to his train. It is as a host with superb French chefs that Sassoon is remembered most. He liked to buy people’s friendships, to receive them in surroundings that he had beautified, and to embellish himself. Even as an Eton boy he gave ruby shirt studs and diamond cufflinks to other pupils. Thereafter he spent his wealth in ceaseless coddling of the English governing classes.


Part of consist of AAR Golden Spike Special by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
Roger Puta caught the AAR Golden Spike Limited in the Western Maryland Ry Yard in Cumberland on May 17, 1969.