The Zodiac Signs at a Formal Dinner

Aries: Either getting excited by everything or really chill, ‘I could get used to this’

Taurus: Pretty quiet, mainly enjoying the food and being with their friends

Gemini: Ordering some dish they’ve never tried that they don’t know how to pronounce

Cancer: Enjoying the atmosphere, has better manners than usual

Leo: Dressed to the nines in their best attire and poised the whole 

Virgo: Straightening out the napkins and forks, silently judging anything that isn’t clean because “It’s supposed to be fancy!”

Libra: In their element, drinking wine and leading conversations

Scorpio: Orders the most expensive alcoholic drink and savors the evening

Sagittarius: Forgets their troubles, makes light conversation and listens to others talk, probably tries to have good manners, fails, then gives up

Capricorn: Glaring at anyone making a lot of noise, at their table or any other, polite and well-mannered

Aquarius: Is the only one who knows how to say the names of everything on the menu, is not impressed or tries not to act impressed by the restaurant

Pisces: Making small talk, happy to see all their friends together, bubbly


Sims 4 & Sims 2

Round Table Dining Set

(for lack of a better name)

• 2 new meshes made by me
• Round Dining Table - 1414 polys
• Round Dining Table Chair - 1286 polys
• 3 seat cushion textures in 6 wood 02 textures (peacemaker)
• matching table textures
(Sims 2 version shown in last picture)

** special thank you to @daer0n for answering thousands of questions!
I love you sweetie ♥

Please Note *
there is a clipping issue with Sims belly cutting a bit into the table.
I hope this is not a huge issue for you.



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