We can’t guarantee that eating food emblazoned with the symbols of your favorite superheroes will give any of us superpowers, but it’ll certainly help satisfy our superheroic appetite for geekery. JT Network has opened DC Comics Super Hero Cafes in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur and Kusto Lifestyle Concepts is opening one in Singapore next month. From Batman’s batcakes and batburgers (with Dark Knight black buns), batzza, and batfruit salad, Wonder Woman turkey rolls, Aquaman prawn cocktail, and Superman burritos and pancakes, everything on the menu is tied to a superhero and even the drinks come dressed complete caped costumes. Fast food doesn’t get much geekier than this and we want to try it all.

If you’re still hungry for superhero foods head over to the DC Comics Superheroes Instagram feed for plenty more photos.

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Napkins today are mundane and practical, made from paper or cheap factory cloth and folded, if at all, hastily into a rectangle. In the past, napkins weren’t just for wiping hands or protecting clothing — they were works of art.

Charlotte Birnbaum, who along with folding artist Joan Sallas co-created a history of napkin art in the book The Beauty of the Fold, says the change from “folded cloth to folded art” occurred in 16th century Florence, Italy. It had become fashionable for the wealthy to wear voluminous clothing and ballooned sleeves.

That bigger and more extravagant thinking soon spread to table linens, too. Napkins became bigger and bigger and, instead of putting a big pile of cloth like a bed sheet on the plate in front of guests, Birnbaum says, “they started to fold it.”

Unfolding The History Of Napkin Art

Photo credit: (top) Courtesy of Charlotte Birnbaum/Sternberg Press, (bottom) Courtesy of Joan Sallas


Vacation Like the Rich in St. Moritz

Nix the jetsetter crowds and crispy winters, and book yourself a final summer sojourn in St. Moritz complete with lake sailing, spa pampering, mountaintop dining, and seaplane gliding over the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps. With low-season rates, sunbathing temps, and sublime mountain-meets-lake scenery—now is the time to steal away to one of these alpine hideaways and vacation like the rich in St. Moritz.