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One of the coolest buildings in all of NYC has to be 190 Bowery. At one point in time, it was a bank, and after that, the entire building was home to photographer Jay Maisel. Many people, myself included, thought the building was abandoned, since the front was dingy and covered in lots of graffiti at all times.

Recently, the building sold for 55 million dollars, and it’ll likely become luxury units or retail units of some sort.

Until the end of next week, there is a pop-up art gallery on the first floor and mezzanine of 190 Bowery, and I was fortunate enough to go last Thursday. The gallery is going to be open until the 29th, and is only available by appointment. It was also open to the public on the 23rd, but demand was so high that it was shut down.

Confucius Might Have Been Confused

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by ghettoassenglishman

Ian hates attachments. He’s convinced that relationships are toxic. He lives off one-nightstands, blowjobs in the bathroom of dingy clubs, he doesn’t want a boyfriend, he just wants pretty boys who won’t call him in the morning asking for a date. That all changes when a grumpy, permanently scowling, brunette thug walks into his Coffee shop, turning his life and rules upside down.

Anon Prompt :Are you still taking prompys?? ian and mickey coffee shop au pls?

Words: 9941, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of AU’s FOR YOU

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LzwXK2

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Most underrated place in DC?

DC - in general - is underrated.  So many people glorify NYC when - at least in my opinion - it’s one overcrowded, overpriced, and dingy city.



So we are doing cloth diapers with new baby. Slowly but surely I’m building my stash. I have a bunch of Charlie Bananas from Odin but I didn’t like the bulk factor. I’ve been slowly collecting Applecheeks and thirsties along with prefold and inserts. I will also be adding some fitteds (6 or 7).

I did my share of reading and looking at what other mommies I know use. I understand the investment so I pick up a diaper or two every two weeks. I’d love to buy used or someone washed unused stash but sadly the local mommies around here ask a lot for stained diapers missing snaps or in need of repair and these aren’t even hard to find Applecheek colors. Most moms are selling AIOs and some really dingy prefolds. My husband is also weird about me doing the whole pick up stuff at random people’s houses.

I purchased specific diaper detergent and husband will hang the clothes line once I pick one up. With the five months of Odin in cloth and not having access to a clothes line and also my front load washing machine catching a stink constantly (yay rubber) I feel like our new washer and dryer and a clothes line will help. Plus I have all of you.

With Odin almost potty trained I can’t wait to stop giving Pampers all of my money. No offense Pampers, you weren’t fancy Honest Company diapers but you kept my kid dry and you fit. No rash like from the Seventh Generation diapers and Babyganics diapers (although I use their wipes).

Oh yes I’ll be doing cloth wipes as well. I have two kinds of wipes for this kid right now. One for face and one for bottom and hands. His face hates most wipes so I’m just done with that. I’ve been known to let him have sorta dirty face till we get home to avoid a two day rash. Luckily he’s a neat eater.

I need a large wet bag and a liner for the diaper pail. Oh and snappies.

I haven’t done any other baby prep except for putting the crib back together and raised, hanging up Odin’s Viking ship mobile he never got to use. And when I first tested I reorganized the attic and labeled all totes of baby clothes with size and brought down the little stuff. Our attic in late summer and a big baby belly is not happening.

I would like to get new bedding as yes Odin was a formula kid after five months so that leaves those lovely stains. But we shall see.

I’m not as overly eager this pregnancy to prep and buy stuff. I had double wish lists at this point last time. I thought I was having a boy but I also made a girl list just incase. Of course I was working and had extra funds. This time we are juggling paying off debt, paying for Odin’s therapy and soon to take on paying for Odin’s mouth.

But that’s where I am with baby prep. 😄

spontaneously went to milwaukee w friends to see big sean and there was hella white teens tryna fight each other and i got really high off edibles and i ate ~30 cheese curds and we listened to that jamie xx / young thug collab ~20 times and it was lit and we slept in a dingy crawl space and i got pulled over for speeding on our way back and was given a $200 ticket but now i am home and hungover and it’s all good

terrible tudors, gorgeous georgians, slimy stuarts, vile victorians, woeful wars, ferocious fights, dingy castles, daring knights. horrors that defy description, cut throat celts, awful egyptians, vicious vikings, cruel crimes, punishments from ancient times. romans: rotten, rank and ruthless. cavemen: savage, fierce and toothless. groovy greeks, brainy sages, mean and measly middle ages. gory stories we do that. and your host a talking rat. the past is no longer a mystery. welcome to HORRIBLE HISTORIES.





























I’m going to watch it again.


Inside Scotland’s Gorgeous Retro-Futuristic @tapestudio

To see more inside Tape Studio, head over to @tapestudio on Instagram. For more behind-the-scenes music stories, check out @music.

What a song we’d hear if these walls could sing.

In bygone times, they housed a brothel, a cork factory and a whisky bond, and now they’re home to Edinburgh’s Tape Recording Studio (@tapestudio) –– a warm and bright digital / analog haven whose vintage sonic arsenal has ties to Pink Floyd, ABC, Fleetwood Mac, the Kinks, Marilyn Manson and ABBA.

Studio director Fiona McNab and record producer Stephen Watkins launched Tape in December 2013, as an antidote to the dingy squalor of many male-dominated recording studios. The stunningly renovated 19th century warehouse is embedded in musical history from its (floating) foundations up, as Stephen –– part steampunk pin-up, part encyclopedic pop tour guide –– explains as we explore the building.

It’s welcoming and retro-futuristic –– from the brilliant-white fabric walls (the guys who fitted them had just finished working on the home studio of David Gilmour, from Pink Floyd) through the neon glow in Tape’s impressive double-height live space (“It’s like Blade Runner in here at nighttime”), to an archaic-looking giant beast –– part-wooden tomb, part-submarine –– that transpires to be a 1960s plate reverb. (“We bought that from the Kinks’ Ray Davies. It sounds like old Fleetwood Mac records.”)

And then there’s Archie, the studio dog, whose squeaky-bone chewing and scampering paws play out like friendly metronomes.

Every corner of the building has a purpose –– a vocal booth here, an echo chamber there –– not to mention rooms and shelves heaving with kaleidoscopic audio-visual treats that range from the 1940s to the present day. These include myriad analog recorders, boom boxes, effects pedals, instruments, all manner of reverb systems (“That’s like the one ABC used on The Lexicon of Love”) and tube limiters (“You’ll hear something like that on Marilyn Manson and Weezer records”).

There are cozy sofas and home comforts, lava lamps and diamante dinosaurs, ornamental cheetahs, glam-rock My Little Ponies, a wall-mounted stag’s head and a blood-red hand idly flicking the Vs.

Both Stephen and Fiona talk engagingly about the theater of the studio, as an instrument and as a living, breathing organism – and clearly these philosophies are integral to the Tape ethos. “We want the studio experience to be tangible and exciting – and inspiring,” offers Fiona.

“Music should be a union of equipment, technology, techniques, ideas, songs and the ambience that’s captured in a building,” Stephen adds. Fiona offers a case in point. “I think a good example of what Stephen’s talking about is TeenCanteen, who’ve just been in recording,” she suggests. The Glasgow indie-pop four-piece have released a couple of well-received singles and worked with the Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly, BMX Bandits and Bill Ryder-Jones, but this sounds like a step up.

“When you hear the new songs they’ve done with Stephen, it’s quite a departure,” says Fiona. Stephen plays us the tracks they’ve been working on and, true to this, TeenCanteen appear to be morphing from twee-pop rabble to dramatic, Ronettes-era girl group, reinforced by killer strings. “That’s Stephen’s strength,” Fiona offers. “Bringing a band in and working with them from the ground up, to develop what’s in their heads.”

“I think TeenCanteen are the best new band in Scotland,” says Stephen. “Carla [Easton, singer-songwriter] has really clear ideas. They’re all about being a girl group and being feminists. Their influences are quite 1960s – harmonies, Phil Spector, Wall of Sound.” Stephen’s studio aesthetic and TeenCanteen’s pop ethos make for a righteous match. “They want things widescreen and orchestrated over-the-top – and, of course, if you look around the studio, you can see that’s totally my thing too,” he laughs.

It sounds like a singular labor of love. The same could be said for Tape Studio.

–– Nicola Meighan for Instagram @music

imagine Dave having the shittiest day ever and he’s just so done and he goes to the dingy convenience store for his fave comfort food and there’s one last bag of Doritos and he reaches for it all dramatically

then some nerd grabs it first and shouts “wow, the last bag of Doritos! I’m so lucky!” and Dave just…. drops to his knees. just goes limp. that was the last straw.

and this nerdy kid (it’s John if you haven’t guessed) is like “are you ok??” and Dave just groans. and john’s like “oh, did you want these Doritos?” Dave nods pathetically. “there’s cool ranch left” John points out. Dave puts his face in his hands and dry sobs.

John ends up offering to share the bag with the pathetic kid lying on the floor of the convenience store.

Hesitant Alien
  • The Bureau:This song feels like sitting in a dingy bar with your third drink when your favourite song comes on
  • Action Cat:A really happy upbeat song that's actually about insecurity
  • No Shows:Gerard Way is my type of metal tbh
  • Brother:It must be rly nice to be Mikey Way and have people constantly writing songs about you
  • Millions:Screaming + sick riff + what the fuck is he saying
  • Zero Zero:k shits gettin intense now + i still don't know what the fuck he's saying
  • Juarez:Ok so who's gonna pay for Gerard's swimming lessons?????
  • Drugstore Perfume:this song feels like being high
  • Get The Gang Together:so cool I had to turn the heat up
  • How It's Going To Be:Sounds like it should be the end of the album but its not which is v v confusing. + "And you said we’d all be dead by twenty-five" just rip my heart out why don't you???????
  • Maya The Psychic:((((((low-key rebellion vibes))))))

Rebels With a Cause

Asajj Ventress, the Shadow.

- The fourth of my incredible commissions by celestedoodles

[Ahsoka Tano] [Hera Syndulla & Kanan Jarrus] [Sabine Wren]

enamored by theresa
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We have a new sofa. And by "new" I mean old, tattered, dingy vintage sofa that we found for 50 bucks. Our old sofa went to a loving home. *sniff* Sakura is absolutely in love with it. I do not know why - not a clue. She sleeps and purrs madly on it.

some of my OT3 headcanons:

1. Bucky/Nat/Steve edition

  • The 3 of them LOVE motorcycles and frequently go on roadtrips and eat crappy food in dingy diners and they all have matching biker jackets (which Nat and Steve obviously customised together and Bucky begrudgingly, but secretly enthusiastically, wears his whenever they’re on the road together)
  • Natasha likes to save different songs on her phone which she plays whenever Bucky and/or Steve enter a room (for a long time the only songs she played were “Cold as Ice” + “Ice Ice Baby” + “The Dinosaur Song”) she is always looking to add more to her arsenal.
  • When the two of them walk into a room together she plays the Jurassic theme, if Bruce or Tony are in the room she exclaims, melodramatically, to them: “You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.
  • Whenever she sees clothing with a dinosaur on it in their size she buys it for them. No exceptions. Dinosaur jokes never get old and Steve and Bucky frequently end up wearing the same thing.
  • Whenever they’re in together she comments on how spry they are for 90 year olds. Bucky and Steve are not amused.
  • On nights where Bucky and/or Nat are struggling with their pasts Steve gives them some space; he cooks for them but he doesn’t insist on them talking to him because there are some things he just can’t understand fully. They know he’s there when they need him tho
  • Sometimes on really bad nights Bucky and Nat will sneak off to do something they couldn’t when they were brainwashed like going to a theme park or just a boring park and doing all kinds of crazy gymnastics and talking under the stars until they feel better again
  • They all go to the beach together. Nat tries not to roll her eyes when Bucky and Steve use his shield as a frisbee.  Passersby are mortified.
  • Bucky and Nat take Steve out dancing at every opportunity because they know what dancing (*coughcough*Peggy*coughcough*) means to him and they want him to be happy

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sooo is there a cute story behind how Beth and Daryl met in Tiny-Apartment verse? or do we just use our imaginations? :)


There was a long list of places Daryl Dixon would never have expected to find himself at and a daycare center was definitely on that list, although granted maybe not right at the top. Still, it wasn’t exactly the sort of place he’d have any reason to be at; or at least it wouldn’t have been a couple years ago, before he’d settled down and made friends with a sheriff of all people.

It had been Rick who’d offered him the room above his garage to stay at instead of a dingy motel room, and Rick who’d helped him get a job at the local auto shop, not to mention Rick who had pretty much ensured he didn’t end up in jail like his big brother had. So it was the least he could do to take Rick and his wife Lori’s little girl Judy to her daycare this morning, after Rick had gotten called into the police station early and Lori wasn’t feeling well.

That was how he ended up walking up the sidewalk to a neat little brick building with his rough, work-worn hand curled around the tiny hand of a little blonde-haired toddler. 

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Monique, do you think you could finish up those "Lucas chooses Maya over Riley" situations you said you had more of please? (pretty please with a cherry on top?)

They’re little things.

That’s how it starts off, at least.

A simple game of baseball, a partner for an English project, walking her home after school.

And Riley excuses all of them. Really, she does. They’re no big deal. Just a simple brush of the shoulder. ‘Cause well, Maya has one hell of a swing and she’s a fast runner. And a killer writer, believe it or not. And she happens to live in the sketchy part of town, while Riley knows her abode is entirely in the opposite direction of the line of dingy apartments.

These are all justified, she decides. She can’t be mad about anything. Or sad. Or jealous.

Because they’re her two best friends and they get along—well, really well. She should be grateful. (because there are some friends who hate their girl friend’s boyfriend, and there are some boyfriends who treat their girlfriend’s friend like shit, and so many different, unfortunate scenarios)

And then:

There is a disc in a clear, compact case. It’s written in sharpie along the holographic face. In black says, “For Maya.” And it’s simple, and it’s nothing. It’s just a disc addressed to her best friend in the world, from neat print that is recognizably her dreamboy’s handwriting. It’s on the desk beside hers in their biology class—the class she shares with and only Maya, and said blonde is running late, as per usual.

And she takes it. She’s not supposed to. She’s not supposed to steal, not supposed to feel this way, be this way. But it’s in her bag, and before she gets cold feet and grasps for it with slow fingers in her backpack compartment, Maya slides into the seat with a sunshine smile and a quick, “What’s crackin’?”

And that’s that.

She listens to it. Hears his voice, hears his guitar, hears his dedication. And he sings to her. And it’s not supposed to be anything romantic. It’s not a declaration of love or a hidden gesture. There are no secret rendezvous or confessions or in clandestine agendas. It’s a stupid song, really. It’s mocking how he’s a cowboy and how city girls like the Hart should be exposed to the beauty of country music. It reeks of jokes and teasing and bonding that she isn’t a part of, and as soon as she finishes the tune, she feels that her hands aren’t the only dirty part of her.

The next day, she places it on Maya’s desk while she’s not there.

The following weeks, the trend continues, and sometimes, there are discs addressed to him. This goes on.

(but Riley doesn’t dare take anymore. it’s not in her place, never was. it’s just two friends making each other mixtapes and connecting by music)

(or connecting in more ways than one—but no one dares say anything about that)

And this is what knocks her into the brick wall of realization:

It all happens to be a strike of kismet.

It’s a sad, bitter, and terrible feeling to walk in on something so personal.

Just my luck, Riley thinks to herself.

Lucas tells Maya about his mother. He speaks of cigarettes, of broken lungs, of treatment. His voice is laced in something Riley has never heard before, and it cracks. His words become hazy, and she’s not sure if it’s because he’s crying or because she’s crying behind the doorway, listening in and feeling her clean hands drench and drown.

Then she hears Maya with the same consoling tone that has comforted Riley year after year at the very same windowsill, breathing words of hopeful reassurance. And he trusts her with this, he knows she will understand. He knows the Hart is the one to tell when there’s something dark, broken, and serious going on.

And Riley walks away before she hears anything else because she may be his girlfriend, but she knows she’d always been second place.

by: monique