dingo stole my baby

Your User’s Guide for movies to watch on Meryl Streep Day

Julia: if you wanna watch the beginning of a genius (read how to steal scenes from Jane Fonda) and have about a minute to spare

The Deer Hunter: if you wanna channel the inner childlike, vulnerable, shy and pretty woman in you

The Seduction of Joe Tynan: *intelligent and pretty Southern belle*  *personal fave*

Manhattan : if you wanna see her be PRETTY TO THE POWER INFINITY

Kramer Vs. Kramer: see her overshadow Dustin Hoffman and win empathy while playing a semi-cold hearted bitch (bonus: first Oscar win)

The French Lieutenant’s Woman: if you wanna be happy over the fact that she was considered for the role over many accomplished English actresses (plus “I am the French Lieutenant’s Whore)

Still of the Night : the only pretty and good thing about the film is her

Sophie’s Choice: if you wanna cry yourself to death and fall in love with her in every scene (bonus: Second Oscar win)  *personal fave*

Silkwood:  watch her rockin’ a fab haircut and boots and smokin’ up with Cher

Falling In Love : for that one scene where she thinks she’s in a L'Oréal ad (plus sweet romcom and DeNiro/Streep chemistry)

Plenty: IDK you’ll redeem your seemingly wasted hour by just looking at her being pwetty

Out of Africa: Beautiful AFRICA!! Meryl being prefect af (bonus: Redford’s blue eyes) *personal fave*

Heartburn: smackingly witty yet poignant but mostly real life MOMMY/DAUGHTER chemistry!

Ironweed: um, ok. Meryl singing He’s Me Pal

A Cry In The Dark : Streep in weird eyebrows and an Aussie accent (bonus: The dingo stole took my baby!)

She-Devil: Meryl in pink clothes being blonde but sassy and funny af

Postcards from the Edge: Meryl being Carrie Fisher being Meryl (bonus: Shirley/Meryl mom/daughter chemistry)

Defending Your Life: hmmm. White and after life and other crack

Death Becomes Her: Madeline Ashton is goals af (umm yeah JUST WATCH IT)

The House of the Spirits: if you ever had a doubt that she’s an angel this movie will reaffirm that she indeed is one!  *personal fave*

The River Wild: MOMMY IS STRONG!

The Bridges of Madison County: cry and then cry some more (bonus: Italian looking and speaking Meryl + Eastwood/Streep chemistry is enough to set the screen on fire)  *personal fave*

Marvin’s Room: Streep, DiCaprio, Keaton. Need I say more?


One True Thing: cry and cry and do not stop crying ever again in your life

Dancing At Lughnasa: Experience magic watching her do the Irish country dance (plus IRELAND)  *personal fave*

Music of The Heart: Streep playing the violin and being the teacher you ALWAYS wanted.

The Hours: have epiphanies about life with her (bonus: Kidman and Moore)

Adaptation: See her getting high

The Manchurian Candidate: Elanor Prentiss Shaw is senator goals af

Prime: *Prude Jewish psychiatrist mom*

The Devil Wears Prada: *That’s All* Need I say more?

A Prairie Home Companion: aww, watch cute Meryl singing in a nasal(Minnesota/Oshkosh) voice 

Rendtion: serious af

Lions For Lambs: serious af

Evening: oh, Redgrave/Streep reminiscing on life

Dark Matter: umm, watch her trying to learn Chinese and being sensitive to skin products.

Mamma Mia: me before watching it *Here I go again, my my, how can resist you?*  *personal fave*

Doubt: if you want her(Sister Aloysius) to scare the shit out of you

Julie & Julia: Bon Apetit!

It’s Complicated: watch her be the romantic lead at 60 and choose between Baldwin and Marin (bonus: her bakery and the house)

The Iron Lady: Meryl being Margaret Thatcher being Meryl (Bonus: THIRD OSCAR WIN)

Hope Springs: cute Meryl, awkward sex.

August: Osage County: Meryl Streep vs. Julia Roberts  *personal fave*

Into The Woods: fall in love with The Witch