dingo pup


@sidetongue I’m the anon questioning potato being a dingo pup. I’m sorry to be an ass but here are two pups that look to be close to potatos age. They have slimmer muzzles, thicker fur and up ears already. Saying she’s a dingo is misrepresentative and no doubt poses the same problems as misrepping wolfdogs. The only remotely dingo trait is her color and many dogs are that color. My chihuahua is that color. Please rethink so she can maybe get into a home instead of living in a sanctuary with wild dogs when she’s not one.

lothcatqueen  asked:

I heard poly roadrat is your fuel. Can you do a short where s/o finds an abandoned dingo pup in the outback and has to beg and whine to get them to let them keep it?? (I think it'd work better if it was platonic but either way works)

 (Yeesssssssss. I wasn’t sure whether or not to do this like, with the canonical state of the Outback in Overwatch, or just as though it had never been decimated by the Omnium, y’feel? So this is set with the s/o as a junker. Hope that’s alright, and thanks for the ask!) 

       “Hey…Are you alright, bud..?” You asked, inching slowly closer to the small animal you had almost tripped over just a few seconds ago. It looked up at you with wide eyes and whined, and you stopped walking towards it for a second. It stared at you for a minute, and you stared back. It was clearly frightened, but not making any effort to move. After looking around to scan for it’s parents or siblings and coming up empty, you began to step closer once more. There hadn’t been anyone or anything around as far as you could see, apart from the usual scrap metal, dirt, and debris. It took a bit of debating with yourself before you got on your knees, then slowly reached a hand out to touch it. Then you stopped, and brought it back again. Should you really be doing this? It could have been sick or violent,  and to be honest, that was the last thing you needed right now. But… It looked so helpless and scared.. It probably would have had to have come from far away, too…There weren’t a whole lot of animals out here anymore. You tried again, reaching out a hand, and placing it gently on it’s head. It was matted and dirty, but still had a bit of it’s original softness. it flinched, but didn’t do much else. It made sense though, of course it was exhausted. Junkertown didn’t really have “pets” other than when the occasional bug flew in, and someone named it. But this was too hard to ignore. Maybe it’d be okay..? Whatever, you’d made up your mind. Might as well try.

       Sneaking in didn’t work. You’d been spotted immediately by Jamison, who noticed the little furball immediately.
    “Oi, what the hell is that?!” He asked, a little louder than you would have liked. You shushed him quickly, glancing behind him and seeing Mako following closely behind. You groaned and grabbed his wrist, pulling him aside and into a small hut, covered with a tattered tarp. It was dark and cramped inside, and completely empty, exactly what you needed. Jamie continued to ask what was going on, but you were waiting. As soon as Mako stepped inside with you, you started.

       “I found something, and, uh..” You didn’t really know how to explain, so you just held out the pup. It was panting by now, after having been alone and dehydrated under the hot sun for so long. Jamison gaped at it with wide eyes while Mako stared ahead and sighed.
       “We can’t keep it.”
       “Aw, why not? He’s just a little fella!”
       “There’s no room.”
       “Well Sure there is! Y/N fit it under their jacket the whole way here!” You nodded. He definitely wasn’t hard to carry around. He would get bigger, but.. 

       “I just found him out there, and he was all alone.” You started, “Are you sure I can’t just keep him with me? I’ll make sure he doesn’t cause any disruptions, promise!” That was a lie. This thing was.. technically some sort of dog, right? A dingo? So it would probably need to be trained, but that didn’t matter. You and Jamison were sold on it, you just needed the approval of Mako. You held out the little pup to give Roadhog a better look. He stared quietly for a few seconds before looking to the left, sighing.
       “Fine. Take care of him.” God, that thing was cute. nearly impossible to say no to something like that. (And the pouty faces of both you and Junkrat)

       Jamison grinned, and lifted the pup, holding it up near his face, and then glancing at the both of you. 

       “I say we name ‘em Dirt!”